Tuesday Top Headline Summary

by Media Editors: Impasse defeated? “Three people familiar with Congress’ tentative border security deal tell The Associated Press that the accord would provide $1.375 billion to build 55 miles of new border barriers. That’s well below the $5.7 billion President Donald Trump demanded to build over 200 miles of wall along the Mexican boundary.” However, the president will probably sign the deal if it gets Congress’s blessing.

According to The Hill, “Eight immigrant families separated under the Trump administration’s immigration policies filed claims Monday for millions of dollars in damages for what a lawyer called ‘inexplicable cruelty’ that left lasting damage.” Left unmentioned is the cruelty these heads of families recklessly bring upon their children by illegally immigrating.

The Washington Post reports, “Rep. commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is pushing for a debate on the substance of her Green New Deal resolution after her staff distributed an erroneous fact sheet regarding the proposal, leading to confusion over a plan supported by many of the Democratic Party’s leading candidates for president.” But is it actually confusion, or is it, as Gary Bauer more reasonably suggests, damage control?

Color us shocked: “Strict voter ID laws do not suppress turnout, a new paper finds, regardless of sex, race, Hispanic identity, or party affiliation. … In total, 10 states, ranging from Georgia to Wisconsin, require voters to show ID in order to vote. … The new research, from an economics professor at the University of Bologna and another at Harvard Business School, indicates that ‘strict’ voting laws of the type implemented in those ten states do not have a statistically significant effect on voter turnout.” (The Washington Free Beacon)

A contentious citizenship question that is being included on the 2020 Census won’t be removed despite a lawsuit against it. The Epoch Times says, “The legal victory for the Trump administration came Feb. 8, when Judge Dabney Friedrich of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia threw out an application for a preliminary injunction filed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center.”

Quality of life is increasing, which undoubtedly stems from enhanced financial confidence. According to Gallup, not only do “69% expect their financial situation to improve over the next year,” but “optimism about finances over the next year is almost at a record-high level.” Moreover, half of Americans “say they are in better shape financially than a year ago.”

Anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar was raked over the coals by House Democrat leaders yesterday, which prompted a reluctant and halfhearted apology from Omar. A statement cosigned by various Democrat leaders stated, “Congresswoman Omar’s use of anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters is deeply offensive. We condemn these remarks and we call upon Congresswoman Omar to immediately apologize for these hurtful comments.” (Townhall)

Unfortunately, the Democrat Party’s anti-Semitic bona fides don’t stop there: “Freshman Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib once wrote a column for the Final Call, an official publication of the Nation of Islam and its notorious leader Louis Farrakhan. Tlaib, a Palestinian American, has been facing criticism ever since her arrival in Congress and promise to impeach President Trump using profane language. She later came under bipartisan criticism from Jewish groups for appearing with radical anti-Israel activists during her swearing-in ceremony in Michigan, with some activists previously praising terror group Hezbollah and Palestinian terrorists, and saying that Israel has no right to exist.” (Fox News)

Not confined to the Catholic Church: “A new investigative piece by the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News has revealed an alleged 20-year-long sex scandal within the leadership of several Southern Baptist churches. According to the investigation, about 380 leaders and volunteers within the church have been accused of sexual misconduct.” (Townhall)

Humor: Virginia Democrats announce they would only resign for a real scandal like getting caught wearing a MAGA hat (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: It’s the one-year anniversary of the Parkland school shooting. The Heritage Foundation’s Amy Swearer dives into “The Role of Mental Illness in Mass Shootings, Suicides.”

Policy: In The Daily Wire, Josh Hammer reminds us that Monday was “the fortieth anniversary of Iran’s disastrous Islamic Revolution — in which the last Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, was overthrown in favor of a totalitarian, anti-Western, zealous, theocratic Islamist terrorist regime.” Read more on why we should “Stand With The Iranian People Against Their Tyrannical Regime.”

~The Patriot Post



South Korea Meets Trump’s Demand to Pay More for U.S. Troops

by John Hayward

{breitbart.com} ~ South Korean officials on Sunday signed a deal to cover more of the cost of U.S. troops over the coming year after President Donald Trump strongly urged them to do so… The new arrangement, pending ratification by the South Korean parliament in April, would increase Seoul’s share of the cost by a little over 8 percent to $924 million in U.S. dollars. South Korean officials described the new deal as a compromise with President Trump’s request for a “huge increase.” The officials stressed the importance of “a strong South Korea-U.S. alliance and the need for a stable stationing of U.S. troops” and said the response from most of South Korea’s government to the revised arrangement has been “positive so far.” “It has been a very long process, but ultimately a very successful process,” South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said of negotiations with the Americans. “United States government realizes that Korea does a lot for our alliance and peace and stability in the region,” said chief U.S. negotiator Timothy Betts. “We are very pleased our consultations resulted in agreement that will strengthen transparency and deepen our cooperation and the alliance.”…  https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2019/02/10/south-korea-meets-trumps-demand-to-pay-more-for-u-s-troops/


More of Trump’s private schedules leak as West Wing hunts down source

by Daniel Chaitin

{washingtonexaminer.com} ~ President Trump’s private schedules were leaked for a second time in a week on Sunday, highlighting what appears to be an act of defiance… as the White House frantically investigates who might be behind the breach. Axios reported it obtained four more days of Trump’s schedules from last week, showing the president spent nearly half his time in unstructured “Executive Time,” which is time during which nothing is planned in advance. Last Sunday, the outlet published three months’ worth of the president’s private itinerary. The first leak prompted Trump’s secretary Madeleine Westerhout to complain of “a disgraceful breach of trust” in a tweet. Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney confirmed to Fox News on Sunday that an internal hunt for the source of the leak is underway, saying they are “hoping to have a resolution” this week. Trump took to Twitter Sunday afternoon to defend his use of “Executive Time.”…  https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/more-of-trumps-private-schedules-leak-as-west-wing-hunts-down-source?utm_source=WEX_Breaking%20News%20Alert_02/10/2019&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WEX_Breaking%20News


‘Fox And Friends’ Air Brutal Footage of MS-13 Murder in NYC After AOC Calls for ICE Abolition

by Nick Givas

{westernjournal.com} ~ “Fox & Friends” played a video of an MS-13 gang member shooting a rival gangster in the face on a New York City subway platform Friday… and drew a response from Democratic Rep. commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter. “We have heard over the last couple of months there have been a number of Democrats who would like to eliminate ICE because they say it serves no legitimate purpose,” co-host Steve Doocy said. “Well, as we look at what ICE has been trying to do in sanctuary cities like the one we’re living in right here, there’s a story about a guy who had been on the law enforcement radar for a while. He was a member of MS-13. He was in the country illegally and on a subway platform earlier this week he shot a rival gang member in the face.”Co-host Brian Kilmeade said the only hope of controlling crimes like these is to rely on ICE agents to remove criminals who are here illegally.“The only hope we have of kicking this guy out before he can kill — shoot somebody is ICE. And that’s what they do to try to hunt them down,” Kilmeade said. “commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, after I imagine seeing this horror, is upset that ICE even exists. She cried about it.” commie-Ocasio-Cortez tweeted a response to the video and said the community was trying to heal from the tragedy, before pivoting back to her immigration talking points… https://www.westernjournal.com/ocasio-cortez-called-abolish-ice-fox-friends-responded-brutal-footage-ms-13-murder-nyc/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=patriottribune&utm_campaign=dailypm&utm_content=libertyalliance

VIDEO: https://twitter.com/revrrlewis/status/1093845672183427072?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1093846695899787264&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fdailycallernewsfoundation.org%2F2019%2F02%2F08%2Focasio-cortez-called-to-abolish-ice-fox-friends-responded-with-brutal-footage-of-ms-13-murder-in-nyc%2F


evil-Cuomo in Panic After Tax Revenue Comes Up $2.3 Bil Short… ‘God Forbid if the Rich Leave’


{westernjournal.com} ~ Time and time again, the Democrats turn to higher tax rates, particularly on the wealthy, as a means of making things better somehow… At times it may appear to be virtue signaling to say that those who are rich should “pay their fair share” even when they pay most of the taxes already. Now New York is showing, yet again, that a progressive income tax system that really is about redistributing wealth and punishing the rich will eventually implode. The rich will simply move themselves, their assets, and their capital elsewhere. Democratic governor Andrew evil-Cuomo announced that New York state’s income tax revenue had taken a nosedive after he introduced his new budget plan a month ago, according to the New York Post. The hit taken by the state is a whopping $2.3 billion. The governor did also note that they have a plan to adjust for the sharp decline in income tax-generated revenue: Spending will be accordingly decreased. “That’s a $2.3 billion drop in revenues. That’s as serious as a heart attack,” he said. “This is worse than we had anticipated. This reduction must be addressed in this year’s budget,” evil-Cuomo added. During his address in Albany, evil-Cuomo took a bit of a former presidential candidate’s approach in explaining how the revenue shortfall came about: It didn’t appear to be his fault but instead seemed like the fault of everyone and everything else…  https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/cuomo-panic-tax-revenue-2-3-bil-short-god-forbid-rich-leave/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=CTBreaking&utm_campaign=breaking&utm_content=conservative-tribune


Dems’ alternative to Trump’s wall blasted by privacy groups

by wnd.com: The Democrats’ alternative to President Trump’s border-wall plan, a high technology “wall” that includes surveillance, is getting a sound round of criticism from privacy experts… “It’s time to tell Congress: Don’t put money in the budget for expanded surveillance at the border,” says the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The organization, along with several like-minded groups, fears mass surveillance at the border would threaten civil liberties for all. EFF notes that more than 325,000 people enter the U.S. daily through airports, and hundreds of thousands more come by land. “It’s also a lot of computers, smartphones, and tablets,” it explained. “Unfortunately, the Fourth Amendment protections we enjoy inside the U.S. for our devices aren’t always as strong when we’re crossing borders – and the Department of Homeland Security takes advantage of it. On the other hand, the border is not a Constitution-free zone. What are the limits to how and how much customs and immigrations officials can access our data?” It has offered guidelines for travelers faced with searches of their phones or computers… https://www.wnd.com/2019/02/dems-alternative-to-trumps-wall-blasted-by-privacy-groups/


The racialist left’s demonization of Trump supporters


{wnd.com} ~ Most people of my generation are well aware that George Orwell’s 1949 dystopian novel “1984” was a treatise on totalitarian socialism or, as Orwell put it, “oligarchical collectivism.” In the novel, the all-powerful State was the sole arbiter of reality, even to the stunning degree that cold, hard facts relating to just about anything could be summarily denied. If the State said that two plus two equals five, then two plus two became five.

Sadly, this is what we are seeing develop in the Western world at present, even more insidiously than in Orwell’s time, when this writer and many of his generation feared the encroachment of such a system. Today, the political left is crafting “truth” out of abject falsehoods, and the more people who buy into it, all the better as regards the left’s objectives.

It’s become clear that the left is determined to tag President Donald Trump with the “racist” brand until it sticks, despite there being as much evidence for him being a racist as there is that he’s a 4-year-old girl.

Earlier in his presidency, the left tried to convict Trump in the court of public opinion concerning allegations that he was an abusive misogynist. They weren’t able to do this, despite the fact that he’s been in the public eye for decades and has employed literally thousands of people, many of whom were women.

Trump’s detractors weren’t able to prove that he’s some sort of sexual deviant either. This they attempted with almost as much determination as they did vis-à-vis their accusations of misogyny, handily ignoring the incongruity of their support for sexual deviance in all its forms in most other instances.

The charges of racism against Trump have enjoyed a much longer life, however, probably owing to such accusations being more potentially damaging. The vigor with which the left is fanning the flames of racial tension is very much in keeping with the wholesale sabotage of race relations that began during Barack scumbag/liar-nObama’s presidency. Turn on any news show, or read anything emanating from the establishment press concerning race relations and Trump’s alleged racial bigotry suddenly becomes front and center.

On last Sunday’s installment of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, was asked by host Chuck Todd about the ongoing controversy over Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook photo featuring people in blackface and Klan robe.

Brown responded in utter weasel fashion, declaring that “We have a president who’s a racist,” and then went on to spout a bunch of wholly irrelevant leftist dog-whistle phraseology. Brown also offered a preposterous analysis of the Trump family’s business practices, claiming that these have been inherently racist for decades.

On Jan 29, Jussie Smollett, a young up-and-coming black singer and actor, was allegedly assaulted in Chicago by two white men. According to Smollett, the assailants yelled racial and homophobic slurs Smollett self-identifies as homosexual, beat him, poured some chemical substance on him and tied a rope around Smollett’s neck. The entertainer said in an interview following the attack that his alleged attackers yelled, “This is MAGA country!” during the assault.

Within hours, leftists came out of the woodwork to condemn the attack and to exploit it as evidence of an emergent culture of intolerance, which, whether they articulated explicitly or not, is obviously a top-down effect of our Racist-in-Chief’s well-known bigotry. Sen. lowlife-Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and other prominent uber-libs weighed in, calling the attack on Smollett “an attempted modern-day lynching.”

The ever-intrepid Smollett made a triumphant return to the stage in Los Angeles last Saturday, announcing to a nightclub crowd that “I had to be here tonight, y’all. I can’t let the motherf–kers win.”

Here, I am inclined to ask precisely who these “motherf–kers” are in Smollett’s view. His attackers? Bigots in general? Is it more likely that Smollett’s sympathies lie with those who came out to support him following the attack (excluding the president, who condemned the assault)? Those who have mercilessly excoriated Trump over the last two years have not been shy about extending their condemnation to all Trump supporters, which obviously encompasses at least half the electorate.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if it is never proved that Smollett was assaulted by Trump supporters. In fact, it would be better for the left if the case were never resolved; that way, they can offer up any narrative they like. To those on the left, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown having been murdered by racist white police officers is truth. From the moment the assault on Smollett became known, the left seized upon white racist Trump supporters as having carried it out, and this will undoubtedly continue.

What’s most disturbing about all this vitriol and wholesale demonization is that when you have large political factions as opposed to small ones squaring off in this manner, there is a markedly increased potential for things escalating, even into widespread civil unrest – or worse.



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