Wednesday Top News Executive Summary

Media Editors:  Above the Fold

IMPEACHMENT REPORT UNVEILED: House Democrats vote to adopt Trump impeachment report, blast scheme to “solicit foreign interference” in 2020 race (Fox News)

lowlife-HARRIS OUT: lowlife-Kamala Harris ends bid for president: “I can’t tell you … that I have a path forward” (USA Today)

Government & Politics

CNN SUED: Devin Nunes slaps CNN with $435 million defamation lawsuit (The Washington Times)

SKETCHY: scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff obtained phone records of Nunes, journalist, and others (Power Line)

NOTHING TO SEE HERE: Husband of Democrat in impeachment hearings took $700K from firms tied to Ukrainian oligarch “accused of ordering contract killings” (The Daily Wire)

GOOD COP, BAD COP: Georgia governor appoints Kelly Loeffler to Senate in defiance of Trump (National Review)


INTOLERANCE: Army says faith-based group can no longer put Bible verses on dog tags after complaint (Fox News)

HISTORIC CONTRACT: “Generational leap”: Navy to pay $22 billion for nine nuclear-powered submarines (The Washington Times)

Business & Economy

COMMONSENSE REFORM: Trump administration to close food-stamp eligibility loopholes for able-bodied adults (The Daily Signal)

PUSHBACK: Hospital groups sue to block price-transparency rule (The Wall Street Journal)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: Here are four pieces of great news for America and President Trump (PJ Media)

POLICY: Hong Kong shows Taiwan what unifying with China really means (Hudson Institute)

HUMOR: “My mom said you guys have to let me play,” defiant Colin Kaepernick tells kids playing flag football at park (The Babylon Bee)  ~The Patriot Post      

House Judiciary Committee – Academic “Groundwork” Hearing on Impeachment 

by sundance{ } ~ At 10:00am ET the House Judiciary Committee will hold an “impeachment groundwork” hearing with a panel of left-wing resistance academics scheduled… to help democrats justify their urgent partisan efforts to remove President Trump from office. HJC Chairman scumbag liar-Jerry Nadler will be aided by contracted Lawfare attorney Norm Eisen for the effort. Chairman scumbag liar-Nadler promised his peers he will be very aggressive toward any opposition questioning that seeks to undermine the predetermined enterprise. The academic panel is scheduled to begin testifying to Mr. Eisen at 10:00am ET.  




House Republican Leadership Hold an Impeachment Rebuttal Press Conference DC Media Ignore

by sundance{ } ~ The republican leadership from the U.S. House of Representatives held a press conference today as a rebuttal to the democrat impeachment inquiry report… House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins joined GOP leadership to discuss the significant issues with the impeachment process. Everything We The People ever needed to know about media bias is completely visible at the end of the press conference. Few DC media attended. Apparently the republican rebuttal message is antithetical to the DC media objective.  


Turkey Is Trying to Take over the Mediterranean, through Libya

by Seth Frantzman{ } ~ One of the governments in Libya controls only a small percentage of the country and the capital of Tripoli, but in need of Turkish support it signed a bizarre deal with Ankara over who controls the Mediterranean… Turkey says the deal that it signed is historic and that it has “proven its capabilities to the world in a manner that is compatible with international law but also signaled its future intentions in the region.” Greece is outraged, threatening to take the dispute to international bodies and complain to NATO. It has larger ramifications also for Egypt, Cyprus and Israel as Turkey seeks a vast swath of sea to control as an economic zone. Turkey met with Fayez al-Sarraj, the head of the Presidential Council of Libya’s Government of the National Accord in Tripoli. Sarraj was in Istanbul, but it is understood that his weak government has been in discussions with Turkey for some time about an agreement that would give Turkey access to an economic zone across the Mediterranean. Turkey’s Daily Sabah says this deal is “mutually beneficial. “The real story is buried in the report. Turkey is trying to assert itself across the swath of Iraq, Syria and now all the way to Libya, with its eyes set on having power not seen since the Ottoman Empire more than 100 years ago. The reports claim that Turkey now sees its control of the Mediterranean from the “three-dimensional viewpoint” and this “maximizes the country’s maritime boundaries and shows that Turkey’s border districts of Marmaris, Fethiye and Kas are actually neighbors with Libya’s Derna, Tobruk and Bardiya districts.” Turkey calls this the “blue motherland,” or “Mavi Vatan” in Turkish. It has launched major naval exercises in the last year to show off its power. Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has referred to this “motherland” as the 462,000 square kilometer area from the Black Sea to Aegean. Turkey openly says in its media, which is all pro-government, that it is deploying naval assets as a “show of force” and that it is angered by drilling being conducted by other states. In short, it will begin more drilling and more pushing out its boundaries. Future deals are in the cards. The Mediterranean policy is part of increased pressure on Cyprus that Turkey has brought and also Ankara’s view of the Tripoli government of Libya as a key part of its agenda. For instance Fahrettin Altun, the communications director for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, tweeted that “security and military cooperation” is a key part of support for one of Libya’s governments… 

Media coverage likely wrong about medical impact of sanctions in Iran

By DAVID ADESNIK and SAEED GHASSEMINEJAD{ } ~ Iranians have poured into the streets in over 100 cities to vent their anger at the deprivation that is now part of their daily lives… Even though harsh American sanctions have inflicted substantial damage on Iran’s economy, protesters are directing their anger at their own government, not at Washington.This might seem puzzling, since foreign correspondents in Tehran have consistently warned that Iranians are nationalists who would unite behind their government in the face of American pressure. This expectation reflects the tendency of Western correspondents to present the hardships they witness as the result of sanctions, despite substantial evidence that corruption and mismanagement bear much greater responsibility. The American media’s coverage of pharmaceutical shortages in Iran illustrates this trend. Saeed Namaki, the Iranian minister of health,  warned lawmakers that corrupt networks are selling drugs on the black market, “hoarding medicines in warehouses, and distributing counterfeit drugs.” Despite sanctions, however, Iran has “no major problem” procuring medicines from abroad, Namaki reported.U.S. media coverage is directly at odds with Namaki’s assessment.  ABC, CBS, CNN, the Associated Press, and The  Washington Post have all reported that U.S. sanctions are responsible for dangerous shortages in Iran, even though humanitarian goods, including food and medicine, are clearly exempt under U.S. law. Reportedly, sanctions have a “chilling effect” that scares exporters away from doing legitimate business because they are so afraid of unintentionally violating sanctions. Human Rights Watch  published a 40-page report in late October that purported to document this chilling effect…  

Police thwarted ISIS terror attack in Jerusalem – WATCH

By ANNA AHRONHEIM{ } ~ The Israeli Police released footage on Wednesday of the arrest of two east Jerusalem resident who have been indicted on terrorism charges after they allegedly planned terrorist attacks… on military and civilian targets on behalf of the Islamic State  terrorist group in Jerusalem on Independence Day.  The two east Jerusalem residents from the neighborhood of Jebel Mukaber, 21-year-old Ahmed Jabbis and 19-year-old Basel Abidat, were arrested based on concrete intelligence as part of a planned raid.  “On the night of October 28, 2019, dozens of Border Police officers raided two houses simultaneously in the village of Jebel Mukaber,” said an undercover border police officer who oversaw the operation. “This was a planned operation, we had information about the location of the accused and as soon as conditions allowed, we detained them.” The two were indicted in a Jerusalem court on Sunday. According to the indictment, the two were active on ISIS-affiliated websites beginning in 2016, which spread the group’s religious and political messages as well as provide instructions on how to assemble bombs to carry out attacks. In July, Abidat attempted to enter the Sinai Peninsula via Jordan in order to join with ISIS operatives, but was prevented from crossing the border by Jordanian security officials. Jabbis is said to have raised some NIS 2,000 that he transferred to a second party in order for it to be given to ISIS. In September 2019, the two suspects discussed where they could carry out a terrorist attack in Jerusalem or against an IDF army base in the Jordan Valley with the aim of killing as many civilians or military personnel as possible. The two discussed getting hold of an automatic weapon and carry out a shooting attack at Safra Square in Jerusalem, as well as against an event marking  Independence Day at the Sultan’s Pool. In the event that the two failed to acquire guns, they chose to carry out a stabbing attack as a backup plan…  

Conservative Media Isn’t ‘Stoking’ The Culture War, It’s The Left 

By Emily Jashinsky{ } ~ A recent Voxsplainer aimed at breaking down the “War Against Thanksgiving” to bespectacled urbanites referred, mostly in passing, to the “culture war-stoking conservative media.”… This is adorable, and for two particular reasons. First, because its matter-of-fact presentation demonstrates how deeply this notion is embedded as conventional wisdom on the center-left. Second, because it’s so obviously stupid. Of course, it’s the Fox-guzzling conservative rubes stoking the culture war, those reactionary pitchfork wielders who burn Howard Zinn books and listen to Blake Shelton sing about trucks. Or perhaps it’s the fault of cynical Beltway operators who exploit the anxieties of Flyover simpletons for profit and power. The “culture-war stoking conservative media” is a liberal trope because it neatly comports to basic elite stereotypes about conservatism as a misguided ideology of blind rage and ignorance. The culture war itself is seen as a lowbrow battleground for reactionaries and the Brooks-Brothers elites who mine their concerns for clicks. This brings me to the second reason Vox’s descriptor is amusing. The progressive movement is waging this war on culture by its own admission. By the essence of their mission and the definition of their moniker, progressives are on offense. There would be no cultural battles were it not for changes demanded by the left. Those of us so-called “culture war-stoking” conservatives in media are on defense. Almost always. We focus heavily on culture because it’s what our audience finds useful. It’s what our audience finds useful because they, too, are on defense—and that’s because the left is focused even more heavily on culture. This kind of coverage is entirely a response to the left’s broad and deliberate cultural offensive, which honest progressives should fully own. The left raises proposals or demands, more often for cultural change. In response, we stand athwart history yelling “Stop!” Or we’re supposed to, at least…   

.Attorney General Barr Outrages the Left by Standing Up for the Constitution and Our Republic

 Hans von Spakovsky

The progressive left are outraged over two recent landmark speeches given by Attorney General William Barr. But their howls of complaint serve only to illustrate just how right Barr was about their contempt for the Constitution, the rule of law and religious freedom.What first set them off was Barr’s Oct. 11 speech at the University of Notre Dame, in which he affirmed the importance of religion in our nation’s history and noted that religious freedom is under attack.The speech was an important reminder of the role the Framers envisioned for religion in our nation. It also served as a warning to those who would try to violate others’ religious freedom. Clearly, the nation’s chief legal officer is on the case and prepared to fight for the First Amendment rights of all Americans.Barr began his speech by observing that religion serves a necessary purpose in our republic. The Constitution guarantees individual liberty, and religion prevents liberty from devolving into licentiousness. Religion, he noted, reins in “the unbridled pursuit of personal appetites at the expense of the common good” because it teaches the people to “want what is good.”That’s why John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”Barr continued by noting that secularists and moral relativists are attacking the Judeo-Christian underpinnings of our country by ostracizing, ridiculing and suing those who publicly practice their religious beliefs.This is not “live and let live,” Barr argued, but rather “organized destruction” with an eye to “compel people to violate their conscience.”Predictably, left-wing commentators attacked Barr, accusing him of saying that atheists have no place in the country and suggesting that he is trying to set up “witch hunts” and “pogroms” against non-Christians.Barr did nothing of the sort. His summary of religion’s role in our country’s history echoes the views of the Framers of the Constitution. Sentiments like the one above by John Adams are common among the Framers’ writings.Barr was warning the nation about the misuse of the law to subdue religious expression and to force individual Americans to participate in practices that violate their religious faith. And his Justice Department has put action to his words, defending the religious rights of not just Christians, but also Muslims, Jews, Native Americans and others.Of course, not all the Founders were deeply religious. Still, they recognized what Barr reiterated: that the Christian tradition teaches the people to be moral, and individual morality is needed in a society that guarantees individual liberty.But rather than responding to Barr’s substantive arguments and engaging in an intelligent debate about a principle that was fundamental to the founding of this nation, the left hurled invective.Barr’s second speech came Nov. 15 at the Federalist Society’s annual convention. There, he spoke about the unitary executive—the constitutional doctrine that simply says that the powers of the executive branch must “be exercised under the president’s supervision.” Again, heads spun.Barr’s theme was that the federal courts and Congress have damaged the president’s authority by usurping his power. This, he argued, has endangered the freedom, liberty and security of the American people.The Framers wanted an executive who could “act with energy, consistency and decisiveness,” he noted, yet Trump’s opponents have pursued an explicit strategy to use “every tool and maneuver available to sabotage the functioning of his administration.” This self-styled “Resistance” acts as if Trump is “an occupying military power” and that his administration is “not legitimate,” which Barr thinks is a very dangerous development. He labeled it an “incendiary notion to import into the politics of a democratic republic.”Much of this speech detailed related misbehavior in Congress and the courts. He argued that it is the president’s critics who are “shredding” the Constitution and “waging a war on the rule of law,” not President Trump. He concluded by urging the nation to put aside the political “passions” of the moment, lest they “cause us to permanently disfigure the genius of our constitutional structure.”There seems little doubt that these are two of the most significant speeches given by an attorney general since Edwin Meese’s 1985 speech to the American Bar Association on the importance of originalism in interpreting the Constitution. That speech also outraged liberals, but almost 35 years later, that presentation is recognized as one of the most important landmarks in the fight to preserve the Constitution and our Republic.There is no doubt in our minds that Barr’s two speeches will also withstand the test of time and will be seen as a wake-up call.  ~The Patriot Post  


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