This is in response to a dystopian Communist-style video I found on under the article title:

WATCH: The Plan Has Been Exposed: “The Secretive Effort To Reduce The Population And Bring Resource Use Into Strict Centralized Control” 

The video is named “Obsolete” and can be viewed in its entirety for free on (link in article).

The premise of “Obsolete” is centralized around the inevitability of a ruling oligarchy uber alles, depersonalized and homogenized, inhuman by design. This can only happen in a society where individual productivity is systematically and ruthlessly squelched from the top, government in concert with the Money Masters, becoming one and the same. It ignores the open-ended productive promise of Capitalism, where each individual is free to work for their own betterment.

What has happened to us is not that we are overpopulated, but that we are being sucked dry by the useless super-rich Elite at the top of the planet’s monetary pyramid. they have no purpose other than taking more and more, while doing nothing to contribute, since their goal is not to “spread the wealth” but to gather all the wealth to themselves alone. We have become useless to *them*, not to ourselves, each other or society as a whole. They are playing a horrible, heartless game with the lives of all the normal people of this planet, fixated on who can gather the most, without regard for the damage they inflict through their manipulation of the world’s currencies.

This video is the end of a *Communist* dystopia, because Communism is self-destructive, that’s why it’s never worked. The final Communist answer is *always* “kill off millions of people, we don’t need them, they’re useless,” and that’s how all Communist regimes have gone. Communism is antithetical to human survival. Only Capitalism is open-ended, with the promise of individual advancement through self-governance and effort, each of us working to our betterment and, as a result, the betterment of all around us. There’s no secret to why the United States became the envy of the world when it was a Capitalist nation, or why Americans were the most charitable of any people in the world. Freedom brings good fortune, good fortune built on freedom results in charity. Only Capitalism can offer that. Stop believing the Communist dystopian nightmare that drags you down into self-loathing hopelessness. It’s a lie meant to kill you. Don’t let it.

People free to just live, without the artificial regulations of government oppression, can and will produce, thrive and grow. Some will choose automation, but automation only becomes critically necessary when government regulation has forced prices artificially high, necessitating higher and higher wages to compensate.

Many jobs are still better done by a human. A computerized lathe can produce standard parts, but it takes the delicate skill and intelligence of a human being to produce premium parts with a lathe, even a computerized lathe. Machines run by computers will always require programming, and truly fine-tuned programming requires fore-knowledge of future requirements, the ability to extrapolate new activities from zero-point experience. Hence the phrase GIGO, “Garbage In – Garbage Out”. What a machine doesn’t know, even a self-learning machine, it can’t extrapolate.

Our problem is two prongs of the same evil: control of world society by all-powerful Elites who, as a group, hate humanity, and Federal Governments usurping more and more rights from the individual, inserting into even the most petty minutia of our lives in order to regulate us out of existence, by making individuals ever more incapable of effectively caring for themselves.

We need a currency paradigm shift. If we don’t throw off the blood-suckers who are draining all of us dry they will kill us. That’s their goal. They’ve stated it and restated it in writing and video, even carved it in stone. We are fast reaching a decision-point: Either buy into their lies of all humanity being a wad of “Useless Eaters”, or realize it is *they*, the Super-Elite driving the destruction who are the true “Useless Eaters”.

What is currency? At its beginning it was (and still is) a representation of a work-unit, an “erg”. When currency is decoupled from its definer, the erg it represents, it has no real value. Just like the trillions our Federal Reserve is pumping out with QE after QE, it means nothing. Even the tulips of old Holland or the pretty shells used for currency so long ago had at least some intrinsic value, however QE dollars have *none*, *no* value, intrinsic or otherwise. They are a lie perpetrating a lie. They are computer digits of no substance propping up a society with no sense.

Jesus said it best (of course), “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Perhaps it’s time we took His advice.


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