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by Media Editors: Great again: U.S. is world’s most competitive economy for first time in a decade (The Daily Wire)

Another great sign for the economy: Job openings hit an all-time high of 7.14 million in August (CNBC)

All the ways House dummycrats-Democrats are planning to make Trump’s life miserable next year (The Washington Post)

Now dummycrats-Democrats want to “expand the House of Representatives” (The Daily Wire)

Six dummycrats-Democrat scandals the networks are burying this election year (NewsBusters)

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp apologizes for outing sexual-assault survivors (National Review)

dirty cop-Robert Mueller ready to deliver key findings in Trump probe (Bloomberg)

Trump: I’ll cut aid to Honduras unless the caravan stops (Hot Air)

Honduran government begs migrant caravan to turn back (The Washington Times)

New lurid claims over how Saudi Arabia’s Jamal Khashoggi was killed (USA Today)

Google confirms censored search engine “Dragonfly” being developed for China (The Washington Free Beacon)

Shocker: Google News results favor left-leaning media (USA Today)

Atlanta agrees to pay former fire chief $1.2 million (The Resurgent)

Village academic curriculum: Clayton State University professor offers extra credit for attending dummycrats-Democrat campaign event (Campus Reform)

Is Elizabeth dinky-Warren guilty of cultural appropriation? (The Federalist)

Humor: Tomahawk-wielding dinky-Warren vows to take land back from the pale faces (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: Ben Carson takes on high housing costs (National Review)

Policy: We must teach college students basic economics (E21)

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Mattis: China’s Island Militarization Continues

by Bill Gertz

{} ~ Defense Secretary Jim Mattis this week voiced new U.S. opposition to China’s continued militarization of islands in the South China Sea… “We remain highly concerned with continued militarization of features in the South China Sea,” Mattis told reporters on Monday as he traveled to Vietnam. Mattis also said China is using predatory economics to seek control over other nations. The Chinese are engaged in a global infrastructure development plan called the Belt and Road Initiative that U.S. officials have said is being used by Beijing to expand influence and control abroad, and expand Chinese military bases around the world…Why do we continue to mention this but do nothing.


Spreading Bull


{} ~ Just what did Elizabeth dinky-Warren, the persistently unhinged dummycrats-Democrat senator from Massachusetts, expect to gain from releasing a DNA test… proving she isn’t a Native American while insisting the test indicates that she is? Perhaps it was the glowing-but-hilarious Boston Globe headline which read “dinky-Warren reveals test confirming ancestry.” That in and of itself may have been enough — though the Globe story going with that front-page headline Monday advertised dinky-Warren’s heritage as 1/512th Native American. And then the Globe retracted that claim due to what it called a “math error,” and admitted it was going with a different number — 1/1024th. The average white American’s lineage, according to the Genetic Literacy Project, is 0.18 percent Native American. dinky-Warren’s DNA test puts her in a range between 0.098 percent and 3.0 percent, which means statistically she’s likely no more Native American than anybody else in the country. And it means she’s no less a liar today about the American Indian heritage she claimed as a means of making herself an affirmative-action baby than she was when she originally claimed it. This woman is whiter than Liquid Paper. She’s whiter than the inside of an Oreo. She’s whiter than a snowflake. Go and have yourself a couple of bourbons on the rocks and you’ll have more alcohol in your blood than Liz dinky-Warren has Native American in hers…


FBI raids Puerto Rico offices after Trump hints at corruption

by Anna Giaritelli

{} ~ FBI agents raided a building Tuesday in Puerto Rico’s capital city of San Juan that is home to municipal offices associated with the administration of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz… a vocal political opponent of President Trump’s. “More than 10” but “less than 50” agents based on the Caribbean island arrived at the Municipal Tower at 9 a.m. ET and were still conducting the operation as of 2:30 p.m. when FBI spokesman for the U.S. territory, Carlos Osorio, spoke by phone with the Washington Examiner in the afternoon Tuesday. Osorio described the operation as “pretty big.” Agents were seen entering the Municipal Tower with dozens of empty boxes. The federal agents deployed to the third, fourth, 14th, and 15th floors of the 16-floor building, Osorio said. They were looking for any paper and electronic documents related to “corruption” inside the city administration’s purchasing and contracting departments. The raid comes a month after Trump tweeted a quote from Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs that said the U.S. territory’s government was “corrupt” while fuming over the raised death toll count in Puerto Rico from last year’s Hurricane Maria. “We have received allegations that they have been fixing contracts, that they are falsifying documents – these having to do with federal funds because if not, we would not have any jurisdiction,” Osorio said. “They’re not directed at the mayor, but against people that work at the tower.” The allegations also include tampering with purchase orders and favoritism toward certain vendors…


Trump’s North America Trade Triumph


{} ~ For those on the left and right who were certain that Donald Trump’s presidency meant the end of global free trade… think again… Though Trump’s critics have dismissed the significance of the new Mexico and Canada trade deal (USMCA), it’s hard to deny it’s a welcome advance for the economy of the entire continent. The pact will extend for years a mostly tariff-free North America trade zone. This was Ronald Reagan’s vision nearly four decades ago — and that legacy will now live on for hopefully many years to come. Here’s just one example of the importance of this agreement. In the area of energy production, the integration of our economies and the freer flow of energy investment capital across our southern and northern borders means more pipelines, more LNG terminals, more oil refineries, and more exploration. North America is now poised to be the new Middle East for energy production for the next fifty years with all the related economic advantages that confers on our region. One of the most favorable outcomes of the new trade pact is the provision that locks in 10 years of patent protections for new pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. While some critics are portraying this as a sell-out to the big drug companies, the opposite is true. Patent protections for drugs invented in America reduce costs for American consumers by forcing foreign countries to help pay for the research costs about $1 billion for each new drug brought to market and stop free riding on our innovation. As University of Chicago professor Tomas J. Philipson puts it in a 2018 study on the drug industry: “There is no free lunch. If neither Americans nor foreigners pay for the R&D to develop new drugs, then soon nobody will receive new treatments.”…


Trump Admin Sanctions Iranian Paramilitary Group Training Child Soldiers

by Adam Kredo

{} ~ The Trump administration on Tuesday leveled a bevy of harsh new sanctions on a top Iranian fighting force known to be training children and other soldiers… that are engaging in terrorism in Syria and other regional hotspots, according to senior Trump administration officials. The sanctions hit “a vast network” of businesses and financial institutions supporting Iran’s Basij Resistance Force, a paramilitary organization tied to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, or IRGC, the Islamic Republic’s chief fighting force that is widely known for conducting terrorist operations outside Iran’s borders, including ones that have killed Americans. The sanctions—part of the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure campaign” on Iran—come after a series of Iranian missile and drone strikes in the region that have drawn widespread condemnation, including from the Trump administration. Trump administration officials familiar with the new action said the sanctions are meant to expose Iran’s global terrorism networks, including a web of financial institutions and shell companies that fund the rogue country’s military intervention across the globe…


Why Require Voter ID?

by Lewis Morris: With the midterms less than a month away, the idea of election integrity should be on everyone’s minds. Unfortunately, dummycrats-Democrats and their Leftmedia super PAC would have us believe that voter fraud is a myth concocted by the Right to keep minorities from voting. Instead, they would rather focus on the phantom Trump-Russia collusion story that has been refuted by all but the most rabid anti-Trump leftists.

For dummycrats-Democrats, it’s easy to believe that Russian ads on Facebook can swing an election away from liar-Hillary Clinton. The idea that the millions of duplicate and dead voters on the nation’s electoral rolls could be unduly swinging elections, however, is a bridge too far.

Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity Project released a report last year that found that America’s voter rolls were in chaos. By crunching numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and the federal Election Assistance Commission, Judicial Watch discovered that there were 3.5 million more registered voters than actual eligible adult voters in the United States.

Think that might be relevant again with the November midterms around the corner?

National Review’s Deroy Murdock took a deep dive into the numbers. He found that 462 counties nationwide in which the voter registration rate exceeded the eligible adult voter population. In most cases, there were a handful of over-registrations. These were most likely due to dead voters who hadn’t been removed from the rolls or people who had moved but were still listed at their old address. Yes, mistakes can be made, but 3.5 million of them?

Some counties in Washington, Delaware, and New Mexico had voter registration rates upwards of 150% of the resident population. In areas with large populations, this can amount to many thousands of people. In Los Angeles County, Judicial Watch tallied over 700,000 over-registrations. San Diego Country had 810,000 more voters than people. In fact, California alone accounts for almost half of all the nation’s over-registrations.

But by all means, let’s ditch the Electoral College and let California decide national elections, leftists tell us.

States that figured prominently in the 2016 election had significant over-registration numbers. liar-Hillary Clinton’s margin of victory in Colorado and New Hampshire was lower than the number of over-registrations in either state. Her national popular vote margin was less than three million, compared to the 3.5 million extraneous voters in the Judicial Watch report.

President Donald Trump proposed a federal examination of state voter rolls to purge bad names and investigate fraud shortly after he took office. Several dummycrats-Democrat states refused to cooperate and threatened to file suit, effectively shutting down the investigation before it even started. They claimed states’ rights (like that’s ever mattered to dummycrats-Dems before) and fell back on their age-old rebuttal that voter fraud doesn’t exist.

As if on cue, the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School concocted a report claiming voter fraud was a myth. The reasoning behind this finding was that the paltry number of prosecutions of voter fraud across the country indicated that it was a statistically insignificant issue. In other words, there haven’t been a lot of prosecutions, so it’s not a big deal.

The voter-fraud-as-myth crowd wants the public to believe the only instances of fraud that exist were the ones that were prosecuted, or more appropriately the ones that were so glaringly obvious that they could not be ignored. If this was the theory behind all criminal behavior, then we should believe that the only crime that takes place is crime perpetrated by the criminals who get caught.

Any prosecutor who would subscribe to such nonsense has no business in the legal profession.

The low instances of reported voter fraud are a result of an epic lack of enforcement of voter laws, not extremely lucky prosecutors who found the dozen or so instances of voter fraud that took place in the whole country.

Voter ID is a simple way to verify that voters are who they say they are and secure the integrity of our election process. dummycrats-Democrats have repeatedly blocked attempts to establish this procedure. Why? Is it because such laws infringe on the voting rights of minorities?

Hardly. Requiring people to present ID for voting is not a draconian measure. People are required to present identification in any number of public interactions on a daily basis, including obtaining Medicaid benefits, cashing Social Security checks, and using food stamps. If voter ID is so difficult for poor people or minorities to obtain, then how did they get ID to take advantage of these federal or state benefits?

The cynical view about the source of the pushback against voter ID, which unfortunately is closer to the truth, is that tighter voter registration laws mean it will be harder to commit voter fraud. Once you remove the burdens that would supposedly hinder minority voting, what other answer is there?

~The Patriot Post  


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