Washington D.C. license plates read: Taxation without Representation.  Every time I see that I think Thank GOD.  If D.C. ever becomes a state, the US will never elect another Republican President or Congress.  Don’t get me wrong…..D.C. is filled with “genius level” people  compared to Baltimore MD.  Still, it’s a clear difference there.  In D.C. you can easily get dozens of parking tickets, no matter how hard you try not to.  In D.C. you can get speeding tickets just from the cameras that catch you and also tickets from cameras watching you run an orange light….turning red.  You cannot however, easily get pulled over by a police officer for anything on the road in D.C. / that would mean they had time for such trivial nonsense.  They have bigger picture things to do in D.C. yes sir you Betcha.  In D.C. they need to respond to a domestic violence call with four cars / two officers each.  Three to watch, two to write up the report, and three more to joke around out front.  They also need to respond to shootings where they wait at least fifteen minutes to show up so the dust can settle.  Oh they’re good police though…they are actually WAY more trained and intelligent than the average D.C. employee.  In fact, there is no comparison.  The average D.C. government or the average Federal Government employee in D.C. are you never really hear about, unless they’re writing tickets or towing your car away.  They’re busy in those tall buildings, and they are nearly always “at lunch.”  The photo I posted here is a classic in D.C. where they actually put up a red light about thirty FEET from a green light.  Go figure HAH!  I guess we’re supposed to GO if we happened to be the ONE car that could fit right in front of the RED light.  This happens a lot at diagonal intersections too, and I guess that way, if a person is really drunk or on crack, they can easily catch them because they’re going to run that light for certain.  Do I think the entire Federal Government is like this?  YES.  YES I do.  Plenty of workers, nobody in charge, no common sense, just do what they say because ……..after all:  They’re the Government.  


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