As we come to the long overdue end of this election season, there are still races to be decided.  When America goes to the polls on November 8th, it is not just the Presidency that will be decided.

In a battle that is at least as important as the Presidency, control of the Senate is up.  The next President will have the opportunity to name at least one Supreme Court justice and possibly more.

The Senate does hang in the balance and there are two candidates running who need our last minute support and who Tea Party Nation is proud to endorse.

The first is Joe Heck in Nevada. Nevada represents one of two possible takeaways the Republicans can execute on the Democrats (The other being Colorado).  Senate Minority leader and general criminal, Harry Reid is retiring.  Nevada’s far left wing Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto is running to replace him. Congressman Joe Heck is running on the Republican side. Masto is Harry Reid’s hand-picked successor. That alone should tell you she should not be allowed anywhere near the Senate.

Heck currently represents Nevada’s Third Congressional District.  He is a doctor and a brigadier general in the Army Reserve.  Heck is certainly not a perfect Congressman. But he is conservative and his vote to put Republicans in charge of the Senate will be crucial for the next two years.

In Missouri, Senator Roy Blunt is running for reelection against liberal Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander.  Roy Blunt has done a good job of working with Tea Party activists in his state and has been right on a number of issues, including his opposition to Amnesty.  Jason Kander would be a vote for Chuck Schumer to be the majority leader and to begin eviscerating our Constitutional Rights.

Missouri is considered a toss-up state by all observers. America cannot afford even two years of the Democrats in charge of the United States Senate.  That is why we need every Republican we can put into or back into the United States Senate.

Tea Party Nation endorses both Joe Heck and Roy Blunt for their respective races.


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  1. Kenny Sono

    Thanks Judson. Since I only have a small amount to donate to such efforts, I chose to go with the MO candidate instead for three reasons:
    1. The people in Nevada have a large enough majority of complete FOOLS (having had Harry Reid is so completely inexcusable)…… they don’t generally deserve a Conservative in that state.
    2. The Republican in Nevada did NOT endorse Trump. I’m not a Trump cheerleader but I’m not stupid enough to dis the GOP candidate.
    3. The guy in MO has a better than average chance of winning.

  2. MUG

    I am hopeful here in Colorado that Darryl Glenn will fire Bennet. Bennet has more money for advertising but Glenn’s ads are powerful. The media seem to show Bennet’s ads in more favorable circumstances but Bennet seems to me to come off phony and Glenn is genuine.