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Jordan Candler  Above the Fold

“WE’RE READY TO ADAPT”: President Donald Trump outlines U.S. response to coronavirus, puts Vice President Mike Pence in charge of effort (New York Post) 

NEW PUZZLEMENT: Coronavirus infects patient for second time, prompting new worries about how “cured” is defined (Fox News)

Government & Politics

CLOSING IN: commie-Bernie Sanders the favorite to win all Super Tuesday states except Alabama (

BIRDS OF A FEATHER: Cuba’s Communist Party newspaper gives commie-Sanders a glowing review (MRCTV)

REPORTED “AS FACT”: Trump campaign sues The New York Times for libel over Russia opinion article (CNBC)

National Security

SCOTUS REVIEW LIKELY: Court hands Trump win in sanctuary-city fight, says administration can deny grant money (Fox News)

FRANKLY, RULE OF LAW — NOT REFORMS — IS THE ISSUE: Republicans break with Attorney General William Barr on FISA renewal, urge reforms before reauthorization (National Review)

SUSPICIOUS BACK-TO-BACK REFINERY FIRES:  Cause of Los Angeles-area refinery fire under investigation (AP) | Fire erupts at ExxonMobil refinery in Louisiana (USA Today)

Other Notables

AWAITING A MOTIVE: In one of the worst shootings in Wisconsin history, a man shot and killed five people — and then himself — during a rampage Wednesday afternoon on the Milwaukee campus of Molson Coors (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

SYMBOLISM: House passes anti-lynching bill after 120 years of failure (The New York Times)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: Trump’s India statecraft is forward-thinking and necessary (Washington Examiner)

POLICY: Electric cars aren’t nearly as green as people think (Foundation for Economic Education)

HUMOR: CDC recommends breathing masks at commie-Bernie rallies to prevent spread of deadly socialism (Genesius Times)  ~The Patriot Post       

Israel’s Election: What Do the Iranians and Palestinians Want?

by Bassam Tawil{ } ~ The Palestinians are doing their absolute utmost to ensure that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party do not win in Israel’s general election on Monday, March 2… The Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank, and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, seem to have endorsed the banner of Netanyahu’s political rivals in Israel: “Anyone but Bibi Netanyahu’s nickname.” The two Palestinian groups perceive Netanyahu as a major threat to their dream of destroying Israel and as someone who has further strengthened Israel’s standing in the international arena. In a last-minute, apparently desperate attempt to undermine the current Israeli prime minister’s chances of winning another election, the PA has launched a public relations campaign to explain to the Israeli public why they should not vote for Netanyahu. The  campaign, orchestrated personally by PA President Mahmoud Abbas, aims to scare Israeli voters by warning them that casting their ballots for Netanyahu would mean the end of the Middle East “peace process” — a euphemism for Palestinians retaking territory “from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea ” — or, in other words, all of Israel, as set forth in the 1974 Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Phased Plan, which advocates accepting any land one can and then using that as a base from which to acquire the rest. Abbas’s latest attempt to scare the Israeli public began earlier this month, when he dispatched 20 Palestinian officials to a meeting with Israeli “peace activists” in Tel Aviv. Organized by a left-wing anti-Netanyahu group called the Israeli Peace Parliament, the meeting was held under the banner: “Two States for Two People” and “No to Annexation.” The “annexation” refers to Netanyahu’s plan to apply Israeli law to some parts of the West Bank, particularly the Jordan Valley and several Jewish communities. Abbas sent his officials to Tel Aviv for the meeting not to promote peace with Israel, but evidently to convince Israelis not to vote for Netanyahu. That is what one concludes by listening to the statements of the Palestinians who attended the “peace” gathering. These officials included former Palestinian cabinet ministers and parliament members, as well as senior officials of Abbas’s ruling Fatah faction. Although the meeting in Tel Aviv was also held under the banner, “Yes to Peace,” the Palestinian and Israeli speakers devoted most of their speeches to condemning US President Donald Trump’s recently unveiled plan for Middle East peace… Israel needs to reelect Netanyahu.

Senate Judiciary Calendar Empty as FISA Reauthorization Deadline Approaches

by sundance{ } ~ Previously Chairman Lindsey Graham promised to hold public hearings on reforms needed to the FISA process prior to any reauthorization vote. However, with two weeks remaining until current FISA authorization expires… the Senate Judiciary Committee has yet to hold a single hearing, and the senate calendar is empty. In November of 2019 buried deep in the congressional budget Continuing Resolution (CR) was a short-term extension to reauthorize the FISA “business records provision”, the “roving wiretap” provision, the “lone wolf” provision, and the more controversial bulk metadata provisions [Call Detail Records (CDR)], all parts of the Patriot Act.  As a result of the FISA CR inclusion the terminal deadline was pushed to March 15, 2020. The Senate is scheduled to go back into recess on March 13th. Additionally, the DOJ/FBI response to the FISA court order due February 5th has still not been made public. At a minimum the DOJ/FBI response to the FISA court needs to be made public prior to any reauthorization by congress; and to better understand the scale of the issue, an explanation of the the DOJ/FBI sequestered evidence needs to be made public. Representatives requesting FISA reform prior to renewal include: Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Doug Collins, Jody Rice, Devin Nunes and Steve Scalise. Additionally, Senator Mike Lee and Senator Rand Paul are trying to force reform or let the current version expire. However, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, along with AG Bill Barr, want a clean FISA renewal without public hearings…  

Trump puts Pence in charge of coronavirus response

by Kimberly Leonard{ } ~ President Trump put Vice President Mike Pence in charge of coordinating efforts to address the new strain of coronavirus, seeking to reassure the nation as cases of the disease mounted worldwide and U.S. stock markets suffered major losses… “He has got a certain talent for this,” Trump said of Pence during a press briefing Wednesday. “I’m bringing together all the members of the coronavirus tasks force that you have established … My role will be to bring that team together,” Pence told the president. Trump reportedly had been considering bringing in someone from outside the administration to serve as a “coronavirus czar.” He clarified at Wednesday’s press conference that the vice president “isn’t a czar” but that officials would be reporting to him. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar had said earlier in the day that he didn’t expect any leadership changes. Appearing alongside Trump at the event, Azar said that he remained the head of the administration’s coronavirus task force and that he “couldn’t be more delighted” that the president selected Pence to lead the overall government response. Azar and Pence have known each other for a long time. Trump announced the decision to appoint Pence shortly after he returned from a state visit to India and following a slew of criticism from Democrats, and even some Republicans, who said that an outside official should be tapped to coordinate the different work underway. Lawmakers cited as an example the scumbag/liar-nObama administration’s response to Ebola, when the president appointed Ronald Klain, a Democratic strategist, to the role of “Ebola czar.” House Democrats spent much of Wednesday tearing into Azar during two back-to-back committee hearings, saying officials weren’t adequately prepared to fight the virus and that the administration should be asking for more than the $2.5 billion the White House requested to fight the virus. They also pressed Azar to provide documentation showing where all of the funding would go…   

Green on Blue Attack: Quincy Institute Trashes Keynote Speaker David Petraeus

By Brent Scher{ } ~ After inviting retired four-star General David Petraeus to keynote their forum in Washington, D.C., the Koch and scumbag-Soros-funded Quincy Institute trashed the retired military official on social media… during and after his appearance for his “lack of vision for a new direction in U.S. foreign policy.” The group’s executive vice president Trita Parsi accused Petraeus and his fellow commanders of deceiving the country as Petraeus sat on the stage. “True that a majority of Afghan vets want to end the war,” Parsi wrote. “But is that true for the leaders of the military? And if so, why 18 years of deception about how the war was going?” Sarah Leah Whitson, the institute’s managing director for research and policy, derided Petraeus for delivering “stale outdated talking points” on the war in Iraq, where the general commanded U.S. armed forces, and killing 500,000 people. Whitson on Tuesday night argued that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein deserved credit for advances in  education and literacy during his rein. Another Quincy Institute employee, Eli Clifton, used Petraeus’s appearance at the forum as occasion to call out the funding of the Harvard University institution that formerly employed him. “Perhaps a good time to remember that David Petraeus’s work at Harvard’s Belfer Center is underwritten by Thomas Kaplan, who promotes his mining investments as retaining or appreciating in value if there is unrest in the Middle East,” Clifton wrote. The group’s official Twitter account retweeted numerous attacks on Petraeus, and then directly attacked Petraeus for his “lack of vision for a new direction in U.S. foreign policy.”…    

Coronavirus prompts Saudi Arabia to limit travel to holy sites – months ahead of hajj pilgrimage

By Dom Calicchio{ } ~ Saudi Arabia on Thursday said it will block foreigners from traveling to Mecca and the Kaaba, the cube-shaped structure at the center of the annual hajj pilgrimage… out of concern over the spread of the coronavirus. The travel  limits also apply to the Prophet Muhammad’s mosque in Medina, according to the Associated Press. In addition, Saudi officials have halted entry to the kingdom by those with tourist visas from countries affected by coronavirus, the AP reported. The efforts to shield Islam’s holiest sites come months ahead of the annual hajj, which will begin in July. The number of pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia who attend the event can reach 2 million or more. “Saudi Arabia renews its support for all international measures to limit the spread of this virus, and urges its citizens to exercise caution before traveling to countries experiencing coronavirus outbreaks,” the Saudi Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “We ask God Almighty to spare all humanity from all harm.” As of Thursday there were no confirmed cases of coronavirus within Saudi Arabia but the virus was present in other parts of the Middle East. Iran has reported 22 deaths — the most outside China — while Kuwait’s total infections jumped from 26 to 43 on Thursday, the AP reported.   

Minneapolis City Council Somali Candidate: “We Going To Take Over”

by Tim Brown{ } ~ Minnesota is slowly being transformed and no one is putting a stop to it.  The latest example comes out of Minneapolis where another Somali candidate for the city council has declared… “We going to take over.”  They are here to impose Sharia because that is what political Islam does. Deplorable Kel reported on Suud Olat, who is a former refugee, just like criminal Rep. worthless-Ilhan Omar, from Somalia. She reported: Suud Olat, a former refugee from Somalia and candidate for Minneapolis City Council Ward 6, posted on Facebook that Somali’s are “going to take over”. Olat shared a Facebook post about a Somali news platform serving Somali’s across the world, along with the caption: “Mukhtar Dahir SDN – Somali Diaspora News SDN – Somali Diaspora News all the way. We going to take over.”Olat announced his run for office after the current Minneapolis  Ward 6 Council member Abdi Warsame was appointed CEO of Minneapolis Public Housing Authority. In a statement announcing his run for office, Olat wrote: The diverse peoples of Ward 6 deserve an honest diligent representation. I am running to rebuild our residents’ faith in our City Hall. I will strive to restore integrity and confidence in this office and offer our diverse residents, reasons to be hopeful again. From the streets in our neighborhoods to the walls of our State Capital and to the corridors of our Congress in D.C, I have , for a long time, championed for justice and equality. My passion for the issues I most care about runs deep and is personal for me…  

 The Truth Behind Rising Sea Levels and Global Warming

 Vijay Jayaraj

On January 3, 2020, 13 states in the U.S. joined Rhode Island in a lawsuit against oil companies for contributing to climate change and the dangers it poses.The reason: They believe sea-level rise from climate change threatens their low-lying coastal regions.An alarmist news site in Honolulu claims, “Warmer air temperatures are causing our oceans to thermally expand and glaciers around the world to melt. This combination leads to global sea level rise.”However, the real-world situation differs dramatically from these hyped-up, sensationalist claims.Manmade Global Warming: Not the Primary Driver of Sea-Level RiseDoomsday proponents suggest that glacial melt induced by global warming can contribute significantly to the rise in sea levels. But a growing number of scientific studies (like this one in 2018) find that manmade global warming is not a primary driver of global sea-level rise.The reason? Contrary to the media narrative, more factors than glacial melt drive sea-level rise.Three major sets of natural factors control the rise and fall of sea levels: water temperature and salinity changes (steric), cryosphere/glacial changes (glacio-eustatic), and geological changes in continents and ocean basins (isostatic).Despite multiple influences on sea levels, some alarmist narratives focus exclusively on glacial melt. Why? To make people panic about melting glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic.Moreover, sea-level doomsday reports seldom address sea-level rise in previous centuries and millennia. Avoiding that supports the alarmist narrative, as it portrays the current rise as new and unprecedented.Sea-Level Rise: Higher and Faster in the PastA 2014 scientific study did a comprehensive analysis of sea-level measurements from 1,277 tide gauge records since 1807 to estimate trends and acceleration in sea-level rise. In the 20th century, global sea-level rise displayed a linear trend of 1.9 ± 0.3 millimeters (mm) per year.Sea levels have been much higher in the past and varies regionally.Whoever has been feeding you false information on unprecedented sea-level rise needs to be redirected to research that documents not only higher sea levels in the past but also more rapid sea-level rise.Long-term historical analysis of sea-level rise (from around 14,000 BC to the present) in Europe, Australia, Russia, Canada, Eurasia, China, India, Thailand, the  Caribbean Islands, Bolivia, and various other places indicates that sea levels were much higher in the past than today.During the early Holocene (11,719 to 7069 calibrated years before 2019) the sea level rose by 55 to 60 meters and the rate of sea-level rise was 11 to 12 mm/year. In Tahiti, the largest French Polynesian Island in the South Pacific, the sea-level rise was “11.7 mm/year for the period 8950-11,650 before 1950.”Besides, scientific publications published in the 1980s, before the advent of the global-warming craze, reveal that “many parts of the world provide evidence of higher than present strand lines dating from the late Holocene.”Is Future Sea-Level Rise a Threat to Islands?In contrast to the early Holocene period, the global sea-level rise since 1958 has been just around 1.3 to 1.5 mm per year, much lower than the 20th-century average.We cannot blindly assume that islands will get submerged by future sea-level rise of around 2 mm per year or 0.2 meters (m) per century.Because even if sea levels around islands or along coastlines go up, the coastal regions may still remain unsubmerged, and might even grow in some cases, due to accretion, i.e., geological changes that increase elevation and extension of landmass by accumulation of sediments, growth of coral, or uplift of the landmass itself.In order to evaluate the same, scientists conducted studies to analyze the impact of sea-level rise on the Pacific islands — like Tuvalu, Tokelau, and Kiribati — which are often projected by climate alarmists as the first victims of rising sea levels.The study found out that even with a 0.5 meter and 1 meter rise in the sea level (much higher than the 0.2 meters observed during the entire 20th century), the islands remained unaffected.The scientists attribute this adaptability to “physical changes in island structure, including both vertical adjustments that influenced island topography and planform movement.” The study concluded that the “islands have the capability to morphodynamically respond to rising sea level through island accretion.”The impact of relative sea-level rise on any coast can only be discerned after considering the vertical crustal motion, and the accretion of sediments, in the coastal region. The assertions of these scientific studies can also be observed in some islands.For example, in the Grande Glorieuse Islands, the landmass grew by 7.5 ha (1989–2003) despite an absolute sea-level rise around the island and a 28% erosion of shoreline.So, it is evident from scientific literature that sea levels have not risen dramatically in the recent past; they have been much higher in the past; and the ongoing rise (and potentially faster ones) poses no problem to the islands and other landmass.Sadly, the mainstream media and climate activists pay no attention to these peer-reviewed and universally accepted scientific facts about sea levels.  

~The Patriot Post  


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