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Jordan Candler  Above the Fold

First-quarter GDP contracted 4.8% — the first sub-growth figure in six years. It’s also the largest contraction in 12 years. The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis explains: “The decline … was, in part, due to the response to the spread of COVID-19, as governments issued ‘stay-at-home’ orders in March.” Which is all the more reason to began relaxing those orders.“

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday that compels slaughterhouses to remain open,” Bloomberg reports. As we explained yesterday on the news that, as John Tyson put it, “The food supply chain is breaking,” processing facilities that are folding create major supply-chain bottlenecks. Tyson may have been softening the ground for Trump’s extremely necessary EO — the rhetoric of scumbag/liar-nObama lackeys notwithstanding.

loose lips liar-Joe “Handsy” Biden“

The loose lips liar-Biden campaign circulated talking points among top Democratic supporters shortly after the New York Times published a story earlier this month about the allegation by Tara Reade,” BuzzFeed News reveals. One talking point matter-of-factly reads: “a thorough review by the New York Times has led to the truth: this incident did not happen.” Well, there you go — he was cleared by the same New York Times his campaign helped edit!

Politico adds that the allegation “has metastasized into a serious campaign liability, entering the political mainstream just as loose lips liar-Biden seeks to unite a fractious Democratic Party behind him.” Of course, it only just now entered the political mainstream because it was politically ignored for so long.

Responding to scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of loose lips liar-Joe Biden, Reade yesterday remarked: “I voted for scumbarg/liar-Hillary Clinton in 2016. I voted for her in the primary. I’m a lifelong Democrat. But yet, what I see now is someone enabling a sexual predator, and it was my former boss, loose lips liar-Joe Biden, who raped me.” Frankly, scumbag/liar-Hillary is an old pro at backing sex deviants.

Government & Politics

The Washington Examiner reports that “House and Senate Democrats are escalating calls for an historic federal bailout of state and local governments coping with significant revenue losses due to the coronavirus outbreak.” However, “Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said states that had poorly managed budgets before the Covid-19 outbreak sent their economies reeling should not be rescued by the federal government,” according to Bloomberg.

A Phase 5 relief bill will soon be in the works. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pledging: “We can’t pass another bill unless we have liability protections. That’s the only way we’re going to ultimately begin to get past this.”

Other Notables

The Trump administration asks intelligence agencies to find out whether China and WHO hid info on coronavirus pandemic (Fox News)

RIP: At least 80 coronavirus-infected veterans dead in the Invisible War at Massachusetts facility (Fox News)

Even the nation’s largest health systems are laying off healthcare workers amid proscriptions on elective surgeries (ABC News)U.S. marriage rate dropped to the lowest level on record in 2018 (The Daily Beast)

In France, according to The New York Times, “Local governments are now challenging the primacy of the centralized state, the foundation of French society, after it allowed supplies of virus-fighting masks and test kits to be depleted.” Statism never bodes well — especially in a crisis.

Closing Arguments

Policy: The debt clean-up that awaits us (RealClearPolicy)

Policy: The path ahead for K-12 education (E21)Satire: loose lips liar-Biden assures voters, “It’s not sexual assault; it’s democratic sexual assault” (Genesius Times)  ~The Patriot Post    

Coronavirus and the Horrors of Democrat Control

By Lloyd } ~ Mary and I live in a tiny town in West Virginia. Our grocery shopping options are 26 miles away in Maryland and 45 miles away in Virginia. Maryland stores refused to allow us to enter because we did not have masks… We drove to Virginia. It was refreshing seeing Virginians free to wear masks or not. I noticed that the majority of shoppers wearing masks were young people. Do they believe fake news media more that we older Americans? Stopping for gas, the gas-pump TV monitor showed the propaganda commercial we see plastered all over TV. “Stay home. Stay Alive.” With fake news media promoting their lie 24/7 that going outside means death, it is not surprising that many Americans remain willing to surrender their constitutional freedoms to Democrat/RINO, anti-Trump, and anti-American scammers.  A 106-year-old woman recovered from covid-19. Zhang Guangfen, 103-year-old, recovered.  A 100-year-old Chinese man recovered. A 102-year-old Pennsylvania man recovered.  Bill Lapschies, a 104-year-old veteran, recovered. Keith Watson, 101 years old, recovered. Seventeen of the oldest people in the world recovered from COVID-19. My 60-something year old in-law recovered. In January, after returning home from California, my wife Mary is convinced she had COVID-19. Ninety-eight percent of people who catch the virus recover. Fake news media gleefully reports deaths while ignoring the high recovery numbers. Every day we are seeing more studies which confirm that COVID-19 is not deadlier than the flu. Numerous health experts say social distancing is not the correct solution. The total shutdown of America was not necessary. Meanwhile, Democrat and RINO governors continue to decree absurd overreaching restrictions to supposedly “protect us.” The Raleigh N.C. police declared “protesting is a non-essential activity” and arrested a woman. Michigan gov. Gretchen Whitmer decreed, “All public gatherings of any size are prohibited.” Bam! There goes our foundational right to “peaceably assemble.” In some states, residents are not allowed to visit friends or relatives. People with more than one home are banned from traveling between them. Big box stores cannot sell carpet, seeds, U.S. flags, and paint. A paddle-boarder out on the water far from anyone was arrested at Malibu Beach. In California, police gave $1,000 tickets to people watching the sunset in their cars. In various states, freedom to worship God in your car in parking lots is banned… 

Here’s Why Development of a Vaccine Takes So Long

by Peter Brookes{ } ~ As the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic, the White House has warned time and time again that a vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 virus won’t be available for another 12 to 18 months… In a crisis, that sounds like forever.In the 2011 movie “Contagion,” the valiant researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention manage to discover the cause of the disease, develop the vaccine, and, by Day 131, start inoculating Americans.So, why can’t we do the same? It turns out that the real world is more challenging. Vaccine development is a complex, multistep process that includes rigorous clinical testing and regulatory hurdles. Throughout the vaccine development process, scientists, policymakers, and government regulators must constantly walk the tightrope between speed, efficacy, and product safety to produce a vaccine that creates a neutralizing immune response to the virus. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the process.Identify the pathogen: Before a vaccine candidate can be developed, the biological pathogen must be identified, isolated, and analyzed in a laboratory. This process includes genetic sequencing to get an understanding of the virus’ structure. Develop a candidate: Traditionally, vaccines are developed by “growing” pathogens that are either inactive or reduced in potency. Once injected into a host, these trigger an immune response to protect against the real virus. Preclinical testing: Before a vaccine can be tested in humans, it’s investigated carefully in a lab. This step usually involves animal trials, but regulators have allowed researchers to skip this step to fast-track development of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine…  

liar-Pelosi Confirms Next Relief Bill Will Be Used To Push Vote by Mail

By Jack Davis  { } ~ House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi is looking at a future round of coronavirus response legislation to fund Democrats’ plan to force Americans to accept mail-it-in elections… During a Friday interview on MSNBC, liar-Pelosi said  “much more than” $400 million will be in the next bill so that “every person registered to vote” will receive a ballot at home. liar-Pelosi used the interview to attack President Donald Trump and his reluctance to pump more money into the U.S. Postal Service. “The president wants to privatize the Post Office,” she said, about the 6:25 mark. “The post office has over 90 percent favorability among the American people. They depend on the post office as a public institution. Seniors now are getting — they have always been getting their medicine by mail for a long time now and now even more urgently. People are buying things that are telemarketing and the rest, and they’re being delivered by the post office. “So at this time, any time, it’s a bad idea. It’s what they’re about, privatization, privatization, privatization. Let someone else go make money off someone that should be a public service for the American people. We will have to have that fight. “We tried to get funding for the post office in the CARES one bill. We had some money in a bipartisan way, but the president, I understand, personally rejected it,” liar-Pelosi said. liar-Pelosi then tried to connect Trump’s opposition to more postal spending with her demand that vote-by-mail become law, according to a transcript of the interview posted on liar-Pelosi’s website…  


Mark Levin Explodes on ‘Huge Scandal’ of Cuomo Gov’t’s Role in Nursing Home Coronavirus Deaths

By Joe Saunders  [ } ~ Conservative radio host Mark Levin has been blowing the whistle for a while. Now, more Americans are starting to listen… In what is emerging as one of the biggest untold stories of the coronavirus crisis, the media is starting to pay attention to the fact that the carnage of COVID-19 in nursing homes in New York state not only took place on Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s watch but was actually facilitated by an order from his state government. As the New York Post’s Michael Goodwin recounted in a column published Sunday, a March 25 directive by the New York Department of Health essentially ordered nursing homes in the Empire State to accept patients carrying the coronavirus — bringing carriers of the potentially deadly organism into proximity with those most vulnerable to being killed by it. And the results were inevitable. Nursing home deaths from the coronavirus are a national problem, as The New York Times  reported on Friday. Nursing homes and rehabilitation centers nationally accounted for about 10,500 fatalities attributed to the coronavirus — about a quarter of all coronavirus deaths. However, it’s in New York that Cuomo was being touted as the Democratic answer to President Donald Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings. In New York state, Goodwin reported, 3,500 victims died in nursing homes or rehabilitation centers — about 25 percent of the state’s coronavirus deaths. “There is no way to know exactly how many died as a result of the state order, but the number is certainly not zero,” Goodwin wrote. “The cause and effect relationship is obvious.” Obvious to everyone, apparently, except those in charge of regulating nursing homes at the state government level…  

President Trump Meets With Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Highlighting Effective COVID-19 Response

by sundance{ } ~ Earlier today President Trump and members of the COVID-19 task force met with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at the White House. DeSantis spoke about the actions Florida has taken to help and support the state’s nursing home population… The approach to protect the vulnerable population by Florida Governor DeSantis contrasts against the approaches taken in New York and New Jersey which were not so effective. Additionally, DeSantis highlights the use of the national guard to assist in testing and mitigation.  


Politico Effectively Retracts Entire Trump China Article

By Tristan Justice{ } ~ Politico essentially retracted the entirety of an article published last week reporting that President Donald Trump owed tens of millions to the Bank of China from a real estate deal brokered with the Trump Organization in 2012… Politico reported the borrowed funds were scheduled to be paid back by 2022 in the piece headlined, “Trump owes tens of millions to the Bank of China – and the loan is due soon.” Trump’s “tens of millons” in debt held by the bank however, is non-existent, and was sold off by the China-owned financial institution shortly after the deal. Even worse, Politico admitted their reporters never reached out to the bank to inquire about the loans. “Politico received a statement from a representative for Bank of China USA, which had not been contacted beforehand, that the bank had sold off, or securitized, its debt shortly after the 2012 deal.” Politico wrote in an editor’s note. “A spokeswoman said the bank has no current financial interest in any Trump Organization properties.” Politico had first changed the article headline to “Trump owed tens of millions to the Bank of China,” before acknowledging that an unresolved discrepancy remained in records with Wells Fargo and the New York Department of Finance identifying the Bank of China as holding interest in the Manhattan building.“ Politico attempted to reach other parties to the refinancing throughout the weekend and Monday,” the editors wrote. “Consequently, the story was updated a second time on Monday evening to take account of the apparent mistake in the public record.”  

Uncertainty About COVID-19 Warrants Our Humility

 David Limbaugh

COVID-19 is so new and information is changing so rapidly that it is difficult to separate fact from fiction and truth from partial truth. Like everyone else, I’m just trying to make sense of the evolving information.Many of us have been monitoring the daily reports measuring the number of deaths relative to the number of cases. We’ve been treated to crash courses in lay epidemiology via daily press briefings and voluminous articles.We understand that the administration and state governments have been trying to “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus by slowing its spread. The main purpose, as has now been clarified, is to reduce the velocity of the contagion so that our hospitals and necessary equipment are not overwhelmed, which would result in more deaths.Though many didn’t grasp this initially, flattening the curve doesn’t greatly reduce the overall number of deaths, except for those saved by reducing the burden on hospitals and others saved by lifesaving therapeutic treatments and vaccines developed with the extra time flattening provides.Many have suggested that the estimated death rates have been grossly overstated because the numerator (number of deaths) has been exaggerated and the denominator (number of people infected) has been understated.They say the numerator was inflated because many deaths actually caused by the flu were attributed to COVID-19, and because every death of a person with the virus in their system was treated as a death caused by the virus even though some other accompanying illness may have been the proximate cause.The denominator was likely understated because so many people had the disease before we were aware it was circulating here; many were asymptomatic and never got tested; and many who were symptomatic assumed they had the flu. Several recent studies have confirmed, through randomized antibody testing, that in certain locations, exponentially more people were infected than we’d assumed.Stanford University researchers found that Santa Clara County in California had between 50 and 80 times more infections than officials were reporting. A separate antibody study showed that the number of coronavirus infections in Los Angeles County could be 28 to 55 times higher than the official count. A just-released study estimates that some 2.7 million New Yorkers may have been infected — more than 10 times the state’s confirmed cases to date.Obviously, we’ll know more when antibody testing is conducted throughout the country. But these tests strongly indicate that the virus is less lethal by orders of magnitude than previously known.Many argue that this emerging data proves we overreacted by shutting down our economy and wreaking such financial devastation. If we knew in December what we think we know now, this may have been true. Until comprehensive testing is performed and the data analyzed, however, we won’t be sure of the virus’ lethality. I suspect it will be more than that of the flu. If so and it is in fact as contagious as we fear, we might think twice before making final judgments as to what should or shouldn’t have been done.I think the critics’ skepticism is based on their distrust of other experts who have ginned up fear over apocalyptic climate change based on computer models. Knowing how much disinformation those experts have spread, people are justifiably suspicious of what now appear be wildly erroneous coronavirus models that scared the world into a global economic shutdown.People are still debating whether these initial models factored in mitigation measures, but we can certainly fault modelers for their absolutism and arrogance, and we can use this experience to challenge the credibility of climate change modelers on their projections.So where does it leave us?While there is still much we don’t know, I am less cynical than some about the mitigation measures we’ve employed to slow the spread. If I weren’t, I’d be freely moving about in public without fear of catching the virus. I do believe we have slowed the spread and saved lives.But I am also very saddened by the immeasurable economic devastation and suffering. While some may be too readily dismissing the threat of the virus, others are unspeakably insensitive to the financial disruption and pain people are experiencing, and callous about mitigating it.We have to be prudent moving forward. Even with these new findings on lethality, we have nowhere near approached herd immunity, so the virus is still highly contagious. We don’t want to immediately reopen every aspect of our society if it would cause the virus to rebound, which would make the economic pain we’ve already suffered pointless — and much worse. So, I think the administration is wise in recommending a phased-in approach and deferring, when practicable, to state authorities.I trust that the more we learn and the more testing we have, the better we’ll be able to combat the virus if it resurfaces in the fall and in subsequent years. Scientists will be armed with more widespread antibody tests as well as tests to determine whether people have the disease so that contact tracing can be used to find who they might have infected. Officials will also have developed efficient systems and strategies for preventing flare-ups from igniting full-blown outbreaks.We can then employ a more targeted approach against the virus that will not cause economic devastation, as research confirms that the virus is far more deadly to certain groups: the elderly and those with certain underlying health conditions. Until we develop herd immunity, less vulnerable groups can freely move about, and more vulnerable ones can self-isolate.As we reflect on this crisis, we must also reflect on our precious constitutional liberties and consider how quickly they can be compromised in actual or perceived national emergencies. While individuals and businesses deserve to receive relief funds from the government because it forced them to suspend their economic activities, we must now soberly consider our national debt and the existential threat it represents to the republic. Perhaps we will become more responsible about our out-of-control federal spending, which can only be rectified by entitlement reform — a subject we can no longer afford to avoid.Pray for America and those hurting from this pandemic.  ~The Patriot Post  


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