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“REMEMBER WHERE [YOU] ARE”: Chief Justice Roberts admonishes both sides at Senate impeachment trial, after marathon session erupts into shouting match; meanwhile, McConnell’s trial rules are adopted 53-47 (Fox News)

LESSONS UNLEARNED: Virginia Senate advances “red flag” gun law, despite rally (AP)

SETTING EXAMPLES: Virginia rally attendees pick up trash following event (MRCTV)


TIT FOR TAT: Senate Democrats privately mull witness trade in impeachment trial: A loose lips liar-Biden for Bolton (The Washington Post)

SYSTEMIC HATE: Another commie-Bernie staffer allegedly promotes violence: Kill the rich, put Republicans in camps (The Daily Wire)

WARNINGS IGNORED: scumbag/liar-Hillary defends the scumbag/liar-Clintons’ longtime association with Harvey Weinstein, and it does not go well at all (Red State)

“MALICIOUS INTENT”: Tulsi Gabbard files defamation lawsuit against scumbag/liar-Hillary for dubbing her a “Russian asset” (The Daily Wire)


“MY GOAL IS TO UNVEIL THE TRUTH ABOUT ABORTION”: New England Patriots tight end and pro-lifer Benjamin Watson producing abortion documentary (The Hollywood Reporter)

TAXPAYER-SOURCED FUNDING: Planned Parenthood’s annual report shows Big Abortion needs Big Government (

“THE DEVIL HAD ME”: Kanye West preaches Jesus Christ to 12,000 students (The Daily Wire)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: The lethal legal legacy of Roe v. Wade  (Washington Examiner)

POLICY: When will the #MeToo movement address pornography? (Washington Examiner)

HUMOR: Democrats align with with Iraqi Baath party in last ditch effort against Trump (Genesius Times)  

~The Patriot Post      

Chief Justice Roberts admonishes both sides at Senate impeachment trial, after marathon session erupts into shouting match

By Gregg Re{ } ~ A marathon, 12-hour first day in the Senate impeachment trial against President Trump erupted into a shouting match well after midnight Wednesday morning… as Trump’s legal team unloaded on Democratic impeachment manager Rep. scumbag liar-Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y. — in an exchange that prompted a bleary-eyed Chief Justice John Roberts to sternly admonish both sides for misconduct in the chamber. scumbag liar-Nadler began the historic spat by speaking in support of the eighth  amendment of the day, which was proposed by Senate Minority Leader Chuck scumbag-Schumer, D-N.Y., just as the clock struck midnight. The proposal would have amended the trial rules offered by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to immediately subpoena former National Security Advisor John Bolton. McConnell’s rules, which were eventually adopted in a 53-47 party-line vote at 1:40 a.m. ET Wednesday and largely mirror those from the scumbag/liar-Bill Clinton impeachment trial in 1999,  permit new witnesses and documents to be considered only later on in the proceedings, after opening arguments are made. But scumbag liar-Nadler, who was overheard  apparently planning to impeach Trump back in 2018, said it would be a “treacherous vote” and a “cover-up” for Republicans to reject the Bolton subpoena amendment, claiming that “only guilty people try to hide evidence.” Bolton has reportedly described Trump’s conduct as akin to a “drug deal,” and he has indicated he would be willing to testify and provide relevant information. “It’s embarrassing,” scumbag liar-Nadler began. “The president is on trial in the Senate, but the Senate is on trial in the eyes of the American people. Will you vote to allow all the relevant evidence to be presented here? Or will you betray your pledge to be an impartial juror? … Will you bring Ambassador Bolton here? Will you permit us to present you with the entire record of the president’s misconduct? Or will you instead choose to be complicit in the president’s coverup? So far I’m sad to say I see a lot of senators voting for a coverup, voting to deny witnesses, an absolutely indefensible vote, obviously a treacherous vote.” Trump’s legal team, which has argued that Democrats’ impeachment case couldn’t be as “open-and-shut” as advertised given the apparently urgent need for new evidence even after the House impeachment inquiry, immediately rose in response…  


scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff Continues His Lying in the Senate

By M. Dowling{ } ~ Rep. scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff lied to the senators on Tuesday during the first day of the impeachment trial.He claimed falsely that he gave Republicans equal time during the House’s rushed impeachment proceedings… He has a history of lying. He lied about the Ukraine call, the Russia-Trump collusion evidence, and knowing the fake whistleblower’s identity. We can count on him to conduct a fair, impartial trial? scumbag/liar-Schiff, the Chair of the Intelligence Committee, lies all the time, especially about what he did in the House. He didn’t let the administration participate until the last week of the inquiry. Republicans were often blocked from asking difficult questions and witnesses were kept from answering. The House Democrats blocked all GOP witnesses not also on their list. They blocked the President’s counsel from all closed-door depositions and public intelligence hearings. His selective leaking was aimed at controlling the narrative. he withheld key facts and lied and lied. The Republicans also couldn’t hold their witness day. scumbag/liar-Schiff has not released all the testimony including Inspector General Atkisson’s testimony. scumbag/liar-Schiff is never fact-checked and he appears incapable of telling the truth. He’s a disgrace and it’s disgraceful that he is involved in the trial. He’s a psycho…  


Trump’s lawyer ‘absolutely destroyed’ scumbag/liar-Schiff as impeachment trial opens

by ~ President Trump’s counsel Jay Sekulow on Tuesday was praised on Twitter for having “absolutely destroyed” Rep. scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and his “little impeachment sham.”… Sekulow pointed out that when Trump was investigated in the House, he was “denied the right to cross-examine witnesses … to access evidence … the right to have counsel at hearings.” Sekulow also noted scumbag/liar-Schiff is known for putting “words into transcripts that didn’t exist.” The reference was to scumbag/liar-Schiff reading into the congressional record his personal interpretation of the text of President Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president.  “It’s going to be a rough impeachment trial for scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff … and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving, bug-eyed little fella,” said a post at Twitchy, which aggregates news on Twitter. The post was headlined “He’s dead Jim, DEAD! Jay Sekulow just absolutely destroyed scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff and his little impeachment sham too.” PJ Media reported Sekulow “quoted Democrats’ own words against them. He condemned the House Democrats’ rush to impeach Trump, adding an article of impeachment for ‘Obstruction of Congress’ rather than litigating a matter of executive privilege in court. He quoted House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Rep. scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), and Rep. scumbag liar-Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), each of whom defended Barack scumbag/liar-nObama’s Attorney General scumbag-Eric Holder when he was held in contempt of Congress in 2012.”…    

Cruz Turns Tables Back on Dems as Impeachment Trial Opens, Keeps Spotlight on scumbag/liar-Schiff

By Joe Saunders { } ~ Even in the Senate, Democrats want to play by House rules. As the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump opened on Tuesday… Democrats trying to oust a duly elected president showed how hard they’re going to try to use the same kinds of kangaroo court tactics in the upper chamber as they used in the House of Representatives to pass articles of impeachment in the first place. In a move that likely foreshadows the bare-knuckle fights ahead, the seven House impeachment managers appointed by Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi wrote White House counsel Pat Cipollone on Tuesday attacking his role on the Trump defense team while alleging he is a “fact witness” to the events in question. But Sen. Ted Cruz struck back hard in a Facebook post with an argument few Democrats likely want to face. Describing the letter as “Democrats’ opening salvo,” the Texas Republican had one question: What do they say about Rep. scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff? scumbag/liar-Schiff, of course, is the California Democrat and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who played such a key role in getting the articles of impeachment through the House. Now, he’s one of the managers prosecuting the case in the Senate. Throughout the hearing process in the House, scumbag/liar-Schiff’s honesty was doubtful to any unbiased observer — from his literally unbelievable claim that he doesn’t know the identity of the whistleblower to his  clearly disingenuous statements about the contact between the whistleblower and scumbag/liar-Schiff’s committee before the complaint about Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was even filed. It’s fair to say that behind liar-Pelosi herself, no one in Congress is more responsible for the impeachment trial the country is experiencing than scumbag/liar-Schiff. That would make him at least as much of a “material witness” as the White House counsel. As the White House wrote in the  lengthy response it filed Monday to the articles of impeachment, detailing its objections to the House procedures (page 6): “Chairman scumbag/liar-Schiff’s hearings were fatally defective for another reason — scumbag/liar-Schiff himself was instrumental in helping to create the story behind them.”… 

Senate blocks Democrats’ pretrial demand for Trump documents

by Susan Ferrechio{ } ~ President Trump’s impeachment trial opened with a vote to block a subpoena for White House documents related to Democratic allegations the president abused the power of his office by withholding security aid from Ukraine… The Senate Republican majority defeated a measure 47-53 offered by Minority Leader Chuck scumbag-Schumer demanding the White House turn over a trove of documents stemming from Trump’s conversations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Republicans stayed unified in opposition to the move by scumbag-Schumer, a New York Democrat. Republicans instead backed a resolution setting the terms of the impeachment trial that would postpone consideration of additional evidence until after House impeachment managers and Trump’s defense lawyers have presented their cases. The vote followed arguments by Democratic impeachment managers and the defense lawyers, providing a glimpse of the cases each side will present in the coming days. The Senate rules allow impeachment managers and the defense lawyers three days each to present arguments. “The Senate should act on this subpoena now, at the outset of the trial,” Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a California Democrat, argued. “Documents that are directly relevant to evaluating the president’s scheme. If it won’t even ask for this evidence, this trial, and your judgment, will be questioned.” Trump’s legal team, led by White House counsel Pat Cipollone, argued the House impeachment investigation was partisan, lacked due process, and took shortcuts to speed up the inquiry. The Senate should not be forced to fix the shortcomings of the House impeachment proceedings, Trump’s lawyers argued…    

Trump administration to add seven countries to its travel ban list

by Katherine Doyle{ } ~ The White House will add seven new countries to its travel ban, including Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan, and Tanzania… The announcement could arrive as soon as Monday, the three-year anniversary of the original order, according to administration officials with knowledge of the list, a report by the Wall Street Journal said. Some countries will only face a ban on certain visa categories and the rule would not ban citizens outright from entering the U.S. The list of countries is not final. On the Davos sidelines early Tuesday, President Trump confirmed in an interview with the Wall Street Journal his administration’s plans to name additional countries. He declined to name them, however. An updated version of the ban was expected later this month, with the new rules expected to antagonize U.S. relations with the countries in question. Trump signed his original travel ban Jan. 27, 2017, one week into into his first term. The order, which initially applied to seven majority-Muslim countries denying their citizens U.S. visas, inspired massive revolt after the president referred to it as a “Muslim Ban” on Twitter. It was amended and upheld in a June 2018 Supreme Court decision, affording the White House a major victory. A third iteration was later upheld, which restricted entry for some citizens of Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen.  

Media Malpractice

Gary Bauer

I have often noted that media bias is about more than just how stories get spun. Media bias is also evident in what stories simply don’t get told — call them the sins of journalistic omission. And the left-wing media did it again Thursday night. All the networks wanted to talk about was impeachment, and that’s understandable given their obvious Trump hatred. But most journalists understand that this farce is not going anywhere. But something did happen on Capitol Hill that is going somewhere. As we told you, the USMCA trade deal to replace NAFTA passed the Senate by an overwhelming margin of 89 to 10.Remember when Donald Trump campaigned against NAFTA? Predictably, the political establishment opposed him. The media mocked him. They said he would destroy our relationships with Mexico and Canada. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!Allow me to just reiterate that what everyone once said could not be done — the USMCA — passed the House last month by a vote of 385 to 41 and passed the Senate Thursday by a vote of 89 to 10. Donald Trump did it, and this new deal will have lasting benefits for the American people.And the big three networks gave it absolutely zero coverage Thursday. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. For a fleeting moment, Politico appreciated the historic nature of the accomplishment and posted a story with this headline:  “Senate Passes USMCA In Major Win For Trump.“ After sufficiently flogging Politico’s digital editor for his blasphemy — speaking well of Donald Trump — the title was quickly changed to this: “Senate Passes USMCA, But Much Work Remains.” By the way, kudos to Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ)! The former Air Force fighter pilot certainly knows how to handle the liberal media. As she was walking into the Senate chamber Thursday for the start of the impeachment trial, a CNN reporter shouted a gotcha question at her. McSally responded, “You’re a liberal hack. I’m not talking to you.”Perhaps McSally can give her fellow Senate Republicans a few tips on public relations!Impeachment CollusionCollusion has been a big buzzword throughout the impeachment drama, and we got a prime example of collusion on Thursday.As I am sure you have heard by now, the “non-partisan” Government Accounting Office (GAO) released a statement claiming that the president violated the law when he withheld funds from Ukraine. Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi and her media allies quickly pounced.First of all, Trump didn’t withhold the money. He delayed it to ensure it wasn’t going to be wasted by corruption, which is the president’s responsibility. But the release of that GAO statement on the opening day of the Senate impeachment trial was no coincidence. It was more anti-Trump collusion by the Swamp.But since we’re talking about GAO reports as evidence of impeachable crimes, the Government Accounting Office determined that Barack scumbag/liar-nObama broke the law seven times. By the left’s logic, scumbag/liar-nObama should have been impeached seven times! Where was Pelosi’s outrage then? Pence’s Profile in CourageIf you’ve ever read John F. Kennedy’s book, Profile In Courage, you may recall that one of the chapters is about Sen. Edmund Ross, a Republican senator from Kansas. Ross bucked his party and prevented the partisan impeachment of President Andrew Johnson in 1868. (Northern Republicans at the time bitterly resented Johnson, a Democrat from Tennessee.)Vice President Mike Pence, an astute observer of American history, has a great opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal about the courage of Sen. Ross. You can read it here. Pence raises Ross’s example to ask if any Senate Democrats will have the courage to stand up against this sham partisan impeachment, intended solely to reverse the last election. Great job, Mr. Vice President!Speaking of the impeachment trial, the members of the president’s impeachment defense team were announced yesterday. They are:Pat Cipollone, who currently serves as White House counselJay Sekulow, Donald Trump’s personal lawyerKen Starr, the former Whitewater/scumbag/liar-Clinton independent counselAlan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor and renowned defense attorneyPam Bondi, the former attorney general of FloridaRobert Ray, who also led the Whitewater/scumbag/liar-Clinton investigationsJane Raskin, a former federal prosecutor who represented the president during the Mueller investigation    ~The Patriot Post   


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