Wednesday Top News Executive Summary

Media Editors: MEDIA EXPLOITS ITS OWN GROSS NEGLIGENCE: “In a previously unreported letter obtained by The Washington Post, dirty cop-Robert Mueller complained to Attorney General William Barr about his summary of the special counsel’s over 400-page final report because ‘it did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this office’s work and conclusions,’” The Daily Wire reports. “But in a follow-up call between Barr and dirty cop-Mueller, the special counsel admitted that Barr’s summary was not ‘inaccurate,’ the Post reports; rather, dirty cop-Mueller just felt ‘that the media coverage of the letter was misinterpreting the investigation.’” Meanwhile, the attorney general’s congressional testimony is underway today in the Senate.

INFRASTRUCTURE’S EYE-POPPING PRICE TAG: According to the Associated Press, “President Donald Trump and Democratic congressional leaders agreed Tuesday to work together on a $2 trillion infrastructure package — but put off for later the difficult question of how to pay for it.” House Speaker Nancy Pulosi stated, “We did come to one agreement: that the agreement would be big and bold.” Erick Erickson observes, “Dems can’t fund a $5 billion wall, but can spend $2 trillion naming roads after themselves.”

VENEZUELA OPPOSITION TRIES AGAIN: Via The Washington Post: “Opposition leader Juan Guaidó called on Venezuelans to join a massive anti-government demonstration on Wednesday as he tried to regain momentum following a largely unsuccessful effort to rally the military to his side and oust the country’s authoritarian government. … While the head of Venezuela’s domestic intelligence, Maj. Gen. Manuel Ricardo Cristopher Figuera, broke with [dictator Nicolás] Maduro, military leaders stayed loyal to him. Guaidó’s appeal to the military on Tuesday appeared to draw only a small number of soldiers to his side.” Government forces even resorted to running down protesters with armored vehicles.

FBI SCRUTINIZES ANTIFA: “The FBI has been collecting information on Americans who have been helping the migrant caravans heading to the US-Mexico border, and is now investigating an alleged plot by ‘anti-fascist activists’ to purchase weapons from a Mexican drug cartel,” The Daily Wire reports. The revelation coincided with CNN’s Chris Cuomo christening antifa “a good cause” earlier this week.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS A LUCRATIVE BUSINESS: “RAND researchers [have found] that drug trafficking-centric transnational cartels ‘control primary smuggling corridors into the United States’ and estimate that the total ‘revenues to all types of smugglers, not just [transnational cartels], from smuggling migrants from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, combined, ranged from about $200 million to about $2.3 billion in 2017.’ In other words, cartels and trafficking rings earned as much as $2.3 billion from human smuggling just in the year 2017.” (The Daily Wire)

ANTI-SEMITISM IN AMERICA: “Anti-Semitic assaults more than doubled, and the U.S. Jewish community experienced “near-historic levels” of anti-Semitism in 2018, according to a report released Tuesday by the Anti-Defamation League. … Last year was the third-highest year on record for attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions since the ADL, an international Jewish non-governmental organization, began tracking such data in the 1970s. The ADL’s annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents recorded 1,879 attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions across the U.S. in 2018, representing a 5 percent decline from the 1,986 incidents recorded in 2017. Nevertheless, the number of anti-Semitic incidents in 2018 still remained 48 percent higher than in 2016 and 99 percent higher than in 2015.“ (Fox News)

DEEP-STATE UNMASKING: “The National Security Agency (NSA) disclosed the identities of nearly 17,000 U.S. residents and businesses to American intelligence officials last year through a legal — but controversial — practice known as ‘unmasking,’ according to a report released Tuesday. The number of unmaskings — 16,721 to be exact — marks a 75 percent increase from 2017, which saw the NSA make 9,529 disclosures to intelligence agencies. … The unmasking process has become controversial over the past two years. Republicans have alleged that scumbag/liar-nObama administration officials abused foreign surveillance laws by making unnecessary unmasking requests of Trump associates during the 2016 presidential campaign, as well as during the presidential transition period.” (The Daily Caller)

GOOD NEWS: “A letter carrier from Auburn, Maine, last week won a legal victory when the U.S. Postal Service was forced to reinstate him in a job after he was absent for 14 years while deployed in the ‘Global War on Terrorism.’ … The Postal Service informed him in January 2016 that it would not reinstate him because he had ‘abandoned’ his civilian post. His attorneys saw that as a violation of the 1994 Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.” (Government Executive)

SATIRE: Democrats promise to do a better job of hiding their support for infanticide in the future (The Babylon Bee)

POLICY: Cut off Nicolas Maduro’s oil exports (Washington Examiner)

POLICY: Guess who’s really to blame for Amazon’s zero federal tax bill (Issues & Insights)

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Barr testifies about dirty cop-Mueller investigation before Senate Judiciary Committee

by Attorney General William Barr is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee about special counsel dirty cop-Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election… and possible obstruction of justice by President Trump. Barr will answer questions under oath beginning at 10 a.m. He has another hearing with the House Judiciary Committee scheduled for Thursday, but a feud over the parameters has cast doubt on whether Barr will show up.



scumbag-Schumer says Trump agreed to $2T infrastructure package at White House meeting

by Alex Pappas

{ } ~ Senate Democratic Leader Chuck scumbag-Schumer said Tuesday that President Trump agreed to support a $2 trillion infrastructure spending package… after meeting with him and other Democrats at the White House, though the details are not yet clear. The president – a real estate developer before he was elected president – has long sought to strike a big infrastructure deal, but has faced some resistance from conservatives in his party over concerns about the country’s rising debt. Democratic leaders, speaking to reporters outside the White House after meeting with Trump, called the meeting constructive. “We agreed on a number – which was very, very good. Two trillion dollars for infrastructure. Originally, we started a little lower. Even the president was eager to push it up to two trillion dollars,” scumbag-Schumer said. The White House, in a written statement on the meeting, did not mention a dollar figure but called the session “excellent and productive.” “The United States has not come even close to properly investing in infrastructure for many years, foolishly prioritizing the interests of other countries over our own. We have to invest in this country’s future and bring our infrastructure to a level better than it has ever been before,” the White House said, adding that the group would meet again in three weeks “to discuss specific proposals and financing methods.” House Speaker Nancy Pulosi said there were no decisions on how to pay for the plan. “We agreed that we would meet again to talk about how it would be paid for,” she said… Where’s the funding for the Wall.


The So-Called Equality Act: Making Some Americans More Equal than Others

by Nancy Pearcey

{} ~ Allan Josephson, M.D., is one of the nation’s top child and adolescent psychiatrists. So why was he just fired by the University of Louisville?.. It started when Dr. Josephson spoke at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., where he expressed his concern as a medical professional over what is becoming common treatment for children with gender dysphoria — puberty blockers, hormones, multiple surgeries. He disputed the notion that gender identity “should trump chromosomes, hormones, internal reproductive organs, external genitalia, and secondary sex characteristics,” calling it “counter to medical science.” In today’s political climate, however, it is considered unacceptable to offer anything other than complete affirmation of a child’s claimed transgender identity. To ideologues, it does not matter that for nearly fifteen years Dr. Josephson headed up the University of Louisville’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology Division, leading it to national prominence. It does not matter that he provided such outstanding leadership that he was awarded perfect marks in his 2014, 2015, and 2016 annual reviews. All that matters is that he committed a sin against the dictates of political correctness. The university first demoted Dr. Josephson and then, a few months later, terminated him. Dr. Josephson is suing the university for violating his constitutional right to freedom of speech. But if the deceptively named Equality Act passes, this man of science won’t stand a chance. And neither will anyone else who does not pledge allegiance to the state-sanctioned sexual ideology…


Massive Amounts of Terrorists Streaming Across the Southern Border-Kathy Rubio-CSS

by Dave Hodges

{ } ~ Central American expert, Kathy Rubio, is reporting that massive amounts of terrorists are streaming into America across the Southern Border… They emanate from countries that sponsor terrorism. Kathy’s objection is not that they are Muslim, her concern is that they are unscreened, illegal immigrants from nations that historically mean Americans harm. Here is the story….

VOICE VIDEO: (starts at 2:30) via @YouTube


Why Is Ilhan Omar’s Collusion With Islamists Acceptable?

by Ben Weingarten

{ } ~ Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has distinguished herself with often offensive, outrageous, and unpatriotic rhetoric… One week she invokes classic anti-Jewish tropes. The next she trivializes the September 11 jihadist attacks. Another it is unearthed that she espouses morally relativistic if not overtly anti-American views about U.S. soldiers, the very ones who fought to defend civilians in her native Somalia to boot. Omar’s penchant for provoking millions of Americans with odious words has masked the related, equally if not more troubling, elements of her associations, ideology, and background. Consider, for example, the revelation, largely unnoticed outside of conservative media, that as a Minnesota Assemblywoman Omar had a closed-press meeting in fall 2017 with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to a curiously now-deleted article from the local Somalian-language periodical in her district, the Tusmo Times, she and the Islamist authoritarian president met during his U.N. General Assembly visit to New York. Per one account, they discussed: “issues involving Omar’s native Somalia and issues for Somalis in Minnesota. She Omar thanked Erdogan for Turkey’s support for the Rohingya people in Myanmar. The two also discussed investment and trade between Turkey and Somalia. The meeting ended with Erdogan asking Omar to voice her support for Turkey. The report concludes by adding that Omar not only met with Erdogan, but also with the Turkish prime minister and other senior Turkish officials.” A political-media establishment frenzied over foreign influence might ask many questions about this meeting, such as: Why did a state lawmaker have it? Was it appropriate for her to be discussing Turkish-Somali relations as an American representative? On whose behalf was she speaking? Did anyone bless this meeting at the federal level, and on what grounds? Did Omar have any reservations about meeting with President Erdogan given the totalitarian, bellicose, and bigoted nature of his regime? What do Omar’s Democratic colleagues at the national level make of this meeting?… She needs to be confront by the FBI and CIA.


The Left Continues to Peddle the Lie that Trump Represents a Threat to Press Freedom

by William Sullivan

{} ~ Saturday night’s White House Correspondents dinner once again came and went without most Americans having paid it any serious attention, and for the third straight year, our president chose to miss this increasingly farcical event… where journalists pat each other on the back for the fine jobs they believe themselves to be doing. What made this year’s event a little different than years past is that none of the other senior members of the White House staff attended, either. “That decision came after Sarah Huckabee Sanders endured cruel taunts at the hands of last year’s featured speaker, comedian Michelle Wolf,” Emily Zanotti reports at The Daily Wire. “Despite a longstanding tradition of good-natured ribbing between the press and the president, through dueling speeches, the White House simply stopped RSVPing to the event.” Without the luxury of roasting their political enemies in attendance to feign a comedic tone rather than a purely adversarial one, the organizers of the event dropped the façade of humor in favor of a “funerary tone” led by a historian rather than the traditional choice of a comedian. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the event offered anything short of bad comedy. For example, the White House Correspondents Association’s president Olivier Knox committed to a “dark sermon,” according to Grabien News…


Standing Up for Chick-fil-A

Mark Pulliam

{ } ~ San Antonio, a predominantly Hispanic city named for a Catholic saint, has persisted in its crusade against the popular fast-food chain Chick-fil-A. In reaction to the conservative religious beliefs of its owners, the city council has barred Chick-fil-A from operating at San Antonio’s airport. So far, advocates against the restaurant have the upper hand, though that could soon change. Voters will soon have an opportunity to weigh in on the controversy in a local election.

Last month, the San Antonio City Council voted to exclude the privately owned company as a concessionaire at the city-operated airport on the grounds that its owners’ opposition to same-sex marriage—mainly expressed years ago, prior to the Obergefell decision—amounts to “a legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior.” The company has no record of discrimination against employees or customers on the basis of sexual orientation; the objection is that disagreeing with a political agenda for religious reasons justifies a government boycott.

The city council’s action against Chick-fil-A was apparently prompted by a campaign led by activist group ThinkProgress, as punishment for the views of company founder Dan Cathey, a devout Christian. City councilman Roberto Trevino, who sponsored the motion to ban Chick-fil-A, boasted afterward that blacklisting a company for its owners’ religious beliefs “reaffirmed the work our city has done to become a champion of equality and inclusion.” Only in the Orwellian language that progressives often use could suppression and exclusion be celebrated as “equality and inclusion.”

But the left-leaning officials who spearheaded the boycott may have underestimated the backlash it would trigger in both the national media and among the city’s many religious residents. On May 4, San Antonio voters will elect a new mayor, and the election has become a proxy contest for the Chick-fil-A controversy. Incumbent mayor Ron Nirenberg, who supports the blacklisting, faces city councilman Greg Brockhouse, who wants to reverse it.

Barring Chick-fil-A from the San Antonio airport generated negative national publicity and drew the ire of the state’s Republican officials. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that he had opened an investigation regarding the decision, and Paxton also requested that the U.S. Department of Transportation look into the matter. Citing the First Amendment, Paxton statedthat he had “serious concerns” that religious liberties were “under assault at the San Antonio airport.” Paxton declared that “the city’s discriminatory decision is not only out of step with Texas values, but inconsistent with the Constitution and Texas law.” Texas Governor Greg Abbott added that “the ban has the stench of religious discrimination against Chick-fil-A.” Senator Ted Cruz joined in, calling the city council’s decision “ridiculous.”

Accordingly, when Brockhouse made a motion last week to reconsider the exclusion of Chick-fil-A, calling it a “defining moment” for the city, hopes were high that the city council would reverse itself. “I want to bring it back up because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the right thing for our community,” Brockhouse said. Dozens of business owners and pastors showed up at the city council hearing to express their support for the retraction, but they were not allowed to speak. The council rejected Brockhouse’s motion by a 6-5 vote. Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales stated that the decision on the airport concessions contract had been made; it was “time to move on.”

Nirenberg, a progressive who cast the deciding vote against reconsideration, accused Brockhouse of trying to exploit the issue for political gain. “To make up for his complete lack of vision for the future, Councilman Brockhouse is fixating on a fast food subcontract to try and pump up his personal political ambitions,” Nirenberg said. Brockhouse is certainly trying to leverage the issue in his campaign; he tried to set the vote on reconsideration for May 2, two days before the mayoral election. But to Nirenberg’s surprise, the controversy is emerging as a major issue in the race—and according to some reports, it has become the “defining issue.” Even the city’s liberal daily newspaper, the Express-News, opposes the boycott and favors reconsideration of the decision, calling the move to exclude Chick-fil-A a “slippery slope.”

The blacklisting of Chick-fil-A has provoked strong emotions in San Antonio. City councilman Clayton Perry supported the motion to reconsider because the discrimination against the restaurant is “the number one issue” among his constituents. Early voting is underway in the mayor’s race. We’ll know soon whether San Antonio voters share their city council’s contempt for traditional religious beliefs.  


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