by Burt Prelutsky

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All I kept hearing all day on Tuesday the 30th was that the President would be reaching out to the Democrats when he took the stage to deliver his first State of the Union address. My blood didn’t exactly run cold, but I did feel a couple of ice cubes bumping along in my arteries.

Actually, he was a lot more conciliatory to the Democrats than you might have imagined if you didn’t listen to his words, but merely focused on the body language and the facial expressions of people like Chuck clown-Schumer, Nancy Pulosi and the members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Judging by their response, you might have imagined that Trump had just declared himself King of America.

I mean, one always expects expressions of partisanship at these events. But the Democrats took it to a whole new level.

Granted, one would hardly expect the liberals to stand up and applaud an immigration agenda that promoted secure borders and an end to chain migration and a lottery system that risks national security on the luck of the draw; a pledge to protect religious rights for someone other than Muslims; more money for the military; lower taxes and fewer regulations; or refusing to kowtow to those nations that believe they not only have the right to tell us where to situate our embassies, but to vote against us at the UN while continuing to take our money.

On the other hand, the Democrats managed to sit on their hands when Trump proposed spending a trillion dollars on infrastructure, spoke about prison reform and called for sanctions against the tyrannical regimes of Cuba and Venezuela.

As for the contemptible black and Latino members of Congress, they couldn’t even wake up long enough to acknowledge the news that unemployment for their groups was at an all-time low.

Whenever the camera would shift from Trump, we’d see Nancy Pulosi otherwise occupied, apparently trying to wedge something out from between her teeth—perhaps a chunk of crow. Considering that the post-speech numbers found that not only had 92% of the Republican viewers thought Trump had enjoyed a triumph, but 40% of Democrats agreed, Mrs. Pulosi might have been gnawing on her own spleen.

A friend who apparently kept track let me know that the items that left the Democrats in their seats, scowling, included: Economic Growth, Tax Cuts, Defeating ISIS, the Anthem and the Flag, Healthcare Choice, Veterans’ Benefits, Government Accountability, Unifying America, In God We Trust, Life-Saving Medicine, Curbing Gangs and Crime, Black and Hispanic Employment, the War on Opioids., A Border Wall, Merit-Based Immigration, 2.4 Million New Jobs and Moving Our Embassy to Jerusalem.

One of the things I found most fascinating was that the Democrats lined up five people to deliver rebuttals. The one that most people saw was Joe Kennedy III, grandson of Bobby and a congressman from Boston.

I have never understood why either party ever demands something like equal time. Even if they don’t come across as badly as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who saw his presidential aspirations disappear in the blink of an eye a few years ago, it’s a no-win situation. After all, the President is speaking in a beautiful massive building that’s filled with senators, members of the House, Supreme Court justices, Military Chiefs of Staff and a balcony jam-packed with heroes.

Rep. Kennedy, who tried to appear cool in shirtsleeves, was stuck away in some trade school, standing in front of a car in mid-repair, addressing an unseen group of what sounded like teenagers.

I know that some of the post-event liberal pundits tried to ballyhoo the young congressman as someone destined to follow in the footsteps of his great-uncle Jack. If that’s the plan, he will have to learn to modulate his voice to sound more like JFK and get someone like Ted Sorenson or Arthur Schlesinger to write his material. Parroting the usual leftist talking points and sounding like a younger version of commie-Bernie Sanders probably won’t cut it in 2020 or beyond.

The reason that the Democrats trooped out Rep. mad-Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Guzman, Donna Edwards and commie-Bernie Sanders, sounding like an older version of Joe Kennedy III, was because even for just this one evening, they couldn’t stop playing identify politics. So, Rep. mad-Waters was around to target those white women in those funny-looking vagina caps who are looking to either impeach Trump or make him die laughing. Former black congresswoman Donna Edwards was on hand because sometimes you want the real deal and not the lite version of a Communist like Joe Kennedy III.

Elizabeth Guzman was there to speak Spanish to those who believe they should be allowed to elect America’s politicians even if they can’t speak or understand English. So far as Hispanic scumbags like Xavier Becerra and Luis Gutierrez are concerned, all that should be required of them is that they recognize (D) is good and (R) is bad.

It’s merely a rumor, but I understand that Sneezy and Dopey are sulking because the DNC didn’t invite them to speak.

For me, the best line in Trump’s address was his four-word reminder that “Americans are dreamers, too.”

For me, the worst line in Rep. Kennedy’s rebuttal came after hearing the President speak about the Stock Market’s reaching record heights and minority unemployment reaching record lows, claiming, with one of those phony quivers in his voice: “This isn’t who we are.”

It’s certainly true that isn’t who we were under Barack liar-nObama.

Today, we have a thriving economy, which not only means that wealthy business owners will get even richer, but that their employees will be receiving bonuses, pay raises and a brighter future thanks to more secure pensions; we have shown our alleged-allies in Europe that we will no longer be played for suckers by picking up the tab for their defense; shown the likes of Vladimir Putin, Ayatollah Khomeini and Kim Jong-un, that there’s not only a new sheriff in town, but, unlike the pantywaist he replaced, this guy is armed and dangerous, and they should proceed with caution.

* Speaking of Kim Jung-un, I hope that South Korea isn’t making too much out of North Korea’s allowing its athletes to compete in the Olympics. It’s just a PR stunt. If Kim Jong-un was actually trying to set aside 65 years of hostility, he wouldn’t do it sending well-fed athletes to compete. If he were serious, the schmuck would withdraw the 1,200 pieces of artillery he currently has lined up at the border, all of it targeting Seoul’s 16 million people.

* There are two more things I would like to clarify for both Democrats and for those Republicans who don’t always think as clearly as they should. First of all, too much should not be made of the fact that the GOP controls the White House, the Senate and the House. Their margin in the Senate is barely worth mentioning. When it requires 60 votes to pass legislation, a 51-49 margin, especially when the 51 includes the likes of RINO-John McCain, RINO-Jeff Blake and RINO-Susan Collins, it’s more a mirage than a majority.

Next, when Democrats disparage Donald Trump because he had the advantage of having a rich father, they are giving all the rich guys who inherit wealth and fritter it away on drugs, drink and doxies, a pass. It’s true that Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, which made his delivery particularly painful for his mother, but it was thanks to his own business savvy and a work ethic I expect he also inherited from his parents that he managed to turn the silver spoon into a golden ladle.

Certainly, that’s preferable to the run-of-the-mill politicians splashing around in the Washington swamp who grow rich as a result of delivering favors to their wealthiest donors.

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy.


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