Tuesday Top News Executive Summary

Media Editors: BORDER LAWSUIT TOSSED: “Washington, D.C., district court Judge Trevor McFadden threw out House Democrats’ lawsuit seeking an injunction against President Trump’s emergency border wall funding reallocation, saying that the matter is fundamentally a political dispute and that the politicians lack standing to make a legal case.” (Fox News)

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION’S WIDE NET: “U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Del Rio Station apprehended a large group of 116 individuals Thursday. … This is the first large group apprehended in the Del Rio Sector and the first large group of people from Africa — including nationals from Angola, Cameroon and Congo — apprehended on the Southwest border this year.” (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

ANTITRUST BLITZ: “Congress will be taking a close look at the power of big tech. The House Judiciary Committee announced Monday that it will hold a series of hearings as part of a bipartisan investigation into whether there is enough competition among U.S. technology companies.” (NBC News)

DOXXING BELLIGERENCE: “Over the weekend, the Daily Beast — apparently with Facebook’s help — exposed the identity of the man who allegedly uploaded the now-famous ‘drunk Nancy Pulosi’ viral video.” (National Review)

loose lips-BIDEN’S GREEN SCAM: “Former Vice President loose lips-Joe Biden on Tuesday unveiled a $1.7-trillion, 10-year plan to combat climate change, the latest entry in a spate of proposals from Democratic White House hopefuls to address a global environmental issue that was rarely addressed in past presidential campaigns.” (Los Angeles Times)

DISASTER AID: “The House passed a long-delayed aid bill on Monday that will send $19.1 billion to states and territories hit by flooding, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters in recent months. The legislation … now goes to President Trump. The president has described the bill as ‘great’ and is expected to sign it.” (The Washington Post)

ECONOMIC HARBINGER? “The U.S. Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index fell by more than two-points to 50.5 in May, the lowest level since Sept. 2009, according to IHS Markit. New orders contracted for the first time since August 2009. The overall index has fallen by almost six points over the last year.” (Bloomberg)

CENSUS RACE BAIT: “More than 4 million people — including a significant portion of black and Latino Americans — could be left out of the 2020 census, according to a study from the nonpartisan Urban Institute.” (NBC News)

ELECTORAL SECURITY THREAT: “Silicon Valley investors are nudging election officials toward an innovation that prominent coders and cryptographers warn is downright dangerous for democracy. Voting by phone could be coming soon to an election near you.” (Los Angeles Times)

POLICY: Three things to know about a disaster spending bill conservatives couldn’t stop (The Daily Signal)

POLICY: The Tiananmen Square massacre still matters (The Daily Signal)

HUMOR: Left vows to topple patriarchy by allowing biological males to dominate women’s sports (The Babylon Bee)

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Facts indicate That Mueller Either Destroyed Evidence or Hid it

by Sidney Powell

{ dailycaller.com } ~ The Supreme Court held long ago in Brady v. Maryland that the Constitution requires the prosecution, which holds all the cards in a criminal case… to give the defense all evidence favorable to the defendant, whether it impeaches a witness, mitigates punishment or shows his innocence. Indeed, the burden is on prosecutors to find anything in the possession of the government that is favorable to the defense. From the minute Judge Emmet G. Sullivan received the case against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, which will be decided on Tuesday, he ordered Mueller to provide the defense with all Brady material. Last week, Judge Sullivan specifically ordered Mueller to produce any FBI interview reports — called 302s — or memoranda relevant to the original interview of Gen. Flynn. Ironically, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley has been requesting the agents’ notes and 302s for two years. Did Mueller comply?Remarkably, but not surprisingly to those who have read my book, Mueller has thumbed his nose at Judge Sullivan’s order. He produced only a 302 created by his own squad seven months later from his own agent’s interview of none other than the infamous, fired-for-bias, disgraced, Trump-loathing, former Agent Peter Strzok — the guy who swore he’d “stop” President Trump and devised “an insurance policy” with his mistress Lisa Page and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe in case Trump won the election. We are watching Mueller execute that insurance policy by the day. The evidence indicates Mueller has destroyed or is suppressing Brady material. There was an original 302 created within five days — by FBI protocol — of the Jan. 24, 2016 ambush interview of General Flynn by two agents — Strzok and Special Agent Joe Pientka. It is mentioned in the Strzok-Page text messages and on page four of the recrafted 302 Mueller filed. scumbag-Comey read the original 302 before he was fired. It existed — as Grassley well knows. It was written by Agent Pientka, who also took extensive handwritten notes, whose name is redacted from Mueller’s filing, and who seems to have disappeared. Where are the original 302, his notes, and where is Agent Pientka? Grassley has been trying to get access to all three for almost two years. Mueller’s filing confirms that Agent Pientka was assigned to take notes of the interview. Judge Sullivan’s order encompasses the production of those notes. Where are they? Were they destroyed despite Grassley’s longstanding request and Judge Sullivan’s original Brady order? The failure to produce them is another Brady violation that warrants the dismissal of the charges against Flynn and warrants holding Mueller and his team in contempt of court… https://dailycaller.com/2018/12/16/mueller-destroyed-evidence/


Congress wants Pentagon to rebuild stockpile and close the China missile gap

by Russ Read

{ washingtonexaminer.com } ~ The United States needs more production lines making more missiles. That’s the message from Congress to the Pentagon, via the Senate Committee on Armed Services’ recent markup of the 2020 defense budget… The markup contains a provision to continue the Pentagon’s work in acquiring high-end, long-range missiles in an effort to close what is known in the national security world as the “missile gap.” As the Pentagon continues to reorient itself to counter threats posed by China, the Senate wants defense officials to maximize as many missile production lines as possible.”There’s a huge missile gap between the United States and China in particular,” Rebecca Heinrichs, a senior fellow with the Hudson Institute who specializes in missile defense, told the Washington Examiner. “And so the United States has got to a point where we’re being prudent, and making sure that we have our own industrial base capable and ready to ramp up production rates.” China has spent the last several years expanding its missile arsenal as part of what is known as an anti-access/area denial doctrine. Chinese leaders realized long ago that while they can’t compete with U.S. spending on things such as aircraft carriers and fighter jets, they can develop and acquire weapons to counter them at a fraction of the cost. Missiles, in particular, are good at preventing U.S. assets from entering China’s neighborhood. While China has spent the last several years building up its missile arsenal, the U.S. has been depleting its stockpiles fighting the Islamic State and other terrorist groups through campaigns heavily reliant on airstrikes. Hellfire missiles and super-accurate Joint Direct Attack Munitions have been in particularly high demand and defense analysts are concerned current production might not meet future needs…  https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/defense-national-security/congress-wants-pentagon-to-rebuild-stockpile-and-close-the-china-missile-gap?utm_source=breaking_push&utm_medium=app&utm_campaign=push_notifications&utm_source=WEX_News%20Brief_06/02/2019&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WEX_News%20Brief&rid=5261


California Gov. Gavin Newsom Pushes for $2 Billion in New Taxes and Fees 

by Cody Leach

{ cnsnews.com } ~ As California enjoys a historic budget surplus of more than $21.5 billion, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is pushing for more than $2 billion in new taxes and fees… His plan calls for instituting a water tax, phone tax, and health care penalty known as the “individual mandate.” “Without the mandate, everybody’s premiums go up,” Newsom said when pitching his plan. Citizens would begin to be penalized in 2020 for not having health insurance in order to provide further subsidies for Covered California, the state insurance exchange. Within three years, the revenue is expected to top over $1 billion. “We’re talking about close to $2.4 billion in new taxes,” said Republican state Sen. Patricia Bates, who represents both parts of Orange and San Diego counties. “Everything in California is costing more and incomes are less.” Many in the state legislature remain cautious to raising taxes after former Gov. Jerry Brown pushed through a controversial 2017 transportation package that levied a 40% tax hike on the state’s excise gas tax and increased yearly vehicle registration fees. While the campaign to repeal the gas tax, known as Prop. 6, failed at the ballot box by a margin of 56 to 43 percent, many Democrats in the Assembly remain hesitant to again raise taxes after Republicans successfully recalled Sen. John Newman (D-Orange) after connecting him to the unpopular gas tax hike last June. Think again, Californian you elected him.  https://www.cnsnews.com/blog/cody-leach/california-gov-gavin-newsom-pushes-2-billion-new-taxes-and-fees?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWXprelpUQmlPR0kzTXpreSIsInQiOiJxKzBKWk94XC8wQXBuSnVhUXJ6UmxXd1pveEg3NHR1T0diaEE5UlwvNmFtdTdFNWNSVHpcL1YxS3p1aU9qU3dLRm40VG81Rjlma3N0RlVmb043SXFnWVhyeEw2NjZTYzNYVTAwWlZJVW9LeExXbmhFZ3NYUzJGNkJwcit5YWJxWmtmUSJ9


Arabs Riot as Jews Are Allow to Enter Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day

by Alon Einhorn

{ jpost.com } ~ Following the report that Jews will be allowed to enter the Temple Mount for Jerusalem Day, riots broke out on the Temple Mount on Sunday… according to the Police Spokesperson’s Unit. The commander of the Jerusalem district, Maj.-Gen. Doron Yedid, ordered the police to enter the Temple Mount and take care of the rioters. As the police attempted to enter the place, Arab worshipers began throwing stones, chairs and other objects at the forces. The forces responded with riot dispersal means. Jews are generally forbidden to enter the compound during the last days of the month of Ramadan. The police, however, allowed the entrance of Jews especially for Jerusalem Day. After the riots subsided, Jews slowly began entering the area.  https://www.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Jews-allowed-to-enter-Temple-Mount-on-Jerusalem-Day-riots-break-out-591341


IDF Using New Intelligence System to Decrease Surprise Attacks on Troops

by Anna Ahronheim

{ jpost.com } ~ The IDF has begun to use a new system to alert troops to suspicious movements by Palestinians in the West Bank… in an attempt to decrease the chance of troops being caught by surprise. The system includes analytics and visual intelligence, which are all connected to one main system in an operations room. It was established as part of the project the military hopes will assist in foiling attacks in real time, and prevent manhunts of terrorists who get away following an attack. The military has understood that many soldiers are slow to respond to surprise attacks, and that troops must decrease the time it takes them to act. Therefore, in the coming months troops stationed in the West Bank will receive smartwatches that will alert them to approaching threats in an attempt to decrease surprise attacks. The Judea and Samaria division of the IDF has also formulated a new operational concept to define the range of operational actions and norms aimed at increasing its ability to deal with attacks. The concept, which relates to all stages of troop training, aims to ensure that every combat soldier is able to make correct decisions under pressure and in a short period of time, such as overpowering an attacker at a maximum speed. The IDF has also begun a new combat training program at the Lachish Training Center that includes programs that are in accordance with the sector and operational missions, as well as familiarity with the regional history and the operational challenges. The military has also improved training infrastructure for troops, adding in programs based on virtual reality that allows soldiers to experience real-world incidents including stabbing and shooting attacks, as well as Krav Maga and shooting courses. With terrorist attacks continuing in the West Bank, the IDF arrested more than a thousand Palestinians this year, and confiscated 270 illegal weapons…  https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/IDF-using-new-intelligence-system-to-decrease-surprise-attacks-on-troops-591380


A Government Environmentalist Experiment in Brainwashing Parents Through Children in North Carolina

by Daniel Greenfield

{ sultanknish.blogspot.com } ~ #C02Kult.

That’s the hashtag for it in Germany, where they know a bit about mass hysteria and brainwashing. It shows up every time students are manipulated into another school strike for the “environment”.

The Joan of Arc of C02Kult is Greta Thunberg, the daughter of two Swedish celebrities, and a 15-year-old suffering from Aspergers, who became a popular lefty figure for leading environmental school strikes.

“I overthink. Some people can just let things go, but I can’t, especially if there’s something that worries me or makes me sad,” Greta said. “I remember when I was younger, and in school, our teachers showed us films of plastic in the ocean, starving polar bears and so on. I cried through all the movies. My classmates were concerned when they watched the film, but when it stopped, they started thinking about other things. I couldn’t do that. Those pictures were stuck in my head.”

Greta claims that she began to suffer from depression when she was only 8-years-old because of global warming. She claims to have gotten her mother to stop flying and her father to turn into a vegetarian.

The autistic teenager spends a lot of time being afraid and sharing her fear. “I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day,” she told leaders in Davos.

As with all child activists, some see a passion for social responsibility, while others see child abuse.

Had Greta been born in another time and place, she might have been just as afraid of witches or subversives. Terrified teens who were encouraged to act on their fears were responsible for everything from the Salem witch trials to the crimes of the Cultural Revolution. The fault lies with the adults who traumatize children and then unleash them on society to win their political battles.

There’s a name for that. Child soldiers.

A recent paper in Nature is titled, “Children can foster climate change concern among their parents” which suggests that the best way to influence adults is by brainwashing their children.

Or, as its abstract states, “Child-to-parent intergenerational learning—that is, the transfer of knowledge, attitudes or behaviours from children to parents—may be a promising pathway to overcoming socio-ideological barriers to climate concern.” The ideological barriers are conservative politics.

What was put into practice was an “educational intervention designed to build climate change concern among parents indirectly through their middle school-aged children in North Carolina, USA.”

That reads like the title of a KGB project from the Cold War, but it’s an academic paper in America.

The study found that “parents of children in the treatment group expressed higher levels of climate change concern than parents in the control group. The effects were strongest among male parents and conservative parents, who, consistent with previous research, displayed the lowest levels of climate concern before the intervention. Daughters appeared to be especially effective in influencing parents.”

They used to be your children and grandchildren. Now they’re a “treatment group”.

Some of the 10-14 year olds being targeted were exempt from human experimentation because they were in the “control” group. 166 students and 199 parents did get the “treatment”. After two years of this, the paper gloated that “parents who identified as male or conservative more than doubled their level of concern about climate change”.

Danielle F Lawson, a grad student at North Carolina State University, credited the level of trust between parents and children. It’s exactly this trust that environmentalists and all totalitarian ideologies exploit.

“We also found that the results were most pronounced for three groups: conservative parents, parents of daughters, and fathers,” Lawson is quoted as saying in an NCSU press release.

This, the NCSU release informs us, “was noteworthy because conservatives and men are typically among the least concerned about climate change.”

“There’s a robust body of work showing that kids can influence their parents’ behavior and positions on environmental and social issues,” Lawson asserts.

Scientific American’s article on the study is illustrated with a picture of, who else, Greta Thunberg.

The release thanks the Department of Interior’s Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center for its support.

Lawson’s bio claims that she’s looking to build “climate literacy” through “intergenerational transfer in familial and community groups”. It’s not a new idea. The USSR’s educational system was built on the conviction that brainwashing children was an effective tool for controlling their parents.

The North Carolina grad student lists Kathryn Stevenson and Nils Peterson as the professors she’s working under. Both of their names appear on the Nature paper. Lawson’s activities are creepy, but not original. Stevenson’s research reeks of a disturbing obsession with figuring out how to manipulate children into accepting her views that we would associate with the USSR or Communist China.

“Our findings suggest convincing teachers that climate change is real, but not necessarily human caused, may have profound impacts on students,” Stevenson insisted after the release of, “How climate change beliefs among U.S. teachers do and do not translate to students.”

Her articles and publications obsessively focus on middle-school students and how to manipulate them into accepting her belief system. A 2015 article delves into “fostering climate change hope and concern and avoiding despair among adolescents”. Another one explores “psychological factors”. A third delves into the “role of significant life experiences” while a fourth explores the role of “friends and family”.

A future article seeks to develop a “causal model for adolescent climate change behavior.”

One of Stevenson’s favorite targets are the children of conservative parents. Or as one piece describes them, individualists as opposed to communitarians. “Kids are just developing their worldviews, their political ideologies,” Stevenson says. The study is titled “Overcoming Skepticism With Education”. Its abstract admits that it targets children because “worldviews are still forming in the teenage years” and therefore “adolescents may represent a more receptive audience.”

Not only is NCSU a public research university, but much of this creepy obsession with manipulating children into supporting a destructive partisan agenda is funded through massive government grants.

Kathryn Stevenson’s “Ensuring Readiness For Climate Variability And Change By Leveraging The Power Of Younger Generations” was a grant proposal funded by the USDA to the tune of $149,997.

An upcoming proposal, involving both Stevenson and Peterson, requests $120,000 for “Improving environmental decision making in coastal communities through giving children a voice”.

The children don’t have a voice. The adults cynically manipulating them are the only ones who do.

The child soldier of the leftists running the Soviet Union was a boy named Pavlik Morozov who, Communist propaganda claimed, had been killed by his parents for informing on his father. In reality, the boy was murdered by other teens. But the leftist regime massacred most of the dead boy’s family, including his brother, and used his myth to encourage other teens to turn Thunberg.

Child soldiers have their youth, their sense of security and their future stolen from them. And it’s all done when they are still too young to understand the crime that has been committed against them.

Children don’t choose to advocate for political agendas. That choice is made for them. Sometimes those decisions are made by their parents. Other times it’s made by a totalitarian machine lubricated by hundreds of thousands in grant money stolen from their parents in order to brainwash their children.

Greta, depressed, terrified, angry, and traumatized, is the intended outcome of that machine.

A child soldier.



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