Tuesday Top News Executive Summary

Jordan Candler  Coronavirus

“15 DAYS TO SLOW THE SPREAD”: Trump rolls out tougher guidelines for Americans to follow over the next few weeks (The Daily Wire)

NOT A SPENDING STIMULUS: Trump administration to propose $850 billion tax-relief-focused stimulus (The Hill)

DISINFORMATION: Chinese bots flood Twitter to spread anti-Trump conspiracy theories (The National Pulse)

BIRDS OF A FEATHER: NBC News spreads Chinese Communist propaganda amid coronavirus outbreak (Washington Examiner)

REDEMPTION: Tennessee brothers who stockpiled nearly 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer donate stash (Fox News)

Government, Politics, & Economy

LEGAL CHALLENGE DENIED: Ohio Supreme Court allows delay to primary election (The Columbus Dispatch)

EXTRAORDINARY HEALTH-RELATED DELAY:  Supreme Court postpones March oral arguments (Fox News)

“DELIVERY PROMISES ARE LONGER THAN USUAL”: Amazon to hire 100,000 more workers and give raises to current staff to deal with coronavirus demands (CNBC)

POLITICS BY OTHER MEANS: International Criminal Court prepares legal war on the U.S. (Washington Examiner)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: rino-Mitt Romney’s foolish stimulus proposal (Washington Examiner)

POLICY: Coronavirus shows why America must get resources from our own backyard, not China (Issues & Insights)

POLICY: COVID-19 response shows that federalism is working (National Review)

HUMOR: loose lips liar-Joe Biden: “My running mate will be a woman whether he knows it or not” (Genesius Times)  ~The Patriot Post


‘It Makes Me Very Happy’: Trump Praises Fed As Interest Rates Are Slashed To Near Zero

by ANDREW KERR{dailycaller.com } ~ The Federal Reserve slashed interest rates to near zero on Sunday as part of a series of measures… intended to combat the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The central bank cut rates to 0% to 0.25%, the central bank announced in a statement. The Fed will also purchase $700 billion worth of Treasury and mortgage-backed securities through quantitative easing, a measure previously used during the Great Recession to get money flowing back into the markets, The Washington Post reported.  President Donald Trump, who on Friday  criticized the Fed for not lowering interest rates in line with other nations’ central banks, hailed the bank’s move during a press conference Sunday.  “It makes me very happy,” Trump said. “I want to congratulate the Federal Reserve. For starters, they’ve lowered the Fed rate from what it was, which was 1% to 1.25%, and it’s been lowered down to 0% to 0.25%.” “That’s a big difference. It’s quite a bit,” Trump said. “It’s really great for our country.” The Fed said in a statement Sunday it was prepared to “use its full range of tools” to support the economy amid the coronavirus-induced economic slump. “The coronavirus outbreak has harmed communities and disrupted economic activity in many countries, including the United States. Global financial conditions have also been significantly affected,” the Fed said. The Fed said the reduced interest rates are expected to stay in place until the central bank is “confident that the economy has weathered recent events and is on track to achieve its maximum employment and price stability goals.”  https://dailycaller.com/2020/03/15/federal-reserve-interest-rates-coronavirus/?utm_source=&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=12243  

Trump Wins Another Democrat Debate – loose lips liar-Biden And commie-Sanders Go Surreal

by thepoliticalinsider.com ~ Sunday night’s virus-inspired Democrat debate, in a sexist manner excluding a woman still in the race, between loose lips liar-Joe Biden and commie-Bernie Sanders had no seeming theme even though the CNN types hosting it tried to give it one… Instead, both codgers just sounded like two guys in a barbershop arguing over ancient baseball stats. loose lips liar-Joe Biden took swings at commie-Sanders and missed, a lot. But he did land a couple. commie-Sanders went after loose lips liar-Biden and hit home more than loose lips liar-Biden did. However, their zeal to outtalk the other led them to strange places. The best being when, in a discussion of Communist China, loose lips liar-Biden comes off as Joe McCarthy and also denies that China is a rapacious capitalist state. Thus also denying the last forty years of Chinese history. commie-Sanders, the socialist, has to correct him and in doing so lauds the very same kind of Chinese capitalist record he claims to abhor here. That kind of logic was par for the night. Other highlights.  loose lips liar-Biden- loose lips liar-Joe was on spin cycle the entire night, to the point he oddly asked for action over and over again on matters that the White House is already engaging in. The unreality of his confused requests didn’t seem to faze him. He touted his hatred for tax cuts, mistakenly said undocumented “alien” instead of the PC mandated “person”, slyly got in a shot at commie-Bernie’s “underlying health conditions”, wussed out on a Super PAC question, and endorsed the socialist next to him for president in case he himself loses. loose lips liar-Biden supported “sanctuary” cities, promised a female veep, and seemed to desire American coronavirus deaths to make Trump look bad. He also tried to imply that commie-Sanders is owned by the gun manufacturers. commie-Sanders- Came out slugging and constantly hit loose lips liar-Biden over votes on trade, the Defense of Marriage Act, and the Iraq War. He wants government money spent for psychologists for those “traumatized” by this virus Why not the same for all flu victims? Uh huh, got the better of loose lips liar-Biden on the Super PAC question, claimed loose lips liar-Biden wanted to cut social security and programs for veterans, and implied loose lips liar-Biden is for illegal immigrant “slavery.” commie-Bernie and loose lips liar-Biden both, though refusing to say it, strongly favor open borders…  https://thepoliticalinsider.com/trump-wins-another-democrat-debate-biden-and-sanders-go-surreal/?utm_campaign=TMN03162020morning&utm_source=criticlaimpact&utm_medium=email&utm_content=4b4ea4948726422aa6473c7b9fa19141&source=TPICI 

Cyberattack hits Department of Health and Human Services, report says

By James Rogers{foxnews.com } ~ With the U.S. battling to contain the coronavirus outbreak, a cyberattack hit the Department of Health and Human Services on Saturday, Bloomberg reports… Citing three people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reported that the attack aimed to slow down the department’s computers, but did not have any meaningful impact. On Sunday night, the National Security Council tweeted that text message rumors of a national quarantine are fake. “There is no national lockdown. @CDCgov has and will continue to post the latest guidance on #COVID19,” it tweeted. Citing the people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reports that the tweet was related to the hack and the release of misinformation. Fox News has reached out to the Department of Health and Human Services with a request for comment on this story.  https://www.foxnews.com/tech/cyberattack-hits-department-of-health-and-human-services-report-says  

VIDEO:  https://video.foxnews.com/v/6141465842001#sp=show-clips

House coronavirus relief bill faces challenges in GOP-controlled Senate

by Tom Tillison{bizpacreview.com } ~ The Democrat-run House of Representatives approved a massive coronavirus bill hammered out by Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin… The measure passed  363-40 and received the blessing of President Donald Trump, who took to Twitter to thank those involved, but the U.S. Senate will now take up the legislation and Fox News is reporting that approval in the upper chamber is no sure thing. Trump tweeted: “Good teamwork between Republicans & Democrats as the House passes the big CoronaVirus Relief Bill. People really pulled together. Nice to see!” “We thought it would be important to show the American people, assure the American people, that we are willing and able to work together to get a job done for them,” liar-Pelosi said. “So we thank our Republicans — those who will be supporting the bill. We appreciate the president joining us with his tweet.” liar-Pelosi came under fire for trying to sneak federal funding for abortion into the bill in a provision that would skirt the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal tax dollars to pay for abortions.  Do not underestimate the challenge the Senate  could face passing this bill,” a senior Republican source told Fox News. The course is reportedly much harder than just having the Senate take up the House bill and pass it, as Fox News’ Chad Pergram reported that “there are some technical problems in the drafting of the coronavirus legislation that  requires the House to pass the bill again – perhaps with a skeleton staff – later this week.” And this is where it could get hairy. With “social distancing” being the thing amid the coronavirus, getting all the players in the same room to pass the bill proved to be a challenge, as much of the effort took place in phone calls between liar-Pelosi and Mnuchin.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a statement after the House passed the legislation that senators “will need to carefully review” the proposal, according to CNBC. “But I believe the vast majority of Senators in both parties will agree we should act swiftly to secure relief for American workers, families, and small businesses,” he said…  https://www.bizpacreview.com/2020/03/16/house-coronavirus-relief-bill-faces-challenges-in-gop-controlled-senate-897812?utm_campaign=bizpac&utm_content=Newsletter&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_source=Get+Response&utm_term=EMAIL    

Foreign Aid Should Go to Those in Need, Not Ruling Elites

by Patrick Tyrrell & Anthony B. Kim{dailysignal.com } ~ Wealthy elites pocket more than 7.5% of financial aid coming into their economically struggling countries, according to new research from the World Bank… To reach these disturbing findings, researchers measured the increase in deposits into offshore bank accounts in countries known for high levels of bank secrecy by people in countries receiving disbursements of foreign aid. They discovered that roughly 7.5% of foreign aid from the World Bank to poor countries is diverted from the intended beneficiaries into offshore bank accounts of wealthy elites and corrupt government officials. The siphoning of foreign aid into offshore bank accounts was found to increase as the ratio of aid to gross domestic product in recipient countries grew, rising to as much as 15% for the most aid-dependent countries. Since the World Bank report includes only foreign aid that winds up in offshore bank accounts, it can be considered the lower boundary on the amount of foreign aid that ends up lining the pockets of corrupt officials or elites in aid-dependent countries. The total does not include aid diverted locally to buy real estate or sports cars, for example. The Heritage Foundation’s annual Index of Economic Freedom measures corruption in 180 countries around the world. Government Integrity is one of 12 subcategories that are averaged to find economic freedom scores for each country in the index. Corruption levels are highest in countries receiving large amounts of foreign aid. The World Bank’s research is a wake-up call to the U.S. and other providers of foreign aid. They need to do much more to assure the money reaches those who truly need it, not those who already enjoy wealth and privilege.  https://www.dailysignal.com/2020/03/09/foreign-aid-should-go-to-those-in-need-not-ruling-elites/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=foreign-aid-should-go-to-those-in-need-not-ruling-elites&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTXpGbU1XVmxNbUZpTlRKbSIsInQiOiJCdFFMaG4yYnhyNXhPTHJoVUlrTWZnSVwvUCttT3ZIdkhHOEJWNVNSRXpUVTdnanJtbnRiK293bWx3UlNKcVJxQmVabFBEdnF4MVZZaVN4Qmhyd1puaDhnaExEV0xQclZwazBZVlFiQXk4bGZFZDFTaFJiM3E4M25HOXNtT0JlUk0ifQ%3D%3D   

Brothers Hoard 18,000 Hand Sanitizers to Make Profit, Forced to Give it Away for Free

By Kristine Javier  {thepatriothill.com } ~ While the rest of the country deals with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, two brothers from Tennessee Matt and Noah Colvin used the outbreak to capitalize on the growing concern over health and sanitation by hoarding 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer… The two brothers decided to hoard thousands of bottles after the news broke out of over the first case of COVID-19 death. Noah and Matt then decided to take a 1,300-mile trip rounding up local stores between Tennessee and Kentucky to gather boxes upon boxes of hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes. They sold the sanitizer between $8 to as much as $70 per bottle on Amazon. That’s more than double the product’s original price. While the two expected to make a huge profit out of it, their whole racketing scheme fell apart when they were caught by Tennessee prosecutors after a crackdown on online price gouging. Despite the hate they have received online, both Matt and Noah innocently claimed that they did not have any idea that the stocks were running out. The brothers said that they have been buying and selling “hot products” on Amazon for nearly ten years, and believed that no matter how many boxes they might purchase, the stocks would always be “replenished.” In a statement from the New York Times, Matt said, “It was never my intention to keep necessary medical supplies out of the hands of people who needed them. They added that “That’s not who I am as a person. And all I’ve been told for the last 48 hours is how much of that person I am.” In fact, Noah even has the audacity to say that they did it as a form of “public service.” While the two refused to disclose the exact amount that they had from the scheme, they both admitted that they were able to make “substantial” money out of it…  https://thepatriothill.com/politics/2020/03/16/brothers-hoard-18-000-hand-sanitizers-to-make-profit-forced-to-give-it-away-for-free/?utm_source=sprklst&utm_campaign=patriothill-brothers-03_16-mid  

Demo Debate: Two Senile Old Men Argue About Coronavirus

Nate Jackson  

Two at-risk septuagenarians greeted each other with an awkward elbow bump on the Democrat debate stage Sunday night. Few Americans were paying attention as loose lips liar-Joe Biden and comjie-Bernie Sanders squared off in the first debate since the field has narrowed to just two. These two, at that.

loose lips liar-Biden and commie-Sanders primarily debated — what else? — coronavirus. Both men coughed a bit too much, reminding Americans just how old and vulnerable they are during a time of crisis. And neither had command of the basics. As The Washington Free Beacon’s Andrew Stiles noted, “Both candidates experienced difficulties while attempting to discuss the coronavirus (Wuhan) pandemic in relation to previous outbreaks. loose lips liar-Biden touted his role in the scumbag/liar-nObama administration’s response to ‘the N1H1 [incomprehensible] as well as what happened in Africa.’ He meant the H1N1 virus and Ebola, which commie-Sanders repeatedly cited instead of the coronavirus. ‘I’ve got Ebola in my head right now!’ he said, after finally catching his mistake.”The two traded barbs over Medicare for All, which is commie-Bernie’s “solution” for everything. “You have a single-payer system in Italy,” loose lips liar-Biden observed of a nation hit particularly hard by coronavirus. “It doesn’t work there. [The coronavirus] has nothing to do with Medicare for All. That would not solve the problem.” When commie-Sanders predictably fought back, loose lips liar-Biden said he didn’t “want to get into a back and forth in terms of our politics” … which is kind of the point of a debate.One thing loose lips liar-Biden did do, however, was make a play for commie-Sanders’s voters when the inevitable day comes that commie-Bernie has to admit defeat. loose lips liar-Biden did this by tacking to the extreme left on various policies. “The first 100 days of my administration,” he said, “no one will be deported at all.” On energy, he declared, “No more subsidies for the fossil-fuel industry, no more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling including offshore, no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill. Period. Ends.” loose lips liar-Biden also insisted, “We should be talking about things like I’ve been talking about for years: high-speed rail, taking millions of automobiles off the road.”“loose lips liar-Biden 2020: No oil, no cars.”Seems like a winning message for the “moderate” in the race.As for commie-Sanders, he again reiterated his support for all the great things authoritarian regimes in Cuba and China have done to for their citizens. “China is undoubtedly an authoritarian society. But will anybody, will any economist, deny that extreme poverty in China today is much less than what it was 40 or 50 years ago? That’s a fact.” And his response to loose lips liar-Biden’s radical climate agenda was, “All well and good, but nowhere near enough.” Good grief.Even so, back to coronavirus, loose lips liar-Biden offered what is essentially the bottom-line assessment of why he’s virtually certain to prevail over Sanders: “People are looking for results, not a revolution.” The problem is that loose lips liar-Biden seems ready to bring revolution, too, just packaged a little more neatly.  

~The Patriot Post 



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