Tuesday Top News Executive Summary

Media Editors: On the Immigration Front

PHONY GRANDSTANDING: “New York Rep. commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reportedly screamed at federal law enforcement officers Monday while visiting the U.S.-Mexico border. … The news comes just hours after commie-Ocasio-Cortez sent out a tweet saying that she saw people ‘drinking out of toilets’ inside the facilities and ‘officers laughing in front of members [of] Congress.’” (The Daily Wire)

BORDER CROSSING SHUTTERED: “U.S. authorities closed an international border bridge in El Paso, Texas, early Monday in response to Central American and Cuban migrants protesting on the Mexican side of the border. … The decision to close the bridge came as ‘a large and unruly group formed on the Mexican side,’ according to CBP spokesman Roger Maier.” (The Hill)

News From the Swamp

BIRDS OF A FEATHER: “The former top lawyer for scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign who hired Fusion GPS to carry out controversial opposition research against then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016 is now working for … 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful [lowlife-Kamala Harris].” (Washington Examiner)

IRS REFORM: “President Donald Trump signed a bipartisan bill Monday to force greater accountability on the IRS in … property seizures, as well as protect taxpayers from identity theft, boost whistleblower protections, and modernize the tax agency. … The new law, the Taxpayer First Act, requires the IRS to show probable cause that … smaller transactions were made in order to evade financial reporting requirements.” (The Daily Signal)

Business & Economy

UNCHARTED EXPANSION: “As July starts, the current U.S. economic expansion is crossing an invisible line: At 121 months, it’s officially the longest period of growth in U.S. history. From here on out, we’re in uncharted territory.” (CBS News)

ON THE FLIP SIDE: “US manufacturing activity last month fell to its lowest level in nearly three years — well below the pace when President Donald Trump took office — another warning sign for the world’s largest economy as it marks the longest expansion on record.” (Agence France-Presse)

JOURNALISM FREE FALL: “The news business is on pace for its worst job losses in a decade as about 3,000 people have been laid off or been offered buyouts in the first five months of this year. The cuts have been widespread. Newspapers owned by Gannett and McClatchy, digital media companies like BuzzFeed and Vice Media, and the cable news channel CNN have all shed employees.” (Bloomberg News)

Epic Fumbles

VIRTUE SIGNALING: “Nike was forced to pull an American flag-themed shoe called the ‘Betsy Ross’ from production after NFL quarterback-turned-political activist Colin Kaepernick, who inked a multi-million dollar sponsorship deal with Nike last year, complained. Kaepernick reportedly told the company that he found the very idea of the shoe ‘offensive.’” (The Daily Wire)

VIRTUE DEFICIENT: “U.S. Customs and Border Protection says it’s investigating a private Facebook group for current and former agents where users mocked the deaths of migrants and posted sexist and racist jokes about Latino members of Congress.” (CBS News)

Around the Nation

FIGHTING BACK: “Second Amendment right groups sued the state of California Monday over the new law banning the sale of firearms to people under the age of 21. The groups, the Calguns Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition, argued in a lawsuit filed in San Diego on behalf of individual gun owners that those 18 and over are adults and have a right to purchase a firearm.” (Fox News)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: Addressing national debt is far more important than trade deficits (The Daily Signal)

POLICY: Unmask antifa and watch the cowards retreat (National Review)

HUMOR: Antifa shatters mirror in attempt to punch Nazi (The Babylon Bee)

~The Patriot Post



Iran violates nuclear deal, exceeds 300 kg limit on enriched uranium

By Tzvi Joffre

{ jpost.com } ~ Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile exceeded the 300 kg limit set by the nuclear deal on Monday… according to the Iranian Fars news agency. This constitutes a direction violation of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the nuclear pact the world superpowers reached with Iran in 2015. An Iranian source told Fars on Monday that the International Atomic Energy Agency found that the enriched uranium exceeded the ceiling of 300 kg. Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif confirmed that the Islamic Republic breached the nuclear deal by stockpiling over 300 kg of enriched uranium, according to ISNA. Under the deal, Iran was prohibited from accumulating more than 300 kilograms of enriched uranium to the 3.67% level and from enriching uranium beyond that level, such as to the 20% level it had done before the deal. “We are aware of the media reports related to Iran’s stockpile of low-enriched uranium (LEU),” an International Atomic Energy Agency spokesman said, according to Reuters. “Our inspectors are on the ground and they will report to headquarters as soon as the LEU stockpile has been verified.” “We told the Europeans that if more practical, more thorough and complete steps were taken, the measures taken to reduce Iran’s commitments could be reversed, otherwise we will continue,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said in response to the announcement. Earlier on Monday, Iran’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Majid Takht Ravanchi said that “if nothing happens in the next 10 days,” Iran would start the second phase of increasing its stockpile of enriched uranium to an amount higher than the amount before the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal was implemented in July 2015, according to Fars. Ravanchi added that Iran has announced the elements of the second phase for modifying its nuclear deal undertakings… https://www.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Irans-exceeds-300-kg-limit-of-enriched-uranium-594251

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3mXtXSokNs


Europe Dupes Bartering with Iran

By Jed Babbin

{ spectator.org } ~ William F. Buckley, Jr., once said that one cannot argue with the invincibly ignorant. To be invincibly ignorant, a person — or a nation — has to be impervious to facts… So it is with Britain, France, and Germany in respect to the facts that have surrounded Iran’s conduct since 2015. They, along with China, Russia, and former President scumbag/liar-nObama, signed a nuclear weapons deal with Iran that was supposed to end — or at least delay for a decade — Iran’s development of atomic weapons. Through Iran’s attacks on oil tankers, the shooting down of an American drone aircraft and threats to violate the limits purportedly imposed on their uranium enrichment by the 2015 deal, the three European nations have insisted that all is well. They apparently believe that Iran can be contained and that goal can best be achieved by two mechanisms: first, to trade with Iran despite President Trump’s massive economic sanctions against it, and second, to maneuver Trump into negotiating “improvements” to the scumbag/liar-nObama deal. INSTEX, the complex mechanism created by Britain, France, and Germany to barter goods with Iran in order to evade U.S. sanctions on the world’s principal terrorist nation, began operation last week. Seven other European nations have indicated that they will join INSTEX. That may be problematic. Brian Hook, the U.S. special representative for Iran, said last week that the Europeans had to choose between doing business with Iran and doing business with the U.S. If Trump is serious about enforcing that choice, few, if any, European companies will choose the Iranian market over the American one. On Friday, representatives of Britain, France, and Germany met with Iran’s representatives in Vienna. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Iran’s representatives told them that Iran would proceed with its plans to violate the uranium enrichment limits imposed under the 2015 deal but indicated that Iran might pause those steps if the Europeans made sufficient progress with INSTEX to create enough trade with Iran to soften the effect of the U.S. sanctions. The Europeans believe that by trading with Iran despite the sanctions, they can contain Iran’s nuclear program. In short, the Iranians are playing the Europeans for the suckers they are. The Economist, the liberal British news magazine, published an editorial this week titled “How to contain Iran.” It is emphatically wrong. We, like our European allies, do not want war with Iran. But, as Dr. Kissinger has demonstrated, nothing other than regime change can work to end Iran’s aggression. As long as Britain, France, Germany, Russiam and China continue to help Iran, they make war far more likely…  https://spectator.org/europe-dupes-bartering-with-iran/?utm_source=American%20Spectator%20Emails&utm_campaign=8544eb3cdd-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_07_01_12_24&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_797a38d487-8544eb3cdd-104608113


Americans Don’t Need Socialized Medicine, They Need Health-Care Freedom

By Chip Roy

{ thefederalist.com } ~ The market for health care has largely been destroyed, and in its wake remains a complicated, confusing system in dire need of fixing… Prices are too high and choices are too few, and the federal government’s response has long been more government control and more money. The United States spent a total of $2.6 trillion on health care in 2010. In the post-scumbag/liar-nObamacare era, this number is estimated to reach $3.8 trillion in 2019, and national health spending is projected to grow at an average rate of 5.5 percent per year to reach nearly $6 trillion in 2027. Under my Democrat colleagues’ theory on spending, all this money should produce incredible health-care results. Yet even they recognize their strategies to “reform” health care have not produced these results. Instead of rethinking their approach, Democrats are doubling down by pushing Medicare for All—a full $32 trillion government takeover of the health-care industry. Their path will destroy the physician-patient relationship and consumer choice, increase wait times for needed care, and overall is entirely misguided. There is another path, one that I call “Health-care Freedom.” Health-care freedom operates under the assumption of four core principles: 1) no one should stand in the way of you and your doctor, 2) employers should have the ability to provide—and you should have the ability to save health-care dollars tax-free with the ability to spend those dollars how you see fit, 3) you should be in control of your health-care options, and 4) there should be a safety net to ensure no one falls through the cracks. In practice, health-care freedom will center on personal control carried out through expansive personal health-care savings supplemented by individuals, employers, and even charitable third parties. Health savings accounts are nothing new, but to unleash their power, they need to be vastly more flexible and unlimited…  https://thefederalist.com/2019/07/01/americans-dont-need-socialized-medicine-need-health-care-freedom/?utm_source=The+Federalist+List&utm_campaign=76e0f42762-RSS_The_Federalist_Daily_Updates_w_Transom&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_cfcb868ceb-76e0f42762-83771801


A Law to Protect Campus Speech?

Brian Mark Weber: Who’d have thought that a country founded upon free speech would have to create a law in order to protect such speech on its college campuses? Outside of the town square, the academy has long been the one place where all ideas are batted around in a broader search for truth and knowledge.

So maybe that’s why the Left has a problem with it.

You see, the progressive-socialists who’ve infected academia over the past 50 years — and now dominate some fields by tenfold or more — don’t want young minds to know the truth.

What they do want is to indoctrinate students as left-wing activists eager to do violence to America’s institutions, rather than to produce knowledgeable citizens prepared to uphold and defend Western values.

What’s more ironic is that leftists are the very people who, as college students in the 1960s, formed sit-ins and other protests to speak out against the “system” and who championed themselves as defenders of free speech.

Today, they’re the tyrants who force-feed your 18-year-old a diet of Marxism repackaged as “democracy.” Indeed, the Left has now become the very system they fought against in the ‘60s.

And this new system ensures that conservative guest speakers, students, and faculty are shouted down or otherwise silenced. Impressionable students are thus a captive audience for leftist ideology, whether in science, history, literature, or elsewhere. Outside of the lecture hall, campus activities boards and administrators fully support and encourage student organizations to serve as conduits for “LGBTQ” issues, “social justice,” and the like.

There’s no way to escape it. Conservative students are routinely belittled if they dare challenge their professor’s dogma, and often publicly shamed or threatened if they dare to invite someone to campus to speak favorably about capitalism, Western civilization, or conservative ideas.

But there’s a bit of hope.

South Dakota is challenging this assault on free speech. Last year, legislators enacted S.D. 1087, described as an “act to promote free speech and intellectual diversity at certain institutions of higher education.” Additionally, the act requires an annual report to the state legislature and ensures that outdoor spaces on campuses are forums for free speech. The law takes effect on July 1, but campus leftists are fighting it tooth and nail to make sure conservatives don’t have a voice.

An important part of the effort to quash right-leaning voices is the widespread practice of hiring “diversity officers.” With an average salary of $175,000, these bureaucrats police the college campus by promoting leftist programs and policies, integrating social justice into the institutional framework, and employing an army of uninformed Millennials to seek out any ideas not in line with their own. There’s hardly an institution of higher learning today that doesn’t have an office of diversity. But these campus cops care little for diversity of opinion or thought, and they certainly don’t want diversity in speech.

Imagine the outcry if colleges and universities across the country started hiring “freedom officers” who pushed a conservative ideology and actively prevented liberal students and faculty from speaking or holding events on campus.

In South Dakota, lawmakers justified their free-speech act by explaining that “while beneficial programs for Native American students, and students of other diverse cultures should be preserved, the build-up of diversity offices which are used to promote social justice causes associated with the political left such as safe zone training, the biannual drag show, and social justice training, to name just a few, should be dismantled.”

It’s about time that someone fights back against this assault on our freedom. But could the Mount Rushmore state’s bold stroke spread to other states?

Frederick M. Hess writes at National Review, “South Dakota’s experience is a microcosm of what’s unfolding across American higher education, and the resolution and implementation of S.D. 1087 may have national implications. After all, across the land, liberal faculty members outnumber their conservative counterparts five to one, and the disparity is starker still when it comes to the social sciences and humanities. Such a lack of intellectual diversity affects who gets hired at colleges and universities, who enjoys the platform provided by prestigious institutions, what gets researched, and what gets taught.”

If we’re going to have diversity officers on campus, they ought to be standing up for the free-speech rights of everyone. Now, thanks to South Dakota’s legislature, the tide may be turning.

That’s good news for all who believe in free speech, and bad news for those who’ve used our colleges and universities as a training ground for the next generation of socialist warriors. ~The Patriot Post



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