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Harvard Economist Warns “$700 Gold by Late 2017″




Investors are fleeing to gold in a desperate attempt to weather the recent market volatility… but is this long time “safe-haven” actually poised to collapse wiping out trillions of dollars of wealth in the process?

One highly respected Harvard economist is stating an emphatic “yes!”.

“While many economists will argue that gold is not in a bubble… and insist it will soar to $2,000, $5,000 and even $10,000, my research has said otherwise” says Harvard economist Harry Dent in his latest report. “I’ve never been more certain of anything in over 30 years of economic forecasting.”

Market volatility, worries over the Europe Central Bank, negative interest rates, and China are among a laundry list of events that are driving panicked masses to buy the yellow metal. But this is only inflating the gold bubble that is poised to pop at any moment, he says.



Dent, who pioneered a whole new science of economic forecasting in the early 1980’s has been able to accurately predict almost every major economic event over the past 30 years. —including the collapse of Japan, The Great Tech Boom of the 1990’s, and the 2008 market crash.

Now his latest prediction his proving controversial among financial circles across the country.

Traditionally investors flock to gold as a way to hedge against inflation. But according to Dent’s research,we’re about to see the exact opposite happen.

Dent warns that we are about to experience an economic crisis far worse than 2008 — the full-blown collapse of the stock market and massive deflation.

And that investors who attempt to hide their money in the “safe haven” of gold, could damage their wealth to an even greater degree.


Famed Harvard Economist Predicts:

“The Greatest Stock Market Collapse since the Great Depression”




The man who called nearly every major economic trend over the past 30 years…including the 1991 recession, Japan’s lost decade, the 2001 tech crash, the bull market and housing boom of the last decade and, most recently, the credit and housing bubble has issued a startling new prediction.

“The DOW is going to crash to a degree we haven’t seen since the Great Depression” say world-renowned economist Harry Dent.

In fact, Dent says, “We’ll see a historic drop to 6,000… and when the dust settles – it’ll plummet to 3,300. Along the way, we’ll see another real estate collapse. Gold will sink to $750 an ounce and unemployment will skyrocket… It’s going to get ugly…

…Dent details the “perfect storm” of economic and demographic realities brewing that will likely make the next few years some of the most trying times in U.S. economic history.

“This is not fun and games. This is not fear-mongering. This is today’s economic reality” he plainly states in this in-depth exposè of what’s to come.

He goes on to paint a detailed picture of the financial carnage this crash could inflict on America:

“Unemployment will soar to 15% or higher as the work pool continues to shrink and companies lean towards employing people with experience, something students entering the workforce obviously lack.

Housing prices will fall again, by as much as 40%… the so-called “recovery” of 2013/14 will diminish faster than an ice on a hot summer day as mortgage rates rise and the wrong group of investors – a.k.a. speculators – lose their taste for the market.

Faced with huge revenue shortages, the federal deficit will balloon from $1.3 trillion to as much as $3 trillion.



You Think The Deficit Is Bad? Federal Unfunded Liabilities Exceed $127 Trillion


Although the battle over a two-year budget deal and the national debt limit in Washington, D.C. has received the lion’s share of media attention recently , the bigger, more ominous threat facing taxpayers are unfunded liabilities—the difference between the net present value of expected future government spending and the net present value of projected future tax revenue, particularly those associated with Social Security and Medicare.

While federal unfunded liabilities are important, state-level unfunded pension liabilities also pose serious obstacles. In Texas, the recent 2013 Employees Retirement System (ERS) Valuation Report outlines the funding shortages this pension system faces and there is some indication it may be unable to pay beneficiaries by 2052.

The federal unfunded liabilities are catastrophic for future taxpayers and economic growth. At, federal unfunded liabilities are estimated at near $127 trillion, which is roughly $1.1 million per taxpayer and nearly double 2012’s total world output




Here is a break-down of Trump’s business track record-



1. A thread on something that’s been bothering me: How on earth was Trump losing money on his casinos while competitors were making bank?

Next time you hear Trump claim the entire casino industry was hit by the “bad economy” remember this chart   While competitor casinos did well and casino index went up 268%, Trump’s investors lost 93%.
Trump today blamed his casino failures on a “bad economy” But he had a different excuse in 2007: too much debt

. Did a whole thread on how Trump’s inability to do simple math led to his casino bankruptcies


A pattern with Trump’s businesses (airline, casino, univ, condos)-borrow heavily, make a splash, bail…

2) You can say “haha what a dummy-losing money on casinos” but as I noted, Trump’s losses appear deliberate, planned

World’s largest economy will soon be in the hands of man who orchestrated this financial shell game


3. But what if there’s more to Trump’s casino losses, which ran billions of dollars. Was it to disguise Russian money laundering?


4. Article below from 1995 notes how Russian mafia was laundering money in and out of the US using dummy corps


5. A coincidence that Trump’s projects–after banks ditched him–were financed by Russian mafia linked Bayrock?


11. Here’s NYT on the Trump SoHo fraud lawsuit that Trump settled to hide the dirty Russian money trail via Bayrock

Donald Trump Settled a Real Estate Lawsuit, and a Criminal Case Was Closed


1: Disproves Trump’s claim of “no Russian ties” 2: His kids too were laundering This could put them ALL away

6. Soviet characters–Sater, Arif, Sapir, Mashkevich-suddenly pouring hundreds of millions into a bankrupt Trump?

Kazakh-born Soviet official turned real estate tycoon (), Tevfik Arif ran Bayrock/Sapir out of Trump Tower.

Sater worked for him.

7. Were these Russian links established during Trump’s casino run-he helps them with laundering-they bail him out?
Soviet characters–Sater, Arif, Sapir, Mashkevich-suddenly pouring hundreds of millions into a bankrupt Trump?

8. Recall the lawsuit against Bayrock naming Trump and kids alleges $250 million were laundered, untaxed, to Russia

Details of Russian financing of Trump are soon going to emerge, thanks to a lawsuit filed by a disgruntled Bayrock associate, Jody Kriss

9. We know Trump was getting tax benefits for losing people’s investments, but now we have this laundering angle

A coincidence that Trump- projects financed with dirty foreign money–SoHo, Baja, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, Toronto–all ended in failure?

10. Here is the smoking gun: US Treasury fined Trump’s casinos $10 million for “significant, long standing anti-money laundering violations”



11. $10M money laundering fine levied on Trump was LARGEST PENALTY FinCen-Financial Crimes Enforcement Network-ever levied against a casino

12. If Congress pursues Trump’s Russia ties/grooming, his casino money laundering investigation holds key answers


13. Fresh look into the casino would reveal how far back his Russian ties go, activities money laundering supported

Forensic examination of casino books would show how much was laundered to/from Russia

Well look at that: Trump was accused of destroying email evidence related to his casino lawsuit

14. Danny Leung, VP Foreign Marketing at Trump’s casino was ID’d by US Senate as member of organized crime/money laundering outfit 14K Triad


15. Perfect segue-from money laundering at Trump’s casinos to organized crime hires to Russian mafia $

IOW, Trump Org has functioned as money-laundering front for Russia’s biggest OC group, which is functionally RIS.

16. So during his casino (hit with $10M $ laundering fine) run in 90s Trump *personally* sold condos to Russian mob

Russian mobster and key member of Mogilevich’s crime family, David Bogatin, owned 5 separate condos in Trump Tower

1992 NYT on Bogatin, Russian mobster, multiple Trump condo owner Important link in understanding how far back Trump’s Russian $ trail leads

17. Bogantin-Mogilevich link leads me back to question , plus possibility that kompromat on Trump is financial too!

Were these Russian links established during Trump’s casino run-he helps them with laundering-they bail him out?


18. Trump sold *5* condos to associate of crime boss/Putin pal Mogilevich, whose CV includes Al Qaeda, arms, nukes, contract hits on journos

19. For exposing Mogilevich’s relationship to Putin, ex-KGB Litvinenko was killed with radioactive pulonium-210 in a London hotel in 2006


20. If Mogilevich-Putin collab is behind Trump, you’ll understand why no journalist or politician will probe further

For exposing Mogilevich’s relationship to Putin, ex-KGB Litvinenko was killed with radioactive pulonium-210 in a London hotel in 2006



21. So now that it’s clear both Bogatin, Sater worked for Mogilevich–explains Trump’s casino financials, $10M fine?

Felix Sater’s dad worked for “boss of bosses” Mogilevich-architect of “virtually undetectable financial frauds”


22. No reporter wants to touch Trump’s RUS-mob$-Mogilevich ties–after all, a contract hit was placed on one for this


Banks, accounting firms, politicos, gov officials, media-so many overlooked so much-many dirty hands

More I dig into this I realize it can’t be done without implicating hundreds; 1000X > than Watergate



So, America and the entire world may soon be facing “Great Depression II” and we have a president bought by and a puppet/pal of Russian Communists, KGB and mobsters.












 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.




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