There was a time when the Democrats were just another political party.  They disagreed with Republicans on policy but they were Americans.

No more.

There is only one thing that fuels the Democrats today. That is the complete and absolute lust for power. They do not care for rules nor rights. They simply want power.  And they will do anything to get that power.

They demonstrated that recently when they held a sit in on the House floor.  With the sit in, not only did the Democrats break the rules, they fundraised off of breaking the rules!

From the Daily Caller:

House Democrats broke a number of rules during their “unprecedented” sit-in on gun control, including fundraising from the floor and damaging furniture, and discipline is likely on the way, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

McCarthy said his meeting Wednesday afternoon with House Speaker Paul Ryan and the sergeant at arms confirmed several acts of misconduct. Democrats staged the sit-in, which lasted more than 24 hours, after Republicans opted not to vote on a gun-control measure that failed in committee. The protest broke several House rules, which the GOP said they will continue to investigate.

“Some of the actions were confirmed by some of the reports … There was damage to furniture, members pulling papers out of the hands of the professional staff within there, there was fundraising going on the floor – there were a number of things that broke the rules,” McCarthy told TheDCNF. “We looked at different options on how to deal with this.”
There is a simple cure for this. Expel the leaders of the sit in from the House of Representatives.  Either the rules apply to everyone or they apply to no one. The Democrats believe that the rules they do not like should not apply to them or their allies. It is time to give them a reality check.

Democrats have promised even more sit ins and disruptions unless House Speaker Paul Ryan surrenders and repeals the Second Amendment.

Sometimes you can be reasonable and sometimes you simply have to step in with unquestioning force. This is one of those times.  A republic has rules and if one side will not follow those rules, then it is time for more definitive action to enforce those rules.

Will the GOP do this?

I’m not betting on it.





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  1. Rob

    We would not be dealing with the cry babies IF the republicans had a set of balls during the so-called shut down when the dems had the rallies with KNOWN illegals, that is a violation of federal law and of the ethics. They could have been jailed and fined then removed from the congress due to a felony… But low and behold the republicans checked their balls at the door..