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Media Editors:  Above the Fold

DAY OF RECKONING CONNIVING: House opens session ahead of historic vote on Trump impeachment (Reuters)

NO HOLDS BARRED: Trump tells liar-Pelosi in blistering letter that Democrats are “declaring open war on American Democracy” (Fox News)

Government & Politics

MIKE LEE WAS RIGHT: FISA court issues rare public order condemning FBI for Russia-probe abuses and demanding reforms (National Review)

MOUNTING EVIDENCE: New attestation shows Hunter Biden-Ukraine payments flagged as “suspicious” in early 2016 (The Daily Wire)

SPENDING BILLS ADVANCE: Senate sends $738 billion defense bill to Trump; House approves $1.4 trillion spending package (The Hill)


THEN: Much of “Trump country” was in recession during 2016 campaign (Reuters)

NOW: Dow Jones officially exceeds 28,333, up 10,000 points since Trump’s election despite doomsday predictions (The Federalist)D’OH! Vox Media fires hundreds of freelancers due to law trumpeted by Vox (The Washington Free Beacon)


CLASS-ACTION SUIT: New York clergy sex abuse victims are suing the pope — claiming in a landmark lawsuit filed Tuesday that he and the Vatican were aware that a significant number of priests were molesting children and kept it secret (New York Post)

STOMPING ON THE “SOLE” OF AMERICA: New Nike Kaepernick shoe honors date he first sat for national anthem (The Daily Wire)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: USMCA will have a surprising effect on commercial real estate (Washington Examiner)

POLICY: Omnibus spending bill misses the mark on nuclear-energy leadership (The Heritage Foundation)

HUMOR: “Look, is that Trump committing an impeachable offense?” Mitch McConnell says, distracting Democrats while more conservative judges sneak by (The Babylon Bee)  ~The Patriot Post      

House Rules Committee adopts rules for historic impeachment vote, after contentious marathon session

By Adam Shaw, Chad Pergram and Gregg Re

{ } ~ By a 9-4 party line vote late Tuesday night, the Democrat-led House Rules Committee approved the procedures for how the full House will consider the two articles of impeachment against President Trump on Wednesday… following a marathon session that, at times, provided a glimpse of the fireworks to come. “Tomorrow promises to be a long day,” Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern, D-Mass., told reporters. Republicans previewed their likely lines of attack throughout the day Tuesday. “The only thing that is a clear and present danger right now in this room is the pattern of attack and abuse of rules and decisions to get at this president that started over three years ago the night he was elected,” Republican Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia charged. The panel’s meeting laid the procedural groundwork for the House debate on Wednesday, outlining the timetable and other factors for the historic and divisive moment in Washington. Yet  despite the often-dry material up for discussion on the Rules Committee, the panel’s meeting Tuesday featured feisty testimony from Republican and Democratic lawmakers who stuck to their tried-and-tested narratives. At the core of the inquiry is Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Democrats allege that Trump’s push for investigations into the 2016 election and former Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden’s conduct in the country was part of an attempted quid pro quo in exchange for a White House meeting and the unlocking of military aid. Trump denies this. But in the session itself, the battle lines were drawn with Democrats presenting the impeachment as an obvious and clear-cut case of obstruction and corruption. “The president withheld congressionally approved military aid to a country under siege to extract a personal political favor. He did not do this as a matter of U.S. policy, he did this for his own benefit. That is wrong and if that is not impeachable conduct, then I don’t know what is,” Chairman Jim McGovern, D-Mass., said Tuesday. “The president’s aggressive and unprecedented resistance to congressional  subpoenas for witnesses and documents is blatantly and dangerous unconstitutional.” Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., said. “If accepted and normalized now it will undermine perhaps for all time the congressional impeachment power itself.” Trump has denied the quid-pro-quo allegations and claimed that Democrats are engaging in a “witch hunt” against him. Republicans in the House have made similar accusations, accusing Democrats of running a “kangaroo court” as they dominate proceedings and push the House toward impeachment… At the end of the day, all dems who vote for impeachment must be removed from congress.  


Our Russia Collusion Nightmare All scumbag/liar-Hillary’s Fault?

By J.B. Shurk

{ } ~ The biggest political scandal in the history of the United States. Three years of constant lies told by government agents, political operatives, and deceitful news personalities… Thousands of hours of criminal investigative interviews; thousands of written stories and television segments; thousands of leaks and insinuations and threats. All to take down the legitimately elected American president, Donald J. Trump. Now that some light is finally revealing just how rotten this whole nonsense has been from the very beginning, the most maddening aspect of all is the one thing not said nearly enough: every bit of this frame-up job to hang the American president for being a Russian agent and traitor to his nation began as a way to inoculate scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton from her largest political vulnerabilities going into the 2016 campaign. Aside from her questionable health and a lifetime of scandal, scumbag/liar-Hillary had two sizable liabilities of her own creation that threatened her ability to win the general election: (1) her use of the scumbag/liar-Clinton Foundation as a vehicle for laundering bribes from foreign governments and moneyed interests and (2) her decision to conduct the business of the State Department as well as to discuss our nation’s most guarded secrets on an unsecured private email server that had been hacked by known and unknown foreign governments and adverse entities. Peter Schweizer’s  scumbag/liar-Clinton Cash did a remarkable job exposing the scumbag/liar-Clinton Foundation as a spectacular pay-to-play operation that had allowed scumbag/liar-Hillary to trade the powers of her office for personal aggrandizement including the sale of 20% of America’s uranium to Russia for, among other things, $145 million transferred to her foundation. And even though the scumbag/liar-nObama Justice Department was doing its best to minimize the revelation of scumbag/liar-Hillary’s gross breach of national security and slow-walk any repercussions, the American people were discovering that life-and-death secrets had been entrusted to a person with such disregard for our well-being that she stored them on a personal server in a downstairs bathroom. For a normal person with a modicum of ethical concern, sense of shame, or patriotic duty, these crimes would have been more than sufficient to prompt withdrawal from an election for the country’s highest office. This type of honest self-reflection and private admission of guilt is alien to the scumbag/liar-Clintons, though, so what would have represented immovable obstacles to anyone else became just another set of political variables that had to be neutralized in her favor. I can just imagine the conversation scumbag/liar-Hillary had with her most trusted advisers — not the ones with the official titles like Robby Mook and Brian Fallon, whose chief value lay in their expendable nature and the ease with which scumbag/liar-Hillary could roll them up into any unexpected scandal to be disposed with the trash at a future time of her convenience. I mean the real group of confidants, the ones who have “the ends justify the means” tattooed on their souls and have gotten away with more crimes than we’ll ever know. If you’re Sid Blumenthal or John Podesta or Cheryl Mills or Marc Elias or Lanny Davis and you know where some of the bodies are buried along the spectacular trail of scumbag/liar-Clinton corruption through the years, then the prospect of a massive pay-to-play scandal or criminal indictment for mishandling top-secret intelligence or engaging wittingly or unwittingly in espionage is just another bump on the long road of progressive relativism and scumbag/liar-Clinton nihilism. If scumbag/liar-Clinton Cash and FBI investigators come knocking, you simply accuse all your political opponents of being the real grifters and foreign agents…  

The Impeachment Show Trial

By E.W. Jackson and Jerome Corsi

{ } ~ Representatives scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff and scumbag liar-Jerry Nadler set a very dangerous precedent when they refused to conduct impeachment hearings according to constitutional due process standards… Democrats are so desperate for power that they would overturn the election of a President of the United States based on their biased and partisan interpretation of his telephone conversation with a foreign leader. House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi was initially reluctant to risk the electoral backlash of impeachment. She finally bowed to far-left pressure, ignoring the President’s astounding economic and foreign policy successes. Her worst nightmare is coming true — rising approval for President Trump and rising disapproval for the Democrat Party and their presidential candidates. This is because the impeachment process we are witnessing is decidedly un-American. Using secretive, totalitarian-style, one-party interrogations is not due process and is unworthy of a constitutional republic. Democrats ignored the constitutional standard for impeachment to remove a president:  “Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” No unbiased adjudicator could conclude that President Trump’s telephone discussion with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is an impeachable offense. Far from a “high crime,” the President was carrying out his duty to the people of the United States. He was guarding our treasure and protecting our national integrity. Ukraine has been one of the most corrupt nations in the world, and he was right to request an investigation. If taxpayer funded aide was used as leverage to enrich the former vice president’s son, the American people should know. Instead of thanking the President for his diligence, Democrats in Congress had the temerity to accuse him of committing an “abuse of power.” The Executive Branch of the United States government is separate and co-equal. George Washington University law professor and constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley told the House Judiciary Committee that it would be Congress abusing power if they try to stop the President from exercising his constitutional prerogatives. scumbag/liar-Schiff, scumbag liar-Nader and liar-Pelosi ignored that unbiased counsel. They have chosen instead to drag the country through an impeachment process while trampling the constitutional and due process rights of a sitting President. If they ignore his rights, why would they respect those of the average citizen? Due process rules are not reserved to criminal trials alone. They are essentially the same in regulatory and administrative hearings. Those rules reach even to private entities operating under “color of law.” To suggest that a proceeding as grave as a presidential impeachment need not follow the same basic procedural rules of fairness is ludicrous on its face… 

John Solomon: What Democrats are really trying to hide about Ukraine

by ~ Republican lawmakers have spotlighted Hunter Biden’s receipt of more than $3 million for serving on the board of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma… while his father was in charge of U.S. policy for Ukraine. But they weren’t the first to point to the apparent conflict of interest. Investigative reporter John Solomon reports that in 2016, the Latvian government “flagged” the “suspicious” financial transactions. According to documents and interviews, authorities in Latvia wanted help from Ukraine to investigate. “The Feb. 18, 2016 alert to Ukraine came from the Latvian prosecutorial agency responsible for investigating money laundering, and it specifically questioned whether Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden’s younger son and three other officials at Burisma Holdings were the potential beneficiaries of suspect funds,” Solomon reported. The Latvian agency said, “The Office for Prevention of Laundering of Proceeds Derived from Criminal Activity … is currently investigating suspicious activity of Burisma Holdings Limited.” Latvian officials told Solomon they did not obtain any incriminating information and did not take additional action. “But the memo adds to the mounting evidence that there was ongoing investigative activity surrounding Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden’s compensation as a board member in the weeks just before loose lips liar-Joe Biden forced the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor overseeing the Burisma investigation in spring 2016,” Solomon wrote. Latvia had raised questions about more than $16 million in payments that went through Belize and the United Kingdom to Burisma and Ukraine. The payments were partially transferred to Hunter Biden, the report said. Arturs Saburovs, the third secretary at the Latvian embassy in Washington, confirmed to Solomon that Latvia flagged the transactions in February 2016 after seeing public reports that Burisma was under investigation in Ukraine and that Hunter Biden was on the company board. A lawyer for Hunter Biden and loose lips liar-Joe Biden’s campaign did not respond to Solomon’s requests for comment.The report said it’s just more evidence “that questions and investigations of Burisma were swirling in early 2016 just before loose lips liar-Joe Biden used his authority as vice president to force the firing of Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin in March 2016 by threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid.” Shokin was fired while supervising an investigation of Burisma and apparently was planning to interview Hunter Biden. Shokin said he was dismissed because he wouldn’t end the Burisma investigation. Hunter Biden and his family have insisted he did nothing wrong…    

House passes massive federal spending bill with funding for border wall

by Susan Ferrechio

{ } ~ The House passed a $1.4 trillion federal spending package that averts a government shutdown and maintains some funding for a southern border wall… The measure passed Tuesday despite the objections of liberal Democrats and members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, who said they opposed the $1.375 billion allocated for the construction of a southern border wall as well as other border security provisions. The spending bill would provide funding through the rest of fiscal 2020. It passed in two different measures in order to avoid sending President Trump one “omnibus” package, which he had vowed to reject. The measure now heads to the U.S. Senate, where lawmakers are expected to pass it on Thursday and send it to Trump’s desk. “I’m hopeful,” Sen. John Cornyn, a Texas Republican, said when asked if Trump will approve the spending bills. “I don’t have any indication to the contrary.” Republicans told reporters on Thursday they believe he’ll sign the bill. While it falls short of providing the $8 billion in wall funding Trump had been seeking, it preserves his authority to transfer certain federal funding for additional border wall construction. Trump transferred more than $7 billion earlier this year to the wall project. The move is under a court challenge. “It represents, for sure, a tough compromise,” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida Democrat, said in support of the spending bill. The spending bill includes provisions eliminating both the medical device tax and the tax on high-cost health insurance policies. The two taxes were intended to fund scumbag/liar-nObamacare but are unpopular. In addition to  Democratic objections to the bill, some Republicans also voted against it, citing the increase in the federal debt and deficit. More than 80 Democrats voted “no” on the spending package, the vast majority rejecting the measure that includes border security and the wall funding.  

Giuliani Admits to Laura Ingraham He Forced Out Marie Yovanovitch, Offers Compelling Evidence to Explain Why

by Elizabeth Vaughn

{ } ~ Following his fall from grace, Rudy Giuliani is back. The former New York mayor has returned from an evidence gathering trip to Kiev, Budapest and Vienna and has broken his radio silence… In an appearance on Monday night’s “Ingraham Angle,” he explains his opposition to former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. And contrary to her weepy testimony before the House impeachment panel, she was complicit in the corruption. Democrats were quick to jump on board the ‘Giuliani is corrupt’ train this fall, and the media was only too happy to assist. The government of Ukraine is notorious for being one of the most corrupt on the planet. Rudy begins by saying that Trump’s request for an investigation was necessary. “Maybe they don’t understand that there was substantial corruption in Ukraine that went on for years and the President, when he asked for an investigation, was doing his duty as the President of the United States…When the President was asking the President of Ukraine to investigate, he was asking them to investigate crimes at the highest levels of both governments.” Ingraham notes that, “This piece also has you on the record admitting that you forced out Marie Yovanovitch…So, why did you need her out of the way?” Giuliani answers: I didn’t need her out of the way. I forced her out because she’s corrupt. I came back with a document that will show unequivocally that she committed perjury when she said that she turned down the Visa for Mr. Shokin because of corruption. The fact is, in the State Department’s own records, the reason given is because he had an operation and hadn’t recovered yet. The operation, of course, was two years before. It’s documentary evidence that she committed perjury. I have four witnesses who will testify that she personally turned down their Visas because they were going to come here and give evidence either against loose lips liar-Biden or against the Democratic Party. There’s no question that she was acting corruptly in that position and had to be removed. She should have been fired if the State Department weren’t part of the Deep State…I have that testimony of the four witnesses under oath. I gave it to the State Department. They never investigated a single witness. When they say that she’s innocent, it’s innocent without investigation…  


Pomp, circumstance and silence: How a Senate presidential impeachment trial works

by Dareh Gregorian

{  } ~ It would start with a proclamation from the Senate’s sergeant-at-arms: “All persons are commanded to keep silence, on pain of imprisonment… while the House of Representatives is exhibiting to the Senate of the United States articles of impeachment against Donald John Trump.” It would end with senators voting on whether the president should be found guilty of abuse of power and  obstruction of Congress. Much of what happens in between would be decided by a simple majority of senators, all of whom would effectively be barred from speaking during the bulk of the proceedings. If, as expected, the House passes articles of impeachment this week, lawmakers won’t have much history to rely on as a guide — the proceeding would be just the third impeachment trial of a president in U.S. history. Andrew Johnson was acquitted in 1868, and scumbag/liar-Bill Clinton was acquitted in 1999. Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 after the Judiciary Committee approved three articles of impeachment but before the full House voted on them. Here’s what to expect at a Senate impeachment trial of the president…    

The Indebted and Indoctrinated Fight to Run the Democrat Party

Robin Smith: Believing that becoming more dependent upon governments — local, state, and especially federal — to meet needs that have otherwise been part of living independently and self-reliantly is at the core of the faulty policies of the Left. This is the clear divide that separates the Left and Right as the economy soars with unemployment at historic lows and wage is growth strong due to demand. Despite good economic news, “progressive” partisans continue to seek one-size-fits-all socialism through “free” college tuition, “free” health care, debt forgiveness, and a universal wage.

But within the Center-Left, there’s a growing divide fast becoming recognizable as a manifestation in the support of candidates for the Democrat presidential nomination. This rift is delineated by age, bearing characteristics of generational experiences and, sadly, true lack of awareness. This lack of awareness is due to insufficient academic exposure to authentic history, the study of economic successes and failures, and the role of Liberty that distinguishes these key aspects of the lives of Americans from individuals without the blessing to live in a nation of freedom and independence. This lack of awareness is also linked to the politically correct idiocy that has robbed generations of their identity as individuals with equal rights endowed because of their creation not because of government-sanctioned rights or programs.Back in 2016, the commie-Bernie Sanders/scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton gap formed within the Democrat Party by age. commie-Sanders would’ve prevailed if not for the effective rule-making put in place by the scumbag/liar-Clinton machine to give disproportionate power to superdelegates during the primary process. But the energy of the nearly octogenarian commie-Sanders — born when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president — comes, ironically, from a younger activist bloc.This younger, educated indoctrinated voting demographic is drawn in by promises coming from the sharply spoken commie-Sanders. Hypocritically, he’s a millionaire with multiple homes who touts socialism and anti-establishment rhetoric. His lifestyle reflects the wealth of capitalism, not the want that would result from his statist platform.These Millennial progressive activists are three times as likely as the average American to say they’re ashamed of America, they never pray, they’re motivated by the existential threat of climate change, and they’re angry, despite being college-educated and white. This Millennial group of leftists are, The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson  posits, “attuned to structural challenges in society and skeptical of the individualist strain of the American dream.” Thus, they’re are not just committed to reforming our political system but to destroying it.commie-Sanders also has another advantage over his fellow old-white-male opponent, loose lips liar-Joe Biden: His elected tenure began as a mayor in 1981 and he rose to become a U.S. representative in 1990 then a senator in 2007.Contrast the “commie-Bernie Bros” to the middle-aged or senior voters on the Left who rally behind loose lips liar-Joe Biden. He has never fully embraced the strident redistribution policies in the extreme now supported by the socialists behind commie-Sanders. loose lips liar-Biden gets his core support from Democrat loyalists who align along a blue-collar employment history and, while educated, are not from the halls of universities that have been the breeding ground for the activists demanding free everything and safe spaces that cater to the Left while silencing the Right.A critical factor found among supporters of loose lips liar-Biden and any other candidate who gains the backing of the middle-aged to seniors is their concentration of wealth. Wealth, not at the hands of luck but due to work, savings, and sacrifice. The Atlantic asserts that the younger voters of the Democratic Party are, in essence, a third party because of the wealth gap: “Americans 55 and up account for less than one-third of the population, but they own two-thirds of the nation’s wealth.” Even Boomer Democrats have reason to value their own earnings, which frames their approach to policy.loose lips liar-Biden has what’s been noted by the LA Times to be a “burden of a 40-year career” that “doesn’t age well.” While born just one year after commie-Bernie, loose lips liar-Biden was also first elected locally as a New Castle Councilman, though he became a U.S. senator at the young age of 30, in 1972. Clearly, the Democrats of the 1970s, ‘80s, and even ’90s are not the Democrats of the second decade of the 21st century.loose lips liar-Biden’s four decades of votes may haunt him. For example, there’s his vote to authorize the war in Iraq, a vote in the ’90s meant to protect traditional marriage, and his 1988 presidential campaign when, as a 44-year-old, he called for a balance in free trade and integrity in government. In the 1970s, loose lips liar-Biden splintered from his fellow Democrats in opposition to forced busing as part of the integration of public schools. Thus, using the oft-employed “supremacy of the present” of the political Left — the practice of using today’s culture and morality to evaluate the past, usually in order to disqualify targets and opposition — loose lips liar-Joe Biden is viewed as a moderate from the status quo.Further, The Atlantic observes the Millennial voting bloc as being “poorer, in income and in wealth.” More than 70% of the 30-and-younger voter on the Left went to commie-Bernie Sanders in 2016 and, according to a recent Quinnipiac Poll, he “crushes loose lips liar-Biden 27 percent to 4 percent among those under 35 and receives an equal and opposite crushing at the hands of loose lips liar-Biden among voters over 65: 28 percent to 4 percent.”Who will win out for the nomination? The young, indoctrinated, and indebted want government sustenance via commie-Sanders socialism. The generation educated in a day that history taught of freedom, patriotism, and equal opportunity stands with the more traditional Democrat leanings of loose lips liar-Biden. That’s just a microcosm of how far left the Democrat Party has shifted.  ~The Patriot Post  


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