Some things never change – they just take on a different objective. ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me’ – an old saying I heard a lot growing up that was used as an offset to bullies who were just that and didn’t have anything better to do than be offensive.

Those of Italian descent used to hear a lot of ethnic slurs such as ‘dago’, ‘guinea’, ‘wop’; the Irish were ‘micks’; Germans were ‘krauts’ white southerners were ‘crackers’, ‘rednecks’ or ‘hick’s and the list goes on. There wasn’t anything that didn’t cause a label to be attached to it. People with glasses used to be called ‘four eyes’. There was a lot of ‘offensive’ name-calling – apparently we haven’t outgrown this childish antic.

Today, ‘labels’ such as ‘racist’, ‘racism, ‘white supremacists’, ‘white nationalists’, ‘alt-right’, ‘neo-nazi’ are the modern taunts of bullies who not only don’t have anything better to do, but obviously are devoid of any and all independent thinking and, like a bunch of mindless robots, repeat what they are told to say. There is a major difference, however; today’s bullies are being paid by the hour (and handsomely I might add) to be obnoxious and uncivilized by other bullies who relish in the destruction of anything they don’t like or disagree with and that seems to be anything American. These aforementioned ‘labels’ are rattled off on a daily basis and so frequently as to become almost meaningless.

The President of the United States, having been in office a bare 8 months has been constantly harangued, mocked, threatened either with death or impeachment, been the subject of a play where he was assassinated, had a likeness of his head shown decapitated, accused of being mentally incompetent, a misogynist, a racist, unfit for the office, conspiring with the Russians to win the presidency, an illegal interloper in the WH and the list goes on; the people who voted for him are considered in pretty much the same light. Additionally, the liberal media has gone where no one has dared to go before in pursuit of the youngest son of the President while the First Lady is constantly criticized for her attire and compared to her predecessor. It is absolutely insane.

The President, as titular head of the Republican party, has received little if any support from its members to affirm, solidify or stand behind him. Many have, instead, rushed to take sides against him. Where is the loyalty here? There is no good example being set here by those in public office, the media, some celebrities, sports figures and far too many others. Is this what we are ‘willing’ to our children: chaos, destruction of property, rioting in the streets, disrespect of authority? Think about that. What kind of example are we setting for those coming behind us to carry on?

Is it too much to ask that people maintain some modicum of civility and respect for the man who currently sits in our White House as well as for those public servants who put their lives on the line every day to protect us? Where did all this ‘hate’ come from?

This is America, after all; a republic and sovereign nation created under a Constitution with the grace of God; governed by laws that must not be abridged. Anyone who is unhappy with these election results has the ability to go to the voting booth next time and remove this President, legally. In the meantime, could you just ‘cool it’?


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