Tuesday Top News Executive Summary

Media Editors: OPIOID VERDICT: According to NBC News: “An Oklahoma judge on Monday ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay over $572 million for pushing doctors to prescribe opioids while downplaying the risks of addiction.” The report also points out, “The case was seen as a litmus test for nearly 2,000 pending opioid cases before a federal judge in Ohio, especially as other pharmaceutical companies faced with similar accusations have chosen to settle.” However, The Wall Street Journal editorial board, addressing the lawsuit’s “public nuisance” rationale, opines, “Public-nuisance law is more elastic than product-liability claims because it doesn’t require evidence of direct causation. … The opioid addiction problem is varied and complex, and these days it is largely a problem of illegal fentanyl and meth. It won’t be eased by bankrupting America’s pharmaceutical companies.”

BLUE-STATE OBSTRUCTION: “A coalition of 20 Democratic attorneys general announced Monday they are suing to block the administration’s new rules that would allow immigrant families who are in the U.S. illegally to be detained while their deportation hearings are taking place. The 19 states and the District of Columbia said they are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of children at detention facilities inside their boundaries, so they have standing to sue in order to protect their health.” (The Washington Times)

PURSUING THE DEATH PENALTY: “Federal prosecutors in Pittsburgh said Monday that they intend to seek the death penalty against the man accused of gunning down 11 people at a synagogue last year,” NBC News reports. As our Mark Alexander revealed at the time, the suspect “was inspired, in part, because Donald Trump is the most PRO-Israel president since Ronald Reagan.”

IRAN OLIVE BRANCH: On Monday, President Donald Trump declared, “If the circumstances were correct or right, I would certainly agree to” meeting Iran President Hassan Rouhani. He added, “But in the meantime, they have to be good players.” Rouhani is currently not being a good player. According to The Daily Caller, “Iran’s parliament is preparing a bill to sanction top Trump administration officials and their supporters in Congress for what regime officials described as ‘their long animosity towards Iran.’” Rouhani also personally responded, “First the U.S. should act by lifting all illegal, unjust and unfair sanctions imposed on Iran.”

AND THEN THERE WERE THREE: Presidential candidate loose lips liar-Joe Biden is an indisputable frontrunner no more, according to Monmouth University polling. In a new survey, “Vermont Sen. commie-Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth dinky-Warren, and … loose lips liar-Biden are currently bunched together in the national Democratic presidential preference contest. … The poll finds a virtual three-way tie among commie-Sanders (20%), dinky-Warren (20%), and loose lips liar-Biden (19%) in the presidential nomination preferences of registered Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters across the country. Compared to Monmouth’s June poll, these results represent an increase in support for both commie-Sanders (up from 14%) and dinky-Warren (up from 15%), and a significant drop for loose lips liar-Biden (down from 32%).”

ANOTHER REPUBLICAN BITES THE DUST: “Wisconsin GOP Rep. Sean Duffy on Monday abruptly announced plans to resign from Congress, saying his family recently learned that his soon-to-be born child has a serious heart condition. Duffy … is the father of eight children, with another due in October.” (Fox News)

FEC RESIGNATION: “The Republican vice chairman of the Federal Election Commission resigned Monday, leaving the election oversight agency without enough members to vote on enforcement actions. Matthew S. Petersen [said] that he submitted his letter of resignation … to the White House Monday morning. It said that he will leave the agency by the end of the week. ‘It’s just the right time,’ said Petersen, who has won wide praise for his steady and thoughtful approach to election issues, his dedication to the First Amendment, and battles to fend off the regulation of technology and the internet.” (Washington Examiner)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: The proof is in: Tariffs are hurting the U.S. economy (The Daily Signal)

POLICY: Purchasing a gun from Walmart is not nearly as easy as the Left claims (The New American)

HUMOR: scumbag/liar-nObama slams greedy rich people from his new $15 million Martha’s Vineyard estate (Genesius Times)

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Iraq calls alleged Israeli airstrike a ‘declaration of war’

by Jerry McCormick

{ patriotnewsalerts.com } ~ Several days ago, Iranian officials stated there was an attack on an ammunition depot in Iraq that belonged to a militia force Popular Mobilization Forces – PMF loyal to Iran… While Israel has not taken credit for the attack, Iraq is blaming Israel and even considering the attack a formal declaration of war. As tensions rise between the United States, Iran and Iraq, it is really not much of a surprise to see Israel get dragged into the mix. Iraq would not dare take on the United States directly, but going after a weaker ally is well within their purview.The difficulties between Iraq and Israel have escalated considerably in recent months, with numerous airstrikes being conducted by both sides. The strike against the ammunition depot was all over social media. While the videos did not make it clear where the attack came from, a missile could be heard soaring overhead seconds before an explosion at the ammunition depot, which was apparently already on fire. After the blast, it was reported that one person was killed and numerous others injured. There is much speculation among experts this may have been Israel conducting a strike on behalf of the United States…  https://www.patriotnewsalerts.com/iraq-declaration-of-war/


commie-Bernie Sanders Now Wants Anyone Who Disagrees with Him Arrested


{ godfatherpolitics.com } ~ Like all leftists, commie-Bernie Sanders is a fascist authoritarian at heart, and now he wants people arrested and made into “criminals” just for engaging in legal businesses he doesn’t like… Like all fascists, commie-Sanders wants to use the iron boot of government to criminalize his opponents. Like any tinpot dictator would. Herr commie-Sanders jumped to Twitter on Thursday afternoon and called for executives of fossil fuel companies to be “criminally prosecuted.” “Fossil fuel executives should be criminally prosecuted for the destruction they have knowingly caused,” the aged fascist tweeted adding everyone’s favorite Communist hashtag, “#GreenNewDeal.” commie-Sanders’ tweet came on the same day that he released an economy-crushing $16 trillion plan to address the mythological “climate change” crisis. commie-Sanders exclaimed that his personal version of the communistic “Green New Deal” as a way to “end the greed of the fossil fuel industry.” … and replace it with the greed of the new green energy industry, obviously. commie-Sanders posted a second tweet attacking the idea of “clean coal.”… commie-Sanders must be dreaming.  https://godfatherpolitics.com/bernie-sanders-now-wants-anyone-who-disagrees-with-him-arrested/


Is College Worth It?

by Charlie Kirk

{ prageru.com } ~ Is college a good investment? It’s getting harder and harder to make that case… for students and their parents. Today, students often graduate weighed down by debt and free of practical wisdom. Before starting down the path to college, some sober, common-sense reflection is more necessary than ever. Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA provides some much-needed tutoring.

VIDEO: https://www.prageru.com/video/is-college-worth-it/


Pentagon’s Investor-Industry Matchmaking Program Will Focus on Small UAS in First Event

By Megan Eckstein

{ news.usni.org } ~ The Defense Department’s effort to connect sources of capital with small companies that need investment will begin with a focus on those that design and manufacture small unmanned aerial systems… the Pentagon’s acquisition chief told reporters today. The Trusted Capital Marketplace, which USNI News first reported on in April, will begin with a first meeting of investors and tech companies in October, Ellen Lord said today in a briefing at the Pentagon. That meeting will target the small UAS industry sector due to concerns that China currently dominates the market, she said. “It’s because of where we are right now in terms of having our entire U.S. marketplace eroded, and also because it’s very intuitive – people can understand what these small quadcopters are,” she said when asked why the Trusted Capital Marketplace would kick off with a focus on small UAS. “So essentially we don’t have much of a small UAS industrial base because Chinese company DJI dumped so many low-priced quadcopters on the market and we then became dependent on them, both from the defense point of view and the commercial point of view. And we know that a lot of the information is sent back to China from those, so it is not something that we could use.” By bringing investors to meet with companies interested in designing and building small fixed-wing or quadcopter UAS in the United States, the American industrial base could regain that capability and, once Defense Department needs are satisfied, potentially compete American drones against Chinese ones on the commercial market. Since announcing the public-private partnership earlier this year, Lord said a team has stood up to begin managing the vetting requirements for the trusted sources of capital – ensuring that money funding sensitive defense capabilities doesn’t come with ties to China, Russia or other potential adversaries – as well as beginning industry outreach and the industry/capital matching process…  https://news.usni.org/2019/08/26/pentagons-investor-industry-matchmaking-program-will-focus-on-small-uas-in-first-event?utm_source=USNI+News&utm_campaign=d33ee68075-USNI_NEWS_DAILY&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0dd4a1450b-d33ee68075-231491269&mc_cid=d33ee68075&mc_eid=3999f18767


David Axelrod after Ginsburg cancer treatment: Supreme Court vacancy could ‘tear this country apart’


{ thehill.com } ~ CNN political commentator and Democratic strategist David Axelrod responded Friday to news that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had recently completed radiation treatment… for a malignant tumor, writing that a vacancy on the high court could “tear this country apart.” “If there is a SCOTUS vacancy next year and @senatemajldr carries through on his extraordinary promise to fill it-despite his own previous precedent in blocking Garland-it will tear this country apart,” Axelrod wrote, referring to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) blocking former President scumbag/liar-nObama’s final Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, in 2016.The Hill has reached out to McConnell’s office for comment. Ginsburg, 86, is the oldest member of the high court and has sat on its nine-member bench for 26 years. She has had cancer multiple times during her tenure. She had surgery in 1999 for colorectal cancer, a procedure for pancreatic cancer in 2009 and another operation to remove two malignant nodules in her lungs in December. Her most recent treatment, announced by the Supreme Court on Friday, was to combat a tumor that was detected in early July during a routine blood test and was conducted on an outpatient basis at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. A stent was also inserted into her bile duct as part of the treatment. The Supreme Court said in a statement Friday that Ginsburg “tolerated treatment well” and that “the tumor was treated definitively and there is no evidence of disease elsewhere in the body.”… Axelrod is totally wrong.  https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/458667-david-axelrod-after-ginsburg-cancer-treatment-supreme-court-vacancy


Trump’s Idea of Buying Greenland Is Far From Absurd

Marc A. Thiessen

President Trump is upset that Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen called his interest in purchasing Greenland “absurd.” Her dismissive response should have come as no surprise. In 1946, when President Harry Truman tried to purchase Greenland, Secretary of State James Byrnes wrote that the proposal “seemed to come as a shock” and an insult to Danish officials, who turned it down.

That was a big mistake. As part of his deal, Truman had offered to trade parts of the Point Barrow district of Alaska, including the rights to any oil discovered there, to Denmark, in exchange for parts of Greenland. The Danes dismissed the idea just as they did Trump’s proposal. In 1967, the richest oil strike in U.S. history was made in the Point Barrow area. Bad move, Denmark! Sad!

With that blunder in their rearview mirror, you would think that Danish leaders would at least hear Trump out. The president’s idea of buying Greenland is far from absurd. Today we have a military base in Greenland, so there is no need to buy it for that purpose. But Greenland has enormous unexplored stores of natural resources, including zinc, lead, gold, iron ore, diamonds, copper and uranium, that Denmark has been unable or unwilling to exploit.

It also has large, untapped stores of rare-earth elements, such as praseodymium or dysprosium, that are critical to the production of everything from electric cars to smartphones and lasers. Today, the United States gets many of these rare-earth elements from China, which makes Americans dependent on Beijing. The Wall Street Journal reports that Beijing may cut off access to those minerals in its trade dispute with Washington, and China is also trying to corner the market for rare-earth elements in Greenland. Buying Greenland would put those strategically valuable minerals in U.S. hands.

But what makes Greenland particularly valuable to the United States is global warming. The unavoidable receding of Arctic sea ice will open a new sea route in the Arctic that can be used for both commercial and military vessels. In May, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered an address at the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Finland in which he pointed out that “steady reductions in sea ice are opening new passageways and new opportunities for trade. This could potentially slash the time it takes to travel between Asia and the West by as much as 20 days.” He added that the emerging “Arctic sea lanes could become the 21st-century Suez and Panama canals.”

He’s right. A recent report in the New York Times notes that as sea ice melts and “Arctic routes become more direct, voyage times could fall to less than three weeks in some cases, making Arctic shipping potentially more attractive than the southern routes in coming decades.”

The United States and its allies have a major interest in not allowing these Arctic sea lanes to fall under Russian or Chinese control. “Do we want the Arctic Ocean to transform into a New South China Sea, fraught with militarization and competing territorial claims?” Pompeo asked in Finland. Purchasing Greenland would help the United States to better secure these emerging strategic passageways.

In 1946, the Joint Chiefs of Staff told Truman that Greenland was “completely worthless to Denmark.” Today, Denmark may not feel that way. But rather than getting offended, Copenhagen should entertain Trump’s offer. After all, it would not be the first time Denmark sold the United States one of its overseas possessions. In 1916, it sold the Danish West Indies (now the U.S. Virgin Islands) to President Woodrow Wilson. So, we’ve long ago established that parts of Denmark are for sale; there’s no harm haggling over the price.

Indeed, a Greenland purchase would be in keeping with a long history of presidential land acquisitions. In 1803, Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana territory from France. In 1819, President James Monroe bought Florida from Spain. In 1854, President Franklin Pierce, in the Gadsden Purchase, bought part of New Mexico and Arizona from Mexico. In 1867, President Andrew Johnson bought Alaska from Russia. In 1898, President William McKinley bought the Philippines from Spain. And in 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt rented the Panama Canal Zone from Panama and Guantanamo Bay from Cuba. If Denmark won’t sell Greenland, maybe we can rent it!

On Monday, Trump tweeted a picture of a gleaming Trump high-rise amid small huts on the Greenland coast and declared, “I promise not to do this to Greenland!” But the idea of buying Greenland is no joke. It actually makes a lot of strategic and economic sense. ~The Patriot Post



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