Tuesday Top News Executive Summary

Media Editors:  Above the Fold

FORMALIZING IMPEACHMENT: “House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to fellow House Democrats Monday afternoon outlining a plan to formalize the impeachment inquiry into President Trump with a vote on Thursday, marking the first move towards a public impeachment.” (National Review)

UKRAINE TESTIMONY: National security official testifies he heard Trump’s Ukraine call, told superiors of his concerns (NBC News)

Government & Politics

FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE: In Chicago, Trump fires back at police chief political hack who boycotted his speech (The Daily Signal)ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: Rep. Greg Walden, top Republican on powerful House panel, says he will retire (The Washington Post)

“SWINDLING FUTURITY ON A LARGE SCALE”: Senate rejects Rand Paul’s latest effort to cut spending (The Hill)

FOR THE RECORD: Confiscating the wealth of all billionaires wouldn’t pay for three average years of Medicare for All (Washington Examiner)DEFAMATION SUIT REOPENED: Judge reopens Covington Catholic High student’s defamation suit against The Washington Post (Fox News)

Other Notables

TPS EXTENDED: U.S. to extend temporary protections for El Salvadorans for at least another year (CNN)

BREXIT: Britain looks set for an early election in attempt to break Brexit deadlock (NBC News)

INNOVATION, NOT REGULATION: MIT engineers develop a new way to remove carbon dioxide from the air (MIT News)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: Why millions are still uninsured despite government intervention (The Daily Signal)

POLICY: Businesses, not politicians, can lead the healthcare revolution by demanding transparent prices (Issues & Insights)

HUMOR: scumbag-Sharpton slams Trump for lack of diversity in team that killed ISIS leader (Genesius Times)  

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Abu Baker Al-Baghdadi, Rapist, Led Genocidal Califphate died in Tunnel

By SETH J. FRANTZMAN{jpost.com } ~ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was a rapist. Like most jihadists, his main motivation was murder and genocide, combined with far-Right religious hatred… In Islamic State, the organization and “state” that he led, he was able to exploit various strands of followers to create the closest thing the Middle East has seen to a short-lived, Nazi-style country. He spent his days as leader raping women the group had kidnapped while his men died on the front lines. Like Hitler, he enjoyed the good life while his Sunni soldiers suffered under the bombs of the US-led coalition and struggled to stop the rising tide of Shi’ite militias and Kurdish fighters arrayed against them.  For much of his time in the leadership of ISIS, the rapist Baghdadi was a kind of mirage, a shadowy figure who was reportedly killed several times. Yet he survived, escaping again and again as his enemies closed in. Baghdadi was a religious devotee as a young man, and was detained by the Americans after the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Born in central Iraq, he joined an extremist group, was picked up near Falluja, and held at Camp Bucca in 2004. Rukmini Callimachi, the New York Times correspondent who covers ISIS, writes that by the time he was detained, he was not only radicalized but he “began inciting attacks against Shia prisoners, using metal shanks.” In his hatred of Shi’ites, Baghdadi was channeling a new kind of jihadist zeal. While al-Qaeda and others had launched a war against the West and against local totalitarian and corrupted governments under the banner of “Islam,” the concepts floating around Iraq in 2004 viewed non-Sunnis as sub-humans. They all had to be killed: Christians, Shi’ites, Yazidis and other groups such as Kurds. This was a truly Nazi-style ideology that saw the world in terms of believers and sub-humans. It was helped along by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the al-Qaeda leader in Iraq who pushed for more targeting of Shi’ites and minorities. Mass attacks in 2004 on Shi’ite shrines were carried out in Karbala, killing hundreds. Baghdadi was paying attention. As Baghdadi rose to the leadership of what was then called “Islamic State of Iraq,” the Sunni insurgents that had initially been fighting the US had shifted tactics to murdering fellow Iraqis. Massive bombings targeted Yazidi communities in 2007, killing 700 people; more bombings targeted the Kekei religious community, Shebeks, Kurds and Christians. From 2007 to 2009, cities were awash in blood. Later, in 2011 Baghdadi found a new opportunity as the Syrian state began to collapse internally from civil war. It was in this context that ISIS came onto the scene in a blitzkrieg of operations that helped it take over the Euphrates Valley from Syria’s Raqqa to the border, and grab up areas in Iraq. In June, ISIS fighters rolled into Mosul, sweeping aside bloated Iraqi army divisions and taking over Iraq’s second-largest city. THIS WAS a crux moment. It’s not entirely clear that Baghdadi ever thought he’d grow from running a murderous insurgent cult to running a kind of country. But in 2014, ISIS had a country stretching from Mosul to Raqqa in Syria. It would eventually control a land area the size of England. ISIS immediately set about re-organizing the society it governed. It murdered and expelled Shi’ites and Christians. Baghdadi was declared the “caliph” at the Nuri mosque in Mosul. Then ISIS planned a genocide of the Yazidi minority living in Sinjar, west of Mosul. Isolated and thinly defended by Kurdish Peshmerga, they were an easy target. On August 3, using armored vehicles captured from the Iraqi army, ISIS overran Sinjar, capturing more than 10,000 Yazidis. 500,000 people were forced to flee. ISIS divided the Yazidi families, like Nazis had divided Jewish families in Auschwitz. The jihadist group sold the women and children into slavery and murdered the men…   Hitler died in a bunker; Baghdadi died in a tunnel.https://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Baghdadi-rapist-led-genocidal-caliphate-died-in-tunnel-606053  

Free Flynn, Jail scumbag-Clapper and scumbag/commie-Brennan

By Daniel John Sobieski{americanthinker.com } ~ Former director of National Intelligence and current CNN contributor scumbag-James “I Lied To Congress and Got Away with It” scumbag-Clapper stammered through his interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday… admitting that he may be a target of U.S. atty. John Durham’s investigation, now officially turned into a criminal probe by Atty. Gen. William Barr.  As BizPacReview notes:  scumbag/liar-nObama’s former Director of National Intelligence scumbag-James Clapper seemed to struggle with his poker face as he reacted to news of a DOJ criminal inquiry. The current CNN contributor spoke with Anderson Cooper about reports of the transition of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s review into the origins of the Russia probe into a criminal investigation. And his body language spoke louder than his words. “What do you make of this,” the CNN host asked on “Anderson Cooper 360.” “Well, I’m very curious because presumably, I guess I’m one of those under investigation,” scumbag-Clapper replied, peppering his sentence with several uses of “uh.””Uh” rhymes with “duh,” which is the reaction to growing suspicions that based on his actions and mounting evidence that perjurer scumbag-James Clapper and Lt. Gen.. Michael Flynn might be headed in opposite directions — Deep State point man scumbag-James Clapper headed to prison for sedition, along with Deep State political hack scumbag/commie-John Brennan, both charged with helping to orchestrate a coup against a duly elected sitting president, Donald J. Trump. Sidney Powell, the attorney for Gen. Flynn, has filed a motion to dismiss the charges against him based on indications that the FBI altered his 302s, essentially written reports based on witness interviews, to make him look guilty and leaking information on Flynn’s calls to the Washington Post.  As reported by RedState: Powell alleges a set-up of Flynn including that the FBI 302s related to Flynn were edited. A 302 is the form the FBI uses to reflect what a witness says during an interview. Powell’s filing also suggests that Office of Net Assessment’s James Baker illegally leaked the transcripts of Flynn’s calls to David Ignatius of the Washington Post. And Powell is specifically looking for the phone records of scumbag-James Clapper to see about his contacts with Ignatius, including that he essentially told Ignatius to “take the kill shot on Flynn.”… https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/10/free_flynn_jail_clapper_and_brennan.html  .

President Trump Arrives At Nationals Vs. Astros World Series To Chorus Of Boos

by AMBER ATHEY{dailycaller.com } ~ President Donald Trump was met with loud boos and a “lock him up” chant at game five of the World Series Sunday between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros… The president and first lady Melania Trump were shown on the big screen early on in the game at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., but did not receive a warm reception from the local crowd.  The crowd can be heard booing and chanting “lock him up” on videos.  Trump and Melania are attending the game with a group of congressmen, including Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, and North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows.  The Nationals notably did not invite the president to throw out the first pitch, instead giving that honor to celebrity chef Jose Andres, a frequent critic of the president. This show the country how dump and stupid the people of Washington DC are.  https://dailycaller.com/2019/10/27/donald-trump-nationals-astros-world-series-booed-lock-him-up/?utm_source=&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=10692VIDEO:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYrMUXTB0ck

Scientocracy Busts Open the Motivation behind Global Warming Politics

By Norman Rogers{americanthinker.com } ~ The title of this new book is a play on aristocracy. The science aristocracy is living off its former reputation as honest investigators of the natural world. But now they are largely mean-spirited bureaucrats who don’t hesitate to fake science when it serves their bureaucratic and financial goals… The public, politicians, and the media are mostly scientific ignoramuses easily fooled into believing that fake science is rock-solid science. There is an alliance driven by the money-greed of the science mandarins and the socialist dreams of the political Left. It is not an accident that the many ecological catastrophes predicted by rogue science get political support from the Left. The book consists of 11 essays by prominent whistleblowers that have waged mostly losing battles with the scientocracy. The editors are Patrick Michaels, a distinguished skeptical climate scientist, and Terence Kealey, a biochemist and former university administrator in Great Britain. The science establishment has been corrupted by money, specifically federal research grants. A wise President Eisenhower warned about the corrupting effect of money on science in this 1961 farewell address. Money is now more important than science. A big bite of every research grant goes to the university as “overhead.” So the university bureaucracy is intensely focused on bringing in more research grants. For the researcher, money means promotion, status, and the means to engage in expensive research projects. In order to keep the money flowing, the research has to achieve positive and important results. Sometimes, the original hypothesis that is tested turns out to have been wrong. That a hypothesis is wrong is theoretically a scientific contribution, but not one that is likely to impress the funding committees. One answer is to search the data for a new hypothesis — a statistically flawed procedure, since, if one searches for enough different hypotheses, one is likely to find something “proven” by the data, even if the data consist of random numbers. Outright fakery is not usually necessary since there are many ways to process and adjust data to make them better. The researcher may believe that his adjustments are shown to be necessary because he believes that his hypothesis is correct, so there must be something wrong with the data. The most lucrative research is to predict an ecological catastrophe. Thus, we have overpopulation, acid rain, the ozone hole, and global warming. The scary prediction generates government appropriations for science. When the predictions turn out to have been false, the scientocracy can declare victory or quietly move on to something else… https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/10/emscientocracyem_busts_open_the_motivation_behind_global_warming_politics.html  

Report from Chinese Torture Camp Shows How Truly Evil Its Government Is

By Jared Harris {westernjournal.com } ~ A woman who escaped a Chinese “reeducation” camp gave a damning testimony that makes it clear the shocking lengths the country’s regime will go to force communist values on its people… Sayragul Sauytbay spoke to Haaretz   about her time in the Chinese camps. Although she had a position that allowed her some minor comforts, she witnessed many of the horrors there firsthand. Sauytbay and her family lived in Xinjiang province, in the remote northwest reaches of China. The province is home to the Uighurs, a minority ethnic group that Sauytbay belongs to. Although many in the region dream of independence, there is a very small number who actually commit violence to achieve it. For this, the Chinese government is now engaged in a clandestine campaign to wipe the entire culture from the face of the earth.  Concentration camps, officially ignored by the Chinese until their existence was proven, are now billed as vocational schools to help combat extremism. It doesn’t take much to end up in one, either — simply having a picture of a foreign movie star on your phone can be grounds for detention. Being ethnic Uighurs, Sauytbay and her family saw the writing on the wall. While her husband and children were able to escape to neighboring Kazakhstan, she was not. When the government finally decided she needed to be imprisoned, her background as an educator saved her from the worst the camps had to offer. After refusing to lure her family back to China, Sauytbay was taken to a camp in 2017 and told she would be teaching the prisoners the Chinese language. While her position allowed her a concrete bed inside of a tiny room, less fortunate inmates were crammed into tight quarters with only a plastic bucket to serve as a toilet. Sauytbay would teach the prisoners Chinese songs and communist slogans. People in the camp were expected to learn the foreign tongue under threat of torture. It didn’t matter to the authorities that the prisoners were expected to do this while living under horrific conditions. “The food was bad, there weren’t enough hours for sleep and the hygiene was atrocious,” Sauytbay told Haaretz. “The result of it all was that the inmates turned into bodies without a soul.” Punishments administered at the camp are shockingly brutal, painting a strikingly different picture of the China that NBA millionaires have recently defended. “There were all kinds of tortures there,” Sauytbay said. “Some prisoners were hung on the wall and beaten with electrified truncheons. There were prisoners who were made to sit on a chair of nails. I saw people return from that room covered in blood. Some came back without fingernails.”…  https://www.westernjournal.com/report-chinese-torture-camp-shows-truly-evil-government/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=conservativebyte&utm_campaign=dailypm&utm_content=libertyalliance    

Health Care Doom on the Horizon

By Keith R. Jackson{americanthinker.com } ~ The relationship between Americans and their health care delivery is about to make a dramatic change for the worse. Consumers of health care are poised to vote for a federally managed system… Why would they go down this predictably awful rabbit hole? They’ll do it because they are overwhelmed and frightened in the current system. They’ll do it because this may be the only option that a typical voter understands. They’ll do it because our elected leaders do not have the courage to enact changes that could make things work and don’t want to give up power. And it will happen because the media will demonize and target anyone who isn’t on the socialist bandwagon. Currently, we have a situation in America where the insured among us are utilizing health care less than in the past. This is because of the financial implications of high-deductible insurance policies, most people’s only affordable option. As a result, it is arguable that the very people who bear the financial burden for our medical care — namely, the minority among us who are insured Americans — are among those getting the worst care in our country. It is well known that Americans often live on the edge of their finances. So when it comes to budgeting for our deductible when health issues arise, we are frequently left with hard decisions. This often results in the insured tolerating illness rather than seeking appropriate, expensive care. The result of this development will most assuredly result in even conservative voters being swayed toward a federally managed health delivery system. With the elderly freely using Medicare and Medicaid participants getting treatment with seemingly no debilitating financial consequences, it would be easy to desire something similar for the rest of us. After all, what could be more messed up than the current system, where a simple visit to the emergency room can lead to bankruptcy? The federal option for health care delivery will undoubtedly be wretched. Ask any veteran or doctors who trained at those hospitals about their experience with the V.A., the best example of a federally run health delivery option. You’ll hear stories that will curl your toes. It is not possible for government to provide quality care in a timely manner affordably, just as equality and liberty can’t coexist without one sacrificing itself to the other. Add on the layers of bureaucracy in a federally run hospital to the inefficiencies and redundancies they mandate, and the results are predictable. Yet the people may opt for it anyway, because it is hard to imagine relying on the current system creating a more affordable market. We are not using the economic tools that work to bring down costs.  There is no such thing as capitalism or a free market in health care delivery. If a group of doctors think they can provide better care at cheaper prices than your community hospital, they cannot easily do so. Government regulations would not grant them permission, because it is more “in the community’s interest” to keep the inefficient and expensive existing hospital afloat than to allow the creative destruction that capitalism provides. Ending local government’s control over “certificate of need” would lower costs, but politics keeps these laws going… https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/10/health_care_doom_on_the_horizon.html  .

Pence Takes on China

Gary Bauer

Vice President Mike Pence delivered a blistering speech yesterday taking on communist China, the NBA, and corporate America. The vice president must be feeling inspired by the Washington Nationals because he hit it out of the park!His remarks yesterday were among the toughest yet from the Trump administration. Here are some excerpts of Pence’s powerful address:Past administrations have come and gone, and all were aware of [China’s] abuses. None were willing to upset the established Washington interests who not only permitted these abuses, but often profited from them…[S]ome multinational corporations say our economic policies are too tough and that advancing our interests and our values runs contrary to better relations with China. Needless to say, we see it very differently…Today, China is not only exporting hundreds of billions of dollars in unfairly traded goods to the United States, but lately China has also been trying to export censorship — the hallmark of its regime.By exploiting corporate greed, Beijing is attempting to influence American public opinion, coercing corporate America. And far too many American multinational corporations have kowtowed to the lure of China’s money and markets by muzzling not only criticism of the Chinese Communist Party, but even affirmative expressions of American values.Nike promotes itself as a so called “social justice champion,” but when it comes to Hong Kong, it prefers checking its social conscience at the door. Nike stores in China actually removed their Houston Rockets merchandise from their shelves to join the Chinese government in protest against the Rockets general manager’s seven-word tweet, which read: “Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.”And some of the NBA’s biggest players and owners, who routinely exercise their freedom to criticize this country, lose their voices when it comes to the freedom and rights of the people of China. In siding with the Chinese Communist Party and silencing free speech, the NBA is acting like a wholly owned subsidiary of the authoritarian regime.A progressive corporate culture that willfully ignores the abuse of human rights is not progressive; it is repressive. When American corporations, professional sports, pro athletes embrace censorship, it’s not just wrong; it’s un-American. American corporations should stand up for American values here at home and around the world.Kudos to the GOPAs we noted yesterday, House Republicans are stepping up their efforts to expose the fake impeachment charade.Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) kicked off the strategy 10 days ago when he attempted to gain access to scumbag-Adam Schiff’s kangaroo court all by himself. Predictably, Gaetz was kicked out of the room. I suggested then that the GOP needed to show up in much greater numbers, and Wednesday they did!About 30 House Republicans walked into the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) in the Capitol Hill basement where scumbag-Schiff has been conducting his secret hearings. They occupied the room for five hours, forcing Rep. scumbag-Schiff and the witness to leave.As Rep. Steve Scalise put it, “If people scatter out of a room when you walk in and turn on the light, it begs the question: What are they hiding in there?” One member of Congress told CNN, “It was the closest thing I’ve seen around here to mass civil unrest.” I’m glad to hear it!Next to declaring war, this is one of the most profound things Congress can do. Impeachment literally cancels the vote of millions of Americans by overturning an election. How can this be done behind closed doors?Many progressives are complaining about the conservative objections to this process. Well, it’s called due process, and it is what leftists are constantly demanding for illegal aliens, rapists, murderers, and the jihadists at Gitmo!But when the left tries to take away the president’s due-process rights, it is essentially saying that you — those who voted to put this president into office — don’t deserve due-process rights. It is a signal of how progressives will treat conservatives if they regain power.They want to violate our First Amendment rights of free speech and religious liberty. They want to violate our Second Amendment rights, and now they are trying to limit due-process rights.Meanwhile, I’m pleased to report that Senate Republicans (minus Pierre Delecto) are stepping up too. Sen. Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is introducing a resolution condemning the liar-Pelosi/ scumbag-Schiff “closed door, illegitimate impeachment inquiry.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell supports the resolution.In addition, Senate Republicans may even refuse to hold a formal “trial.” They are reportedly considering a motion to quickly dismiss any articles of impeachment produced as a result of this sham process. Such a motion could be approved by a simple majority vote.No Safe SpacesEarlier this week, I was stunned to read that The Crimson, a conservative student newspaper at Harvard University, was facing protests and boycotts because it requested a comment from ICE on a recent immigration related story. That’s it.The paper’s opponents apparently feel that ICE has no free-speech rights and that the paper should lose its rights for attempting to talk to ICE.Keep in mind that this hostility to free speech is happening at one of our nation’s most elite and prestigious universities. This is where future congressmen, senators, justices, and corporate leaders are currently being educated. And it’s not just Harvard.Virtually every university campus is hostile to free speech and free thought, and this closed mindset is dangerous to a free society.As we frequently note in this report, the left is not interested in having a debate. It wants to shut down debate. It wants to silence any and all opposition. That’s not America. We must fight back!That’s why I encourage you to go see “No Safe Spaces” this weekend. The movie is a “must see,” featuring Dennis Prager, Adam Corolla, Tim Allen, Jordan Peterson, Alan Dershowitz, Ben Shapiro, Van Jones, and Cornell West.Please encourage your friends and family members to see “No Safe Spaces,” which opens in theaters today. If the movie is not playing in your area, contact your local theaters and urge them to get it.  

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