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Comment by Mason Weaver on December 21, 2013 at 7:46am

Is there a war when only one side is fighting? We have pulpits all over America catering to their members instead of their mission. Ministers are becoming entertainers and motivational speakers. Our churches are motivated by the number of members, size of budgets and the political influence of the Pastor.

Not all churches but those who seek fame will find a willing media as well as accepting congregation. If you preach "my" sin is ok, I will support you. "If you do not criticize my transgression I will not criticize your transgression."

Strange things happen when you match the ability to attract folks with false messages and the media's eagerness to promote your success. You will allow the political and social hatred of the real Church to take root.

We see it every Easter and Christmas season. Articles, protest, "discoveries" and celebrities insults will arrive every Christian holiday. Laws are being propose to silence our message, churches are finding it hard to open and persecution is becoming more widespread.

To the real Church, I say must be doing something right!

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