Merry Christmas and Happy New Years 

dirty cop-Mueller: The Grinch trying to steal the presidency


{} ~ This Christmas and New Year’s season, my nomination for “Grinch of the Year” is Special Counsel dirty cop-Robert Mueller, a man green with envy for the Republican and Democrat establishments… Hiring conflicted leftist and pro-scumbag/liar-Clinton Democrat elves, dirty cop-Mueller – a registered Republican and former head of the FBI – figured correctly that the “enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Thus, he hired the Trump-hating likes of Andrew Weismann, Jeannie Rhee who was opposing counsel on behalf of the scumbag/liar-Clinton Foundation in a racketeering lawsuit I had filed against it and Aaron Zelinsky, to name just a few. Knowing no bounds, the Grinch and his corrupt prosecutorial elves set out to steal the presidency from the voters who put Trump into the White House. And how did they plan and implement their caper? By using every prosecutorial dirty trick in the book – not just to wage a “witch hunt,” but to employ scorched-earth tactics to seek out and destroy anyone in and around the 45th president, as well as his prominent public supporters, such as No. 1 New York Times bestselling author and investigative journalist Dr. Jerome Corsi. dirty cop-Mueller – tyrannically using the full powers of our nation’s once premier law enforcement agency – set out to seek and destroy in order to reward those establishment political hacks whose backs he had scratched, and who had rewarded him with high government positions, throughout his career. The offering to these gods of the Washington, D.C., swamp was the head of the president. In order to reel in his prey, dirty cop-Mueller had to first threaten, indict, and then extort and coerce those in and around Trump to get them to lie about the president and implicate him in a non-existent crime of Russian collusion. The first victim, of course, was Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn, an American patriot and a man formerly of impeccable courage…


Unions Pocket Majority of Paycheck Money From UPS Seasonal Employees

by Mary Chastain

{} ~ CBS Boston reported that many seasonal UPS workers experienced shock when they received their paycheck because unions took the majority of the money… Sheila O’Malley of Charlestown couldn’t believe it when she opened her paycheck from her seasonal job at UPS. “I was shocked,” she told the I-Team. She worked 41 hours that week, many of them during the overnight, and ended up with just $14.52. Sheila assumed it was a mistake and the money would be refunded. In part, because Sheila, like other thousands of other seasonal part time UPS workers, signed an agreement to pay the $500 Teamsters union initiation fee in $32.00 weekly installments. But UPS told her it wasn’t a mistake. A spokesperson for UPS told the I-Team, “Local 25 reversed this long standing practice by rescinding this policy.” For the new hires, that meant the balance of the union initiation fees and dues would be deducted in one lump sum. For Sheila, that was $490.00- nearly her entire week’s pay. “I cried and tried to plead my case with them. But there was no wiggle room. He, union representative said ‘You’re a part of the union now and you won’t have to worry about that coming out of your check,’” she said. Some employees tell WBZ the union blamed UPS for what happened. But all of this finger pointing doesn’t matter to Sheila and the thousands of others who were left with little or no money. “Financially it was crippling. It seemed like a few hundred dollars but that money was already spent and then we didn’t have it,” she said…



Supreme Court Intervenes In Apparent Mystery dirty cop-Mueller Case

by Kevin Daley

{} ~ Chief Justice John Roberts stayed a contempt order in a case that likely arose from Special Counsel dirty cop-Robert Mueller’s investigation on Sunday night… dirty cop-Roberts’ order could mark the first time that the Supreme Court has intervened in the dirty cop-Mueller inquiry. Very little is known of the case, which reached the justices on Saturday, because the matter has proceeded through the federal courts under seal, meaning strict confidentiality prevails over every detail. The scant facts which are available about the case are these: a grand jury issued a subpoena to an unnamed company owned by a foreign government some time during the summer of 2018. That firm, referred to in court filings as “the corporation” has been fighting the subpoena in federal court since August. Though dirty cop-Mueller’s connection to the case has not been definitively established, several facts indicate the special counsel’s involvement: CNN saw senior dirty cop-Mueller lawyers return to the Justice Department immediately after the conclusion of a recent secret hearing in the matter — an entire floor of a Washington courthouse was sealed in advance of that proceeding, a highly unusual move…


Turkey Turns on America

by Uzay Bulut

{} ~ On December 18, the day before U.S. President Donald Trump ordered a full withdrawal of American troops from Syria — on the grounds that the U.S. “had defeated ISIS”… Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Turkey was mounting a new incursion into northern Syria. The same day, December 18, Erdogan gave a speech in which he said: “We officially announced last week that we would start a military operation on the east of Euphrates. And we did it… We discussed these things with Mr. Trump too. He gave us positive responses… Until the last terrorist in the region becomes ineffective, we will rake through the Syrian territories inch by inch… We will breathe down their necks. “The forces that went to Syria with the excuse of fighting ISIS still stay there, although such a threat no longer exists. I am saying it once again that we will not allow a terror corridor that is being tried to be established along our border. We already carried out three operations. Now it is time for the east of the Euphrates… “We carried out Operation Olive Branch in Afrin and recently another military operation on the Iraqi Yazidi region of Sinjar. Now we are burying the terrorists in the wells that they have dug. We have spoken with Mr. Trump. The terrorists should go to the east of Euphrates. If they don’t, we will send them there because the terror corridor disturbs us. Since we and the U.S. are strategic partners, we need to do what is required. “How interesting that Erdogan called Turkey and the U.S. “strategic partners,” when he has repeatedly stated that Turkish campaigns in northern Syria are aimed at eliminating the U.S.-backed Kurdish groups…


Who Will Own the Oil Fields?

by Mark A. Hewitt

{} ~ Three months before the Empire of Japan attacked the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, National Socialist German Workers’ Party Nazi forces looked to attack Iran for access to the Persian oil fields… Japanese forces had been at war with China and had been heavily reliant on imported materials for their military forces, particularly oil from the fields in and around Long Beach, California. President Roosevelt cut off American oil to Japan, and British and Soviet Union forces thwarted Nazi incursion into the oil fields of the Middle East. With little oil trickling into Germany or Japan to feed their military industrial bases, the war-fighting would soon cease. In those early days the American left, the communist sympathizers like Alger Hiss, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, half of Hollywood, and countless others who did everything they could to undermine the United States. Plans for aircraft, manufacturing, and nuclear technologies were stolen by friends of Moscow and found their way to some office in the Kremlin. But the left could not alter the trajectory of the expanding U.S. petroleum industry. Cheap energy made the economy boom. In the 1960s and ’70s, the Democratic Party, through public policy and its proxies, primarily the environmentalists, made to strangle the oil industry, hamstring the aviation and transportation industries, kill supersonic transport programs, curtail offshore drilling, and choke the coal and nuclear power industries, all under the rubric of environmentalism. Remember, the ozone layer was being decimated by all that pollution, and Iron Eyes Cody was shedding tears on TV, hoping to keep America beautiful. The environmentalists lobbied hard and had some successes. However, try as they might, American capitalists still controlled the energy sector and especially the oil fields. History shows that when socialists and communists succeed in revolutions or civil wars, the first thing the new leaders do is to nationalize the natural resources of the country. These men controlled their country’s natural resources as well as their nation’s treasury and enriched themselves…


That Giant Liberty-Sucking Sound From the Tolerant Left

by David Limbaugh

{} ~ Various leftist grievance groups have insisted for years that they just want equal treatment and equal rights, that they only want to end discrimination and that they come with an attitude of “live and let live.” Nope.

We’ve long known that the “tolerance” police don’t merely want equal rights and to be treated with civility. They require that you honor their ideas as superior, reject your own contrary ideas and do penance for ever having held your own ideas.

If you make the mistake of dissenting from their dogma, you must be shamed — and punished. There is no semblance of tolerance in their bones. They are militantly aggressive and spoiling for any opportunity to pressure and intimidate people into submission. This suppression of our liberties doesn’t just emanate from the government; the long arm of the private sector often enforces uniformity of thought with the same coercive power.

Let me give you just a few examples of probably hundreds, perhaps thousands. Do you remember Jack Phillips, the poor Christian owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado, the baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple because it would have violated his religious convictions? He didn’t deny them service, mind you, but would not bow to their demand that he prepare a cake to celebrate their wedding.

The complaining couple weren’t being harmed. They could have gone anywhere else to purchase a custom-made wedding cake. But they refused to allow this baker to exercise his religious liberty. This surely was a deliberate targeting of a Christian baker to force him to conform to their values and thought edicts.

Though the Supreme Court held that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission had violated Phillips’ First Amendment liberties, he is being harassed again — this time by Denver attorney Autumn Scardina, for refusing to bake a custom-ordered cake to celebrate her transition from male to female. The commission has predictably ruled that Phillips was guilty of discrimination. Are you kidding me?

Again, Phillips is being targeted. His attorneys aptly describe it as an “obvious setup.” Christian liberties must be subordinated to bizarre leftist ethical standards. We’ll see how this nightmare unfolds in the coming months.

Another egregious example of leftist intolerance that caught my eye was actor and comedian Kevin Hart’s being bullied into stepping down from his role as host of the upcoming Academy Awards. After he was selected for the role, critics savaged Hart for allegedly homophobic tweets he had made almost a decade ago and for saying during a 2010 special, “Seriously Funny,” that as a heterosexual male, he would prevent his son from being gay if he could. Though he initially refused to apologize and insisted he had matured since he made those remarks which he said were jokes, just hours later he announced he would decline to host and offered his apology “to the LGBTQ community for his insensitive words from his past.”

But Hart’s public repentance, apology and stepping down from the gig weren’t enough. There would be no forgiveness, even for a sincere apology.

Brandi Miller, in a column for HuffPost, said that even after apologizing for being insensitive and saying he was evolving, Hart “still misses the point.” According to Miller, Hart’s critics “are challenging his professed evolution. Can he show that he’s realized that he harmed people and make right on the harm that he caused? Apparently not.”

Even a “sincere apology” wouldn’t clear him. “A true apology, a true acknowledgment of harm done from Hart would involve talking about the implications of his words,” said Miller, “not just apologizing for who he used to be. … Apologizing is like a math problem. To get the credit, you have to show your work. … Let’s be honest, tweeting ‘I apologize’ isn’t that hard and doesn’t really involve much internal reckoning, but with his actions, he can show a changed life.”

What “work” would Miller have Hart do to earn his redemption? Miller suggested he could have donated money to LGBTQ organizations or requested an LGBTQ-identifying co-host or even host for the Academy. As I said, get him down and kick him, and then neuter him.

Another columnist piled on in USA Today, saying Hart should become a stronger comic, scrapping his “homophobic jokes” — which he had already scrapped, by the way — and “make a 20-minute killer set about his homophobic fears.” There you go. He can’t just apologize; he must affirmatively adopt the critics’ vision, even to the point of changing his entire routine. Don’t just back off the subject of homosexuality; embrace it and say how much you love it and say that you now regard it as the highest possible value. Then and only then will your sins be expiated. Even then, he’d never be unleashed and see his liberty restored. The threat of sanctions for any future infraction would always hang over his head.

How dare dissenters from the totalitarian leftist orthodoxy think they can atone for past sins just by apologizing and demanding equal rights for everyone. They must also renounce any residual beliefs that might offend the activists. This is leftist tolerance, forgiveness and compassion.

We hear a lot of demands from a lot of groups in this country, but one ideal that is rarely touted anymore is America’s foremost founding idea — liberty. Increasingly, the modern left is gobbling up the liberties — speech, association, religion, firearms, due process — of anyone who doesn’t embrace its worldview, and liberty lovers everywhere had better wake up to this threat and do a much better job of fighting back.


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