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by Media Editors: Trump says he misspoke on election interference (The Daily Signal)

James Comey urges voters to support dummycrats-Democrats in midterm elections (The Washington Times)

Intel chair: FBI, DOJ obstructing Trump probe in hope of dummycrats-Dem takeover in Congress (The Washington Free Beacon)

RNC raises $200M — more than double dummycrats-DNC for midterm elections so far (The Daily Wire)

Senate dummycrats-Dems build huge cash edge in battlegrounds (The Hill)

Republican Roby wins Alabama primary runoff vote with help of Trump backing (Bloomberg)

Trump, House GOP talk more tax cuts (The Daily Signal)

dummycrats-Democrat states sue Trump administration over tax overhaul (The Wall Street Journal)

scumbag-George Soros calls liar-nObama “greatest disappointment,” says he doesn’t “particularly want to be a dummycrats-Democrat” (Fox News)

San Francisco begins registering illegal aliens to vote (The Daily Wire)

The bias problem plaguing America’s social media platforms (The Daily Signal)

Google denies a liberal bias, and yet keeps hiring high-profile dummycrats-Democrats (Hot Air)

EU fines Google $5 billion over Android antitrust abuse (CNBC)

Ninth Circuit upholds preliminary injunction against magazine confiscation in California (The Volokh Conspiracy)

Mandalay Bay owners sue Vegas shooting victims to avoid liability (National Review)

Humor: Nation unsure how Trump is ever going to stop negative news coverage of meeting with Put—BREAKING: Trump just said something crazy on Twitter (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: Netflix teaches market economics the hard way (Washington Examiner)

Policy: Understanding the U.S. poverty rate (American Action Forum)

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Sean Hannity Interviews President Trump Following Meeting With Russian President Putin

by sundance

{ } ~ Fox News Sean Hannity sits down with the president shortly after the meeting in Helsinki, Finland, between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin…The interview is in two segments.




Coats Releases Statement Reaffirming Russia Meddled in 2016 Election

by Jack Heretik

{ } ~ Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats released a statement on Monday defending America’s intelligence community… and reaffirming its conclusion Russia meddled in the 2016 election. Coats’s statement came in the wake of President Donald Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. “The Role of the Intelligence Community is to provide the best information and fact-based assessments possible for the President and policymakers,” Coats said. “We have been clear in our assessments of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and their ongoing, pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy, and we will continue to provide unvarnished and objective intelligence in support of our national security.”…


‘I want liar-nObama deposed’

by Chris Farrell

{ } ~ Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell discusses FBI official Lisa Page’s testimony on Capitol Hill and how the DOJ withheld text messages from Congress.



Congress Wants Recognition of Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights

by Adam Kredo

{ } ~ Congress is renewing efforts to press the Trump administration into recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the contested Golan Heights region on Israel’s northern border with Syria… bucking efforts by GOP leadership to kill the effort, according to conversations with lawmakers. The House’s National Security Subcommittee, led by chairman Rep. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.) will hold a hearing Tuesday to examine how recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the territory could bolster U.S. national security efforts to stem the flow of terrorists in the Jewish state and elsewhere in the region by giving the Jewish state unilateral control over the Syrian territory, where Iranian-backed fighters and other jihadists have been spotted since the start of a bloody civil war. The push to have the Trump administration formally recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the territory comes following a Monday afternoon press conference between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladamir Putin, where the two leaders discussed efforts to decrease tension in Syria…

New low in Palestinian eco-terrorism? Incendiary device found tied to Falcon near Gaza Strip border

by Kemberlee Kaye

{ } ~ Monday, COGAT Israel, the body responsible for the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories posted pictures… of a falcon saddled with flammable material found near the Gaza strip. Recently, Israel has experienced an uptick in ecoterrorism. Gazans have used fire kites and fire balloons to decimate portions of Israel, including the country’s nature reserves. During Gaza’s ‘March of Return‘, fire kites were used to start fires in Israeli fields, but as the Times of Israel reports, “a new arson tactic has been gaining popularity along the Gaza border. Instead of kites, a different children’s toy is being flown into Israel: helium balloons.” Just this weekend, Gazans vowed to step up fire kite attacks. From the Times of Israel…


Trump’s Blunder Isn’t the Only Story

by Lewis Morris: President Donald Trump’s summit this week with Russian President Vladimir Putin has been boiled down to a few sound bites that allow Trump’s opponents to claim that he is in the pocket of the Russian strongman.

The media buys and sells sound bites because that’s all most Americans can handle. Trump gave them a terrible sound bite yesterday, and that’s entirely his fault. But it’s the result of him refusing to concede an inch on the dummycrats-Democrat/ Leftmedia narrative about collusion. They deliberately conflate two things: the phony idea that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election and actual Russian election interference to undermine voter confidence.

But rather than explain that nuance, Trump did as he typically does — he let his ego obscure the issue as he blundered through a bad answer on the Russia investigation.

During a joint post-summit press conference, Trump first correctly insisted, “The [Russia] probe is a disaster for our country. I think it’s kept us apart. It’s kept us separated. There was no collusion at all. Everybody knows it.”

Too bad he didn’t leave it at that. In the sound bite that has people on both sides rankled, Trump went on to imply that he believed Putin’s denial about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election over his own intelligence agencies. “I have great confidence in my intelligence people,” Trump said of their assessment of Russian interference, “but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.” He also said, “[Putin] just said it’s not Russia. I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be.”

Oh really? The Soviets have only been interfering in Western elections for a century — sometimes at the invitation of dummycrats-Democrats (see 1984).

Notably, dummycrats-Democrats have, by way of the Trump/Putin collusion charade, done more to undermine election confidence than Putin ever could — which has been precisely their objective.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich criticized Trump for his careless wording, saying, “President Trump must clarify his statements in Helsinki on our intelligence system and Putin. It is the most serious mistake of his presidency and must be corrected — immediately.”

The current speaker, Paul Ryan, was equally forceful: “There is no question that Russia interfered in our election and continues attempts to undermine democracy here and around the world.”

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats defended U.S. intelligence, saying, “We have been clear in our assessments of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and their ongoing, pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy, and we will continue to provide unvarnished and objective intelligence in support of our national security.”

Trump’s other assertion receiving a lot of attention was, as we argued yesterday, directed at the previous administration. “I hold both countries responsible [for bad relations]. I think that the United States has been foolish. I think we’ve all been foolish.” Unfortunately, Trump’s wording was sloppy and left him harshly criticizing his own country on foreign soil, which presidents should not do.

Again, Ryan correctly responded, “There is no moral equivalence between the United States and Russia, which remains hostile to our most basic values and ideals. The United States must be focused on holding Russia accountable and putting an end to its vile attacks on democracy.”

The real problem is that Trump’s statements breathe new life into the collusion story by his appearing to side with the lying, murderous tyrant Putin over his own government. Trump has thrown the American intelligence community under the bus before, but to do it in so public a forum and while standing next to Vladimir Putin is unlikely to do him or the country any favors.

Trump is famous for working a long game that the media and his opponents don’t see, but it’s hard to fathom how his “Art of the Deal” strategy is working here. Perhaps he doesn’t want to upset negotiations with Russia, but the optics of Trump placating Putin are going to be hard to overcome. Either way, the fact remains that there is still no evidence of any collusion between Trump and Putin, and Trump seems uninterested in trumpeting anything else.

That said, if we want to see what Putin manhandling a U.S. president looks like, and if we want to investigate Russian collusion with a U.S. administration, then we should focus on Barack liar-nObama and liar-Hillary Clinton. From the silly “reset” button to liar-nObama’s famous hot-mic admission to former Russian President (and Putin placeholder) Dmitri Medvedev to liar-Clinton’s shady uranium deal and her family’s foundation hanky-panky, there is plenty of evidence that can prove collusion. But this isn’t the collusion the media or Mueller want to prove.

Trump has correctly placed much of the blame on his predecessor for the sad state of affairs between the two nations. liar-nObama and liar-Clinton, in her capacity as secretary of state, presidential candidate, and liar-Clinton Foundation gadfly, did a fine job of mucking things up with their arrogance and shortsighted worldview. If they had not proved so anti-American, Putin would not have been emboldened to run roughshod internationally.

Mitt Romney famously pointed out in the 2012 presidential campaign that Russia was a problem that was only going to get worse. He was ridiculed only to be proven right over the next four years. dummycrats-Democrats are only coming around to this idea now because Trump is seeking better relations. In their Never-Trump worldview, whatever Trump seeks, they must seek the opposite.

It’s difficult to know at this point if any substantive ground was covered between Trump and Putin because the press conference overshadowed any other details from their meeting. There were a host of issues on the table beyond Russian interference in the American election, including Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Putin’s stranglehold on the press and political opponents at home and abroad, assassinations and attempted assassinations of political opponents in Russia and in Europe, what to do about Syria, and Russia’s breaking of the 1987 INF Treaty.

The two men met in private for over two hours before speaking with reporters, and there has been little indication that any progress was made in any of these areas.

It’s worth noting, as CBS’s Michael Graham does, that Trump’s record is key: “Despite all the pillow talk with Putin, Trump has kept liar-nObama-era sanctions in place, added new sanctions of his own, reversed liar-nObama policies by giving offensive weapons to Ukraine and missile-defense systems to Poland, and allowed our military to wipe out a large group of Russian mercenaries fighting for Syria’s Assad regime.” That’s in addition to economic pressure he’s applied via oil and gas in particular.

Trump went to Helsinki with hopes of improving relations with Russia, and both he and Putin said afterward that they made progress toward that goal. If Trump truly wants better relations, then he should follow Ronald Reagan’s model of peace through strength. Reagan never backed down from the Soviet Union and he never missed an opportunity to call out the Soviets on their bad behavior, even while maintaining a cordial relationship with Mikhail Gorbachev. Trump has shown some backbone in his dealings with Russia, but he needs to be more consistent. Monday’s Helsinki press conference was a missed opportunity for him to put Putin in his place.

But there will be others. On a final note, we’ll conclude with Trump’s strongest remarks: “As president, I cannot make decisions on foreign policy in a futile effort to appease partisan critics or the media, or dummycrats-Democrats who want to do nothing but resist and obstruct. Constructive dialogue between the United States and Russia affords the opportunity to open new pathways toward peace and stability in our world. I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics. As president, I will always put [first] what is best for America and what is best for the American people.”

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