Tuesday Top News Executive Summary

Media Editors: MEXICO GETS THE MEMO: “Mexico has deployed almost 15,000 soldiers and National Guard in the north of the country to stem the flow of illegal immigration across the border into the United States, the head of the Mexican Army said on Monday.” (Reuters)

IRAN SANCTIONED: Iran was leveled additional sanctions yesterday, the Washington Examiner reports. “Trump called the sanctions, which will target the financial resources of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, ‘hard-hitting.’” CNBC notes that “Iran is already in a ‘very dangerous’ economic position as US prepares major new sanctions.” Is this the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back?

SCOTUS DEFERS: “The U.S. Supreme Court refused Monday to rule on a case challenging President Trump’s 25 percent tariffs on steel imports into the U.S. that was imposed last year. The decision … will leave in place the U.S. Court of International Trade’s ruling from March that allowed the president’s tariffs.” (Fox Business)

GUN-CONVICTION LAW ANNULLED: “The Supreme Court on Monday ruled 5-4 that a federal law allowing for gun convictions relating to ‘a crime of violence’ was too vague. The case involved a pair of men who were convicted on several felony robbery charges, but were also convicted under another federal statute that required significant mandatory minimum sentences for a ‘crime of violence.’” (The Hill)

CONWAY’S PRECEDENT: “The White House intends to block Kellyanne Conway from testifying before the House Oversight and Reform Committee later this week about alleged Hatch Act violations. The administration said … that Conway would not testify, citing ‘long-standing precedent.’” (The Hill)

‘A HIGHLY BIASED POLITICAL MACHINE’: “On Monday, Project Veritas released a video report featuring testimony from a Google whistleblower, along with leaked documents and undercover footage, that suggests that the most influential search engine in the world is actively promoting an agenda when it comes to news and politically and ideologically charged information.” (The Daily Wire)

NBA’S AIR BALL: “NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says the league no longer has any team ‘owners.’ Instead, it will refer to owners as ‘governor’ or ‘alternate governor’ for a part-owner.” (Washington Examiner)

COOLER HEADS PREVAIL: “A British appeals court on Monday reversed a previous ruling that would have forced a mentally disabled woman to abort her child against both her wishes and those of her mother.” (National Review)

POLICY: South Dakota’s efforts to protect speech on campus could be a model for the nation (National Review)

POLICY: commie-Bernie Sanders’s plan to cancel student debt shows bolder isn’t always better (American Enterprise Institute)

HUMOR: Democrat candidates announce plan to dangle stacks of cash in front of potential voters (The Babylon Bee)

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Devin Nunes Threatens Criminal Referrals for Chris Wray and Dana Boente

by sundance

{ theconservativetreehouse.com } ~ Those who haven’t followed the backstory might not catch what Nunes is saying. However, if you followed closely, and accept that Rosenstein was part of the problem… then you see how FBI Director Christopher Wray came into office; and, more importantly how/why Wray selected former DOJ-NSD head Dana Boente to shift from main justice to be legal counsel for the FBI. Boente took over for former chief legal counsel James Baker, after the discoveries around Baker and McCabe could no longer be hidden. After being removed from responsibility eventually Baker resigned and went to work with the Lawfare group. Boente’s job at FBI was/is to bury information, block congressional inquiry, and protect the crew. Boente, along with Christopher Wray, is still there. In a Fox News interview on Sunday, Nunes said “someone at the FBI” appears to have been “determined to hide” then-Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec’s notes from both the FISA court and Congress. Our research identified that “someone” as Dana Boente and crew more than a year ago…  https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/06/23/devin-nunes-threatens-criminal-referrals-for-chris-wray-and-dana-boente/

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtEf8_YALVs


Kushner to Unveil ‘Economic Vision’ for Palestinian Territories

by Reuters

{ freebeacon.com } ~ White House senior adviser Jared Kushner is to formally unveil the first part of his Middle East peace plan during a Bahrain conference next week… outlining a path for development of the fragile economies of the Palestinian territories and three neighboring Arab countries. The following are some facts about the “economic vision,” drawn from White House documents reviewed by Reuters and described exclusively by Kushner and his aides, who are hoping to gain traction for their proposals during the June 25-26 gathering: – Donor nations and investors would contribute about $50 billion, with $28 billion going to the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza, $7.5 billion to Jordan, $9 billion to Egypt and $6 billion for Lebanon. The White House hopes wealthy Gulf states will be among the biggest donors. Kushner told Reuters the United States would also consider contributing. – Money raised through this international effort would be placed in a newly created fund to boost the economies of the Palestinian areas and those three countries. It would be administered by a multinational development bank. The funds would be managed by an appointed board of governors who would determine allocation based on project proposals.– $15 billion of the total would come from grants, $25 billion in subsidized loans, and about $11 billion would come in through private capital. – 179 economic development projects would be funded, including 147 for the West Bank and Gaza, 15 for Jordan, 12 for Egypt, and 5 for Lebanon. – The projects include infrastructure, water, power, telecommunications, tourism and medical facilities, among others…  https://freebeacon.com/national-security/kushner-to-unveil-economic-vision-for-palestinian-territories/?utm_source=Freedom+Mail&utm_campaign=80bb7b41f3-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_06_23_06_49_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b5e6e0e9ea-80bb7b41f3-45611665


Istanbul: ‘Everything Is Coming Up Roses’

by Burak Bekdil

{ gatestoneinstitute.org } ~ An Islamist political party that comes to power by popular vote would never leave power by popular vote. That suggestion is overwhelmingly accurate… But not always. Any Turks younger than 18 have never seen an election defeat for President and former Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. On June 23, a little-known small district mayor won Istanbul for the first time since Islamists first won Istanbul’s mayoralty in 1994 — a good quarter of a century. In fact, that was the second time Ekrem Imamoğlu was elected mayor of Istanbul in less than two months. Commenting in a May 27 article on the re-run of the Istanbul election, under the headline “Erdoğan’s Istanbul Nightmare,” this author wrote: “Since his Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power in 2002, Erdoğan has not lost a single election. Everything was coming up roses all the time. Not anymore. “‘Who wins Istanbul wins Turkey,’ has been Erdoğan’s dictum since 1994, when he won mayoral elections in Turkey’s biggest city home to nearly 15% of Turkey’s 57 million voters and accounting for 31% of its GDP.” In the tally of votes on March 31, Imamoğlu and his pro-Erdoğan rival, Binali Yıldırım, were in an unseen cutthroat rivalry: The opposition’s Imamoğlu finished on top merely by a margin of 13,000 or so votes, in a city where there are more than 10 million registered voters. Upon appeal from Erdogan’s ruling AKP over alleged irregularities, the Supreme Electoral Board, consisting of judges apparently under government pressure, cancelled the election result for Istanbul, thereby suspending Imamoğlu’s mandate. The Board also set the date for a re-run on June 23. The Board cancelled the election result on the pretext that some officials serving at the polling stations were not civil servants, as required by the law…  https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/14442/istanbul-everything-is-coming-up-roses


Shifty scumbag-Schiff Outlines Coordinated Plan With Mueller For “Testimony”

by sundance

{ theconservativetreehouse.com } ~ scumbag-Shifty appears with for an interview with Furrowed Brow to push the impeachment narrative etc… Within the interview scumbag-Shifty talks about lengthy coordination and careful planning with Robert Mueller for a scripted July appearance. scumbag-Shifty, liar-Pulosi and scumbag liar-Nadler have to be very careful with Mueller to avoid exposing the coordinated enterprise behind the two-year Rosenstein, Weissmann and Mueller scheme. It will be interesting to see how they plan it out. If Ever. Likely they will only bring Mueller under VERY carefully control; and they’d probably prefer a panel approach where scripted Mueller confidants can bookend him during any questioning. It’s highly unlikely scumbag-Schiff would attempt to use Robert Mueller as a stand alone witness in a public hearing.  https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/06/23/sunday-talks-shifty-schiff-outlines-coordinated-plan-with-mueller-for-testimony/

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y120T08Y-08


What We Talk About When We Talk About Deaths of Despair

by Charles Fain Lehman

{ freebeacon.com } ~ Since the turn of the millennium, the number of Americans dying from nonmedical, self-inflicted causes—drug overdose, suicide, and alcohol-related illness—has exploded… Per capita rates of death from drug poisoning, suicide, and alcoholic liver disease a proxy for the long-run effects of heavy drinking* have roughly doubled over the past 20 years. Drug overdose and suicide in particular are responsible for a nearly unprecedented multiyear decline in life expectancy in the United States. Drugs are the leading cause of death for Americans under 50. This explosion has prompted endless speculation on underlying causes. Because each of these causes of death is “self-inflicted” i.e., not caused by a disease or the direct fault of another as in homicide or vehicular manslaughter, they have been grouped together. And because each tends to be associated with depressive behavior and poor social circumstances, the media have adopted a single descriptor for them: “deaths of despair. “This term has its origin in a particular academic context, naming rising death rates among middle-age, low-status whites. But while the term means something empirical and precise to researchers, the media have adopted “deaths of despair” as a causal, rather than descriptive, label, with deaths being linked to some ill-defined “despair” allegedly permeating American society. Commentators inevitably tie this “despair” to some other large scale trend—inequality, fatherlessness, loneliness, a lack of “meaning,” the decline of religion—which they argue must be addressed if we want to stop the dying. Each of these trends is concerning in its own right, and all may indeed increase a person’s risk for suicide, drug overdose, or alcohol death. But it does not follow that these kinds of deaths can be grouped together by cause, or that the cure for one is the cure for another. In reality, the causes that make up the monolith “deaths of despair” exhibit deep heterogeneity. A set of crises initially concentrated among poorly educated, older whites has spread. As of 2017, they each predominate in different states and exhibit different trends over time…  https://freebeacon.com/issues/what-we-talk-about-when-we-talk-about-deaths-of-despair/?utm_source=Freedom+Mail&utm_campaign=80bb7b41f3-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_06_23_06_49_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b5e6e0e9ea-80bb7b41f3-45611665


England Needs a Slap, and So Does China

Peggy Noonan

{ peggynoonan.com } ~ Now and then a country needs to get slapped. England does, or rather the United Kingdom, but I say England because I really mean London. Its entire leadership class has been undone since Brexit passed, three years ago this month. They’ve been overwhelmed, not equal to the moment.

They are like the hysterical blonde in 1940s and ’50s movies. Something scary would happen, the monster was coming, and she’d start to scream and sob. Then another character, usually a man, would slap her hard across the face. In the shock of it she’d take hold of herself. I’m fairly certain this trope had to do with how directors saw their wives.

Anyway, London since Brexit has been the hysterical blonde. The British people passed Brexit in a national referendum many had requested for decades. It wasn’t close—it won by a 3.8-point margin. Turnout was huge, 72% of eligible voters. Then-Prime Minister David Cameron, who opposed Brexit but called the referendum in a stupendous and foolish bet that his people saw things as he did, was forced to step down. Theresa May, who’d opposed Brexit but with less focus and commitment, rose from the debris and had a good start. “Brexit means Brexit,” she said. And then she too misread the situation, on the ground and in Parliament. The argument didn’t end. The European Union did what everyone knew it would do and tried to stop the jailbreak. Everything got drawn out and dragged down. The whole political class floundered under the strain.

If leaving the EU was a radical decision, it was deliberately and consciously so: For six weeks the question consumed the nation, and a decision was made.

Is it not obvious what must be done? This matter has to be resolved. A great nation can’t function cut in two, with half the nation at the other half’s throats. It can’t go forward in history that way; it must be one thing or the other, as Lincoln said.

The people asked for Brexit. The government has to deliver it. You can’t insult the very idea of democracy and say, Oh, well, this is hard, so we’ll have a do-over on the vote and hope the people will deliver a different outcome. You have to accept the result and forge ahead.

Make Brexit happen, make the break. Move forward as the people instructed. If you can get EU cooperation, get it. If not, stop pleading and dragging it out. Settle this. If it works it will be apparent within a few years, so hold a parade. If it doesn’t, public opinion on a second referendum will be different.

But stop whingeing. You were hired to lead the people. If you’re not talented enough to do that, you can at least follow them.

In connection to this, the Conservative Party leadership race to replace Mrs. May began this week. Boris Johnson, the former foreign secretary and London mayor, made the case for his candidacy. “After three years and two missed deadlines,” he said, “we must leave the EU on Oct. 31.” He hopes for a deal, but the next government should prepare “vigorously and seriously for no deal.” “Brexit delay means defeat,” Mr. Johnson contends. “The paradox is that we have not allayed the divisions in our society by failing to deliver the outcome. . . . We made them worse.”

He’s right. He is also probably going to win. The problem is that he is famously slippery and no one ever knows if they can trust his word. Ken Clark, the Conservative former chancellor of the Exchequer, told the Guardian that Mr. Johnson “doesn’t have any policies, certainly none that are consistent from day to day,” and added: “I don’t actually think he knows what he would do to get us out of the Brexit crisis.”

Mr. Johnson is not an especially good man. His greatest fans admit he is dishonest, even for a politician. But he has wit, verve and intellectual quickness. He has a showman’s love of comedy. A friend who’s a historian of the royal family mentioned as a reason to support him that Queen Elizabeth II has been holding weekly audiences with her prime ministers since 1952: “After all these years she deserves a laugh.” She does.

But the reason Mr. Johnson will likely win is that he is the only serious candidate who understands the politics of the situation—that Brexit simply must be put through, finally and soon. On top of that he’s a compelling figure, with an appreciation of and talent for the show businesses of politics.

He’s never seemed to believe in much beyond his right to rise to the top; he is a born cynic. When Brexit, whose cause he led, surprisingly passed, he suddenly was responsible for a difficult situation. In response he fled for the hills and was incommunicado for days. But his cynicism, perversely, might make him a good match for the EU, which doesn’t seem to believe in much beyond its right to run things whether its constituent nations like it or not. Mrs. May is a very decent person, and she was outmatched. The great thing about cynics is that they tend to do the practical and obvious thing, and the obvious thing to do now is push the EU hard, then stop.

Mr. Johnson’s admirers have the grating habit of comparing him to Winston Churchill, a flawed outsider with imperfect judgment but the right man for 1939. But Churchill was an authentic genius who wrote a masterpiece of the English language while drunk and went to war hung over. He was a gigantic character. Boris Johnson is merely a big one, and a showman. No one knows what he will achieve, but he surely knows he must deliver. My friend the historian believes Mr. Johnson can reinvigorate Britain, “which has lost confidence in itself after spending the last three years on bended knee.”

* * *

The second country that needs a slap this week is China. It needs to be told no—colorfully, vividly, and in a great chorus. It needs to know the upset it is causing in trying to muscle the people of Hong Kong with extradition moves is not worth the gain—that it will ruffle things in a way that is not good for China. The world admires Hong Kong’s freedoms, bustle and success. China needs to be made to understand it damages its standing and stature by bullying that little city. It would be good if it saw it is causing a great clamor.

World, be roused. Push back through word, opinion and argument. Let Beijing know there’s a price for its moves.

Chinese rulers the past few years have seemed quite full of themselves. They pride themselves on taking the long view of history, and on their heavy competence, their ability to hold their balance amid domestic pressures and internal contradictions. They are willing to sacrifice in the day-to-day to achieve long-term objectives. They’ve enjoyed three decades of economic growth, moved forward in telecom, mining, energy, manufacturing. High military spending, military modernization, Huawei, 5G. They’ve been rising for decades, all the while giving the impression that they see the West as being composed of distracted materialists with their faces in screens.

This would be a good time to make a mighty roar, and surprise them with some energy and feeling.



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