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When it comes to identifying America’s enemies, I find it bizarre that the Left remains focused like a laser on Russia. For one thing, throughout the 20th century, dummycrats-Democrats loved the Soviet Union. No matter what Stalin or any of the other butchers did, the American Left could always be counted on to defend them.

Throughout the 30s and into the 40s, in spite of Stalin’s starving millions of farmers in the Ukraine and the mock trials of Stalin’s political foes, America’s Communists, thanks in good part to the New York Times Moscow correspondent Walter Duranty supplying daily doses of pro-Soviet propaganda, American liberals were swooning like Frank Sinatra’s bobby sox fans at the mere mention of Stalin’s name.

When Stalin and Hitler signed a mutual non-aggression pact, people like Lillian Hellman, Dalton Trumbo and John Garfield, took it as a signal to oppose our entry into World War II. But as soon as Hitler made the mistake of double-crossing Stalin and invading Russia, the same folks began beating the war drums, demanding that the U.S. come to Russia’s rescue.

Later, during the iciest days of the Cold War, America’s Communists were either supplying the Soviet Union with the secrets of the Atom Bomb or insisting that the U.S. unilaterally disarm, suggesting that if we set the example, the Russians would indubitably follow suit.

More recently, we saw Secretary of State liar-Hillary Clinton accept millions of dollars in bribes from Russia in exchange for handing over large uranium deposits and pushing the reset button with her Russian counterpart, while Barack liar-nObama not only assured Vladimir Putin that he would be increasingly flexible once he won reelection in 2012 but called Mitt Romney a fool during that year’s presidential debate for insisting that Russia was our major geopolitical enemy in the world.

And yet, here we are today, with everyone from Chuck clown-Schumer to Nancy Pulosi to “Morning Joe” Scarborough insisting they’ve spotted Russian spies not only under their beds but lurking in the White House.

My question is why do the dummycrats-Democrats spend so much time these days inflating the threat that Russia poses? There’s no denying that Putin is a despot and that Russia is a nuisance, but they haven’t invaded us. On the other hand, Mexico has. They have encouraged not only their own poor, illiterate rabble to enter our country illegally, they have facilitated the unlawful entry of Central Americans by allowing them to pass through Mexico so long as they don’t even think about lingering.

⦿ Although the dummycrats-Democrats have taken President Trump to task for demanding that NATO nations increase their defense budgets, which certainly can’t be music to Putin’s ears, I don’t hear them or anyone else asking why the hell Turkey remains a member of the military alliance. After all, their dictator-for-life Recep Erdogan is not only a devout Islamist, but a friend and ally of Vladimir Putin. On top of which, for the past two years, he has kept an American pastor Andrew Brunson in jail on trumped-up charges of spying, espionage and something Turkey refers to as Christianization, which makes a criminal of every Christian missionary.

Allowing Turkey to remain in NATO, whose sole purpose is allegedly to counter Russian aggression, gives new meaning to inviting a fox to guard the chickens.

⦿ Something else that dummycrats-Democrats can’t resist is condemning Trump for cozying up to despots. They will point to his attempts to establish a working relationship with the likes of Putin, Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping, in order to avoid war, but when Barack liar-nObama, for no apparent reason, bowed to the royals of Saudi Arabia, sent $150 billion to the mullahs of Iran, lifted diplomatic and travel restrictions in support of Raul Castro’s Cuba and bent over for Vladimir Putin, they attributed it to statesmanship.

⦿ Even the end of his presidency hasn’t instilled liar-Barack with wisdom or decency. Just last week, Barack liar-nObama gave a speech in South Africa, where anti-white bigotry has led to widespread murder of whites and the confiscation of their farms, and failed to utter a single accusatory word about a government that actively foments the violence.

Instead, he picked up where he left off in 2009, attacking America. This time by attacking President Trump and, by extension, those of us who support his agenda. liar-nObama chose to specifically attack Trump’s “protectionism,” which most of us see as his attempts to level the playing field when it comes to trade; his antagonism to “climate change,” which most of us view as scumbag-Al Gore’s scheme to get rich by promoting a hoax intended to destroy our economy; and “closed borders,” which most of us consider a prerequisite to national sovereignty.



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