Thursday News Executive Summary

Jordan Candler  The Latest on Coronavirus

CDC loosens guidelines for some exposed to virus to return to work (NBC News)

IHME model revised again, cutting death projection by over 35% (National Review)

CDC releases early demographic snapshot of worst cases, which skew toward those with underlying conditions, men, and African Americans (The New York Times)

Over 300,000 people have recovered from coronavirus around the world (Newsweek)

Ninety percent of federal PPE stockpile depleted amid pandemic (National Review)

Business & Economy

A cumulative 16 million and counting: Weekly unemployment claims swell another 6.6 million (Fox Business)

Americans could start receiving relief checks starting today (USA Today)

The ethanol lobby, which is already subsidized up to its neck, asks for a coronavirus bailout (Washington Examiner)

Government & Politics

Sen. Kelly Loeffler liquidates stocks amid uproar over possible insider trading (The Hill)

Regulatory state: Thirty regulations that stymied Trump’s virus response (Washington Examiner)

Drill, baby, drill: Trump signs executive order encouraging mining for minerals on the moon (Washington Examiner)

Linda Tripp, whose taped calls with Monica Lewinsky led to scumbag/liar-Clinton impeachment, dies at 70 (The Washington Post)


Coronavirus was spreading in New York City weeks before first case, compounding the mayor’s lackluster response (New York Post)

Kansas legislature cites constitutional rights in rescinding governor’s limit on religious gatherings (Washington Examiner)

“We want to have some common approach to this across the state”: Arkansas blocks mayors from implementing stay-at-home orders (The Daily Wire)


The U.S. also needs an exit strategy: Austria plans to begin loosening its lockdown (Axios)

Nothing to see here… Official Chinese newspaper reports chance of 10,000-20,000 new cases in Wuhan. It’s quickly deleted. (The Daily Wire)

Taiwan shows up China, sending hard-hit countries lifesaving coronavirus supplies (Fox News)

Tone-deaf celebrities organize major benefit for China-complicit WHO (The Federalist)

Closing Arguments

Policy: How Woodrow Wilson let flu deaths go viral in the Great War (RealClearInvestigations)

Policy: Time for the U.S. to declare independence from China (Hudson Institute)

Humor: commie-Bernie Sanders drops out of race to spend more time with his many, many houses (The Babylon Bee)

Related humor: Undaunted commie-Sanders supporters announce they’ll continue presidential campaign without candidate (The Onion)  ~The Patriot Post   

liar-Pelosi Is Back With New ‘Wish List’, This Time She’s Coming For Trump

by Cortney O’Brien{ } ~ She’s at it again. After nearly torpedoing the CARES Act with a farfetched, radical, extreme environmental wish list… House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi is once again trying to attach her liberal wish list to Phase 4 of Congress’s coronavirus relief response. This time liar-Pelosi is focusing in on her plan to usher in mandatory mail-in voting. CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked liar-Pelosi directly if she would try to change election laws in the wake of the coronavirus. She would. The provisions the Democrats are asking for, she said, “guarantees to vote from home for upcoming general election.” In Phase 4, or CARES 2, she explained, “yes we want the resources to be there and no obstacles to that voting to take place.” “It’s about our democracy,” she argued, “and a time where it’s even a physical challenge to vote.” Hans A. von Spakovsky shared the concerns of many conservatives in an urgent piece for The Heritage Foundation. In sum, mail-in voting is often accompanied by some sketchy behavior. “Voting by mail is the single worst form of election possible,” he argued. “It moves the entire election beyond the oversight of election officials and into places where the most vulnerable can be exploited by political operatives.” President Trump urged Republicans to push back. RNC spokeswoman Liz Harrington caught on to liar-Pelosi’s agenda, because it’s the same one other prominent Democrats have been pushing for months. “The new central plan of Sen. Elizabeth dinky/liar-Warren, D-Mass., for voting in response to the coronavirus looks an awful lot like her last voting plan,” Harrington observed. “But that was before Democrats could use a health crisis as an excuse to push their political agenda. Her prescription last year for ‘strengthening our democracy’ is nearly identical to her prescription now for ‘protecting our election.’” “Like liar-Nancy Pelosi’s $4 billion ruse to nationalize ballot harvesting, dinky/liar-Warren is using the pandemic to push for election changes Democrats have pushed for years,” Harrington added.  

Reports Are In: Malaria Drug Saves Lives in Coronavirus Crisis, Doctors and Patients Say

By TYLER O’NEIL{ } ~ Reports are in: Hydroxychloroquine is saving lives and President Donald Trump deserves praise for advocating the malaria drug as a potential cure for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus… A small study in France laid the groundwork for using the drug in treatment. Doctors and patients across America have reported positive results, despite constant naysaying from left-leaning media outlets. On Monday, Democratic Michigan state Rep. Karen Whitsett credited President Trump with effectively saving her life. She suffered from COVID-19 but recovered after taking the drug. “If President Trump had not talked about it, it would not be something that’s accessible” in Michigan, she told Fox News, due to “an order that was put down in my state.” Indeed, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.) initially threatened physicians who would offer the drug to coronavirus patients — before reversing herself and even requesting the malaria drug from the Trump administration. When asked if she thinks Trump saved her life, Whitsett said, “Yes, I do,” and, “I do thank him for that.” Hydroxychloroquine isn’t just saving lives in Michigan, however. Dr. Anthony Cardillo, the CEO of Mend Urgent Care in Los Angeles, said he is witnessing “significant success” in prescribing hydroxychloroquine to coronavirus patients. “Every patient I’ve prescribed it to has been very, very ill and within eight to twelve hours, they were basically symptom-free,” Cardillo told ABC News. In Pennsylvania, Lisa Smarra told local news that her 76-year-old father Bob is improving after being treated with the malaria drug. She recalled first hearing about the drug from President Trump. “It’s amazing,” she said. “I love my dad so much… I am so happy that he’s okay.”…  

Good News – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Improving – Still in ICU, But Sitting Up and Engaging…

By DAVID WILCOCK { } ~ Very good news.  Keep the prayers going; it works. The latest reports from the U.K. indicate positive health improvements for Prime Minister Boris Johnson… Boris Johnson is ‘improving’ in hospital after two days in intensive care battling coronavirus, Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed this afternoon. In news that will come as a relief to the nation he said that the Prime Minister had also been sitting up in bed after two nights in St Thomas’s Hospital in London. Fronting the daily news conference, Mr Sunak began by giving an update on Mr Johnson’s condition, amid questions over his treatment in the lead up to his hospitalisation. ‘The latest news from the hospital is that the prime minister remains in intensive care, where his condition is improving,’ Mr Sunak said,.’I can also tell you that he has been sitting up in bed and engaging positively with the clinical team.’ Health Secretary Matt Hancock   tweeted: ‘So good that the PM is sitting up and his condition is improving. He will fight through!…   

Dem lawmaker wants Trump prosecuted at international court for ‘crimes against humanity’

By Ronn Blitzer { } ~ A Democratic state representative in Ohio said she “can’t take it anymore” and vowed to refer President Trump to the International Criminal Court for “crimes against humanity”… over Trump’s promotion of a drug that has not been conclusively proven to fight the coronavirus. State Rep. Tavia Galonski tweeted Sunday after President Trump spoke about hydroxychloroquine at his daily press briefing. The drug, normally used to treat malaria, is one of several that the president has pointed to as showing promise in the fight against COVID-19, but its effectiveness has been a subject of debate. “I can’t take it anymore. I’ve been to The Hague. I’m making a referral for crimes against humanity tomorrow,” Galonski said. “Today’s press conference was the last straw. I know the need for a prosecution referral when I see one.” The Hague is the site of the International Criminal Court (ICC), which boasts 123 state parties. The United States is not one of them. Only member states or non-members who accept the ICC’s jurisdiction can make referrals. Alternatively, the United Nations Security Council can also refer a matter for investigation. “Crimes against humanity” is a category of offense that the ICC handles. The court provides a list of crimes that fall under this, including murder, extermination, enslavement, torture, and “other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering or serious bodily or mental injury.” Fox News asked Rep. Galonski if there is a specific crime she is accusing Trump of committing, and how she plans on pursuing charges given the United States’ non-member status. She did not immediately respond. Galonski is not the only one to question Trump’s promotion of hydroxychloroquine, given that the FDA has not approved it — or any other drugs — specifically for treating COVID-19. The FDA has issued Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) for both hydroxycholoroquine and chloroquine, but the EUAs specifically note that these are for “unapproved use” and that “optimal dosing and duration of treatment is unknown.” Many governors, public-health officials, and others have warned that the drug has shown major side effects and its efficacy still remained unproven as a treatment for COVID-19. Some experts have expressed concern that widespread use of the drug could lead to complicating access for people who need them for rheumatoid arthritis or lupus…    

GOP Chair: Democrats Using Coronavirus to Enable Voter Fraud

by ~ In a column for Fox News’s website on Monday, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel accused the Democratic Party of using the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to weaken election security… opening the door to voter fraud all across the country. Pointing to House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to turn the November election into a mail-in event, McDaniel warned that such a move would inevitably lead to massive fraud. And that, she wrote, is exactly what Democrats are counting on. “If it were about safety, why does liar-Pelosi call for mandatory early voting in all states, forcing polls to be open ‘no less than 10 hours’ every day for over two weeks before Election Day?” wondered McDaniel. “Why do Democrats encourage public transportation use, which can increase exposure to viruses, by mandating polling places be within walking distance of a bus stop or metro? And why do Democrats want paid campaign operatives going door to door, collecting mountains of ballots? So much for social distancing.” She said the answer is obvious: “Because Democrats see the pandemic, as Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., said, as ‘a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.’ And try to give themselves a political edge.” There are, of course, many U.S. states which rely on mail-in voting as a supplement to their usual early/day-of, in-person election apparatus. That’s fine and well, as far as it goes. But when we expand mail-in voting to account for every single registered voter in the country – and we do it as quickly as the Democrats want to roll it out this year – you’re begging for trouble. And let’s face it, this is not a party that has shown a great deal of concern about voter fraud in the past. “Mail-in voting increases the opportunity for fraud,” wrote McDaniel. “Just ask the New York Times, which in 2012 documented numerous ways ‘fraud is easier by mail’ and ‘vastly more prevalent’ than in-person voting. The Times found ‘votes cast by mail are less likely to be counted, more likely to be compromised and more likely to be contested than those cast in a voting booth.’” Exactly. Now we want to turn our entire presidential election over to this system? Forget about actual fraud for a moment; let’s assume for the sake of argument that everything goes off without any (apparent) hitch, and Trump wins the election in defiance of the polls, just like he did last time. Are Democrats going to support this outcome, or will they suddenly freak out and call Trump an illegitimate president? Is there any doubt in your mind that they will suddenly find great fault with mail-in voting if that happens? This is a disaster waiting to happen, and Republicans must do everything possible to ensure that we do not let the coronavirus crisis turn into a constitutional one in November.  

Trey Gowdy stepped up with one ultimatum that was the one thing China feared the most

by ~ Trey Gowdy has a new target in his sights. The former South Carolina Congressman is among the millions of Americans who want to see the Chinese government held responsible… for their lies and cover ups that allowed the coronavirus to spread unchecked across the globe. And now Trey Gowdy stepped up with one ultimatum that was the one thing China feared the most. The Chinese government spent weeks – and possibly months – denying that the coronavirus outbreak existed. China’s lies about there being no evidence of human to human transmission cost governments around the world precious time that could have been spent preparing for a possible pandemic. Americans want accountability for this dishonesty and negligence. Appearing on Fox News, Trey Gowdy said there was no point in trying to use the courts or any international organization to hold China accountable because those mechanisms were toothless. “There are international entities, whether it’s the United Nations, the World Health Organization, there’s the International Court of Justice, there are actually treaties that govern the interactions of countries as it relates to infectious disease. But those are toothless,” Gowdy explained. “You’ve got the American courts, but you have to get around the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act, and if you get around that, you’ve got proof problems. I mean, how is an individual American supposed to get information from China when the rest of the world cannot?” Instead, Gowdy told the Fox audience that President Trump should “hit them where it hurts the most” and that was financially. Gowdy suggested banning Chinese students from studying at American universities and deducting what we think China owes us for the economic and devastation and loss of life resulting from the coronavirus pandemic from what America owes China. “The Trump administration doesn’t need to go to court to hold China accountable. You can hit them where it hurts the most. You can ostracize them on the world stage, quit letting their students come here and study, you can make them a pariah, but most importantly you can start deducting the amount of money we owe them and other countries owe them, deduct our costs including the loss of life, but all of the other costs, start deducting that, and then see what China’s reaction is,” Gowdy concluded. America owes China over $1.07 trillion in new debt and China sends some percentage of students to American universities to act as spies. Gowdy believes America can help solve our debt crisis, protect American national security and hold China accountable all in one fell swoop.  

Small Businesses Find Gov’t Help Is Never Easy

Nate Jackson  

Congress authorized the $350 billion Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) as part of its massive $2.2 trillion CARES Act, meant as an economic lifeline for millions of Americans. As with all things the government touches, however, there’s now a bureaucratic train wreck.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is backing the PPP, which, in short, works this way: Beginning last Friday, small businesses could apply at participating local banks for loans to cover qualifying payroll, health-insurance premiums, and a handful of other approved expenses over an eight-week period. Various and sundry documentation is required to prove both the need up front and then the use of the money after the fact. If certain conditions are met, the loan will be forgiven. If not, it’s a two-year loan at 1% interest. The obvious intent is to save millions of jobs by keeping businesses solvent.Easy peasy, right?Not so much. The attached strings are never actually one-size-fits-all, for one thing. Moreover, the system wasn’t ready for the demand, in part because the PPP doesn’t fit with previous loan-compliance protocols. The Treasury Department didn’t issue guidelines until Thursday night before the program opened on Friday morning, and the SBA’s online system crashed under the immediate flood of applications. A normal year means about $30 billion in SBA loans; it’s processing 10 times as much in a matter of weeks, if not mere days.The SBA acknowledged in an email to lenders Monday, “We know that your efforts have been frustrated with system issues, policy questions and slower than usual responses.” That’s putting it mildly.Fixes are underway, but time is of the essence. “You’re talking about something here that is $350 billion, has no precedence, has never been done before,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). “You’ve got to create this massive program and its rules in six days and launch it. Anytime you do it that way, of course you’re going to have some issues, but we have no choice. This is an emergency situation. And when you do things in an emergency situation, they’re going to be far less than perfect.”Even as the relevant folks work out the horrible kinks in the system, Congress and the president are already talking about another round of similar federal aid, including more money for the PPP because there’s no way $350 billion will be sufficient through the end of June — in no small measure because a few big businesses  can now apply.  

~The Patriot Post  


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