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Media Editors: MUELLER TO TESTIFY: “Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to testify before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees on July 17 after they subpoenaed the special counsel Tuesday,” Fox News reports. Sen. Lindsey Graham says it could “blow up in their face.”

CBP CHIEF RESIGNS: “John Sanders, the acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, will resign in the coming weeks as the public outcry over the treatment of detained migrants at the southern border continues to escalate. … Mark Morgan, acting director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs and Enforcement, will replace John Sanders as Border Patrol chief.” (National Review)

BORDER VETO? “The White House threatened late Monday to veto a $4.5 billion House bill that would provide emergency funding at the border over concerns that legislation in its current form lacks certain funding and includes provisions thrown in by Democratic lawmakers ‘that would make our country less safe.’” (Fox News)

UNPRECEDENTED DEBT: Reason reports, “The national debt will hit ‘unprecedented levels’ in the coming decades, soaring well above the record highs set during World War II and reaching nearly one-and-a-half times the size of the entire U.S. economy by 2049, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected in a report released Tuesday. And that’s the optimistic view.” Just imagine the projections if (or, God forbid, when) socialist Democrats get their way.

PRESS SECRETARY NAMED: “Stephanie Grisham, a top aide to first lady Melania Trump, was named Tuesday to replace Sarah Sanders as White House press secretary after a brief but competitive search for the president’s next spokesperson. Grisham, who developed a reputation as a fierce defender of the first lady during her tenure as spokeswoman, will also become the White House communications director.” (Fox News)

RUSSIA POKES THE BEAR: “Russia has dispatched several warships, including one of its newer missile frigates, to Cuba in a bid to bolster the floundering regime of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, according to a senior administration official.” (The Washington Free Beacon)

COLLEGE REGRETS — AND A WRONG PRESCRIPTION: “Two-thirds of employees report having regrets when it comes to their advanced degrees,” reports CBS News, adding, “Student loan debt … was the No. 1 regret among workers with college degrees.” On a related note, the Washington Examiner says, “The senior policy adviser for 2020 Democratic presidential candidate commie-Bernie Sanders has a Ph.D. from Fordham University and $180,000 in student loan debt.” commie-Sanders wants to enact a massive student-loan giveaway. Ben Shapiro writes, “College for all became the mantra; the government stepped into the breach; costs rose. Now government once more steps into the breach.”

VACCINE SUSPICION: “A new survey delving into feelings over immunizations finds the country may be more split on the issue than believed, with 45% of adults admitting to harboring some doubt about the safety of vaccines.” (StudyFinds)

COERCED ABORTION IN IRELAND: “Female pilots in Ireland are being told by their employers to ‘terminate’ their pregnancies or their employment.” (LifeSiteNews)

POLICY: New data show risk to Democrats of fully repealing Trump tax cuts (Washington Examiner)

POLICY: Busting the college-industrial complex (National Affairs)

HUMOR: Modern-day good Samaritan sees injured man on side of road, angrily tweets about Republicans (The Babylon Bee)

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Robert Mueller agrees to testify before House lawmakers July 17 after subpoena, scumbag liar-Nadler and scumbag-Schiff announce

By Louis Casian

{ } ~ Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to testify before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees on July 17… after they subpoenaed the special counsel Tuesday, according to the committees’ chairmen, Reps. scumbag liar-Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., and scumbag-Adam Schiff, D-Calif. Congressional Democrats have fought to get access to Mueller and his unredacted report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether President Trump obstructed justice. Weeks of negotiations between House Democrats and the Justice Department ultimately ended with the subpoena. Fox News has learned Mueller would appear only under a subpoena, which has been described as a “friendly” subpoena, one that in essence had been planned. Mueller is expected to stick to the “four corners” of his report. Fox News also was told the Democrats did not tell Republicans about the Mueller subpoena, and most Republican lawmakers found out on the House floor or from reporters. “Americans have demanded to hear directly from the Special Counsel so they can understand what he and his team examined, uncovered, and determined about Russia’s attack on our democracy, the Trump campaign’s acceptance and use of that help, and President Trump and his associates’ obstruction of the investigation into that attack,” scumbag liar-Nadler and scumbag-Schiff said in a joint statement. House Republicans likely will try to press Mueller on anti-Trump text messages between former FBI Agent Peter Strzok and attorney Lisa Page and on an anti-Trump dossier authored by British ex-spy Christopher Steele. Democrats likely will ask about how Mueller reached his conclusion not to charge Trump and if there was pressure by Attorney General Bill Barr not to go after Trump more forcefully. Barr said previously that he had no problem with Mueller testifying and would not stand in the way…



How Trump’s Palestinian Proposal Could Reshape The Middle East’s Future

By Daniel Pomerantz

{ } ~ Yesterday, the White House released the long awaited “Peace to Prosperity” plan, the economic aspects of its Israel-Palestinian peace deal… Most media are already portraying a tired and misleading narrative of “Israel versus Palestinians” as well as the essentially unrelated question of whether one supports or opposes President Trump. Yet the reality offers far greater potential to shape our world. The plan consists of a 95-page document and $50 billion offer of detailed economic proposals in private-sector and infrastructure development, development of human capital, including education and the workforce, and professionalization of government economic standards to a level that can attract private international investment and World Bank lending. But that’s not what’s shocking. It is the reaction of Israelis, Palestinians, and Arab states that stands to fundamentally change the world. Although Israel’s government was not invited to the Bahrain conference, representatives of Israel’s private sector will be attending, including tech entrepreneur Marius Nacht (Check Point, a Moon Partners), Yitshak Kreiss, (Sheba Medical Center), and others. This indicates Israelis’ desire to engage in economic activity with Palestinians under the structure of this plan. Israel has been burned on attempted peace deals in the past. The Oslo process that began in the 1990s led not to peace, but to a horrific slew of deadly Palestinian terror called the “Second Intifada.” Israel’s total disengagement from Gaza in 2005 resulted in three wars and tens of thousands of Palestinian rockets against Israelis communities. The result is that Israelis have generally turned more politically conservative with an emphasis on security. Israelis, as a consensus opinion, support the goal of peace via a two-state solution, yet they are generally hesitant to take security risks to achieve it. For example, Tzachi Hanegbi, Israel’s minister for regional cooperation, said the U.S. proposal for a land link between the West Bank and Gaza Strip is “irrelevant” as long as the Hamas terror group controls Gaza, as it would cause security risks to Israelis. On the other hand, Hanegbi also described the Palestinian rejection as “tragic,” reflecting the Israeli desire to explore the potential of the deal, despite the risks. Given how the Arab world’s traditional blanket support for the “Palestinian Cause,” this week’s reaction from Saudi Arabia is highly surprising. On Friday, a top-ranking Saudi official said, “History and Allah brought a real opportunity…the blood conflict had lasted too long. Us Saudis and all Gulf States plus Egypt and Jordan realize that the age of going to war with Israel is over.” He argued that the deal, “leads to full Palestinian statehood” and that “the whole Arab world could benefit from it,” and slammed Palestinian leadership as “irresponsible” for not even considering it…


The Myth and Fraud That There Ever Was an Arab Country or People Called ‘Palestine’

By Dov Fischer

{ } ~ In a recent Nazi outrage, worthless-Rashida Tlaib, Democrat Liar of Michigan… stated that the Holocaust has had a “calming” effect on her because the “Palestinians” “welcomed” the Jews into “their” land as a haven from Hitler. The Big Lie — in so many dimensions. New to the fray, South Bend Mayor Buttigieg — an expert on world affairs though still unable to maintain civil equanimity in his own city where African Americans are furious over a recent police shooting -has announced that, if Israel ever extends sovereignty into any part of Judea or Samaria, he will cut off aid to Israel accordingly if he is elected President. Others on the same bandwagon: socialist-Robert O’Rourke, a Scottish-Irish skateboarder best known for break-ins, drunk driving, computer hacking, faking Hispanic heritage, and having his ear hairs cut. commie-Bernie Sanders, an American Communist. What these and their ilk all have in common is that they each see nothing anti-Semitic in anything that worthless-Ilhan Abdullahi Omar or worthless-Rashida Tlaib has written or spoken, but they are unable to tolerate Jewish life in Judea and Samaria. Even true friends of Israel in Washington, D.C. like Sen. Lindsey Graham have succumbed to decades of the Biggest Mideast Lie: that there ever was an Arab political entity of “Palestine” or that there ever was a “Palestinian Arab nation.” The dizzying repetition of that Big Lie for so many decades causes even United States Senators and House Representatives who should — and who privately do — know better to speak of “The Two-State Solution.” But that very notion is illogical, absurd, nonsensical. People say it without thinking about it: “The Two-State Solution.” What are they talking about? Given what America intermittently but never-endingly faces in purgatory-hole countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Lebanon — does it really advance American interests to create yet another Muslimarabstan that will be yet another center for international terror and that ultimately will bog thousands more American troops and billions more in defense spending in yet another Middle East purgatory? Does America really benefit by giving Hamas and Fatah terrorists new countries of their own? Notice that the danger is so perilous that no one admits that they are speaking of giving the terrorists a “country,” not a “state.” Delaware is a state. North Dakota is a state. But Muslimarabstanpalestine would be a country. That is a solution? And have you ever looked at the map of the region? Gaza is on one side, and Judea-Samaria the “West Bank is utterly separate. Those two regions are not one entity. Even now, Gaza is ruled by Hamas terrorists, and the “Palestine Authority” is run by Abu Mazen (aka Mahmoud Abbas) and Fatah terrorists. And they regularly hate and kill each other. So it is not about a “Two State Solution” but a “Three Country Quagmire.”…


Dems Are Planning to Steal the 2020 Election

By William L. Gensert

{ } ~ Democrats have an insurance policy for the 2020 Presidential election, and it has nothing to do with the eventual Democratic Party nominee… The original policy was initiated by scumbag/liar-nObama, scumbag-Comey, scumbag/commie-Brennan, McCabe, scumbag/liar-Hillary, and their ilk, bragged about by Strzok to his paramour, and paid for by the Democrat/media cabal. The mephitic Mueller tried to cash it in, but the hero Marine got slapped down by Barr. It’s a plan to “win” the election by any means necessary, even by cheating if necessary. Of its components, the “failsafe,” is most intriguing, if for no other reason than it is so devious, underhanded, clever, and inventive, that it’s surprising it comes from the same left which gave us the ridiculously ludicrous Steele dossier and Smollett hoax. Notice how quickly E. Jean Carroll disappeared from the headlines? Or, how the same media, which has a conniption fit when Trump asks for an extra scoop of ice cream, scarcely publicized her rape accusation, and then let the matter drop with nary a peep? Perhaps a sealed indictment of Donald Trump New York has no statute of limitations for first-degree rape is being processed as we speak, with the purpose of it being leaked just in time for the election. Or a sealed indictment of Trump for campaign finance violations with respect to the Stormy Daniel payments will be leaked by the Office of the U. S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York — remember, Cohen and others are still “cooperating.” And it’s no secret they’ve been investigating Trump. In any case, expect a leak of a “sealed indictment” for something; the something is immaterial. They’ve been shown the man; they’ll find the crime. It’s common knowledge a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich, right? Well, there’s no bigger ham than Trump — all they need do is make the sandwich. Mueller made a big deal about not being able to prosecute a sitting president, so much so, one is reminded of a Stephanopoulos’ setup question. Get it out there so when it comes up again and they run with it, it seems fair because, heck, they gave him the benefit of the consideration and if not for the unfortunate leak, the indictments would have remained sealed and secret until Trump was no longer president. In the fashion of scumbag/liar-nObama with every scandal, “no one is madder” than they about the leaks, and darn it, they’re putting their best team of men on it.


ISIS Planned to Enter US, Create Economic Chaos

By Todd Bensman

{ } ~ On June 3, Homeland Security Today carried a story that pinched a raw nerve at the vortex of America’s culture wars about mass illegal migration, a border wall, and President Donald Trump… A captured ISIS operative still in Rojava, Syria, told American researchers with the nonpartisan International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE) that ISIS recruited him and others to penetrate the U.S. southern border by infiltrating migration routes through Latin America and Mexico. ICSVE Director and Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University School of Medicine Anne Speckhard and ICSVE Research Director Ardian Shajkovci interviewed the operative on May 12 in Syria as part of a four-year ongoing project for which ICSVE has already recorded conversations with 169 ISIS defectors, returnees, and imprisoned cadres. They paused long enough from their work to write the article.The “now-repentant” operative was identified as Abu Henricki, a Canadian with dual Trinidadian citizenship detained by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The captive provided researchers with a 90-minute videotaped interview of his time with ISIS, during which he described how its intelligence division, known as emni, approached several other Trinidadian ISIS operatives in 2016. In turn, they approached him with an infiltration plan hatched by a sympathizer in New Jersey. This sympathizer would help smuggle the group, each of whom Abu Henricki named during his ICSVE interview, over the southern border on false passports for eventual attacks on unspecified financial system targets inside the United States to create economic chaos. Abu Henricki said he refused the assignment and was tortured for refusing, but had no idea whether others had been sent in his stead. He said he thought some of the other Trinidadian plotters had been killed in action before they could leave…


Newly Released Documents Shine Brighter Light on Rep. worthless-Ilhan Omar’s Alleged Immigration, Tax Fraud

By Stacey Matthews

{ } ~ Earlier this month, Rep. worthless-Ilhan Omar (D-MN) found herself in hot water with the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board… after an investigation into alleged campaign finance irregularities found multiple instances of violations. Rep. worthless-Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., repeatedly violated state rules when she used campaign funds to pay for personal out-of-state travel as well as help on her tax returns and must reimburse her former campaign committee nearly $3,500, Minnesota campaign finance officials ruled Thursday. The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board said the first-term congresswoman also must pay the state a $500 civil penalty for using campaign money to travel to Florida, where she accepted an honorarium. The report also revealed information far more damaging to Rep. worthless-Omar than campaign finance violations. Again per Fox News: Additionally, conservative commentators pointed out that the Board’s report revealed worthless-Omar and her current husband, Ahmed Hirsi, filed joint tax returns in 2014 and 2015, when worthless-Omar was reportedly married to another man. worthless-Omar engaged in a civil marriage with Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009, and the couple apparently separated in 2011 without formally petitioning for divorce until 2017. PJ Media’s David Steinberg, who has been reporting on this case for three years now, wrote a lengthy thread on the board’s findings when they came out, noting the report may have confirmed worthless-Omar is guilty of multiple felonies…


Blexit — No #BlackLove for Conservatives?

Patrick Hampton: Many Americans watched in shock and dismay as Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones was subjected to racial taunts and slurs during the “Impeach Trump” rally in New York City. For Jones, honest, straightforward questions only resulted in leftists telling him how they truly feel about him as a black man.

Sadly, this type of experience is all too familiar to me and to other black conservatives who have walked away from the Democrat Party. Jones’s experience echoes the plight of many black Americans who believe in upholding America’s constitutional values, support President Trump, and desire a better way of life for their own communities that have been stuck in a dismal cycle of left-wing policies for far too long.

Whether online or on site at a rally or protest, black conservatives are hardly met with intelligent debate and a hearty exchange of facts. Instead, we part ways with protesters, carrying with us a litany of racial slurs — ironically from individuals who claim to love “people of color.”

Leftists will proudly wave the “Black Lives Matter” banner and at the same time tell a black conservative that our president will “send him back to Kenya,” as Jones was told at the NYC rally. These people don’t hesitate to call us coons and Uncle Toms, making us feel like strangers in our own country, yet conservatives embrace us as Patriots, friends, and Americans. Tell me which of these gestures is more unifying and welcoming?

Unfortunately, this hatred from the Left doesn’t stop when the rally is over. Each night I (and many, many others as I have witnessed) come home to an inbox filled with hate mail — much of it from people who look like me. Not a day goes by without attacks from other black Democrats and even so-called “moderates” who cowardly lob their hatred for me from behind their computer screens. Witnessing the vitriol on my screen, I stop to read these messages anyway, with two thoughts in my mind: 1.) What will it take to set my own people free from the Democrat plantation? And 2.) Will I have prepared my four sons well enough for this war of ideas once they start using social media someday?

Still, despite the hostility, we conservatives continue our walk in the right direction, leaving behind us the angry, pitchfork-carrying Democrat supporters to shout their slurs in the distance. Because no amount of vile, racist retorts will cause the #BLEXIT movement to abandon its course. My hope is that as we walk on, we remain generous enough to leave behind breadcrumbs so others will follow us to a place where people of all backgrounds have a seat at the dinner table, as equals and as Americans. ~The Patriot Post  


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