by Burt Prelutsky

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It’s bad enough when politicians just voice the usual partisan platitudes for which they’re so famous. But when they actually attempt to plant their flag on Mt. Moral Superiority, they reach new heights in arrogance and bumpkinhood.

Take Nancy Pulosi; please. Although at last report, the woman with the maddest eyes in Congress was certifiably Caucasian, she felt obliged to dismiss the bi-partisan committee trying to hammer out an immigration plan as “five white guys.”

Apparently, she felt the urge to channel mad-Maxine Waters, but, assuming her contempt for white people is sincere, why is it that she has neglected to surrender her leadership position to one of her darker-complexioned colleagues? I’m sure Sheila Jackson Lee would be only too happy to step in and help relieve Mrs. Pulosi of her white guilt.

But when it comes to the plight of the Dreamers, a heavenly nickname that numbskulls have given to 700,000 illegal aliens, it’s not just the Democrats who are speaking up on their behalf. At least, it makes sense that the likes of Chuck clown-Schumer and Elizabeth dinky-Warren would be mesmerized by the idea of all those young Hispanics voting for any fool with a (D) after his or her name.

But people like RINO-John McCain and Lindsey Graham have no such excuse. In fact, Sen. Graham has gone so far as to claim that it’s not the Constitution or even its people, per se, that makes America great. Instead, it’s something he refers to as its “diversity”.

The question I never hear these virtue-preening creeps addressing is why, if diversity is so wonderful, do we keep letting in so many Hispanics? Why aren’t we encouraging more Poles, Icelanders and Australians, to settle inside our borders?

Something else I don’t hear politicians of either party mention is the basic immorality of illegal aliens taking cuts.

Why do we not universally condemn those who feel they’re entitled to enter our country illegally simply because they’re fortunate enough to share a land mass with the United States? What gives them the right to sneak in ahead of all the people patiently waiting their turn just because the Mexicans, the Guatemalans and the Salvadorans, don’t have to cross an ocean to get here?

* Anyone who saw the way that Harry dinky-Reid trampled on so-called Senate rules and traditions to move President liar-nObama’s agenda along should tap Mitch McConnell on the shoulder and remind him that’s how it’s done.

I haven’t a single doubt that if the Democrats take back control of the Senate next November, Chuck clown-Schumer’s first order of business will be to change the rules so that it requires only a simple majority to pass legislation. No more of that 60-vote nonsense!

The Senate, like the nation, is too divided to play by the old rules. If Trump is going to get his agenda enacted, McConnell is going to have to cut the Gordian knot while he still has a chance.

Of course, even then, thanks to the GOP having Fifth Columnists like RINO-John McCain, Lindsey Graham, RINO-Susan Collins, RINO-Jeff Flake and RINO-Lisa Murkowski in its ranks, even garnering 51 votes may be impossible when it comes to funding the military, shutting down illegal immigration and getting rid of the swamp creatures who have infiltrated the Justice Department and the FBI.

* Although I regard most politicians as scoundrels and fools, there are people far worse than them.

Because, I often tune in to Warren Eckstein’s radio show on Saturday if I’m in my car, I am often reminded by America’s number one pet expert that there exists a group of people who can count on having reserved seating when they die and go to Hell. I refer to those creeps who abandon their dogs and cats.

Our own dog, Angel, came to us because she had been abandoned as a puppy without a collar or an ID chip. For the life of me, I can’t comprehend how such a tiny dog survived as long as she did, although the fact that she still nibbles on grass five years later offers a clue.

In a way, those who abandon dogs and cats are worse than those who abandon babies, because babies are likely to wind up in good homes with loving families, whereas the animals are likely going to wind up being killed by hit-and-run drivers or “put to sleep,” as the euphemism puts it, in dog pounds.

* Although I don’t tend to take pride in the fact that such over-achievers as Albert Einstein, Jonah Salk, George and Ira Gershwin, Sid Caesar, Neil Simon, Sandy Koufax and Jerome Kern, were Jewish, because I don’t feel entitled to share even the slightest bit of credit for their accomplishments, that doesn’t prevent my being embarrassed that Harvey Weinstein, Dianne Fein-stein, Chuck clown-Schumer, scum-Adam Schiff, scum-Al Franken, scum-George Soros, Richard Blumenthal, Mark Zuckerberg and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, are Jews.

The fact that 70% of Jews vote exactly like 90% of blacks certainly shouldn’t be a source of pride for any Jew with his head screwed on right.

Christians often write to me, asking that I explain why the best-educated group of people in America not only vote exactly the same way as the least-educated group of Americans, but seem to have so little regard for Israel.

Sociologists and political science professors could give you long-winded explanations for this weird phenomenon. But the short answer is that what American Jews lack in wisdom, they make up for in college degrees.

* I despise the men who have been much in the news lately, the lechers who spent decades making life miserable for female subordinates. But I don’t think much of the women who let them get away with it, either, enabling the men to victimize more and more women over the years. I realize they might have jeopardized their jobs or even their careers, and I might be more hesitant to call them on it if I hadn’t taken similar risks in my own life.

I hope things change for the better in the future, but I’m enough of a realist when it comes to human nature to know the change will be very short-lived when it comes to the worlds of fashion and show business. Those are two areas that endorse a free market economy. That’s because men have most of the power to reward those they favor, and, frankly, women’s ability to accrue those favors is through sex.

As for those women jumping on the #MeToo bandwagon, so far as I’m concerned, if they didn’t fill out a police report at the time, it doesn’t warrant bringing it up 30 or 40 years later. All that leads to is a lot of people seeing you on TV, shaking their heads and saying: “He risked losing his wife, his children, his home and half the community property, for that?!”

* I have often wondered about the many gaffes made by the Motion Picture Academy voters. How, for instance, could they decide in 1937 that “Sweet Leilani” was a better song than “They Can’t Take That Away from Me”; that, in 1939, Robert Donat gave a better performance in “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” than Jimmy Stewart delivered in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”; or that Lana Turner deserved two Oscar-nominations, while Eddie G. Robinson, Joseph Cotton, Dana Andrews and Peter Lorre, never got any.

But, recently, I came across a new one. In 1944, Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer, Mona Freeman and Charles Coburn, starred in a comedy, “Together Again.” The plot revolved around a small-town lady mayor, her teenage daughter, the daughter’s jealous teenage boyfriend and her elderly live-in male relative, into whose lives a suave and sophisticated stranger suddenly appears. As you might expect, the teenage daughter is smitten by the stranger, and so, in time, is her mother.

Three short years later, in 1947, Myrna Loy, Cary Grant, Shirley Temple and Harry Davenport, starred in a comedy, “The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer.” The plot revolved around a small-town lady judge, her teenage sister, the daughter’s jealous teenage boyfriend and her elderly live-in male relative, into whose lives a suave and sophisticated stranger suddenly appears. As you might expect, especially if you had seen “Together Again,” the teenage sister is smitten by the stranger, and so, in time, is her older sister.

The biggest difference between the two movies is that whereas it made sense that Dunne was Freeman’s mother because of the 22-year age difference, it made no sense that Loy would have been cast as Temple’s older sibling, considering the 26 year differential.

But my reason for bringing up their remarkable similarities is because at the 1947 Academy Awards, the writer of “The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer,” Sidney Sheldon, walked away with an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

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