Tuesday Top Headlines

by Media Editors: Monday hearing sets up dramatic showdown between Kavanaugh, accuser (Associated Press)

Kavanaugh denies presence at scene of alleged assault (National Review)

scumbag-Keith Ellison domestic violence accuser says dummycrats-Democrat Party doesn’t believe her story (Fox News)

Trump orders feds to declassify key FISA documents, text messages in FBI Russia probe (Fox News)

China hits back with $60 billion in tariffs on the U.S. effective Sept. 24 (CNBC)

U.S. Air Force seeks sharp growth to stay ahead of China, Russia (Reuters)

U.S. to sharply limit refugee flows to 30,000 in 2019 (Reuters)

Census Bureau: Hispanic household income hits record high (CNS News)

Embattled FEMA chief Brock Long facing possible criminal investigation (The Washington Post)

North Dakota is now pumping as much crude as Venezuela (Bloomberg)

Senate passes sweeping legislation to combat opioid epidemic (NBC News)

Machines to handle over half workplace tasks by 2025 (Associated Press)

International businesses, banks flee Iran as Trump administration readies harsh sanctions (The Washington Free Beacon)

Rubio asks DOJ to determine if hanoi-Kerry violated federal laws meeting with Iranian officials (Fox News)

Humor: hanoi-John Kerry on possible 2020 run: “I won’t rule out another dramatic and humiliating loss’” (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: The crisis next time: What we should have learned from 2008 (Foreign Affairs)

Policy: America shouldn’t abandon its global leadership role (National Review)

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Trump poised to win $5 billion to build border wall

by Paul Bedard

{ washingtonexaminer.com } ~ President Trump and congressional leaders have agreed to a border wall funding showdown after the upcoming November midterm elections… and if he plays his cards right, it could result in $5 billion, more than twice what the White House initially sought. While appropriations bills are moving at the fastest pace in over 20 years, with many expected to be approved by Oct. 1, the start of the fiscal year, Homeland Security funding for the wall is likely to be delayed, said officials. Plans are already underway to approve temporary, “stopgap,” funding that will cover Homeland until its new spending is approved after the wall funding fight. However, in a good sign for the White House, the Senate has already locked in the $1.6 billion Trump sought this year in wall construction funding in a bipartisan vote and it will be included in the stopgap bill. The House is likely to approve $5 billion for the wall, matching Trump’s top level wish and setting up negotiations with the Senate. Threats of a shutdown over not getting full funding for the wall by Oct. 1, however, threaten to disrupt the plan agreed to at a recent White House meeting between Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Speaker Paul Ryan, according to a key official…  https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/trump-poised-to-win-5-billion-to-build-border-wall


Senator Dianne Fein-stein Won’t Set Up Call for Kavanaugh Accuser to Testify

by Jim E

{ thepoliticalinsider.com } ~ It’s now official: This entire situation is a farce that needs to end immediately. Anything less shows the dummycrats-Democrats are profoundly unserious about the allegations being made against Brett Kavanaugh… Over the weekend, Senator Dianne Fein-stein made waves by going public with accusations against President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. First, she revealed that someone who knew Kavanaugh in high school accused him of sexually assaulting her. Then the accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, actually came out publicly. Senator Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, says that Fein-stein isn’t answering his calls to set up a time for Ford to testify. If Ford is telling the truth, there is no reason to delay. Fein-stein is hurting her own credibility by not returning Grassley’s calls. We already knew dummycrats-Democrats weren’t serious about getting to the bottom of these allegations. Senator scumbag-Dick Durban already implied as much by suggesting that having Ford testify this week would be too soon. Let’s be very clear on this point: If Fein-stein took seriously Ford’s accusations, she would be working diligently to set up a testimony time. The fact that she’s delaying shows she didn’t actually care about Ford. This is all for political show…  https://thepoliticalinsider.com/chuck-grassley-kavanaugh-accusation/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=criticalimpact&utm_campaign=TPI_Afternoon_Newsletter_9_17_2018&utm_content=4b4ea4948726422aa6473c7b9fa19141&source=CI


Nunes Warns dummycrats-Dems Will Be ‘Frightened’ by Declassified Trump-Russia Documents

by Savannah Pointer

{ westernjournal.com } ~ House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said during a speech last week that President Donald Trump is close to declassifying documents… pertaining to the Trump-Russia investigation. Nunes, a California Republican, also warned that dummycrats-Democrats and journalists are likely to be “frightened” by the information contained in the warrants that were sought under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the Washington Free Beacon reported. Nunes made the comments Thursday at an event hosted by the Center for Security Policy, where he informed his listeners that the FISA court warrants the president might soon declassify would probably be bad news for dummycrats-Democrats. Should this declassification occur, it would come months after a July document release by the Justice Department that proved the multiple FISA court warrants for surveillance of Trump campaign member Carter Page leaned heavily on information compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele. That dossier was later found to be compromised, which cast doubt to be cast on the process that allowed it to be considered as evidence. Republicans accused the FBI of manipulating the use of FISA after it was found the dossier had been financed by dummycrats-Democrats and the liar-Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. The Washington Free Beacon reported that Nunes’ speech was cause for hope among conservatives, as he informed his audience that dummycrats-Democrats likely have a lot to be nervous about. Nunes noted that dummycrats-Democrats have largely gone silent on the issue of the FISA documents since parts of them were released to the public…  https://www.westernjournal.com/nunes-warns-democrats-frightened-trump-russia-documents/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=patriotupdate&utm_campaign=dailypm&utm_content=libertyalliance


What Is Hezbollah?

by Tony Badran

{ prageru.com } ~ When listing the world’s most notorious terrorist organizations, why is it that Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram so quickly spring to mind, while Hezbollah is frequently forgotten?… In this video, Tony Badran, Research Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, explains how the backing of Iran has served to legitimize Hezbollah on the world stage, while simultaneously making the group all the more dangerous. https://www.prageru.com/videos/what-hezbollah

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DX-hjPYwjs


Rep. Steve Scalise Pens Powerful Condemnation of Political Violence

by themadpatriots.com

{ themadpatriots.com } ~ Last summer, Rep. Steve Scalise came within a hair’s breadth of being killed by a left-wing lunatic who, judging by his social media diet, appeared to have been radicalized online… Scalise was shot at a congressional baseball game practice, and was listed as one of several Republican targets found in the killer’s possession. The media covered this near-tragedy like it was just another bump in the road of our politics; since it was “just” Republicans in harms’ way, there was certainly no reason to give a whole lot of publicity to this shocking moment of political violence. It wasn’t like that awful time a black guy got punched at a Trump rally, after all! In any case, Scalise penned a powerful essay this week calling on leaders in Washington to tone down their rhetoric and condemn political violence in all its forms. “No Americans should feel intimidated or at risk of violence for speaking their mind, or even doing something as simple as sharing their political party affiliation,” Scalise wrote. “Let me be clear: there is absolutely no place for violence or threats in our political discourse. We need a higher level of civility in our political debate. And it starts with us.” Without naming any names, Scalise skirted right up to the edge of calling out dummycrats-Democrats like Rep. scumbag/mad-Maxine Waters, who has publicly encouraged her followers to harass Trump administration employees wherever they can be found…  http://www.themadpatriots.com/freedom-news/rep-steve-scalise-pens-powerful-condemnation-of-political-violence/


If dummycrats-Dems trust midterm polling, then why the panic?


{ wnd.com } ~ If midterm election polls increasingly show that dummycrats-Democrats are poised to regain control of the House, then why are liberals in panic mode? What do they know that we don’t – or that they don’t want us to?

The highly touted opinion poll analyst, FiveThirtyEight, released an election update video reporting thatdummycrats-Democrats have an 82 percent chance of winning a majority of the House in November. The narrator breathlessly reveals that this is the first time their forecast has given the dummycrats-Democrats more than an 80 percent chance of winning the House since the launch of the model.

Yet an MSNBC panel was apoplectic over President Donald Trump’s approval rating, which remained constant despite an avalanche of negative news stories concerning legal developments on Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. Some liberals were sure those would puncture Trump’s approval rating.

On “MTP Daily,” Katy Tur seemed unhinged. “Last week was a tidal wave of bad news for this presidency and this president, and his approval rating stayed the same,” said Tur. “So I wonder – I mean, if that’s not going to move the needle, is this rino-John McCain thing going to move the needle?”

Tur continued, “And forgive me for being skeptical because I was under the impression, as was most people, that when Donald Trump came out and said he wasn’t a war hero – he likes the guys that don’t get caught – back in 2015, that people would care. And when I went out and talked to Republican voters, they didn’t care at all.”

Jonathan Alter agreed, smugly asserting, “Republicans don’t care at all,” and saying that the 43 percent who approve of Trump are “so deluded as to believe this guy is a good president.”

Alter’s revelation did not soothe the gasping Tur, who said with dismayed incredulity, “Eighty-eight percent of Republicans still support him – 88 percent. I’m sorry, I just – I start to wonder when we have these conversations and we say, ‘Well, this is going to be the breaking point,’ I wonder if there is a breaking point. I wonder if enough people in this country find the actions and the behavior repulsive enough to want to change what’s going on.”

Evidently, then, dummycrats-Democrats aren’t as complacent as the poll numbers would seem to warrant. If they were, would they be reaching new heights of hysteria in condemning Trump, as when the Washington Post editors declared him “complicit” in Hurricane Florence? Or would former President scumbag/liar-nObama have re-emerged on the public scene to refute the public perception that Trump’s booming economy trumps his perpetual malaise?

They are nervous and, like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, need an “insurance policy” against these polls. They have to make sure that not a day goes by without their reporting on falling skies – and attributing them to Trump.

Thankfully for Trump supporters, the Trump haters still don’t get it. Obviously, they feel superior in likening Trump’s inelastic support to a perverse tribalism and cultist attachment, but it is nothing of the kind. As long as they think it is, however, they’ll keep hammering away against Trump’s character, seeking to sever that stubborn bond that is driving many of them toward mental instability.

It’s no small irony that one of the major factors driving Trump supporters’ steadfast loyalty is the arrogance and outrageousness of the left. They expect support for Trump to evaporate because he supposedly exhibits the very type of extremism and unhinged conduct they display themselves – every single day. Pot, kettle, my friends.

They might have a plausible theory if Trump’s hardcore supporters constituted a smaller fraction of Republicans, but they are literally arguing that almost all Republicans are delusional and cult-like – that they put party above the national interest.

How likely is it that 90 percent of Republicans became insane overnight? That the ever-bumbling Trump according to the liberal media narrative cast a captivating spell on them from which they can’t escape?

Nope. The truth is that Republicans are witnessing how radical the dummycrats-Democratic Party has become and that these leftist policies were greatly damaging America. With their reasoning powers fully engaged, Republicans recognize that Trump is fighting to preserve the America they love, and that on a policy level at least, he is making major strides toward reversing scumbag/liar-nObama’s destructive course. While dummycrats-Democrats plead that they want to remove Trump because of his reputedly appalling manners and values, their real motive is to oust him because he has been so effective in thwarting their America-crushing juggernaut.

We’ll never know if these mainstream liberal mavens have inside knowledge that the midterm polls are slanted, but we know for a fact that liberals are not at all sure they believe the polls. And we all know what happened in 2016.



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