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Media Editors:  Above the Fold

dinky/liar-WARREN SWARMED: On Tuesday night, “Elizabeth dinky/liar-Warren took heat in the fourth Democratic debate,” writes CNBC. Check out the top moments from the unconstitutional debate.

SHORT ON VOTES? “Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Tuesday she will not stage a vote on the House floor to officially launch an impeachment inquiry into President Trump,” according to The Hill. liar-Pelosi claims, “There’s no requirement that we have a vote.” Instead, Democrats, led by scumbag-Adam Schiff, are using a nefarious legal process. As such, Rudy Giuliani won’t comply with a Democrat-issued subpoena.

National Security

VETO, PART II: Trump vetoes measure to end his emergency declaration on border wall; similar measure was vetoed in March (Reuters)

DOUR EXPECTATIONS FOR MIKE PENCE VISIT:  Recep Tayyip Erdogan vows never to declare a ceasefire in northern Syria despite U.S. backlash: “We are not worried about any sanctions” (National Review)

MEANWHILE… “Officials are reviewing plans to evacuate up to 50 U.S. nuclear bombs that have long been stored at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey in the wake of Ankara’s military offensive in northern Syria.” (Fox News)

Government & Politics

CONSCIENTIOUS PROTECTIONS: Federal court strikes down scumbag/liar-nObama administration “transgender mandate” for doctors (Fox News)

POLITICAL FUTURES: Hispanics become the largest voting-eligible minority group in the country (National Review)

APPEASING THE LAWLESS: California will allow illegal aliens to serve on government boards (Hot Air)Other Notables

SWEEPING TOLL: “The opioid crisis cost the U.S. economy $631 billion from 2015 through last year — and it may keep getting more expensive, according to a study released Tuesday by the Society of Actuaries.” (Associated Press)DIABOLICAL: Syrian regime accused of dozens of torture methods from “crucifixion” to rape to eye-gouging (Fox News)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: Free speech must be protected inside and outside the college classroom (American Enterprise Institute)

POLICY: Carbon taxes will never be enough (Capital Research Center)

HUMOR: Oppressed Chinese citizens apologize to NBA players for disrupting their difficult week (The Babylon Bee)  

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liar-Nancy Pelosi Promises House Impeachment Subpoenas Will Not Have Legal Penalties – House Will Not Authorize Impeachment Inquiry

by sundance{ } ~ According to Capitol Hill members, via Politico, House Democrat leadership has taken a climate assessment of democrat House members and Speaker liar-Pelosi announced they will not hold a House impeachment authorization vote… As a direct and specific consequence all committee subpoenas do not carry a penalty for non-compliance. A judicial penalty can only be created if the House votes to authorize an impeachment inquiry. Absent a vote, the Legislative Branch has not established compulsion authority aka judicial enforcement authority, as they attempt to work through their quasi-constitutional “impeachment inquiry” process. Instead of subpoenas, scumbag-Adam Schiff House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; Chairman scumbag-Elijah E. Cummings Committee on White House Oversight; and Chairman scumbag-Eliot L. Engel House Committee on Foreign Affairs can only send out request letters.The compliance is discretionary based on the ideology of the recipient. It is likely, highly likely, liar-Nancy Pelosi does not have the votes to proceed with a full House impeachment authorization; so liar-Pelosi, scumbag-Schiff, scumbag-Engel and scumbag-Cummings have to rely on the duplicity of the media to help them hide their scheme. So far the media is complying. Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders will hold off on a full House vote authorizing an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, according to multiple lawmakers and aides…  

135 House Republicans co-sponsor resolution to censure scumbag-Schiff over ‘parody’ reading of Trump-Zelensky call

By Andrew O’Reilly { } ~ A motion to censure House Intelligence Committee Chairman scumbag-Adam Schiff, D-Calif., for his “parody” reading of President Trump’s July phone call with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky during a hearing last month… is gaining  steam with House Republicans, as Fox News has learned 135 lawmakers have now signed on as co-sponsors. The resolution to censure scumbag-Schiff — who has become a favorite target of Republicans for his role in the Trump impeachment inquiry — was first introduced late last month by Rep. Andy Biggs, the Arizona Republican who chairs the conservative House Freedom Caucus, and has the support of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., and House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., among other ranking Republicans in the lower chamber of Congress. Democrats have the majority and control the floor in the House, but Republicans could still attempt to force a vote on the matter. “scumbag-Schiff simply does not have the gravitas that a weighty procedure such as impeachment requires,” Biggs wrote in an opinion piece for Fox News. “He has repeatedly shown incredibly poor judgment. He has persistently and consistently demonstrated that he has such a tremendous bias and animus against Trump that he will say anything and accept any proffer of even bogus evidence to try to remove the president from office.” Fox News has requested comment from scumbag-Schiff’s office. scumbag-Schiff, who is leading one of the committees investigating Trump in the impeachment inquiry announced by House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has been under fire from conservatives for the “parody” of the president’s call with Zelensky that he read at the testimony last month of Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire. Maguire was on Capitol Hill to defend his handling of the explosive whistleblower complaint detailing how Trump pressured his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate former Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden and his son, Hunter… I don’t see the issue here when other Presidents have done the same.  


Klobuchar Wrath Attack: Angry Amy Came to Play

by Andrew Stiles { } ~ Tonight was the night Amy Klobuchar stopped playing coy on the debate stage and started treating her Democratic opponents like she treats her employees… Angry Amy came to play.A confessed bird murderer who presided over a Senate office that former staffers  described as “controlled by fear, anger, and shame,” Klobuchar (D., Minn.) traded her inside voice for her shouty voice, and lit into her Democratic opponents, accusing them of trying to deceive the American people with lies. De facto frontrunner Senator Elizabeth dinky/liar-Warren (D., Mass.) bore the brunt of Amy’s rage, especially when it came to the issue of health care and dinky/liar-Warren’s  refusal to admit that middle class taxes will go up under her proposed “Medicare for All” plan. “I’m sorry, dinky/liar-Elizabeth … I think we owe it to the American people to tell them where we’re going to send the invoice,” Klobuchar seethed. “I believe the best and boldest idea here is to not trash scumbag/liar-nObamacare, but to do exactly what Barack scumbag/liar-nObama wanted to do from the beginning, and that’s have a public option.”  Klobuchar was just getting started, accusing dinky/liar-Warren of wanting to kick 150 million people off of their preferred health insurance plans by forcing them to enroll in Medicare. “And I’m tired of hearing whenever I say these things, ‘Oh, it’s Republican talking points,'” Klobuchar fumed. “You are making Republican talking points right now in this room … I think there is a better way that is bold, that will cover more people, and it’s the one we should get behind.”…  


Erdoğan Invaded; What’s Next in Syria?

by Daniel Pipes { } ~ Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has admitted that American troops in Syria are in a “terrible” position. What happened to bring Americans to this predicament?… Trump has decided that bringing American troops back from the Middle East is his highest priority, ignoring the situation in Syria, morality, and the reputation of the United States. What now is the mission of the US military in Syria after Turkish troops entered Syria? Is there a purpose if the Americans troops don’t support anyone – neither Kurds nor Turks? The U.S. military mission in Syria is to leave but also to threaten Turkey if Erdoğan goes too far. Whatever that means. Esper has spoken of withdrawing about a thousand troops from Syria and the main contingent may leave in the coming days. What do you expect next? It’s hard to predict because so much of the U.S. government, especially the Department of Defense and the Congress, oppose Trump, so they might be able to stall or push him to get the Turks to stop the invasion. Which forces will take advantage of the vacuum created in northern Syria after the American departure? The U.S. withdrawal helps Turkey, which now can move into Syria; and the Asad government and its Iranian ally, which is making deals with the Kurds. The Kurds are looking to Moscow to stop the Turks; will the Russians go against Erdoğan and support the Kurds? I expect Putin to find a path that maximizes Russian influence over both Ankara and the Kurds. I can’t predict what that path will be. How will it all end, what will be the alignment of forces in northern Syria? I foresee a de facto division of northern Syria between Turkish, Kurdish, and Syrian-Iranian areas.  

‘These are not hearings. These are depositions’ Democrats justify secret impeachment inquiry

by Kerry Picket{ } ~ A Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee defended holding the impeachment inquiry proceedings in secret and withholding transcripts by saying witnesses were giving depositions and not testifying in hearings… “I think that at an appropriate point in the future these transcripts will be released. Let’s remember what’s happened here. These are not hearings. These are depositions and we’re following best practices for investigations,” Rep. Denny Heck said Monday night after nine hours of secret testimony from former top Trump Russia adviser Fiona Hill. The Washington state Democrat added, “These are depositions, not hearings.” “At some point, I believe in the near future, the transcripts will be released. And should there be a recommendation to the Judiciary Committee to draft articles of impeachment, that will be a public process,” he explained, adding that articles of impeachment would then go to the House floor for a vote. Republicans have cried foul because witness transcripts from closed-door House impeachment proceedings have yet to be released but House Intelligence Committee Chairman scumbag-Adam Schiff has demanded the White House release documents related to the president’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. New York Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin pointed out that scumbag-Schiff had compared the impeachment inquiry to the grand jury process. “If you actually believe that you should be treating this as grand jury testimony, then you shouldn’t be leaking and cherry picking any fact that you think” helps your own narrative. Heck said the White House was “darn lucky” the hearings were not public. He continued, “We don’t want the witnesses knowing at this stage what one another said. These transcripts will be made available at some point, and this process will become open beyond belief at some point. But we are in the stage of the process which is investigatory.” Zeldin said, “So they’ll talk to each other through scumbag-Adam Schiff’s leaks. That’s it. So they will get to know what another person will testify to that scumbag-Adam Schiff believes best fits his spin on reality.”   

Don’t Think the Turks Are Slaughtering the Kurds?

by ~ One of the most dramatic instances of the Turks slaughtering the Kurds during their days-long invasion of Syria is the execution of well-loved Kurdish-Syrian politician Hevrin Khalaf… Khalaf, 35, who was the secretary general of the Future Syria Party, and her driver were dragged out of their car and shot to death by Turkish-backed fighters from the group Ahrar al-Sharqiya during Turkey’s military operation against the Kurds. Khalaf and her driver were among many civilians killed during the Turkish onslaught. The execution was summed up by the following cartoon posted on Twitter: A Clarion contact with the Kurdish Red Crescent (Heyva Sora a Kurd) sent us a detailed, day-by-day report of the bombardment and ensuing causalities, of which the figure numbers in the hundreds. In addition to the Kurds, the lives of close to 100,000 Christians in the region are also in danger. Meanwhile, President Trump’s pullout of the American troops in the region — which facilitated the invasion by Turkey — remains a subject of controversy. Trump stated that he would retaliate economically if Turkey crossed the line with the invasion. By Monday the administration had done just that, increasing steel tariffs back up to 50 percent they had been reduced since in May. “The United States will also immediately stop negotiations, being led by the Department of Commerce, with respect to a $100 billion trade deal with Turkey,”Trump announced. Finally, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctioned two ministries and three senior Turkish government officials in response to the invasion…  


Democratizing China or ‘Communizing’ America?

Arnold Ahlert:  Ever since Richard Nixon’s historic visit to Communist China in 1972, Americans have been repeatedly told by members of both parties and several administrations that contact with the West would “democratize” them. Yet what if it’s the other way around? What if China is succeeding in turning the United States into a Marxist/socialist state? How many Americans have been persuaded that our nation, not China, needs to be “fundamentally transformed”?

We begin with academia — or what passes for such. Last week, former Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan, who was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at an annual conference hosted by the nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute, was subjected to a heckler’s veto and forced off the stage. The incident took place at Georgetown Law, where one might assume people are earning credentials to defend the Constitution, not trample it.Such totalitarian-like behavior is the tip of the iceberg. In universities throughout the nation, the Left’s radical agenda has become so thoroughly entrenched that anyone who challenges it can now be run off stage, sometimes in fear for their lives. Moreover, anything that doesn’t comport with progressive ideology is “hate speech,” and course studies revolving around topics like “white privilege,” “toxic masculinity,” and the idea that America is a hopelessly racist, sexist, bigoted nation have become routine.It’s even worse in the nation’s public schools. A toxic combination of dumbing-down and rank indoctrination, papered over by rampant grade inflation, is turning out legions of weak thinkers, virtually clueless about civics and the Constitution, but imbued with quasi-religious, inalterable convictions about environmentalism, social justice, and anti-capitalist economics — and the need for increasingly expansive and coercive government to “solve” the nation’s problems.Hollywood is no better. The same celebrities and executives who never miss an opportunity to lecture this nation about its shortcomings are the people who tailor  their pictures to suit a Chinese government that demands obedience in order to gain distribution. Such obedience, which is all about relinquishing creative control to Chinese censors, has also become routine.Big business? In the past week alone, the NBA, ESPN,  Apple, Google, and even Tiffany & Co surrendered to ChiCom demands with regard to the protesters in Hong Kong. All of these entities have made it clear that Liberty takes a back seat to lucre.And not just in China. In Philadelphia and Washington, DC, the NBA actually ejected fans for holding signs in support of Hong Kong and the Uighurs, the Muslim-minority group that has been systematically persecuted and forced into internment camps. They also had their signs confiscated. NBA sports agents are warning their players, many of whom express their social-justice take on America whenever it suits them, to remain silent.What’s more important than freedom? Sneaker contracts. “You see NBA players constantly over the summer in their off-season running to China to do the bidding of their shoe companies and to sell their shoes in the China market and so the NBA is really being exposed as not nearly as much of American business as it is a global business with China perhaps having more influence over it than even America,” explains sports journalist Jason Whitlock.Other companies recently caving to Chinese sensibilities  include jeweler Swarovski, clothing-makers Versace, Coach, and Calvin Klein, automaker Audi, Marriott hotels, Qantas, Air France, Air Canada, and British Airways. Blizzard Entertainment, a California-based game company, banned e-sport player “Blitzchung” for a year, and fined him the total amount of the prize money he won at a regular-season tournament, because he voiced support for the Hong Kong protesters.The pattern is apparent and the message is clear: Patriotism, Liberty, and concern for basic human rights take a back seat to multinationalism, and ideas like “last best hope for mankind,” “beacon of freedom,” and “American exceptionalism” no longer resonate among elitists who don’t care about anyone or anything but themselves and their bottom line.The media? Their unrelenting attempt to force feed the American public the “progressive” narrative has reached metastatic levels. Three years of lies, leaks, and propagandizing — from the Russian hoax to the New York Times’ race-baiting, historically revisionist 1619 Project, and everything in between — has made it clear their two main agendas are to divide this nation, and undo the 2016 election — by any means necessary. They are aided and abetted by felony leaking, courtesy of an unaccountable, unelected bureaucracy that can come at any American, including the president, “six ways from Sunday.” As a result, public trust has reached an all-time low, even as as “fake news” is still disseminated on a daily basis — and a de facto coup remains ongoing.Media is joined at the hip by the tech giants who’ve made it clear they intend to completely eliminate privacy. It’s a contemptible stew of surveillance-capable and data-mining devices and “algorithms” designed to “filter” dissent and tailor public opinion beginning in American classrooms — and possibly ending in the manipulation of millions of votes — makes George Orwell’s 1984 look benign by comparison. And whether Americans realize it or not, the avalanche of currently obtainable data allows for the seamless transition into the very same Social Credit System the Communist Chinese government will forcibly impose on its people beginning next year. The one where a person’s “trustworthiness” will be evaluated, and those found wanting will be blacklisted, economically and socially.Politics? One and a half of our two main political parties are willing to not only jeopardize our nation’s economy, but it’s national security as well. If there is anything resembling bipartisanship in our nation’s capital, it amounts to bipartisan contempt for the nation-state, borders, a genuine justice system that treats everyone the same — and ordinary Americans, whose influence on the body politic must ultimately be rendered irrelevant by massive levels of legal and illegal immigration.Our devolution is further epitomized by the Democrat Party’s effort to undo the 2016 election, even if it takes what amounts to a star chamber approach to impeachment. One whereby the whistleblower form is changed to to accommodate second-hand allegations, testimony and transcripts are kept secret, and the  abandonment of precedent is perpetrated by a cabal of House zealots, who refuse to let their colleagues hold a formal vote on the issue — and refuse to grant the Republicans the power to call their own witnesses or issue subpoenas, even as they issue subpoenas of their own. “The subpoenas are part of a two-pronged strategy by Democrats,” explains columnist Chad Pergram. “Get the information to help tailor the articles of impeachment, or convert a refusal to comply into an impeachment article itself.”Every bit of this charade will be fully coordinated with the Trump-hating media, controlled by America-contemptuous multinational corporations, run by elitists indoctrinated by a corrupt education system, who also can count on useful idiot Hollywood cheerleaders to give them an aura of celebrity-endorsed legitimacy.So, when it comes to America and China, who’s changing whom?“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” —George Orwell  ~The Patriot Post  


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