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by Political Editors: White House rolls out agenda for more deregulation to boost business (The Daily Signal)

Trump greets American detainees freed by North Korea (The Hill)

Trump says will meet with North Korea’s Kim on June 12 in Singapore (Reuters)

Israel strikes “nearly all” Iranian infrastructure in Syria after Iran rocket attack (Fox News)

Iran violated nuclear deal, Bolton says (The Washington Free Beacon)

After contentious hearing, Gina Haspel appears to secure crucial committee votes (CBS News)

Nancy Pulosi knew about enhanced interrogation before Gina Haspel (The Washington Free Beacon)

rino-McCain confirms he gave Trump dossier to Comey: “Duty demanded I do” it (Daily Beast)

Border deployment leads to arrest of 1,600 more illegal immigrants (Washington Examiner)

Half of all Americans now live in “sanctuaries” protecting illegal aliens (The Washington Times)

Monica Lewinsky was disinvited from a “social change” event because liar-Bill Clinton decided to attend (Hot Air)

California regulators want to add $10,500 to the price of a new home with a solar panel mandate (Reason)

The GOP’s midterm surprise: a red wave now threatens the blue wave (The Washington Times)

Policy: “Fair share” has limits, even in Seattle (City Journal)

Policy: The Iran deal was betrayed by its own abysmal record (The Washington Post) ~The Patriot Post


Trump Buries liar-nObama Rules: Every Illegal Caught Crossing Border Will Be Charged


{ } ~ A key campaign pledge of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump was to enforce immigration laws and secure the border with a wall… Although President Trump has faced obstruction in building that promised wall, his administration is cracking down on illegal immigration nonetheless. The Washington Times reported on a major immigration enforcement policy announcement Monday from Attorney General Jeff Sessions and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement head Thomas Homan near the border in San Diego. The new policy, which is significantly stricter than that of the liar-nObama administration, is that any and all illegal immigrants caught crossing the border illicitly will be charged with illegally entering the country, and parents who bring children across with them could face additional charges of human smuggling. The parents will also be detained — separate from their children — while awaiting a hearing on the charges…


U.S. Will Be World’s Largest Oil Exporter by Next Year

by Bob Adelmann

{ } ~ Citigroup announced last week that exports of crude and finished oil products from the United States would overtake Saudi Arabia’s by next year… Last week, the U.S. exported 8.3 million barrels per day (bpd) of crude and finished petroleum products. While Saudi Arabia exported 9.3 million bpd of crude and refined products in Janurary, the kingdom plans to cut crude exports to under seven million bpd in May. With the coming sanctions against Iran thanks to the president’s termination of the Iranian “nuclear deal” on Tuesday, up to another million bpd of crude could be removed from global supply, tilting further the advantage to U.S. producers. Those sanctions set up the U.S. oil industry to continue to fill the vacuum just as quickly as it can find skilled roughnecks to put up idled rigs and complete wells that were drilled just waiting for an opportunity such as this. Those DUCs — drilled but uncompleted — wells number above 4,000 and are being brought online as quickly as possible. Labor and material bottlenecks are being resolved, and with oil in the high 60s and lifting costs in the low 30s, the boom in U.S. production will continue to set records. All at OPEC’s expense…


Gina Haspel Leaves Jack Reed Speechless


{ } ~ CIA director nominee Gina Haspel left Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Jack Reed speechless… after asking her a hypothetical question about morality during her confirmation hearing Wednesday. When asked by Reed if she thinks it is “immoral” for our enemies to waterboard a captured CIA operations officer, Haspel responded by reminding Reed of the terrorists who have killed CIA agents and criticized the comparison between a CIA officer serving their country and a terrorist, leaving Reed speechless. “It’s very simple. You have an operations officer who is captured. He’s being waterboarded. I’ve asked you very simply: would you determine that to be immoral and something that should never be done, condoned in any way, shape, or form?” Reed asked. “Your response seems to be that civilized nations don’t do it, but uncivilized nations do it — or uncivilized groups do it. A civilized nation was doing it until it was outlawed by this Congress”…



Secret Source Who Aided Mueller Probe Is Deemed Off Limits To Congress


{ } ~ House Republicans are again battling with the Justice Department over information related to the Russia investigation… this time over documents the intelligence community said involves a top-secret source who has provided information to the CIA and FBI. The mysterious source has also gathered information that was given to Special Counsel Robert Mueller as part of his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, according to The Washington Post. WaPo reported Justice Department and intelligence community officials issued a stark warning to the White House on May 2 against a request from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes. Nunes had submitted a subpoena to the Justice Department on April 24 for records related to the Russia probe…


Iranian lawmakers burn paper US flag, chant ‘Death to America’ after Trump ends nuclear deal

by Aaron Colen

{ } ~ Trump officially pulled the United States out of a nuclear deal with Iran that he has long derided as a terrible arrangement… despite pleas from European allies to remain in the accord. In particular, Germany, the United Kingdom and France urged the U.S. to stay in the deal. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said he plans to continue working with European leaders to preserve what’s left of the deal, although there is a chance Iran will simply opt to restart its nuclear program. What about ‘Death to America’ Although the display from the Iranian lawmakers provides a shocking visual, “Death to America” is a relatively common slogan in Iran, even in parliament, dating back nearly four decades…


Promise Kept — Trump Nukes Iran Deal

by National Security Desk: Keeping his promise, President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that the United States will withdraw from the “horrible” Iran nuclear deal (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) and reinstate sanctions that were suspended as part of the deal. “We will not allow American cities to be threatened with destruction. We will not allow a regime that chants ‘Death to America’ to gain access to the most deadly weapons on earth,” Trump declared. “Today’s action sends a critical message: The United States no longer makes empty threats. When I make promises I keep them.”

Despite attempts by the Europeans to dissuade Trump, despite hanoi-John Kerry’s smoke-filled-backroom efforts to save the deal, and despite Iran warning that it would be “a historic mistake” to withdraw, the president reiterated what he has said all along: “We cannot prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement.” Trump reportedly remains open to improving the deal, and he will now have economic leverage to persuade Iran and the Europeans to do just that.

Barack liar-nObama, who paid the Iranians $1.7 billion in ransom cash loaded on pallets as well as hundreds of billions more in sanctions relief, predictably criticized the decision to withdraw — which is tantamount to an endorsement in our book. “Walking away from the JCPOA turns our back on America’s closest allies,” liar-nObama admonished, adding that it’s “a serious mistake.” But the biggest mistake was made by liar-nObama and his feckless secretary of state, hanoi-Kerry, caving in to one Iranian demand after another and agreeing to the deal. As we said at the time, “You want it bad, you’ll get it bad.”

liar-nObama was so desperate for a foreign policy “victory” that getting a deal was more important than the content of the deal. Having agreed to a deal that he knew would never pass the Senate as a treaty, the minute the ink was dry liar-nObama instead ran to the United Nations, which passed a Security Council Resolution establishing the deal’s terms. But only laws passed by the U.S. Congress, or treaties approved by the Senate, are binding on the actions of the United States. And as “constitutional scholar” liar-nObama and long-time Senator hanoi-Kerry undoubtedly knew, any deal that really was in the United States’ best interest would have been able to pass muster in the Senate and gain the two-thirds votes needed to ratify a treaty.

liar-nObama and his various minions told us time after time that the deal would moderate Iran’s behavior and help bring it back into the community of nations, but a quick survey of recent events shows the spectacular deception of that claim.

Iran is fighting a proxy war in Syria to keep Bashar al-Assad’s murderous regime in power, and it probably has more troops on the ground than any group other than the Syrian Army. It continues flying military equipment into Syria via Iraq, attracting the occasional Israeli airstrike (including one just last night) and risking major escalation of the fighting there. Its proxies in Yemen have fired Iranian-made weapons at U.S. Navy ships in the Red Sea, as well as used one of Iran’s signature weapons, the explosive boat, to hit and severely damage a Saudi warship. Its ballistic missile activity has continued unabated, despite UN Security Council Resolution 2231’s prohibitions on such activity. In addition to missile testing, Iran has actually fired ballistic missiles at targets in Syria, and its Yemeni proxies have fired Iranian-made missiles into Saudi Arabia.

Needless to say, we don’t see much moderating in Iran’s behavior. Worse, liar-nObama helped fund Iran’s increased terror sponsorship.

In the coming days and weeks we expect the various actors that supported the deal — Democrats, the Leftmedia, the Europeans, the Iranians — will all make the most of the opportunity to paint President Trump as a bumptious and warmongering rube. The Europeans will follow liar-nObama’s cue and decry the undiplomatic behavior of withdrawing from a gentlemen’s agreement. The Iranians will shout about the untrustworthy nature of the United States. We even expect Rep. mad-Maxine Waters will ascribe racism to President Trump’s decision, claiming it is an act of spite against his African-American predecessor.

But all the wailing and teeth-gnashing among various Europeans, Iranians, Democrats (and even some short-sighted Republicans) will merely serve to demonstrate the double injury liar-nObama inflicted when he accepted the deal. The first injury was the deal itself. The second, as we said at the time, was that some future president would have to withdraw and harm our standing with friends and foes alike.

That day has now come, and our standing with our European allies may indeed suffer temporarily. Iran may try to create even more mischief around the Middle East. Oil markets and the U.S. and world economies may feel some pain as Iran’s oil market is squeezed.

But the undeniable fact is that the existing nuclear agreement merely kicked the can down the road for a decade, ensuring that Iran would emerge with a full, UN-approved nuclear fuel cycle that would enable very rapid nuclear breakout in the future. Dealing with this problem now, even if painful, is vastly better than dealing with it later, when it may not only be painful but also deadly. Withdrawing from the nuclear deal is a first step in the right direction.

On a final note, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un should take note that Trump isn’t messing around. Perhaps he already has, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo returns home today from Pyongyang with three released American hostages. ~The Patriot Post


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