Wednesday Top Headlines

by Media Editors: Wages, benefits grow at fastest rate in nearly a decade (National Review)

Trump calls on Jeff Sessions to end Russia probe “right now” (Washington Examiner)

Trump calls for voter ID: “Only American citizens would vote in American elections” (CNS News)

Judge issues temporary restraining order stopping release of 3D-printed gun (Associated Press)

Senate GOP, dummycrats-Dems reach deal to move major domestic spending bill (The Hill)

Kelly agrees to remain chief of staff through 2020 at Trump’s request (The Wall Street Journal)

Trump administration deals another blow to liar-nObamaCare, removes ban on short-term health insurance plans (National Review)

Pentagon to start creating Space Force — even before Congress approves it (Defense One)

ICE official has to explain to dummycrats-Democrat senator that illegal aliens break the law (The Daily Wire)

EPA: Key air pollutants drop 73% since 1970 (The Daily Signal)

Oh, well okay then! “Medicare for All” could cost $32 trillion but may also save $2 trillion (ABC News)

Facebook says it found new covert campaign to spread divisive political messages (NBC News)

dummycrats-Democrats have a new millennial problem: Young socialist candidates (Washington Examiner)

Humor: Ginsburg: “I am mentally fit enough to serve through the end of President Eisenhower’s term” (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: The 3D-gun debate: separating truth from fiction (National Review)

Policy: Memo to Trump: Listen to Larry Kudlow and fix the unfair capital gains tax (Investor’s Business Daily)

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The FBI, liar-Hillary’s computers, and the Russians

by Dan Perkins

{ } ~ Doesn’t anyone find it strange that the FBI indicted 12 Russians for hacking computers that the dummycrats-DNC and liar-Hillary refused to let agents see?… scumbag-James Comey, testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, said, “The bureau requested, but was denied direct access to the dummycrats- Democratic National Committee’s email servers and other hacked devices as part of its probe of Russian hacking.” “The Mystery”: If the FBI couldn’t get access to the computers, then how did agents decide that the Russians were responsible for the hacking? liar-Hillary Clinton, either directly or indirectly, ordered her computers to be wiped clean and all her phones to be broken up. liar-Clinton’s I.T. team used the open source cleaning software BleachBit to wipe the computer systems “so even God couldn’t read them,” according to South Carolina representative Trey Gowdy. “The Charge”: Somebody is lying to the American people. The Washington Free Beacon reported that CNN confirmed that the liar-Hillary campaign staff destroyed campaign cell phones with hammers. The Washington Examiner said a contractor for liar-Clinton deleted subpoenaed emails and refused to answer the critical question from the FBI on what he did and why. Now the mystery takes us to the ultimate question: if the FBI never had access to the dummycrats-DNC or liar-Hillary campaign computers or cell phones, how could the FBI identify the 12 Russians indicted just before the summit?…


Newt Gingrich Gets Real With Left-Wing Illegal Immigrants: ‘You Must Be an American Citizen to Vote’

by Nick Givas

{ } ~ Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich accused dummycrats-Democrats of pushing illegal immigration to gain more traction at the polls… Gingrich cited San Francisco as ground zero for the movement, where illegal immigrants are eligible to register and vote in local school board elections, in a Wednesday op-ed for Fox News. “Pro-illegal immigration, sanctuary state-supporting dummycrats-Democratic majority in the state Legislature has no interest in enforcing the law when it’s being ignored by fellow dummycrat-Democrats,” Gingrich wrote. He claims dummycrat-Democrats have a “long-range” plan to cement a permanent majority by stacking their voter base with non-citizens. “The Californians who don’t support the radical views of dummycrat- Democrats can simply be eclipsed by non-citizen voters supporting the dummycrat-Democrats,” the article reads. “This, combined with national efforts to abolish ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has lead to a showdown between federal and state governments, with law enforcement caught in the middle,” Gingrich wrote. “A sound immediate step would be for Congress to pass a law reaffirming that you must be an American citizen to vote in all American elections,” he concluded. “Let’s see how many dummycrat-Democrats would oppose this simple requirement.”There is no need to have a rule to vote on all they have to do is go to our Constitution and Bill of Rights and they will get their answer.


After ’30 days of sh-t,’ GOP midterm elections fear rises

by Byron York

{ } ~ From time to time I’ve been catching up with a Republican strategist who is trying to help the GOP keep control of the House in this November’s midterm elections… It’s been an up-and-down ride. “I would put the odds of keeping the House at exactly 50-50,” he told me in January. “I get how bad things seemingly are,” he said during a particularly tumultuous time in April. “But if the election were today, I’d bet my son’s college tuition we’d keep the House.” He was even more confident by June. “We keep the House,” he told me. “I’d bet a lot of money on that.” And now: “The last 30 days have been really bad. I really wouldn’t want to have the election today.” Looking back, each change in the strategist’s mood has been the result of whatever President Trump was doing at that particular moment. His current anguish is the product of what he called “30 days of sh-t.” By that, he meant the period of time beginning with Trump’s decision to separate families crossing illegally into the United States and ending with his performance at the Helsinki summit…This strategist is totally wrong. We’ll keep the House and Senate.


Mueller Is Now Investigating President Trump’s Tweets


{ } ~ To say the Mueller investigation is grasping at straws would be a major understatement… After completely failing to turn up any evidence that President Trump colluded with Russian officials in order to help him win the 2016 election, Robert Mueller – an investigator in search of a crime – has largely shifted his focus toward proving that Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice. In an effort to prove this charge, Mueller is now looking at President Trump’s tweets. The tweets in question are the ones Trump published regarding former FBI director scumbag-James Comey. It’s painfully obvious given all that has come to light about the FBI under scumbag-Comey that scumbag-Comey was fired for severe incompetence, yet Mueller hopes to prove that Trump fired him in an attempt to stonewall the Russian collusion investigation. In sifting through Trump’s tweets about scumbag-Comey, Mueller is trying to find evidence that this was indeed his intention. Put another way, the Mueller investigation has derailed from an investigation into whether a sitting president colluded with a foreign government to an investigation that’s turning to Twitter to determine whether a sitting president fired his wildly incompetent FBI director for the wrong reason. It’s safe to say, then, that things aren’t looking up for the Mueller investigation…



Medicare-For-All is a Scam

by Daniel Greenfield

{ } ~ Medicare-for-All is how the left has been selling its universal health care pitch… Medicare already exists. And the left likes to slide in radical ideas that appear to piggyback on existing systems and institutions. And calling it Medicare-for-All suggests that everyone is going to get the level of care that Medicare recipients receive. Obviously that’s nonsense. The reality of Medicare-for-All is that it wouldn’t even be Medicaid-for-All. The latest numbers show that commie-Bernie’s Medicare-for-All would cost $32.6 trillion. Or a whole lot more money than we have. That’s usually been the case with statewide plans whether it’s in California, Colorado or Vermont. commie-Bernie hasn’t bothered doing a serious analysis and has no idea of what it would cost. Except he insists that the numbers are all wrong. Of course they are. We have no idea of what the real numbers are until we implement it. It was true for liar-nObamaCare. Good luck getting a cost estimate as an individual patient. Now try getting a cost estimate for a vast interlocking network of bureaucracies whose relationships would baffle Al Capone…


Did Tariffs Make America Great?

by Pat Buchanan

{ } ~ “Make America Great Again!” will, given the astonishing victory it produced for Donald Trump, be recorded among the most successful slogans in political history.

Yet it raises a question: How did America first become the world’s greatest economic power?

In 1998, in “The Great Betrayal: How American Sovereignty and Social Justice Are Being Sacrificed to the Gods of the Global Economy,” this writer sought to explain.

However, as the blazing issue of that day was Monica Lewinsky and liar-Bill Clinton, it was no easy task to steer interviewers around to the McKinley Tariff.

Free trade propaganda aside, what is the historical truth?

As our Revolution was about political independence, the first words and acts of our constitutional republic were about ensuring America’s economic independence.

“A free people should promote such manufactures as tend to render them independent on others for essentials, especially military supplies,” said President Washington in his first message to Congress.

The first major bill passed by Congress was the Tariff Act of 1789.

Weeks later, Washington imposed tonnage taxes on all foreign shipping. The U.S. Merchant Marine was born.

In 1791, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton wrote in his famous Report on Manufactures:

“The wealth … independence, and security of a Country, appear to be materially connected with the prosperity of manufactures. Every nation … ought to endeavor to possess within itself all the essentials of national supply. These compromise the means of subsistence, habitation, clothing, and defence.”

During the War of 1812, British merchants lost their American markets. When peace came, flotillas of British ships arrived at U.S. ports to dump underpriced goods and to recapture the markets the Brits had lost.

Henry Clay and John Calhoun backed James Madison’s Tariff of 1816, as did ex-free traders Jefferson and John Adams. It worked.

In 1816, the U.S. produced 840 thousand yards of cloth. By 1820, it was 13,874 thousand yards. America had become self-sufficient.

Financing “internal improvements” with tariffs on foreign goods would become known abroad as “The American System.”

Said Daniel Webster, “Protection of our own labor against the cheaper, ill-paid, half-fed, and pauper labor of Europe, is … a duty which the country owes to its own citizens.”

This is economic patriotism, a conservatism of the heart. Globalists, cosmopolites and one-worlders recoil at phrases like “America First.”

Campaigning for Henry Clay, “The Father of the American System,” in 1844, Abe Lincoln issued an impassioned plea, “Give us a protective tariff and we will have the greatest nation on earth.”

Battling free trade in the Polk presidency, Congressman Lincoln said, “Abandonment of the protective policy by the American Government must result in the increase of both useless labor and idleness and … must produce want and ruin among our people.”

In our time, the abandonment of economic patriotism produced in Middle America what Lincoln predicted, and what got Trump elected.

From the Civil War to the 20th century, U.S. economic policy was grounded in the Morrill Tariffs, named for Vermont Congressman and Senator Justin Morrill who, as early as 1857, had declared: “I am for ruling America for the benefit, first, of Americans, and, for the ‘rest of mankind’ afterwards.”

To Morrill, free trade was treason:

“Free trade abjures patriotism and boasts of cosmopolitanism. It regards the labor of our own people with no more favor than that of the barbarian on the Danube or the cooly on the Ganges.”

William McKinley, the veteran of Antietam who gave his name to the McKinley Tariff, declared, four years before being elected president:

“Free trade results in our giving our money … our manufactures and our markets to other nations. … It will bring widespread discontent. It will revolutionize our values.”

Campaigning in 1892, McKinley said, “Open competition between high-paid American labor and poorly paid European labor will either drive out of existence American industry or lower American wages.”

Substitute “Asian labor” for “European labor” and is this not a fair description of what free trade did to U.S. manufacturing these last 25 years? Some $12 trillion in trade deficits, arrested wages for our workers, six million manufacturing jobs lost, 55,000 factories and plants shut down.

McKinley’s future Vice President Teddy Roosevelt agreed with him, “Thank God I am not a free trader.”

What did the Protectionists produce?

From 1869 to 1900, GDP quadrupled. Budget surpluses were run for 27 straight years. The U.S. debt was cut two-thirds to 7 percent of GDP. Commodity prices fell 58 percent. U.S. population doubled, but real wages rose 53 percent. Economic growth averaged 4 percent a year.

And the United States, which began this era with half of Britain’s production, ended it with twice Britain’s production.

Under Warren Harding, Cal Coolidge and the Fordney-McCumber Tariff, GDP growth from 1922 to 1927 hit 7 percent, an all-time record.

Economic patriotism put America first, and made America first.

Of GOP free traders, the steel magnate Joseph Wharton, whose name graces the college Trump attended, said it well:

“Republicans who are shaky on protection are shaky all over.”


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