The Democrats want to destroy the American economy and want to create jobs, anyplace but America.

How do they want to do this?

It is called a Carbon Tax. The idea is to tax energy in the name of “global warming.” With a carbon tax, Americans would pay more to drive their cars, heat their homes, keep the lights on and it would cost a lot more to manufacture or even operate a business in the United States.

The lunatics who promote a carbon tax are the same delusional fools who told us that by 2014, the polar ice cap would melt. Just in case you missed it, in 2014 and 2015, the polar ice caps had record ice.

The House of Representatives is voting on a bill today to stop a carbon tax. The GOP is saying not only no, but hell no.

We criticize Congressmen and Senators a lot. They hear from us when they don’t vote the way we want them to. But far too often, when something important is coming up, they don’t hear from us at all.

Take a moment today and call your Congressman. Tell them you oppose any carbon tax and you support the bill offered by Congressman Steve Scalise (House Concurrent Resolution 89) to reject a carbon tax.

If the Democrats had their way, gas would be so expensive, only limosine liberals could afford it. If they had their way, our heating and cooling would be rationed and we would all be on welfare because they have taxed our jobs out of business. In short, America would look like Venezuela does!

Please do a couple of things today. First, call your Congressman and ask them to support Congressman Scalise’s bill against any carbon tax. Second, share this email with your friends. Ask them to do the same thing.

It is important that Congress hears from us today. Because if they don’t, we will wake up one day to gas we can no longer afford and electricity that is too expensive to use.

The vote is today, so call today!


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  1. Rob

    This is the way socialist countries do it, they ration out all YOUR belongings and needs… SCREW THEM ALL 535 need to be voted out OR we need a multi million people march there to pull them out by their ears and tell them to NEVER come back….