Wednesday Top Headlines

by Political Editors: House Speaker Paul Ryan won’t seek re-election (Axios)

China’s Xi renews vow to open economy, cut tariffs, but holds firm on intellectual property (Reuters)

Zuckerberg says he’s unaware of Facebook pushback for liberal groups after conservative targeting (Fox News)

Facebook buries specific media outlets in its newsfeed but won’t reveal which ones (The Daily Wire)

Facebook’s largest Black Lives Matter page is a scam tied to a white labor activist (The Washington Free Beacon)

Bipartisan group of senators moving to protect Mueller’s job (CBS News)

President warns U.S. missiles “will be coming” to Syria (The Washington Times)

Trump signs executive order pushing work for welfare (Associated Press)

McConnell: “certainly worth discussing” a move to undo some of the omnibus spending (CNS News)

Bank of America will no longer lend to clients that make AR-15s for civilians (CNBC)

That’s racist! Los Angeles painting city streets white in bid to combat climate change (Fox News)

Humor — or is it? Zuckerberg begins testimony by reminding senators he knows all their deepest thoughts, hopes, fears (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: Nation’s “Report Card” shows federal intervention has not helped students (The Daily Signal)

Policy: Yes, entitlements are driving the long-term debt (E21) ~The Patriot Post


Trump Itching to Fire Traitors Sessions, Mueller, Rosenstein Over Break-in at Attorney’s Office


{ } ~ President Trump comments regarding the latest and most egregious overreach by Grand Inquisitor Mueller… the raid on his personal attorney’s office by accomplices of his in the Southern District of New York. His portion begins at approximately the 3:05 mark of the video. Notified of the raid during a national security meeting, President Trump addressed the issue from the cabinet room. An obviously incensed Trump said, “I just heard that they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys, good man, and it’s a disgraceful situation. It’s a total witch hunt, I’ve been saying it for a long time. I’ve wanted to keep it down, we’ve given, I believe over a million pages worth of documents to the special counsel.” Trump says, “They continue to just go forward and here we are talking about Syria, we’re talking about a lot of serious things with the greatest fighting force ever, and I have this witch hunt constantly going on for over twelve months now and actually much more than that. You could say it was right after I won the nomination it started. And it’s a grace, it’s frankly a real disgrace. It’s an attack on our country in a true sense.”...



US attorney overseeing Michael Cohen raid recused himself

by Kelly Cohen

{ } ~ The U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York has recused himself from the investigation into the lawyer for President Trump… Geoffrey Berman is the interim attorney for the district, and was appointed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in January after personally meeting in 2017. The FBI raid was signed off on by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. The Washington Post reported Monday Cohen is under federal investigation for possible bank fraud, wire fraud, and campaign finance violations. Rosenstein is the only person with constitutional authority to fire Mueller, and must approve matters that fall inside his jurisdiction. Mueller must also follow Justice Department regulations and consult with Rosenstein about how to handle matters outside his jurisdiction...


What The Hell Is Mueller Thinking? FBI Raids President’s Personal Attorney

by Onan Coca And Jeff Dunetz

{ } ~ The Mueller investigation is now officially out of control!… The Russian investigation reached an entirely new level of stupid. The FBI raided the home, office and hotel room of the President’s personal attorney Michael Cohen. And according to Cohen’s Attorney Stephen Ryan, the action was “completely inappropriate and unnecessary.” “It resulted in the unnecessary seizure of protected attorney-client communications between a lawyer and his clients,” Ryan said. “These government tactics are also wrong because Mr. Cohen has cooperated completely with all government entities, including providing thousands of non-privileged documents to the Congress and sitting for depositions under oath.” Cohen has been the President’s attorney for a long time, he is very close to President Trump who is Cohen’s only client...


Should Congress Impose Direct Rule over Puerto Rico?

by Ojel L. Rodriguez

{ } ~ For the past few weeks, Puerto Rico has been subjected to a multitude of actions by our political class and the oversight board related to the handling of our current debt… and fiscal crisis that would make left-wingers such as Nicolás Maduro proud. The actions being undertaken are a response to the current policy clash between the government of Ricardo Rossello and the Fiscal and Oversight Management Board about the host of fiscal plans to be adopted by the commonwealth. As the island heads to its next fiscal year, and the island is still recovering from the disaster of Hurricane Maria, the actions undertaken raise an important question. Does the obvious problem in governance in the commonwealth require an extreme action like repealing Law 600 and Congress imposing direct rule? The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico currently is indirectly ruled by Congress. The 114th Congress approved the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act, better known as PROMESA, which imposed an unelected seven-member panel to oversee the adoption of a fiscal plan that returns the government of Puerto Rico to fiscal health. However, the vision of PROMESA acting as the legal remedy for the crisis has been dampened by events – delays in adopting a credible and reliable fiscal plan, the continued legal fights in the courts, and the aftermath of Hurricane Maria…


Syria: Fighting over the Corpse

by Shoshana Bryen

{ } ~ The Syrian government’s chemical attack on civilians in the rebel-held suburb of Douma this weekend is the complete responsibility of the war criminal Bashar Assad… his Russian bedfellows, and his Iranian bankers. However, the fact that President Trump had announced that the U.S. is nearly finished its mission to defeat ISIS which is questionable and wants to leave Syria quickly may have encouraged the others to speed up their efforts to divide Syria’s corpse. An independent country for only two years longer than the State of Israel, Syria has reverted to its prior status as space across which the competing interests of bigger empires and armies are played out. President Trump claims to be uninterested in who rules Damascus — which is wise of him — but the aggressive partition of Syrian territory by Russia, Iran, Turkey and ISIS has security implications for the United States and our regional allies that cannot be ignored…


Trump Must Stop ‘Refugee Caravan’ Invasion With Executive Order

by Ilana Mercer

{ } ~ Planning for a show-down, a column of 1,500 Central Americans, largely from Honduras, has been beating a path to the Mexican-American border.

Some report that the column has been halted; others dispute that. Interviewed by Reuters in Mexico, a sojourning mother of seven—what are the chances none is an MS13 gangster?—signaled her intention to proceed to the US, if only to teach President Trump a lesson.

Yes, “Make America Great Again” to you, too, Colindres Ortega.

Organizers and participants in this farce aim, very plainly, to publicly demonstrate that the US doesn’t have borders. Led by anti-American agitators, the procession catalyzed the urgency of action to stop an ongoing invasion.

Whether it arrives or not, the caravan is a positive bit of theatre. For one thing, the actors are quite correct. The US doesn’t have borders. For another, the caravan vividly exposes the antagonists in this ongoing tragedy: our overlords in DC. All of them.

To narrow the indictment a tad, note the extent to which the Democrats and their news media have avoided mentioning or covering the caravan. At a time when Democrats are fielding populists like Conor Lamb who won in Pennsylvania and former rodeo champion Billie Sutton (he hopes to govern South Dakota)—the mess on the border damns them like nothing else.

It’s these villains who’ve agreed to laws that permit anyone to arrive at that border, do their Les Misérables act, claim to face a “credible fear” back home, get a court date, and bolt like so many rabbits, to be seen again only at the voting booth, the welfare office, the DMV and at DACA demonstrations. They’re the malcontents holding up signs that read “America is racist.”

What all the veiled allusions to “catch-and-release loopholes in American immigration law” imply is this: Ostensibly, there’s no way to turn interlopers away once they plonk themselves on the US border, demand a translator and spin some yarn.

So far, President Trump has “signed a proclamation ordering the deployment of the National Guard to the border with Mexico.” This changes nothing. It remains illegal to defend the border by turning these particular trespassers away.

Other than stare these brazen people down, what will the National Guard do? Change diapers, as they did during the 2014 rush on the border?

Flash back more recently to January of 2016, when candidate Trump began alluding to “President liar-nObama’s irresponsible use of executive orders” having paved the way for him, Trump, to also use them freely if he won the presidential race.

“Amen,” I said at that time—provided Trump uses executive power to repeal lots of laws, not make them.

After all, we live under an administrative “Secret State.” Very many, maybe most, of the laws under which Americans labor need repealing. The only laws that should be naturally inviolable are those upholding life, liberty and property, for those are natural rights.

Candidate Trump had gone on to promisingly proclaim that, “The one thing good about executive orders [is that] the new president, if he comes in – boom, first day, first hour, first minute, you can rescind that.”

All of which speaks to a broader truth: There is nothing sacrosanct about every law imposed by an overweening national government and its unelected agencies. “At the federal level alone,” the number of laws totaled 160,000 pages,” in 2012. By broadcaster John Stossel’s estimation, “Government adds 80,000 pages of rules and regulations every year.” (How long is the Constitution?) According to the Heritage Foundation, “Congress continues to criminalize at an average rate of one new crime for every week of every year.”

America has become a nation of thousands-upon-thousands of arbitrary laws; whose effect is to criminalize naturally licit conduct. Rather than uphold individual rights, most positive law namely statutory, man-made law regulates or criminalizes the business of life.

Laws passed in violation of the natural rights of the people, and by altogether skirting the will of the people’s representatives, need to be nullified. Like the laws making it illegal to repel unwanted invaders, who intend to wage welfare on their hosts, and sometimes worse.

Executive orders, President Trump has issued galore. But relatively few pertain to stopping the invasion ongoing. Needed are executive orders that sunder laws dictating that invaders-cum-“refugees” are to be processed rather than expelled.

Let the president suspend the scam that is the United States Refugee Act. Subject to review, yada-yada-yada. Let the president untether the US government from the Trojan Horse and shake-down scheme that is the United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. Again, subject to blah-blah-blah.

In working on behalf of refugees worldwide, private American charities dwarf the US government. Private non-profits do what they do unobtrusively, ethically, with minimum overheads and personnel. They don’t rely on confiscatory taxes! Most importantly, charities disburse aid and empower refugees without entering into agreements and entanglements with supranational bureaucracies, a thing that serves to indenture and endanger Americans, stateside.

In this post-constitutional era, nullification of unjust laws through executive orders is what’s necessary. It’s inevitable that correctives to the corrosive, self-sustaining, intractable actions of the state take the shape of action and reaction, force and counterforce in the service of liberty.

In this unfortunate but inescapable scheme of things, nullification is justice’s Jaws of Life, properly considered a political power tool to pry the people free of badlaws.


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