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From Twitter poster and investigator, Adam Khan:

1. Felix Sater started funneling Russian money to Trump in 2000-when US banks stopped loaning to Trump






2. While funneling in Russian money via Bayrock office in Trump Tower, Sater also billed himself as Trump’s “Senior Advisor”


3. In a scene straight out of Goodfellas, Sater cut someone with a margarita glass during a bar fight–so Trump denied ties-even under oath



4. Here is Trump with Felix Sater at opening of Trump SoHo which was built with Russian money, brought to Trump by none other than Sater



5. Trump’s other partners on SoHo deal? Putin pals Tevfik Arif, ex Deputy Head Soviet Ministry of Commerce and a Soviet emigre, Tamir Sapir



6. Now Sapir sold electronics to KGB agents from his Manhattan storefront and his business partner also happens to be tight with Putin


7. Meanwhile Tevfik Arik–Putin’s pal who brought Trump millions of dollars–was busted in Turkey for running an underage prostitution ring

[Donald Trump and Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein: VIDEO.]



8. Kazakh-born Soviet official turned real estate tycoon (), Tevfik Arif ran Bayrock/Sapir out of Trump Tower. Sater worked for him.



9. Bayrock-Sapir’s signature deal-Trump SoHo-was financed with dirty Kazakh money (more: )



10. Despite glitzy Trump SoHo promos, heavily featuring Ivanka, the deal soured. Trump was sued for fraud. 90% of deposits were returned.




11. Trump SoHo slipped into foreclosure (Trump still got tens of millions in dirty money), another Russian oligarch poured $95M into him



12. While the Russians were nursing Trump back into financial health, they were also grooming man who would become his campaign CEO-Manafort





13. If you’re joining late I’m connecting the dots re Trump’s Russia links, $ trail, advisers. To skip ahead read:

Adam Khan added,

15. While Richard Burt was helping Putin undermine Obama he was also shaping Trump’s Russia alignment
Both Burt and Page (also advising Trump) worked for Russian oil giant Gazprom, maneuvering to increase European energy dependence on Russia
16. On April 27, with media distracted by HRC emails, Trump delivered Richard Burt-crafted Russia alignment speech
17. After media, FBI started poking into Manafort, Page, both “left the campaign”…to advise Trump behind the scenes
18. Page huddled with Sechin, Putin pal + head of Russian oil giant Rosneft, which inked a $300B deal with Tillerson
19. Obama sanctioned Putin’s $300B dollar deal with Exxon-led by Trump’s SoS Tillerson-Hillary backed RU sanctions
20. Manafort-he helped Putin puppet Yanukovych win Ukraine Presidency before advising Trump-was sued for funneling dirty Russian $$ into US
21. Manafort, claimed the lawsuit, was bankrolled by a Russian mobster (and Putin pal) on FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List, Semion Mogilevich
22. Mogilevich is dubbed as “the most dangerous mobster in the world” by the FBI, but wait, there’s something bigger…

23. Remember Sater? I started this thread with him Turns out, Sater worked for Mogilevich and…this next is dizzying


1. Felix Sater started funneling Russian money to Trump in 2000-when US banks stopped loaning to Trump

24. Plot involves Trump Tower FL, Sater, stock fraud, a deal with the CIA, stinger missiles, Loretta Lynch, Al-Qaeda…

25. Here’s one version of the story-mind you-Sater turned into a govt informant so his background is sealed on “national security” grounds

26. People in US Intel will tell you Sater was able to secure the Stingers bc of his Russian intel connections


27. Sater visited Trump for “undisclosed business” in July, just days before Page met with Russian intel. DNC leaks occurred shortly after.

28. Time to bring all the Trump-Russia-advisors-links-money trail I’ve presented in tweets 1-27 together

Everything I pieced together is in public arena–google it-astonishingly underreported stuff


 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.



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