by Rick Wells

{} ~ The woman in the video has a strong warning. She says that America is at war and many of us still don’t realize it. Some of us want to know what’s happening to our nation, we want to know the truth… but are still being lied to about the invasion and overthrow attempt of our nation, having “been fed the lies for so long.” She warns of the dangers we are facing and the kind of country that we will leave to our children and grandchildren if we don’t stand up for ourselves and for them. She says, “America is in danger because of radical Islam.” She points out, “There are several types of Islam and several types of radical jihad.” She talks of the legal jihad that is happening in the United States right now with the creeping introduction of Sharia Law. The media is not telling the truth, she says, because most of the media as well as the colleges have been “taken by Saudi Arabia.”…



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  1. MUG

    The only difference between Radical Islam and so-called Moderate Islam is the military activism. Radical Islam is militarily campaigning to achieve what both Moderate and Radical Islam are trying to achieve. Moderate Islam is trying to achieve the same thing by unobtrusive infiltration. They are all dedicated to the eradication of Christians and Jews and to world dominance.

  2. Rudy Tirre Post author

    Yes, but you need to call what the difference is…radical terrorism. And yes they
    are dedicated or to achieve their gold in eliminating totally the Christians and
    Jews from this world.