by Burt Prelutsky

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I realize that a lot of you have no interest in baseball, preferring football or basketball, though I can’t imagine why. Actually, I can better understand those who have no interest in any of the major spectator sports.

I began following baseball as a wee lad. Even though I was born in Chicago and moved to L.A. when I was six, it never entered my head to cheer for the Cubs, the White Sox or even the Dodgers. Because my favorite player was Ted Williams, I rooted for the Boston Red Sox. Fat lot of good it did them. Even when they were loaded with talent like Williams, Bobby Doerr, Johnny Pesky, Walt Dropo, Vern Stephens, Dom DiMaggio, Mel Parnell and Ellis Kinder, they couldn’t get past the Yankees. One season, back when a season was only 154 games long, Boston had three guys with 140 or more rbi’s in the lineup, Williams, Stephens and Dropo, and they still couldn’t win the American League pennant.

But, still, I stuck with them. But when they not only dumped Wade Boggs and made Dwight Evans finish his career in Baltimore, but hired a bunch of guys like Dave Kingman, Kevin Mitchell and Jose Canseco, who I thought should have had their photos on the wall of a post office, and not in a Red Sox program, I decided to jump ship after the ’95 season.

In looking for a new team to cheer for, my requirement was that it be an American League team because I like the designated hitter rule, and that I not be moving to a winner. I wanted my conscience to be clear that I wasn’t giving up on the Red Sox because I was tired of losing, but out of principle. In other words, it wasn’t I that had changed, it was Boston. It’s the same reason that Reagan and I had both given up on the Democratic party.

In looking around for a new team, I considered switching my allegiance to the Yankees because I had always liked centerfielder Bernie Williams and the new manager, Joe Torre. The clincher was that the Yankees were predicted to come in third in their division, behind Baltimore and Boston.

Of course, prior to the ‘96 season, nobody, least of all I, had any idea what a difference their rookie shortstop, Derek Jeter, would make. The idea that they would go on that year to win the World Series, and then win three more times over the next four years was as far-fetched as the idea of achieving peace in the Middle East.

I realize that some ardent baseball fans continue to despise the Yankees, but people who are conservatives should appreciate them.

For one thing, they are the only team that continues to stage Old-timers’ Games, bringing back Yankees from as long ago as the 1950s to be recognized and applauded by the sons and grandsons of the people who saw them play.

For another, during the 7th inning breaks, they bring military veterans and their families to home plate to be identified and hailed for their sacrifice. And while the recording of Kate Smith’s rendition of “God Bless America” is played over the public-address system, the cameras will scan faces in the bleachers before focusing on the badge of a New York police officer before panning down to show the face of one of New York’s finest.

The Yankees, I’ve only recently learned, also make a practice of sending flowers to the funerals of police officers all over the country who have been killed in the line of duty.

I submit that the only event that is close to being as patriotic as a Yankee ball game is a Donald Trump rally.

⦿ In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s been a week of great news. For one thing, President Trump rescued three American citizens from the clutches of the North Koreans. Next, New York’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, who assumed that his bevy of lawsuits targeting the President for everything but double-parking and eating too much meatloaf, would at least get him the V.P. nomination in 2020, if not the top spot on the ballot, saw his political future vaporize in a New York minute.

Actually, it happened nearly that fast. Within three hours of Ronan Farrow’s exposé in the New Yorker hitting the streets, A.G. Schneiderman was forced to resign.

As so often happens in the wake of these various scandals, we all learn that it was an open secret that Schneiderman was a pig who not only beat up women, but that he referred to one of his victims, a Sri Lankan woman, as his “brown slave” and made her say aloud that she was his property. He also threatened his victims, warning them that if they snitched on him, he would use the authority of his office to make their lives a living hell.

In similar fashion, apparently most of the people in Harvey Weinstein’s huge circle were aware that he was a douchebag when it came to women, and only severed relations after Ronan Farrow’s New Yorker piece blew the whistle on the pig. That circle famously included such pals as liar-Hillary Clinton and nOprah Winfrey.

But feminists don’t care if their male icons behave like animals in their private lives so long as they say the right things in public. It’s that way today, and it was that way in the past when it came to the Kennedy brothers, Sen. Bob Packwood and liar-Bill Clinton.

I don’t usually give good advice to liberals, but if I were a New York notable who was up to sexual shenanigans and I spotted young Mr. Farrow lurking in the vicinity, I would hastily scribble out my letter of resignation and then grab the first flight out of LaGuardia to a country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S.

⦿ I have decided that the main reason that 95% of blacks always vote for Democrats is that they suffer from a strange addiction to the Party. No matter how shabbily the liberals treat them and no matter how often the truth is pointed out to them, they’re as impervious to recognizing the truth as any heroin or cocaine addict looking for his next fix.

After all these years, it might even be worse than an addiction. Like the sickle-cell disease, it may have worked its way into their very DNA.

⦿ Former Secretary of State hanoi-John Kerry seems to believe he still has the job he was so ill-suited to have when he had it. But the idea that Donald Trump would walk away from the deal that hanoi-Kerry and liar-nObama made with Iran was just too much for him, so he went about trying to make sure that the Europeans wouldn’t allow his legacy to be erased with a stroke of Trump’s pen. There is a question whether his actions were illegal, but they were definitely sleazy.

It still boggles the mind that anyone who had a hand in delivering $150 billion to the leading sponsor of Islamic terrorism would want that on his resumé, but I guess nobody should expect more from someone who called his fellow Vietnam vets “baby killers” and even lied about tossing his medals over the Pentagon fence; he actually tossed someone else’s and had his own framed and eventually hung on the wall of his Senate office.

⦿ Perhaps the tawdriest aspect of the claim made by liberals that Trump should never have walked away from the nuclear deal with Iran is that other nations will no longer trust America to keep its word. They intentionally ignore the fact that when America gives its word, it does it through the Senate. They call it a treaty. The reason that liar-nObama made it a deal was because he knew the Senate would never have voted in favor of it. Even those schlemiels aren’t that stupid and corrupt.

Frankly, when something is called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, instead of something nice and simple like the Iran Nuclear Deal, you should immediately recognize that the polical scalawags are up to no good.

⦿ As good as Trump has been for the American economy, he may have even outdone himself when it comes to the foreign stage.

Previous administrations offered gold-plated carrots — liar- Clinton with billions of dollars-worth of oil and wheat to North Korea, liar-nObama with $150 billion in cash and a lifting of economic sanctions to Iran — and we all saw how well that worked. Our enemies got the carrots, we were left holding the bag. Or to put it a different way, they got the elevators, we got the shafts.

Donald Trump announced that America was done playing the patsy, whether to our enemies or to our trading partners. As a result, North Korea is starting to behave itself, like a spoiled brat who has finally been disciplined, and Iran is going to have to rely on Russia, whose own economy is in pretty bad shape, to keep its ugly head above water. For their part, Germany, France and Great Britain, and their socialist leaders, will have to regretfully conclude that they would rather tie their economic futures to the American dollar than to the Iranian real.

⦿ One of the amusing ironies of the Democrats insistence that Russia colluded with Trump during the 2016 elections, and that they could hardly imagine anything worse, is that Barack liar-nObama not only colluded with Bibi Netanyahu’s opponent in his last election but sent his political operatives to Israel to ensure Bibi’s defeat. Like just about everything else that liar-nObama put his hand to, he failed. But it wasn’t for lack of trying. I also suspect he used our tax dollars to pay his agents.

Considering that it was Netanyahu who recently blew the lid off the Iran deal, proving that the mullahs never intended to abide by it, you can see why liar-nObama was so anxious to force the prime minister into retirement.

⦿ A few people submitted the following epitaph engraved on a Boot Hill tombstone: “Here Lies Lester Moore, 4 slugs from a 44, No Les, No More.”

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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