by Jarrett Stepman

{} ~ In the last week since Donald Trump defeated liar-Hillary Clinton in a stunning electoral blowout, there have been calls from many on the left to abolish America’s unique presidential election system.

It still hasn’t been settled whether Trump or liar-Clinton won the popular vote, but many Democrats are upset about the possibility that their candidate may have won more total votes, yet lost the election.

Progressives are taking aim at the Electoral College and want to replace it with a national popular vote. This would both remove the indirect mediation of the electors’ votes, and more damagingly, eliminate the power of states in choosing a president.

The 2016 presidential election is a perfect illustration of why America needs to keep this institution in place, regardless of whether one supported the winner or the loser in 2016.


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  1. Kenny Sono

    Jarrett, I think it’s worth noting that MY GUESS is:
    People in places like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, etc. would all tend to agree, “We could care LESS what New York and California want from this election / we want to be represented as legitimate American voters, for a change!”
    I hope the people in the larger cities keep this in mind as THEY think the same things about the smaller areas, the Fly Over country, and the people out in the sticks.
    If we were to break that down to psychology, maybe it’s true that “everyone only cares mostly about himself / herself” but ……. the bigger picture is probably also true: If you (we) have to decide who would be BEST TO LEAD the country at this point in time, it’s sure to be best to have someone who at least CLAIMS to be more conservative, more honest, more interested in the economy, more interested in laws being followed, and more interested in stopping our enemies. That’s what we DID, that’s what is about to happen, and it’s noteworthy that:
    The people MOST upset about this election are probably primarily people who have been getting “away with something” in their personal lives. Even though I remain skeptical about Trump’s decisions and actions moving forward, I am QUITE impressed with his choices to surround him / so far.
    The electoral college has done US and our Framers proud – indeed!

  2. DAHL

    The electoral college is vital to the Democracy of this country as it represents a system where states with lower populations have a voice in who is being elected to the presidency. I say base the presidency election on the number of states won as Trump won this handily. The liberal malignancy in this country will do anything to take over and impose their immoral ideology on those with traditional Christian and patriotic beliefs.

  3. Bruce Davis

    I agree that the electoral college needs to stay. When this country was formed there were a number of states that had greater populations than others and the electoral college, which granted at least a minimal number of electoral votes to states with low populations, was a way to ensure that those smaller populated states still had at least some voice in electing a President. For those not familiar with the way the number of electoral college votes is determined all states are granted one vote for each member of the House of Representative from their state and two votes for their two Senators. The fact that every state gets the same two votes for their Senators gives smaller states at least some slight compensation for the many votes given to states with large populations. Since then this situation has become even more critical as states like New York, California, Texas and Pennsylvania have huge populations and would have had an inordinate and almost overwhelming impact upon Presidential elections based upon popular vote as these large populations would virtually guarantee their votes would always carry the day if not for the electoral college. The disparate impact of the large population states is even more pronounced today due to the fact that large states tend to have major blocks of urban voters dependent upon government assistance, welfare and other related giveaway programs which gives the Democratic party a major advantage as those voters tend to vote Democratic since they traditionally support the funding and expansion of these programs. Bottom line, is that without the electoral college we would likely have a one-party election for President as the opposing party would never have a chance to win.

  4. Rudy

    Yes we both agree we do need the selection the same. The only reason the liberal dems want to change the elections college is they lost. Now if they win this issue would not be in the news.