Please take 5 minutes to read this…(if you really want to save the country)

To rally all the American Citizens, not just Republicans, or Tea Party, or Independence, or even conservative Democrats, and maybe some liberals, almost everyone, you need to have an issue everyone agrees on.

What is that issue, Obama Care? Immigration? Middle East Wars? Abortion? Second Amendment? No… as matter of fact on almost every issue the country is divided, to keep fighting that battle is to keep the country divided, and deadlocked. Plus with a mixed message you are limiting your reach to get to voters!

So what is the issue every American Citizen agrees on?

We all hate, yes hate the IRS and Income tax… this is the only issue that conservatives can rally all citizens together on one issue.

Every economist agrees income taxes are the worst tax of all. Property taxes are the next worst taxes. A flat tax is another form of income tax, and the Fair Tax rates are so high, as high as the average income tax, so it is effectively as bad as income taxes. All these taxes unfairly tax consumers and consumer goods or property.

So if economist think income taxes are the worst tax what is the best tax system.

Let’s first list the features of the best tax system…

We need just one tax system, yes one system for all tax collections.

1. A low rate… of under 5%, why when you add state taxes that means the citizens are taxed over 10%… which is enough taxes per citizen… period. We have to live within our means.

2. A simple tax… a tax easy to administer and collect on, like a simple state sales tax.

3. A tax that has no forms, or returns, or complex rules.

4. A tax that fairly taxes all citizens, non-citizens, and businesses. We all use the infrastructure of the US, roads, airports, seaports, etc.

5. A tax that is not targeted to single segments to punish or benefit any one group.

6. No inheritance tax

7. No capital gain tax

8. No tax evasion or tax loop holes

9. A non political tax

10. A tax that fairly spreads all the taxes across all segments of the economy, to shift money back to citizens and consumers.

11. A tax that would start economic recovery

12. A tax that becomes an amendment to limit government to just one tax.

A simple national sales tax. Eventually there will be the only this tax system that will be used by states, and all governments around the world. Why wait.



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