by Burt Prelutsky

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In the past, I have tended to pooh-pooh conspiracy theories. Mainly I did so, not because I believed in the innate honesty and decency of the human race, but because I don’t think people are very good at keeping secrets.

As we saw with the Mafia, even when blood oaths are involved, there’s no guarantee that once the prosecutors start twisting arms and dangling plea bargains in front of the most dedicated of gunsels, tongues won’t start wagging like our dog’s rear end at dinner time. Suddenly, as you may recall, Mafia dons were having to trade in their camelhair coats for prison stripes.

Anyone with the appropriate number of ears and eyes is well aware of the Deep State conspiracy to bring down President Trump. But what makes this particular conspiracy so puzzling is that those involved aren’t even trying to keep it a secret. They even identify themselves as part of the Resistance, proudly taking their place alongside the likes of Barack liar-nObama and prominent members of the mass media. They are so flagrant in their conspiratorial efforts that they even leak telephone conversations between the President and foreign heads of state.

But I suppose when they look around and see that Lois Lerner is free to collect her federal pension, as are the liar-nObamas and the liar-Clintons; that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are still on salary; and even Andrew McCabe is walking around a free man, available to take a million dollar-a-year position in the private sector, they find no cause for alarm.

As reported by William F. Jasper in the pages of The New American, Max Boot, a proud member of the Council on Foreign Relations, cited fellow CFR member — and, until recently, Trump’s National Security Advisor – H.R. McMaster, for smuggling as much of his own globalist foreign policy thinking past Trump as was humanly possible.

Mr. Boot even dares pay his respects openly to the Deep State, gleefully acknowledging that there exists in various departments of the federal government individuals who are conducting guerrilla warfare against a duly-elected American president.

If anyone had suggested even a few years ago that such things could be taking place in the United States, my response would have been utter disbelief. Today, I can only say in the immortal words of Long John Silver: shiver me timbers!

I’d even go so far as to suggest that all of our timbers should be shivering these days.

⦿ When President Trump suggested that drug dealers should face the death penalty, the Left predictably voiced their outrage. That’s predictable because liberals oppose anything that might decrease their number of eligible voters.

The real problem is that executions have become as rare as hen’s teeth in America, so we find even those guilty of murder and treason spared their just deserts.

But, then, the punishment never really fits the crime. There’s no way that it can, at least until rapists are raped and those who torture their victims before killing them are treated in kind.

We even speak of those who are released from prison after two or five or 10 years as having paid their debt to society. Their debt is not owed to society, it’s owed to their victims. How the hell does a prison sentence repay a pedophile’s debt to his victims and their families?

But there is still another problem with our legal system. It at least attempts to fit the sentence to the offense, but that’s totally illogical if the purpose of imprisonment is to dissuade the criminal or others from committing the crime.

If a person decides to rob a bank, knowing that after plea bargaining, he is likely, if caught, to spend five or six years in jail, he might think the potential reward is worth the risk. But what if every felony was treated as a capital offense? How many people would decide that selling drugs was a good career move? Before answering that, since I assume none of you are drug dealers, what if every misdemeanor carried the same threat? How many people do you think would jaywalk or dare drive a mile over the speed limit?

In case you were wondering why my commonsense suggestions continue to be ignored, it’s because we leave these all-important matters up to legislators and judges. Inasmuch as these are the very people who not only show more concern for illegal aliens than they do for American citizens, it should come as no surprise that they are more sympathetic to criminals than to their innocent victims. Otherwise, why do they take special pains to ensure that even serial rapists, kidnappers and killers, are spared even the slightest discomfort that might be associated with lethal injections?

⦿ Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari, who was granted an interview with Pope Francis, quoted the Pontiff as having told him that he doubted the existence of Hell, saying that he believed that those who deny the existence of God “simply disappear.”

Even for a Pope who often seems to hold “Das Kapital” in higher regard than the Bible, this was too much for the spin masters at the Vatican. Like their colleagues in America, who spring into action whenever a politician or a CEO is caught saying something embarrassing that he actually believes, the boys at the Vatican assured the world that Pope Francis had been mistranslated. Which struck me as particularly odd, as you would assume that someone named Eugenio Scalfari spoke Italian.

⦿ I’m reminded of all the old videos that keep turning up on Fox in which we see the likes of Barack liar-nObama and the liar-Clintons calling for beefing up border security. But, of course, that was before people like Jerry Brown, Andrew Cuomo and Rahm Emanuel, realized how easily they could arrange things so that illegal aliens could vote in our elections.

⦿ Because I don’t post a deadline when I poll my readers, it sometimes happens that days after I announce the results a few late votes trickle in. That was the case with my poll regarding which of the seven deadly sins you folks felt was the vilest.

Both Greed and Gluttony increased their numbers by one. The revised count is now Greed (8), Pride and Sloth (7), Envy (4), Wrath (3), Lust and Gluttony (2).

⦿ The typo imps struck again while my back was turned. In the piece I wrote dealing with the omnibus bill, regrettably, it’s $15 million we’re sending China, not, as I had it, $15.

⦿ A subscriber let me know she was as miffed as I was that a former justice on the Supreme Court had called for the repeal of the Second Amendment. “What,” she asked hypothetically, “is to prevent them from deleting other rights, such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion? I thought judges and congressmen took oaths and pledged allegiance to uphold our Constitution as written, not as they wished it was written.”

Naturally, I agreed with her, but added: “I simply assumed that former Supreme Court Justice John Stevens, who is 97, is well into his second childhood by this time, so I wasn’t too surprised to hear him parroting the words of David Hogg, who is barely out of his first.”

⦿ Another sensible comment was sent my way by Dan Parker of Ocean Park, Washington, who observed that Planned Parenthood is the single greatest weapon of mass destruction in world history. Considering the tax-funded operation kills upwards of 350,000 tiny Americans every year, it’s hard to deny it.

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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