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by Media Editors: The many reasons to be thankful (National Review)

Trump lawyers submit written answers to special counsel’s questions (National Review)

Feds have paid undercover informants in migrant caravan (NBC News)

Mexico to deport migrant caravan members after Tijuana arrests (The Washington Times)

House Democrats plan to investigate Ivanka Trump’s use of personal email for government business (The Washington Post)

Democrat Ben McAdams ousts Republican Rep. Mia Love by 694 votes (The Salt Lake Tribune)

Fudge endorses sick-Pulosi for speaker, dropping potential challenge (Politico)

Detroit judge: Federal statue outlawing female genital mutilation is unconstitutional (CNS News)

CDC, FDA warn against eating romaine lettuce after E. coli outbreak (ABC News)

Megyn Kelly finalizing $30 million exit from NBC (Fox News)

Maryland’s “Red Flag Law” spurs hundreds of gun confiscation requests (Hot Air)

The DC establishment gets almost everything wrong about Trump’s Saudi posture (The Federalist)

U.S. sanctions illicit Russia-Iran military funding network in Syria (The Washington Free Beacon)

Tech’s “FAANG” stocks have lost more than $1 trillion and counting from highs amid tech rout (CNBC)

Humor: Facebook suffers brief outage, utopia breaks out around world (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: Why a carbon tax is the wrong solution (E21)

Policy: A conservative anti-poverty program (Politico)

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Amid AG rumors, Gowdy says he’s still ‘heading to South Carolina’

by Jamie Lovegrove

{} ~ U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy downplayed speculation Wednesday that he could be the next attorney general… saying he would be willing to take a call from President Donald Trump but still plans to leave national politics. “I think the capital is not in South Carolina, and I’m heading to South Carolina,” said Gowdy, R-Spartanburg, who announced his decision in January to leave Congress. Several of Gowdy’s allies on Capitol Hill, including U.S. Sens. Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham from his home state of South Carolina, have recently suggested he would be a good choice for Trump’s next top law enforcement official after Jeff Sessions was forced out last week. Gowdy said he would at least be willing to hear out the president if he were contacted. The two have still never met or spoken before. “Anytime a president calls and asks you to talk to him, the answer is ‘yes,’ ” Gowdy said. “It was true of President scumbag/liar-nObama, it would be true of President Trump.” For most of his final term in office, Gowdy has chaired the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. That position, as well as his role on the Intelligence Committee, has at times put him in conflict with Trump, such as in July, when he said the president needed to stop suggesting that Russia didn’t attempt to interfere in the 2016 election…


Top Dem Donors Hosted Director From Group That Registered Dead People to Vote

by Brent Scher and Joe Schoffstall

{} ~ The left’s largest network of wealthy donors tapped an individual for a discussion on “expanding the electorate” at its fall investment conference from a group that was caught… submitting fraudulent voter registration forms—including registering dead people to vote—and saw one of its employees go to prison for the crime. The Democracy Alliance, a dark money donor club that consists of more than 100 millionaires and billionaires who each vow to pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into the coffers of progressive groups every year, held its fall investment conference last Thursday and Friday at the Capital Hilton hotel in Washington, D.C., where donors and progressive activists huddled to begin plotting their upcoming strategy for the 2020 elections. Among the events was a strategy briefing on “expanding the electorate,” according to documents obtained on site by the Washington Free Beacon. “The 2018 elections presented organizations and communities with an opportunity to truly transform and expand the electorate and elect the next generation of our country’s progressive leadership,” the agenda says of the discussion. “The state of American politics provided an environment conducive to mobilizing a new coalition of voters, inspiring them to vote, and persuading them that by investing their energy and resources into civic participation they can create positive change.”…


The Debate Over Nationalism Is A Debate Over The West’s Future

by Sumantra Maitra

{} ~ A pivotal debate is happening over the meaning and merit of “nationalism.” It will decide the heart and soul, as well the character and future of the West… The French finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, recently argued that Europe needs to turn to an empire to face off China and the United States. That came after both French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel argued for a common European army. The presidents of Hungary and Poland, on the other hand, have started to lead a bloc that extols the virtue of nationalism and federalism. Of course, President Trump also famously or notoriously, depending on which paper you’re reading said that one should be proud to be a nationalist. Two tweets that showed up one after the other on my Twitter timeline struck me as relevant to the conversation. The first was from Tom Nichols, which somewhat bafflingly and a historically stated: “Patriotism is the love of an idea. Nationalism is the love of a chromosome.” It’s baffling in the sense that it would imply that love for your home, or neighborhood, is the love of a theory. Wonder what John Adams, Mahatma Gandhi, or Vaclav Havel would have to say to that? The second was regarding a podcast of Yoram Hazony, in which he lambasts the European Union as a new liberal empire that wants to kill off every single independent nation-state in the European continent and then turn its sights on other great powers, possibly including the United States.Why is nationalism being portrayed by a certain section of liberal and libertarian intellectuals as a horrific throwback to a dangerous past? It relates to an understanding 100 years after World War I of the horrific slaughter that ended an old order and propelled us into a new…


6 Bangladesh Muslims Captured Within 12 Hours At Texas Border


{} ~ Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents continue to find illegal immigrants from Bangladesh who cross the border from Mexico… During a 12-hour period beginning on Saturday evening, six Bangladeshi nationals were apprehended in two separate incidents. Agents assigned to the Laredo South Border Patrol Station came upon a group of four suspected illegal immigrants while patrolling near Masterson Road in Laredo, Texas, on Saturday. The agents conducted interviews as part of Laredo Sector line watch operations. The questioning revealed the four young men were Bangladeshi nationals, according to Laredo Sector Border Patrol officials. The following morning, Laredo South Station agents carrying out line watch operations came upon another group of two suspected illegal immigrants walking near Oleander Street in Laredo. An interview with the subjects revealed the young men to also be Bangladeshi who were smuggled into the U.S., officials reported. In an incident on October 29, Laredo South Station agents patrolling along the Rio Grande River rescued a group of Bangladeshi nationals as they attempted to cross the river, Breitbart News reported. Two of the migrants nearly drowned before agents were able to pull them into their boat…


The EU’s Dangerous New Confidence Game

by Douglas Murray

{} ~ At the start of this decade, a minor story occurred that set the scene for the years that have followed… In 2010, a Saudi lawyer named Faisal Yamani wrote to the Danish newspapers that had published cartoons of Islam’s prophet, Mohammed. Claiming to act on behalf of 95,000 descendants of Mohammed, the Saudi lawyer said that the cartoons were defamatory and that legal proceedings would thereby begin. However, everything about the supposed legal claim reeked. How had Mr Yamani located all these descendants? How had he come up with exactly 95,000 of them? And how could you claim that a statement about somebody who died 1,400 years ago was “defamatory”? Legally, one cannot “defame” the dead. Everything about the claim was laughable Yet it had its desired effect. At least one Danish paper — Politiken — swiftly issued an apology for republishing the cartoons. So Mr Yamani got what he wanted. He had one might suggest conjured up a set of alleged victims and cobbled together an alleged offence, but no matter, because he also got a European newspaper to fold in no seconds flat. It was an interesting probe of the European system of justice — and a good example of submission. And a fine scene-setting precedent for the decade that has followed. Now, eight years later, an even greater act of submission has come along. This one not imposed from some dodgy Saudi lawyer, but from the highest court in Europe. At the end of last month, the European Court of Human Rights issued its ruling in a long-running case involving an Austrian woman named Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff. Way back in 2009, in Vienna, Sabaditsch-Wolff who has lived in several Muslim countries gave two seminars entitled, “Basic Information on Islam.” During these talks, in the words of the ECHR…


Why Our Military Forces Aren’t Ready for Prime Time

by John J. Bastiat: As if well over a decade of neglect and budget-vampiring weren’t enough evidence, it’s now official: The U.S. faces a “crisis of national security.” That’s the blunt verdict from the National Defense Strategy Commission (NDSC), the bipartisan, independent assessment board formed by the House and Senate Armed Services committees. Unlike previous go-along-to-get-along reports that attempted to “make nice” with both sides of the political aisle, this report pulled no punches, estimating that the U.S. would be hard-pressed to fight more than one major conflict at a time and might even lose a war against either China or Russia.

Never at the top of any Democrat president’s priority list, national defense took an especially precipitous plunge during the scumbag/liar-nObama administration’s so-called “sequestration” budget pogroms. Barack scumbag/liar-nObama insisted that national security be placed on the same level as prison work-release programs, food stamps, and other Democrat “pet rocks” — every dollar cut from a “social” good had to be matched with a dollar cut from national defense. Thus, defense suffer asymmetrically deep cuts. Of course, the NDSC cited lack of funding as a primary culprit to the current crisis — but it wasn’t the only one.

The report also noted that while the U.S. has been focused on fighting smaller, counterinsurgency conflicts and combating terrorism in hot spots abroad, “our enemies have developed new ways of defeating U.S. forces.” As a result, “America is losing its advantage in key war-fighting areas such as power projection, air and missile defense, cyber and space operations, anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, long-range ground-based fires, and electronic warfare.” Punctuating the forest-for-the-trees loss of the Big Picture suffered by upper-echelon military strategists and policymakers, the report further observed, “Many of the skills necessary to plan for and conduct military operations against capable adversaries — especially China and Russia — have atrophied.” That’s putting it mildly.

Naturally, the Left totally miscasts both the issue and the solution. Sometimes, leftist rhetoric even seeps into otherwise conservative areas. The Daily Wire’s Joseph Curl, for instance, smugly explains that “so-called ‘entitlements’ … are actually the programs that make America America.” So socialist income-redistribution programs make America America? But, we are told, “Americans are right to be wary of the U.S. war operation” that — using the magical accounting method of “a new study” from that bastion of conservative thought, the Watson Institute at Brown University — cost $6 trillion since 9/11. In other words, throwing trillions at entitlement programs is fine, but spending to defend the nation? That’s another story!

To only slightly exaggerate, it seems the study’s numbers include anything even remotely “war-related,” including Grandma’s new dentures to replace the old ones she spit out in anger after watching TV and seeing all the horrible things our military is doing over there. Seriously, though: Their accounting wasn’t even close.

But why not, then? Shouldn’t we get to tally up the costs of all the addicts, convicts, and life-drop-outs the Left has foisted on America since LBJ’s failed “Great Society”? Wouldn’t we then have an apples-to-apples comparison of the so-called “real” costs between constitutional defense spending and the social programs that have raised our operating debt to $22 trillion and our unfunded liabilities to over $200 trillion? It’s also interesting to note how the Left can so skew its worldview as to lump its social-program costs into costs actually used to maintain national security. Perhaps these defense funds should be allocated to better purposes or used more efficiently, but defense spending is just that: Spending on defense.

The Pentagon recognizes the fiscal problems associated with accounting for global military operations in the context of the modernization and sustainment needs of a strong defense force. Accordingly, using an army of 1,200 auditors, it just completed its first-ever audit. Again, leftists were drawn to attacks on the character of the U.S. military like flies to poo. For example, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) declared, “The unchecked waste, fraud and abuse at the Pentagon is an insult to the American people.” No, the insult is a Democrat Party that would rather buy votes with redistributed income than defend our nation.

That the Department of Defense was willing to conduct an introspective into getting its house in order is worthy of praise, not condemnation. Such an audit was high on President Donald Trump’s “to-do” list and the fact he was able to convince the Pentagon to do it is also worth noting.

Finally, back to the report on American military readiness. It concludes with this ominous warning: “The costs of failing to meet America’s crisis of national defense and national security will not be measured in abstract concepts like ‘international stability’ and ‘global order.’ They will be measured in American lives, American treasure, and American security and prosperity lost. It will be a tragedy — of unforeseeable but perhaps tremendous magnitude — if the United States allows its national interests and national security to be compromised through an unwillingness or inability to make hard choices and necessary investments. The tragedy will be all the more regrettable because it is in our power to avoid it.”

Translation: We had better get our act together quickly or we may not have an act to get together at all. ~The Patriot Post


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  1. steve blades

    we could also be thankful to trump we still have socialist healthcare, socialist education and a bigger government than we are suppose to have,,,and I’m still waiting for that 1.5 trillion dollar stimulus package he wants to pass to pay off his debts to supporters

    and I wont even get into the crony capitalism he has advanced

      1. steve blades

        I keep forgetting youre a low information voter rudy, so let me explain

        yes the dems brought us socialist programs, but like in this case its always the republicans that say they will stop it, but everytime they have control of the 3 lawmaking bodies they give some piss poor excuse they cant repeal it

        so sorry the reason we have socialist programs is due to the GOP lying to the people and funding and defended the dem socialist programs instead of getting rid of them


          1. steve blades

            thats what you progressive republicans said before the last change ,,,,and with the dems now in control of the house you know trump will sign just about everything they send him,,,,and a repeal of trumpcare wont be one of them

          2. steve blades

            progressive is an ideology not a party,,,and sorry but the majority of the GOP are progressives that favor a bigger government over a constitutionally limited one