Tuesday Top Headlines

by Media Editors: Trump meets Putin in bid to reset U.S.-Russia ties (The Washington Free Beacon)

Trump not clear on whether he believes Putin or U.S. intelligence on election meddling (The Daily Signal)

Trump fires back at criticism of Putin press conference (The Hill)

Despite botched summit with Putin, Trump’s policies are still pressuring Russia (The Federalist)

Reporter for The Nation ejected from Trump-Putin press conference (The Washington Free Beacon)

Video: Chris Wallace interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin (Fox News)

The DOJ charges a Russian with attempting to infiltrate the NRA (National Review)

Right on cue, Kavanaugh accused of hiding sexual harassment (The Daily Wire)

CA judge halts deportations of reunited migrant families (NBC News)

House GOP reverses, cancels vote on dummycrats-Dem bill to abolish ICE (The Hill)

New details emerge about Mossad raid to obtain Iranian nuclear secrets (The Washington Free Beacon)

Communists brutally murdered Russia’s last royal family 100 years ago today (The Federalist)

Humor: The Bee explains dummycrats-Democratic Socialism (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: What’s next for U.S.-Russia relationship (The Daily Signal)

Policy: The immigration scandal no one is talking about (The Daily Signal)

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Drone activity soaring at the US-Mexico border

by William Nardi

{ washingtonexaminer.com } ~ As the political clash over the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy has played out on the U.S.-Mexico border… hovering above is the growing presence of drones. These small unmanned aircraft systems are piloted by multiple interests — drug traffickers looking for a way into the country, the U.S. government trying to keep them out, and even journalists hoping to get a new point of view on an issue that has gripped headlines for weeks. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol has increasingly invested in anti-drone technologies as well as their own patrol aircraft. In fiscal 2018, as of March 26, there have been 36 reports of small drone, or small unmanned aircraft system, sightings to the Air and Marine Operations Center along the U.S.-Mexico Border, Jennifer Gabris, a spokesperson for the CBP office of public affairs…   https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/drone-activity-soaring-at-the-southern-border


Trump to Putin: ‘The world wants to see us get along’

by Pete Kasperowicz

{ washingtonexaminer.com } ~ President Trump told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday that the U.S. and Russia must find a way to “get along”… for the sake of peace around the world. “I really think the world wants to see us get along,” Trump said in his introductory remarks to Putin at the start of their summit meeting in Helsinki. “We are the two great nuclear powers, and we have 90 percent of the nuclear and that’s not a good thing, it’s a bad thing,” Trump said. “And I think we hopefully can do something about that, because it’s not a positive force, it’s a negative force. So we’ll be talking about that among other things.”… https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/trump-to-putin-the-world-wants-to-see-us-get-along?utm_source=WEX_Breaking%20News%20Alert_07/16/2018&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WEX_Breaking%20News

VIDEO: https://twitter.com/CNN/status/1018817124381233152?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1018817124381233152&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.washingtonexaminer.com%2Fnews%2Ftrump-to-putin-the-world-wants-to-see-us-get-along


Public Union: Public Enemy

by Akash Chougule

{ prageru.com } ~ Public-sector unions have been gaming the political system for decades… bankrupting whole cities and plunging states into massive debt. How did this happen and can it be stopped? Akash Chougule, senior policy fellow for Americans for Prosperity, has the answers in this sobering video from Prager University.  https://www.prageru.com/videos/public-union-public-enemy

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaeI6b3I8ZI


Seized archive shows Iran nuke project was larger than thought, had foreign help

by timesofisrael.com

{ timesofisrael.com } ~ The archive of Iranian nuclear documents seized by the Israeli Mossad from a Tehran warehouse in January shows… that Iran’s program to build nuclear weapons “was almost certainly larger, more sophisticated and better organized” than was suspected, unnamed nuclear experts were quoted as saying in the New York Times on Sunday, after being shown selected documents from the haul by US reporters. One of the Iranian documents specifies plans to build a first “batch of five weapons” and discusses sites for possible underground nuclear tests, the Times reported, after one of its reporters was given limited access to the haul last week, along with a reporter from the Washington Post, and another from the Wall Street Journal. “None were built, possibly because the Iranians feared being caught, or because a campaign by American and Israeli intelligence agencies to sabotage the effort, with cyber attacks and disclosures of key facilities, took its toll,” said the Times. “It’s quite good,” Robert Kelley, a nuclear engineer and former inspector for the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, told The Times dryly, after being shown some of the documents. “The papers show these guys were working on nuclear bombs.”…   https://www.timesofisrael.com/seized-archive-shows-iran-nuke-project-was-larger-than-thought-had-foreign-help/?utm_source=The+Times+of+Israel+Daily+Edition&utm_campaign=17074193c0-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_07_16_12_16&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_adb46cec92-17074193c0-54638825


Church attendance up for atheists, down for Christians

by wnd.com

{ wnd.com } ~ While fewer Americans and Europeans are attending church regularly, more non-believers, including atheists… are showing up for services, according to a cold-case detective who has been investigating the weird trend. The detective, J. Warner Wallace, who is also a senior fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and the author of “Cold-Case Christianity,” says fewer Americans claim Christian affiliation than ever before, and those who don’t are the fastest growing group in the country. Wallace says he has been collecting data on this trend for more than 10 years. Perhaps the most surprising trend he has spotted is the one that has Christians leaving churches and atheists starting them. “‘Atheist churches’ have been formed across the country,” he says, apparently aiming to offer some features of a religious congregation fellowship, collective enjoyment, a stimulus to moral behavior. These congregations often meet on Sundays and some “include ‘Sunday School,’ where children go while parents attend ‘services.’”…  http://www.wnd.com/2018/07/church-attendance-up-for-atheists-down-for-christians/


Cali dummycrats-Demo Cartel Rejects Fein-stein in March to Hard Left

by Thomas Gallatin: The majority of Americans in general loathe extremes and this is especially so with politics. Like Goldilocks, Americans prefer the comfortable mid-zone of the “just right.” This reality quickly bares out with a cursory look at the history of one-party control of both the executive and legislative branches of government. Since World War II, the same party has controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress just 16 times, including currently. Hence the optimism expressed by dummycrats-Democrats and much of the mainstream media that the party of the donkey will win a majority in Congress this November. And conventional wisdom based upon past history would tend to agree with that assessment, though today’s dummycrats-Democrat Party is anything but conventional.

Following Millennial socialist commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s shocking victory over the number four House dummycrats-Democrat, Rep. Joe Crowley (NY) — a man widely regarded as the frontrunner to succeed Nancy Pulosi in leadership — the California dummycrats-Democrat Party spurned long-time party stalwart Sen. Dianne Fein-stein. For November’s election, the Party instead endorsed hard-leftist commie-Kevin de León by a whopping 65% to Fein-stein’s 7%. commie-De León’s political platform epitomizes that of the radical Left — abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, national health care, and impeaching President Donald Trump.

Still, the 85-year-old Fein-stein is in little dare, and impeaching President Donald Trumpnger — she came in first in California’s jungle primary over distant second-place finisher commie-de León, leaving Republicans and moderates little choice between the two. Yet one thing is becoming increasingly clear: The dummycrats-Democrat Party is rejecting the middle ground and is running left faster than many had envisioned. Moderate is fast becoming an epithet in dummycrats-Democrat circles, as evidenced by radical leftists like billionaire activist Tom Steyer, who has refused to back off his call for Trump’s impeachment. He recently warned dummycrats-Democrats, “If you don’t have what it takes to lead now, when we are totally under the gun, then don’t come asking for support later. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

Meanwhile, average dummycrats-Democrat voters are indeed walking away.

National Review’s John Fund observes, “Such views detract from dummycrats-Democrats’ ability to use Trump as a bogeyman with moderates who will decide which party controls Congress and the White House. If warmed-over Marxists think they can scare voters into supporting dummycrats-Democrats by flying Donald Trump blimps and brandishing his image on posters, they may be in for a rude surprise in general elections.”

Indeed, dummycrats-Democrats seem so lost in their Trump Derangement Syndrome they can’t see that it’s their leftist extremism that is serving to further distance them from mainstream America. If dummycrats-Democrats don’t regain control of Congress come November (and it appears increasingly likely they won’t) they will have only themselves to blame.

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