by Burt Prelutsky

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It was George Bernard Shaw who is credited with observing that youth is wasted on the young. He said it in 1931, but it was truer than ever in the 1960s when young Americans decided they were the fount of all wisdom, and were encouraged in that belief by their parents, who in too many cases, abdicated maturity in favor of adopting a life style that included drugs, promiscuity and unbridled arrogance.

The only thing George Bernard Shaw or any adult might envy about the young savages is their boundless energy. But even at 78, I wouldn’t go for the deal if along with their energy, I also had to accept their ignorance and insolence.

When it comes to their take on history, economics, culture and religion, to suggest it’s merely half-baked is being far too kind. The little rats are ever eager to follow any Pied Piper who promises them free stuff meaning that which belongs to those who have actually worked and paid for it and who puffs them up with unwarranted flattery. Which explains how it is that slugs like Barack liar-nObama, liar-Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth dinky-Warren, Nancy Pulosi and commie-Bernie Sanders, have the same iconic status with the kids as movie stars and rock groups.

⦿ It recently came out that Donald Trump’s lawyer bought off a porn star to the tune of $130,000 in hopes of keeping us from finding out that Trump had an extramarital affair with Stephanie Clifford screen name Stormy Daniels.

I don’t think anyone is terribly surprised that President Trump had a hyper-active sex life before he took office. Frankly, I don’t really care. I figure that’s between him and Melania. What I find amusing is that when liar-Bill Clinton was accused of rape and of engaging in sex with a young intern, which would warrant a full-pronged attack from the ladies of the #MeToo movement these days, the Democrats pooh-poohed his perjured testimony to a grand jury as being of no consequence because it only involved something as inconsequential as sex.

⦿ We hear a lot about the necessity of doing something drastic to keep Social Security from bankrupting the nation. Some people have suggested that the retirement age be raised, others that the funds be privatized or that retirees who have other adequate sources of income simply not accept their monthly checks.

The problem was inevitable once FDR and his adherents in Congress foisted the Ponzi scheme on the American people. In the mid-30s, when the legislation was passed, people, on average, died at 67. Once they began living, with inconvenient regularity, into their 70s, 80s and 90s, the system fell apart because instead of relying on the monthly checks for a couple of years, people began counting on them for a couple of decades.

But as bad as that system is, the pensions to members of the public service unions are requiring states to keep increasing taxes to pay them off. There should never have been such a thing as a public service union. Even a besotted socialist like FDR thought it was a goofy idea. But when John Kennedy saw how easily they could be used in New York City to guarantee the re-election of Mayor Robert Wagner, he couldn’t wait to use them to ensure his own re-election in 1964.

The obvious problem with this state of affairs is that inevitably when it’s time to negotiate a contract, those on one side of the table are teachers, cops, DMV clerks, trash collectors, etc., and on the other side are gutless politicians who see an easy way to buy votes with other people’s money.

⦿ There is a good deal of present-day irony when it comes to those on the Left and their attitude towards Russia. Back when the Soviet Union was in full flower, everyone from the New York Times to Lillian Hellman, Paul Robeson, Dalton Trumbo and Franklin Roosevelt, were among Joseph Stalin’s loudest cheerleaders.

Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when Russia reverted to being just another third world troublemaker, Barack liar-nObama and liar-Hillary Clinton never stopped trying to curry favor with Vladimir Putin and his favorite oligarchs. liar-nObama even mocked Mitt Romney in 2012 for having the effrontery to accuse Russia of being America’s single greatest geopolitical threat.

It’s only since Trump’s victory that those on the Left suddenly decided that in a world in which Iran, North Korea and China, are clearly out to get us, Russia is our number one nemesis.

So much for liar-nObama’s flexibility and Mrs. liar-Clinton’s reset; now we need to crush Putin because the Russkies spent $45,000 on Facebook ads in order to influence an election in which over a billion dollars was spent by the principals.

Instead of setting our hair on fire over Russia, how about going after George scum-Soros who spends countless millions of dollars financing just about every nihilistic, anti-democratic, group in the nation, doing everything in his power to undermine our institutions, destroy our culture and trash the Constitution?

⦿ Someone recently sent me a list of absurd laws that have either been passed or are on the legislative agenda in Sacramento. He wondered if it was true or if he had been pranked by a friend.

I assured him that the loonier something about California politics sounded, the likelier it was to be true.

All you have to do is check on the people we keep electing, people like Jerry Brown, who is just as cockeyed in his 70s as he was in his 30s when it was, I believe, Chicago columnist Mike Royko who re-christened him Governor Moonbeam.

Just recently, Brown, who has decided that California should be s safe haven for illegal aliens, including those guilty of arson, rape and child molestation, declared that Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ filing of a federal lawsuit in opposition to California’s sanctuary state status was “a cheap political stunt.”

So, according to Brown, defending federal law is a cheap stunt, whereas trying to increase the number of registered Democrats by any means possible is the ideal that men like James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were seeking when they suffered the summer heat and humidity in the non-air-conditioned confines of Philadelphia’s Liberty Hall.

⦿ Years ago, I wrote that liberals were so open-minded it should come as no surprise that their brains fell out. Things have only gotten worse in the intervening years. In Seattle, the city fathers have decided that the municipal code will be revised to exclude all gender-specific words, including he, him, her and she.

Damn the expense! Some things are just so essential, the city council has no option but to prioritize pronouns over everything including repairing potholes and institutionalizing those living on the streets who pose a danger to themselves and others.

In related news, those on the Left have managed to exceed Baskin-Robbins’s boast that their 31 different flavors offered their customer the ability to savor a different one every day of the month. The loons have determined that there are now 37 different genders, a veritable smorgasbord that the terminally confused are free to choose from, starting as early as the age of four or five.

⦿ A few of my readers, noticing that I had begun replying to their email with all caps, assumed I was implying anger. No such thing. I was using capital letters because it made it made it easier for me, and, I assumed for them, to read. Believe me, when I get angry, I don’t rely on typography to get the message across.

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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