Tuesday Top Headlines

by Media Editors: President Trump nominates Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to Supreme Court (The White House)

George W. Bush praises Trump for “outstanding” Supreme Court pick (Washington Examiner)

Chuck clown-Schumer to oppose Kavanaugh nomination: “Now is the time to fight” (Washington Examiner)

2020 White House contenders race to oppose Trump’s judicial pick (The Hill)

Oops: Women’s March denounces “XX” in statement on Kavanaugh nomination (Washington Examiner)

House Judiciary Committee subpoenas anti-Trump FBI lawyer Lisa Page (The Washington Times)

Judge refuses Trump request to change court order on family detention (Fox News)

Mexico reportedly will create its own border force (The Washington Times)

Twenty-four alleged MS-13 members indicted in Maryland — drugs, murder, bodies dismembered (CNS News)

Older immigrants “crowding out” U.S. teens for summer jobs (Washington Examiner)

California university works to reduce number of white people on campus (The College Fix)

RNC: We’ve made 20 million voter contacts already in the midterms (Hot Air)

Humor: Mexican restaurant under fire for racially profiling white girl, offering her mild hot sauce (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: Time for Secretary DeVos to rescind liar-nObama-era school discipline policies (Manhattan Institute)

Policy: How we enabled the Chinese opioid supply chain (American Enterprise Institute)

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Manafort filing unmasks DOJ meeting with AP reporters, questions if ‘grand jury secrecy’ violated

by Catherine Herridge

{ foxnews.com } ~ Lawyers for ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort are raising concerns about a 2017 meeting between top law enforcement figures and Associated Press reporters… questioning whether “grand jury secrecy” was violated and revealing memos that say the reporters even offered investigators a “code” pertaining to their client’s storage facility. The details emerged in a series of recent filings, including an effort by Manafort’s attorneys to get his criminal trial moved from Northern Virginia, citing pretrial publicity. “Mr. Manafort’s legal issues and the attendant daily media coverage have become a theater in the continuing controversy surrounding President Trump and his election,” Manafort’s lawyers wrote Judge T.S. Ellis, who is overseeing the bank and tax fraud case in Northern Virginia. A second prosecution, involving similar charges, is underway in Washington, D.C. Arguing for a trial in Roanoke, Va., Manafort’s legal team said an “inside-the-beltway jury” would be biased against their client…   http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/07/09/manafort-filing-unmasks-doj-meeting-with-ap-reporters-questions-if-grand-jury-secrecy-violated.html

VIDEO: http://video.foxnews.com/v/5798335048001/


UK Parliament: Little Interest in Grooming Gangs

by Andrew Jones

{ gatestoneinstitute.org } ~ In response to Britain’s ongoing sexual grooming scandal… a group of 20 MPs signed an open letter to recently appointed Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, urging coordinated action. As the UK Parliament has 650 MPs, the 20 signatories constitute a mere 3% willing to support the protection of children subjected to gang-rape, trafficking and torture, and at times murder. Such a paltry number of politicians willing to speak out against child sexual slavery seems yet more evidence of the moral bankruptcy of Britain’s political elite and how low the country appears to have sunk. Britain’s media elite have ignored the letter. Reporting has been limited to the local press in Oxford and Rochdale — areas afflicted by grooming — as well as a few alternative media outlets such as Breitbart London, and indirect reference on Sky News… https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12662/britain-parliament-grooming-gangs


Will #Resistance summer dampen the dunnycrats-Democrats’ big autumn?

by Salena Zito

{ washingtonexaminer.com } ~ On Wednesday afternoon during the height of the Fourth of July festivities at the Statue of Liberty… Therese Patricia Okoumou began scaling Lady Liberty and held a T-shirt up with “Trumpcare Makes us Sick” on one side and “Rise and Resist” on the other. Despite telling authorities she would not come down until “all the children are released,” she eventually descended after a team of over a dozen highly skilled New York City police officers with the department’s emergency service unit cajoled her down from the skirts of the statue’s base. Her protest evacuated Liberty Island, turning away over 4,000 people who had planned to make a visit to arguably America’s most iconic symbol of liberty as part of their family’s celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence…  https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/will-resistance-summer-dampen-the-democrats-big-autumn?utm_source=WEX_News%20Brief_07/08/2018&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WEX_News%20Brief


No More Illegal Immigration – INTRUDER ALERT!

by Dustin Koellhoffer

{ ipatriot.com } ~ Finding the right words is often difficult when dealing with the ignorance of liberalism… They constantly corrupt the language, deliberately make words ambiguous, and use the confusion they create to impose their subterfuge of making lawbreaking righteous. Even the term ‘liberal,’ which used to refer to Christian Americans who wanted to advance their culture and technology while worshipping God has been corrupted by the Left. Now ‘liberal’ refers to atheist socialists who want to tear down everything that Christians have built to establish dictatorships. Language changes over time because the culture changes, but not always for the better as socialists prove in their desire to progress backwards and regress America back into totalitarianism of government rule. The reason they want this is because leftists are control freaks who want to impose their ideology on others for their own benefit. Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left “Illegal aliens” was fine in describing foreigners who came into America illegally, but liberals are so stoopid they thought it sounded too much like saying we were being invaded by criminals from another planet. Then they altered the term to “illegal immigrant.” Now they say that sounds like we are saying immigrants are illegal people and “no person is illegal” because they are so stoopid they can’t figure out that people committing crimes by breaking the law makes their actions illegal. Then they came up with “undocumented workers” as if this is Nazi Germany where you are required to have your papers on you at all times and it’s legal for them to work without citizenship papers. So, let’s use a term that is unambiguous, so the limited liberal mind cannot be so easily confused…   https://ipatriot.com/no-more-illegal-immigration-intruder-alert/


Instances of Voter Fraud Continue to Mount, Further Compromising Our Elections

by Jason Snead

{ dailysignal.com } ~ Recent voter fraud cases show the growing importance of upholding election integrity… Last year, Cassandra Amber Marie Ritter was convicted of heroin distribution in Winchester, Virginia. Two weeks later, Ritter voted at a local fire department even though she knew she had lost her right to vote as a consequence of her conviction. She received a two-year suspended sentence. In Texas, Crystal Mason recently received a five-year sentence for illegally voting in the 2016 presidential election. Mason showed up at the polls to vote, only to discover her name had been removed from the rolls. This was no accident; Mason was on probation following a 60-month sentence for felony tax fraud and lost her right to vote as a result…   https://www.dailysignal.com/2018/07/03/instances-of-voter-fraud-continue-to-mount-further-compromising-our-elections/?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTURSbU1qTXpOV00zWkRCaCIsInQiOiI5STA0d2t2a1RUbkE0Y05tOVNCTTZYazBYZXgzRlcrYUxQTStMSGRIOFV0aW1CNTlocHJSUTJFVVdZQm51SmYxelo1amNOOUo4SW9OeUl5OExoK2tjUEg1a1NHVUhKQzhPaWNMMmREN1FVTXh0ZnM3UEJIdVdVM0N5ZUxlQjgyXC8ifQ%3D%3D


Left vs. right: Are both sides equally vitriolic?


{ wnd.com ~ Two weeks ago, a bit of a controversy erupted over a billboard on Interstate 40 in Texas that suggested liberals keep driving until they leave the state. The billboard was subsequently removed after the party who had paid for the sign asked for it to be taken down, not having anticipated how controversial it would become.

Last week, a new billboard was erected in Amarillo, Texas, by another party in response to the earlier sign. The new sign reads: “Texas is for everyone, not for bigotry. Welcome, y’all.”

It’s a nice sentiment, but it got me to thinking: I don’t necessarily see a desire to encourage liberals to leave a particular locale as bigotry at all.

I see it as prudence.

After all, excepting those who self-identify as liberals but who often demonstrate a preponderance of conservative core values simply because they’ve bought into the idea that liberals are nice and conservatives are big fat meanies, haven’t liberals pretty much established that they’re subversive, dishonorable, foul-mouthed, duplicitous swine? I can’t see why any thinking person with a healthy sense of self-interest or self-preservation would want too many dedicated, politically active liberals around them at all.

I belong to a few non-political organizations, which have many liberals amongst their membership. I take great care never to engage these folks in discussions around culture or politics due to liberals’ proclivity for summarily denying fundamental truths and for their summary acceptance of harmful, abject falsehoods. I do this because to do otherwise would only invite disharmony within these organizations.

It is worth mentioning that I’ve also found liberals to be far more likely than non-liberals to attempt to politicize affairs within such organizations if given the slightest opportunity. Further, as with anyone else, it is inescapable that liberals’ beliefs necessarily bleed over into their general deportment and the way they interact with others, whether in relationships, the workplace, or in casual settings.

Recently in this space, I addressed dummycrats-Democratic Rep. scumbag/mad-Maxine Waters’ advocacy of mob violence against officials in the administration of President Donald Trump. This was only one of many recent instances of outrageous and incendiary behavior on the part of liberals since Trump’s election.

Last week, Fox News’ Brit Hume penned a column admonishing people like Rep. scumbag/mad-Waters to refrain from such incendiary rhetoric, but added that we all need to do so as well. This is sound advice, but Hume’s piece overlooks one salient fact: “We all” aren’t the ones advocating mob violence, nor do we need anyone to inform us that such action is antisocial.

Additionally, there is simply no comparison between the sheer volume and vitriol vis-à-vis the rhetoric of the left versus that of their counterparts. When conservatives hear President Trump deliver a coarse retort following an attacker’s bombardment, they squirm a little but tend to keep quiet because they’re glad to see someone defending himself against these scum. Conversely, as far as the left is concerned, calumnies, expletives and expressed wishes for death and dismemberment are the norm; they’re encouraged, and anyone they don’t like is fair game.

Hume pointed out that one of the chief offenders of late has been President Trump himself, who “has certainly contributed heavily to the current poisonous atmosphere, speaking of his opponents in the crudest language and finding no slight too minor to merit a bruising response.”

While it’s true that President Trump does give as good as he gets with regard to scathing attacks, the truth is that the tone of political discourse became exponentially more volatile during the liar-nObama administration. While liar-nObama may not have used expletives, he was very calculated in his rhetoric and quite adept at pushing just the right buttons, as it were, of the right demographics to bring about the maximum emotional response in his target audience.

Case in point: There is simply no denying that race relations deteriorated significantly during the liar-nObama years, and that was primarily due to his use of the bully pulpit in this regard.

Speaking further to the aforementioned low character of liberals in this vein, in addition to the caustic language being proffered, there have been other, even more untoward and dangerous behaviors in which those on the left have engaged. The utterly baseless investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russian operatives in order to gain an advantage in the 2016 general election not only revealed that it was the camp of liar-Hillary Clinton and other Democrats who engaged in such collusion, but that parties in the FBI at various levels conspired to protect liar-Hillary Clinton during the investigation into her illegal email server, as well as conspiring to keep Trump from getting elected.

Following the decline in civility catalyzed by liar-nObama and his surrogates, it was the election of Donald Trump that caused the left to go completely off the rails, but nothing can excuse their marked descent into rhetorical depravity and criminality over the last couple of years. The advent of the #Walkaway movement, in which some liberals have advocated abandoning liberalism and the dummycrats-Democratic Party, certainly evidences how bad affairs have become.

All things considered, while some might argue that rank-and-file voting liberals ought not be ostracized, marginalized, or politely asked to leave the state of Texas, until they start widely condemning leftist orthodoxy or change their voting habits, I will continue to avoid them and advocate for their political disenfranchisement.



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