Wednesday News Executive Summary

Jordan Candler:  New Hampshire Primary

AND THE WINNER IS… commie-Bernie Sanders edges socialist-Pete Buttigieg, giving Democrats two front-runners; Michael Bennet, Andrew Yang, and Deval Patrick drop out (AP)

MEANWHILE: Tuesday’s primary gives Amy Klobuchar major boost, puts loose lips liar-Joe Biden and Elizabeth dinky/liar-Warren on 2020 life support (Fox News)

NOT TO BE OVERLOOKED: Donald Trump’s New Hampshire vote total more than doubles Barack scumbag/liar-nObama’s in the 2012 primary (Washington Examiner)

Government & Politics

HISSY FIT: Trial team quits Roger Stone case in dispute over DOJ’s step to reduce sentence recommendation (AP)

DRILL, BABY, DRILL: Oil from federal lands tops one billion barrels as Trump eases rules (AP)

LOADED SWAMP: $100,001-plus salaries the norm in Washington, DC, for first time (Washington Examiner)

GOOD TREND CONTINUES: Illegal border crossings plummet for the eighth month in a row (Townhall)


LESSONS NOT LEARNED: House of Delegates passes sweeping gun-control bill (National Review)

SHENANIGANS GO BEYOND GUNS: House passes bill that would award electoral votes to popular vote winner (WHSV)

Other Notables

JUSTICE AFTER ALL? Jussie Smollett indicted by special prosecutor in Chicago (The Daily Wire)

AND NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON: Sudan to hand over Omar al-Bashir for genocide trial (AP)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: How to take on the deadly drug cartels that run the U.S.-Mexico border (The Federalist)

POLICY: Yes, David Brooks, the nuclear family is the worst family form — except for all others (Institute for Family Studies)

HUMOR: loose lips liar-Biden gets huge turnout in New Hampshire by showing Trump rally on big screen (Genesius Times)  ~The Patriot Post     

Democrats Trot Out ‘Peak Oil’ Again, and Are Just as Wrong as Ever

By Jeffrey Folks{ } ~ Just when we thought it was safe to assume a reliable supply of oil due to the miracle of fracking, liberals have come up with a new excuse to shift from fossil fuels to renewables… They’ve discovered — as everyone invested in oil has known since before the early 2000s — that fracked wells are frontloaded, producing their largest return in the first year or two after completion. The most productive fields at present are in the Permian Basin of West Texas. So it’s not surprising to find analysts bemoaning “peak Permian,” as Julian Lee wrote in a Jan. 26 Bloomberg opinion piece. The reality is that oil and gas production from the Permian Basin is at or near an all-time high and that any pull-back in the near future may be the result of low energy prices, which have discouraged new well starts. But what happens if production eventually does fall off, as it will, from recent levels in the Permian? U.S. production will fall — unless new wells are drilled to replace those just a few years old. Unless…there’s more to the Permian than critics think. Advances in recovery technology have steadily increased the percentage of reserves that can be recovered in any one field. There is every reason to believe that more efficient methods will be developed in the future. Unless…old fields, such as the Anadarko and Woodford shale basins in Oklahoma, are re-drilled using fracking techniques. Unless… New York State and other areas now closed to fracking are opened up. Unless…offshore fields, which, according the U.S. Minerals Management Service, contain as much as 115 billion barrels of recoverable oil an estimate subject to increase, are opened up for drilling. Unless, unless…The truth is that “peak oil,” the anti-drilling rallying cry for more than half a century, is an ideological concept, not a scientific fact. U.S. production fell off after the 1960s because it was cheaper to obtain supply from the Middle East than to drill in North America. Fracking has partially reversed that assumption, bringing with it a more secure and stable supply. The idea that U.S. energy production will fall as a result of the frontloaded nature of fracking is like saying we’ll run out of food if we don’t plant new crops. As long as we plant new crops, we’ll have plenty of food — and as long as we continue fracking, we’ll enjoy a reliable source of cheap fuel for a long time to come. Just how long? The latest U.S. Energy Information Agency report confirms  the continuing importance of fossil fuels for our economy.  The 2020 report makes several key points: overall U.S. energy demand will grow more slowly than GDP through 2050 due to increased usage efficiency; use of coal and nuclear power will decline; the U.S. will continue “to produce historically high levels of crude oil and natural gas.” And, according to the EIA, by 2050, even with substantial population growth, U.S. emissions of CO2 will be at 4% below 2019 levels…  

Not just loose lips liar-Bidens! hanoi-Kerry, rino-Romney, scumbag/liar-Clintons, liar-Pelosi, scumbag-Soros are ALL tied to Ukraine

by ~ It’s not only former Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden and his son Hunter who have been accused of have nefarious connections to Ukraine… Former Secretary of State John hanoi-Kerry, Sen. rino-Mitt Romney, R-Utah, Bill and Hillary scumbag/liar-Clinton, House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi and left-wing billionaire activist scumbag-George Soros also have been named in investigative reporting,  points out the Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft. Hunter Biden is known for receiving more than $3 million from the corrupt Ukrainian firm Burisma, beginning two months after his father became scumbag/liar-nObama’s point man for Ukraine policy. loose lipos liar-Joe Biden is on record boasting that he pressured Ukraine, with the threat of withholding aid, to fire the country’s general prosecutor while he was investigating Burisma. On Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who is pressing for investigation of the loose lips liar-Bidens,  scolded “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan, saying establishment media is “so in the tank” on the loose lips liar-Biden scandal. Regarding hanoi-Kerry, Hoft pointed out that in early 2014, the former Massachusetts senator visited Ukraine and offered $1 billion in aid shortly after protesters took over the government. At the time, the Russian-backed president fled to Moscow and Russia invaded Ukraine. Also in early 2014, hanoi-Kerry’s top campaign fundraiser, Devon Archer, visited loose lips liar-Biden in the White House. loose lips liar-Biden then visited the campaign, and Archer, along with Hunter Biden, were named to the board of Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest natural gas producer. Hoft noted the Russian advance into Ukraine was suddenly stopped by a mercenary army assembled by billionaire banker Igor Kolomoisky, who some to believe to be the owner of Burisma. Burisma hired hanoi-Kerry’s former chief of staff, David Leiter, as a lobbyist, noted Hoft. Kolomoisky had been placed on the U.S. visa ban list, but the ban was soon removed. The month before loose lips liar-Biden’s last trip to Ukraine, all investigations of Burisma were closed. On loose lips liar-Biden’s last day in office, Burisma and the Democratic Party-connected Atlantic Council signed cooperation agreements. Hoft pointed out that a video has surfaced of hanoi-Kerry bragging that he, scumbag/liar-nObama and loose lips liar-Biden wanted the Ukrainian prosecutor looking into Burisma, Viktor Shokin, to be fired. rino-Mitt Romney…   

Sara Carter: If Durham probe doesn’t bring indictments, nothing will stop future ‘attempted coups’

By Charles Creitz{ } ~ Investigative reporter Sarah Carter said Friday it will be hard to defend against flimsy investigations and violations of civil liberties… if Connecticut federal prosecutor John Durham’s probe into the origins of the Russia investigation doesn’t result in strong indictments. Carter told “Hannity” that the known facts should help defend against a repeat of the FBI actions that ensnared former Trump campaign associate Carter Page and others during the 2016 campaign. “The important thing to remember here is that even though Attorney General William Barr is going to have all of these new rules in place in an effort to avoid this happening in the future, I talked to sources today: Former senior FBI officials that say if there aren’t indictments — if people don’t actually pay the price for what happened here — which was an attempted coup, basically, on the president of the United States, and also just destroying the civil liberties of an American citizen, Carter Page, then what’s going to stop the next person?” she told host Sean Hannity. Hannity said scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton “bought and paid for” the unverified dossier that served as the bureau’s basis for obtaining a warrant to spy on Page, claiming that the file was “premeditated fraud” on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, commonly known as the FISA Court. Carter agreed, remarking that a future attorney general could and would approve a similar application to the one presented to the FISA Court. In addition, Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz said the congressionally-established court should be “reshuffled.” Dershowitz said that under the way FISA operates currently, a “low-level” FBI official with an ax to grind against another person could claim they were working with a foreign government, and there wouldn’t be an opposition entity to play “devil’s advocate.” “I think we have the joint, hopefully, bipartisan support for changing FISA to protect all American citizens, not just politicians,” he said.  


AG Barr Is Now In Possession Of Rudy’s Doomsday Files On Ukraine & Much, Much More

by Mark Sidney{ } ~ After all these years, it certainly does appear that we are now, finally, cooking with gas. I have to admit that I have been getting a little skeptical… when it comes to the notion that anyone is ever going to be held accountable for the crimes that we are 99% sure were committed during the previous administrations. I went from being very worried when I saw this report from Paul Sperry: Carter Page revealed on John Solomon Reports podcast that special Spygate prosecutor John Durham’s team has not contacted him for an interview or asked him for any docs or records, even tho Durham is believed to be investigating FBI officials who illegally spied on Page’  However, After seeing the Vindman boys hauled out of the NSC, former Ambassador Sondland relieved of his duties, and having learned about the 70 scumbag/liar-nObama holdover NSC guys being reassigned, my hope meeter spiked. Now we are learning that Attorney General Barr is in possession of the evidence which Rudy Giuliani has been collecting over the last few years. To be clear, this appears to be the Ukraine evidence that Barr’s team is not looking over. Let’s hope that Barr is in fact the ‘real deal’ and is not going to just bury all the evidence of improper business dealings, and God knows what else, that Rudy has likely turned over to him. If you believe Rudy, which, after studying Ukraine and the rabbit hole that appears to be the abuse of US foreign aid, money laundering, and pay for access deals, I have to think Rudy has some juicy giblets…    

How To Take On The Deadly Drug Cartels That Run The U.S.-Mexico Border

By Pedro Gonzalez{ } ~ After nine U.S. citizens were killed in the Mexican border state of Sonora in November, President Donald Trump threatened to label cartels terrorist organizations. When it came to it, however… he holstered the executive pen and backpedaled out of the saloon at the request of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who desires to embrace the cartels with “abrazos no balazos”—hugs not bullets. Now comes word that a 13-year-old Oklahoma girl visiting Mexico with her family has been killed in yet another cartel ambush on a long and lonely stretch of highway just south of Falcon Heights, Texas. In the background of these recent tragedies has been the mob to military transformation of the cartels, reflected in their uniforms, tactics, and equipment. Americans might have a hard time telling the difference between the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and the Mexican National Guard.CJNG, says Uttam Dhillon, the Drug Enforcement Agency’s acting administrator, forms a “present and growing danger,” with at least two dozen cells operating within the United States. A report by the Courier Journal profiles CJNG as a billion-dollar organization with “a large, disciplined army.” It manages an extensive criminal enterprise, “from the suburbs of Seattle to the beaches of Mississippi and South Carolina, California’s coast, the mountains of Virginia, small farming towns in Iowa and Nebraska, and across Kentucky.” CJNG uses sophisticated money-laundering techniques and has proven itself capable of waging cyberwarfare. So “army” is not an exaggeration, nor have the cartels limited themselves to a ground game. Consider the rise of what analyst Adam Elkus calls the “narco-navy.” Last summer, the U.S. Coast Guard released footage of a dramatic interdiction, in which an operator leaped onto a moving “narco-sub” hauling 16,000 pounds of cocaine. A similar low-profile vessel (LPV) made it across the Atlantic last November carrying more than $100 million in cocaine to Spain from South America. But that LPV looked like a child’s toy compared to the camouflaged, 74-foot-long, twin-propeller leviathan with a 5-foot conning tower found on a sandy beach in Ecuador. Taking a combined arms approach to organized crime, they’ve got “narco-tanks,” too…  

After Three Years of Hate, the Dems Have Lost It

By Jonathan F. Keiler{ } ~ Writing in the Atlantic “This is No Way to Beat Trump” Thomas Nichols, a self-described former Republican and #NeverTrumper, castigates Democrats for their failure to take down President Trump… in light of the disorganized Iowa Caucus and the party’s unimpressive stable of candidates. In the piece, Nichols pretends to dispense hard-headed political advice. In fact, the article reveals why he and the Democrats he wants to help are floundering. Their perception of the world is so distorted by manic dislike of President Trump that they have ceased to act as a responsible political party which can offer a reasonable alternative. The very premise of Nichols’ case, and by extension that of the Democrat party and all its putative candidates, is that beating Trump must be their principal goal, eclipsing all other concerns. Nichols thinks the Democrats are not attempting to do this — which is preposterous. But more interestingly having come to this false conclusion, he has no prescription for exactly how to beat Trump, only that it must be done. Of course, beating Trump has been the monomania of the Democrats and #NeverTrumpers) for over three years. It’s the first and last thing out of all the candidates’ mouths when they speak, and one of the few things they agree upon. The Washington Post recently ran a typical article highlighting the malady entitled “’Tempted to despair’: Trump’s resilience causes Democrats to sound the alarm.” Huh? Are we talking about a presidential campaign or a soap opera? It’s quite as if Trump were ill, the Dems suffering heirs hoping he’ll just die — which is probably not far from the truth. Manias in general are not good things. Occasionally a smart or extremely lucky maniac reaches his objective. Much more often mania sidetracks its victim by severely narrowing his focus, depriving him of necessary context and a broader and more realistic picture of reality…   

.Carville Blasts Leftist Dems; Candidates Hold 8th Debate

Thomas Gallatin:  Following the Democrats’ Iowa caucuses debacle last week, former scumbag/liar-Bill Clinton campaign adviser and Democrat strategist James Carville publicly blasted his party’s candidates in interviews for their hard-left platforms. On MSNBC, Carville went on a rant over the Democrats’ poor performance, concluding that he was “scared to death” about the 2020 election. In a followup interview with Vox writer Sean Illing, Carville further elaborated on his concerns, bemoaning, “We’re losing our [darn] minds.”

Pointing to the lower-than-expected voter enthusiasm in Iowa, Carville observed, “Look, the turnout in the Iowa caucus was below what we expected [and] what we wanted. Trump’s approval rating is probably as high as it’s been. This is very bad. And now it appears the party can’t even count votes. What the hell am I supposed to think? … And now it’s like we’re losing our [darn] minds. Someone’s got to step their game up here.”Democrats have gone to the extreme left, Carville charges, and by doing so they are turning off vast swaths of the country. “We have candidates on the debate stage talking about open borders and decriminalizing illegal immigration. They’re talking about doing away with nuclear energy and fracking. You’ve got commie-Bernie Sanders talking about letting criminals and terrorists vote from jail cells. It doesn’t matter what you think about any of that, or if there are good arguments — talking about that is not how you win a national election. It’s not how you become a majoritarian party. … They’ve tacked off the [darn] radar screen.”Carville also blasted Democrats over their “free college” platform, arguing, “Here’s another stupid thing: Democrats talking about free college tuition or debt forgiveness. I’m not here to debate the idea. What I can tell you is that people all over this country worked their way through school, sent their kids to school, paid off student loans. They don’t want to hear this s—. And you saw [Elizabeth] Warren confronted by an angry voter over this. It’s just not a winning message.”The Democrats’ elitist and self-righteous attitude is not a formula for winning, Carville notes, as he laments that this “smugness” and “patronizing” would only lead to further Democrat losses. “We can’t win the Senate by looking down at people. The Democrat Party has to drive a narrative that doesn’t give off vapors that we’re smarter than everyone or culturally arrogant.”Carville’s interview was published last Friday, hours before the Democrat presidential candidates took the stage for their eighth debate. That debate made abundantly clear that Carville’s assessment was spot on. The Democrat candidates are simply uninterested or unable to concern themselves with any views outside of their narrow leftist ideology. As PowerLine’s Steven Hayward insightfully observed, “I watched the Democratic field show once again that it is running to be president of Twitter more than President of the United States.”For example, not one of the candidates on the stage Friday night would have given the go-ahead, like Trump did, to take out Iran’s leading terrorist, Qasem Soleimani. commie-Bernie Sanders strangely argued, “You cannot go around saying, ‘You’re a bad guy. We’re gonna assassinate you.’ And then you’re gonna have, if that happens, you’re opening the door to international anarchy.” Pete Buttigieg ridiculously asserted that “taking out a bad guy is a bad idea if you do not know what you’re doing.” loose lips liar-Joe Biden suggested (without evidence) that “there’s no evidence yet of an imminent threat that was going to come from [Soleimani].” Never mind the fact that he had the blood of thousands of Americans already on his hands.Regarding socialism, only one candidate on stage — Amy Klobuchar — raised her hand in rejection of the failed ideology. On the question of racism, every candidate brandished their “woke” talking points, deriding America as a racist country founded on racism. commie-Sanders took the cake: “We have a racist society from top to bottom, impacting healthcare, housing, criminal justice, education — you name it. And clearly this is an issue that must be dealt with.”Finally, one of the moments that most highlights the current divide between Democrats and Republicans was loose lips liar-Biden’s chastising Trump for awarding Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom. “By the way, Colonel Vindman got thrown out of the White House today,” loose lips liar-Biden lamented. “[The president] should have been pinning a medal on Vindman, and not on Rush Limbaugh. I think we should all stand and get Colonel Vindman a show of how much we support him. Stand up and clap for Vindman!” loose lips liar-Biden demanded.These Democrats are so out of touch with much of America that they don’t seem to realize the majority of their attacks against Trump are in fact attacks against Americans. These Democrats do indeed appear to be losing their minds.  ~The Patriot Post  


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