Tuesday Top Headlines

by Media Editors: Pew Research Center survey says Americans want both parties to move to the right (The Daily Wire)

Five facts on the deal to (temporarily) end the shutdown (RealClearPolicy)

Trump to deliver State of the Union Address on Feb. 5 (The Hill)

low;ife-Kamala Harris vows to get rid of private health care plans: “Let’s eliminate all of that. Let’s move on” (Fox News)

Acting attorney general says dirty cop-Robert Mueller’s investigation is coming to an end (Townhall)

New details of 2016 meeting with Trump dossier author conflict with Democrats’ timeline (Fox News)

White House eyes reducing capital gains taxes without Congress (The Daily Signal)

U.S. levels criminal charges against Chinese tech giant Huawei and top executive (ABC News)

U.S. announces new sanctions against Venezuela’s state-owned oil company (The Hill)

Germany to shutter all 84 coal-fired plants (The Hill)

Humor: Facebook to replace all reaction buttons with pure outrage (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: Latest CBO budget projections show why Congress must stop delaying spending reforms (The Daily Signal)

Policy: A real reform to curb the harm of government shutdowns (Washington Examiner)

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Judge Jeanine Puts Career On Line, Exposes Who Pulosi Is Actually Working For

by Tori McNabb

{redrightvideos.com} ~ During her broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” over the weekend, host Jeanine Pirro hammered Nancy Pulosi in her show’s “Opening Monologue” segment… Pirro has been all over Pulosi ever since the shutdown began for putting Americans last and illegal immigrants first. But Saturday, Judge Jeanine laid down the gauntlet: “So let me see if I understand this: An American mother shows a picture of a child murdered by an illegal, and Chuck scumbag-Schumer and his gang they come out and show pictures of federal employees. Is there a moral equivalency here? Are you folks, schizo?”“Are you working for Americans or illegals? Or is it that you just don’t give a damn? You vacation in Hawaii. Your buddies vacation in Puerto Rico during a shutdown and you plan a jaunt to Europe while federal employees are trying to save every dollar to buy groceries. Admit it — you don’t give a damn.” “Nancy, you are a hypocrite, a political operative,” Judge Jeanine added. “Your mantra: Destroy the president of the United States. ‘To hell with the taxpaying hard-working Americans. Let them eat cake. I got a junket to go on, an ego to assuage, an electorate to ignore.’” Pirro is correct! We all love immigrants. This country was built on immigration. But it used to be that we vetted those immigrants. We looked for background and health issues. We wanted good people coming into join the American Dream!… https://redrightvideos.com/judge-jeanine-puts-career-on-line-exposes-who-pelosi-is-actually-working-for/?utm_source=RRV%20newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=subscriber_id:253196&utm_campaign=Judge%20Jeanine%20Puts%20Career%20On%20Line,%20Exposes%20Who%20Pelosi%20Is%20Actually%20Working%20For

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=7RWjIv64iGs


Mick Mulvaney Discusses Border Security and Government Shutdown Fight

by sundance

{theconservativetreehouse.com} ~ It is a rather incredulous dynamic where President Trump is fighting to secure the southern border… while the Democrat speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pulosi, coordinates resistance bribes from Mexican cartels to stop him. I digress…In this segment from Fox News Sunday, acting Chief-of-Staff Mick Mulvaney discusses the issues around trying to get funding for U.S. border security and the possibility of another government shutdown.  https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/01/27/sunday-talks-mick-mulvaney-discusses-border-security-and-government-shutdown-fight/

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VW-xgOwZOg


One Way Outraged Americans Can Beat dirty cop-Robert Mueller

by Michael Nollet

{americanthinker.com} ~ Much has been made of the pre-dawn arrest of Roger Stone in his home in Fort Lauderdale. To make this arrest… Special Counsel dirty cop-Robert Mueller, probably having delegated the task to his subordinate Andrew Weissmann who is known for this tactic, assembled a full-scale FBI SWAT team of 29 members, replete with long weapons, body armor, and even a flash-bang grenade or two. The arrest took place at “zero dark thirty” or 5:30 A.M. Nevertheless, a CNN crew was on hand to film the whole thing. Once upon a time, this level of force was considered necessary only to raid suspects able and inclined to shoot back, or who might destroy evidence. Think Symbionese Liberation Army or drug kingpin Frank Lucas of American Gangster fame. In such cases, in which the suspects really might shoot back, a television crew would never be allowed, on the grounds that they could be killed in the crossfire. The fact that a CNN crew was allowed to film Stone’s arrest is evidence that nobody believed he was dangerous. Indeed, he was not: he is 66-year-old white-collar suspect with no prior history of violence, who didn’t even have weapons in his house. Even the judge processing Stone’s arraignment implicitly accepted that Stone was not dangerous; he allowed Stone to be released on a $250,000 surety bond. The usual procedure in white-collar cases is not to assemble an unnecessary SWAT team. Instead, the Justice Department informs the suspect’s attorney that the suspect has been indicted and needs to turn himself in to whatever courthouse for arraignment. The attorney informs the suspect and usually surrenders his client peacefully in the courthouse. No guns, no flash-bangs, no pre-dawn raids. Alan Dershowitz has said the only purpose of this level of force is to intimidate the mark into flipping on someone higher. In the case of Roger Stone, that can mean only President Trump. Nor is Stone the only white-collar suspect to feel dirty cop-Mueller’s wrath. Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort got it much worse. Manafort not only was subjected to the same kind of pre-dawn raid as Stone, but also denied bail and held in solitary confinement – before his trial… https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/01/one_way_outraged_americans_can_beat_robert_mueller.html


Former Trump Staff Member Says ‘Cartoon Villain’ Kellyanne Conway Bad-Mouthed Colleagues

by thepoliticalinsider.com

{thepoliticalinsider.com} ~ Former White House aide Cliff Sims says in a new book that Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway is a “cartoon villain brought to life”… who often bad-mouthed her colleagues to the media. Vanity Fair obtained excerpts from “Team of Vipers: My 500 Extraordinary Days in the Trump White House,” in which Sims accuses Conway of texting reporters negative messages about White House staff. Sims says the messages popped up in real time on Conway’s computer while he used it to write a White House response to the hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” who had criticized Conway. “She was having simultaneous conversations with no fewer than a half­-dozen reporters, most of them from outlets the White House frequently trashed for publishing ‘fake news,’ ” Sims said of Conway’s text messages that he observed. “Jour­nalists from The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Politico, and Bloomberg were all popping up on the screen. And these weren’t policy conversations, or attempts to fend off attacks on the president,” Sims added. “As I sat there trying to type, she bashed Jared Kushner, Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon and Sean Spicer, mentioning each specifically by name… I wonder if this is true. https://thepoliticalinsider.com/kellyanne-conway-leaker/?utm_campaign=TPI_Sunday_Newsletter_1_27_2019&utm_source=criticalimpact&utm_medium=email&utm_content=4b4ea4948726422aa6473c7b9fa19141&source=CI


16-Month Long Sting Operation Catches First Nations Man Selling $90 Worth of Fish

By John Vibes

{activistpost.com} ~ According to recent reports, a Canadian government agent posed as a scientist to set up an elaborate sting operation targeting a Cree First Nations man… who was accused of illegally selling fish he’d caught from a lake near his home. For a year and a half, a conservation officer from Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Environment went undercover as an air quality scientist to investigate the claims. Donald Iron, a Cree First Nations man who lives in the settlement of Canoe Narrows in northern Saskatchewan, was the target of the investigation. Iron was cited for selling fish without a license after the 16-month long investigation proved he sold a whopping $90 worth of fish. The case sparked outrage among the scientific community as the agency’s actions may negatively impact the relationship that scientists have built with the First Nations. Ryan Brook, a wildlife professor at the University of Saskatchewan, says the community may think twice about dealing with scientists from now on. When an enforcement officer pretends to be a scientist, that definitely sets us back a lot. The next person that comes up to northern Saskatchewan or other places in Canada and says, ‘Hello, I’m a scientist. I’d like to work with you on something’ — it’s just another alarm bell that goes off. It says, ‘Oh, boy. Who is this guy, really?’ “Are we talking about a multi-year sting to capture a major crime ring that’s putting conservation at risk? This was a pretty small case: 90 bucks,” he added…  https://www.activistpost.com/2019/01/16-month-long-sting-operation-catches-first-nations-man-selling-90-worth-of-fish.html?utm_source=Activist+Post+Subscribers&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=e3c885838e-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_term=0_b0c7fb76bd-e3c885838e-387888649


Buzzfeed, Twitter Provide Two Black Eyes for Media

by Debra J. Saunders

{townhall.com} ~ First, Buzzfeed News ran a story Jan. 16 that asserted President Donald Trump told his long-time private attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about talks with Russia about a Trump Tower in Moscow. The sources? Two anonymous federal law enforcement officials.

By Friday of that week, a thin gruel of a story had put cable news in a ferocious feeding frenzy as pundits breathlessly pronounced that, “if true,” Trump should be impeached. Yes, they jumped on an anonymously sourced story that they wanted to be true, then cagily waved the “if true” disclaimer just in case reality intruded.

They would have continued to say “if true” for days, even as no other news organization could verify the Buzzfeed piece, had not Special Counsel dirty cop-Robert Mueller’s office ended their glee by issuing a statement roundly debunking it.

To recap, the story was wrong and the only reason to give it credibility was runaway bias. While many journalists hung back and waited to learn more, the public saw an endless spool of anti-Trump pundits who were rewarded for their poor judgment with on-air time and knowing nods.

The next day, another epic media fail was born.

A brief video clip of a white male high school student in a Make America Great Again hat staring silently as a Native American activist stood before him beating a drum and chanting was unleashed on Twitter. A rush to ill-informed judgment followed.

The left dusted off every stereotype in its vault. Twitter users described the moment as a confrontation between smug privileged white teens and a besieged Vietnam veteran proud of his Native American heritage.

CNN contributor Reza Aslan tweeted, “Honest question: Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?”

In a classic case of confirmation bias, mainstream news outlets went with that narrative that placed the blame on teens in MAGA hats. The Washington Post reported that the high schooler was wearing a “relentless smirk.” The story reported the assertion of Nathan Phillips, the Native American drummer, that the kids were shouting, “Build that wall,” even though, the story noted, there was no video of the students chanting about a wall. Standards?

The Post story also framed Phillips as he wanted to be framed, the hapless “man in the middle” who was forced into unwanted confrontation.

Later, conservatives posted a video that showed that Phillips, rather than being surrounded by students as he had claimed, actually had approached the students.

The paper also ran a correction on its reporting that Phillips served in Vietnam. He did not.

Nick Sandmann, the MAGA-hat wearing teen, released a statement in which he denied smirking and maintained that he chose to remain silent and expressionless because he didn’t want to inflame a tense situation.

Many who posted nasty tweets about the students from Kentucky’s Covington Catholic High School deleted them. Some even apologized.

Alas, others argued that white Catholic teens were not entitled to the benefit of the doubt. When White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said she’d never seen people “so happy to destroy a kid’s life,” an unrepentant Aslan tweeted, “She means a white kid. Brown kids? Well, they belong in cages.”

Actress Alyssa Milano refused to walk back the tweet she had posted on the standoff by the Lincoln Memorial: “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood.”

Noting that the students were on the Washington Mall waiting for a bus after participating in the anti-abortion March for Life, Milano argued, “Let’s not forget — the entire event happened because a group of boys went on a school-sanctioned trip to protest against a woman’s right to her own body and reproductive healthcare.”

Translation: Conservatives are fair game.

Conservatives are fair game for virtue-signaling conservatives. Twitter has turned into a forum in which people prove their goodness by berating others as unworthy, and conservatives also trash-talked the students from Kentucky’s Covington Catholic High School.

In the heat of the pile-on, the National Review’s Nicholas Frankovich tweeted, “As for the putatively Catholic students from Covington, they might as well have just spit on the cross and got it over with.” Frankovich later apologized, rightly copped to being “preachy and rhetorically excessive,” and deleted the tweet.

When Trump first entered the White House, there was a concerted move to keep him off Twitter because even his own staff was concerned that his often combative bursts on Twitter were, well, unpresidential. Like Aslan today, he would make assertions of questionable accuracy, but stand by them anyway. Two years later, we are all unpresidential and social media in reality is anti-social.



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