Thursday Top News Executive Summary

Media Editors;  Above the Fold

DEEP-STATE COLLUSION: Whistleblower attorney Mark S. Zaid tweeted of Trump “coup” and “rebellion” in January of 2017 (The Washington Times)

TARIFFS BEING PHASED OUT: China says it has agreed with U.S. to gradually cancel tariffs, which should help to ameliorate the $38 billion consumer price tag (Reuters)

Government & Politics

“FAKE OUTRAGE”: Rand Paul blocks Senate resolution backing protection for whistleblowers (The Hill)

PREPARE THE POPCORN: Impeachment going public: Hearings next week for all to see (Associated Press)

FRENEMIES SCHEDULED TO MEET: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit White House next week (Washington Examiner)

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM QUASHED: Federal judge strikes down rule allowing clinicians to object to abortions for moral or religious reasons (NBC News)

Big Brother

MORE TIME FOR INDOCTRINATION: lowlife-Kamala Harris proposes a 10-hour school day (The Daily Wire)

INDEFENSIBLE: A Michigan man underpaid his property taxes by $8.41. The county seized his property, sold it — and kept the profits. (Reason)

National Security

ALIEN SURGE: Illegal-immigrant population inside U.S. surged 550,000 in 2019 (Washington Examiner)

EATING CROW: DOJ charges two former Twitter employees with spying for Saudi Arabia (National Review)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: Time for the Supreme Court to clearly protect religious freedoms (Washington Examiner)

POLICY: How Trump is reshaping the courts (The Daily Signal)

HUMOR: Elizabeth dinky/liar-Warren’s plan to pay for Medicare for All: Spend so much that the national debt clock rolls over to zero (The Babylon Bee)  

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diGenova and Toensing on Upcoming IG Report: “it’s going to be worse than you can imagine”

by sundance{ } ~ Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing appeared on Fox News to discuss issues surrounding the ongoing investigations of Inspector General Michael Horowitz and U.S. Attorney John Durham… Mr. diGenova and Ms. Toensing bring the tick-tock hammer to the audience. According to Ms. Toensing the upcoming IG report is going to be “very bad for people in the scumbag/liar-nObama administration.”  Toensing went on to say, according to her sources, “it’s going to be worse than you can imagine.” Mr. diGenova went on to say: “it’s going to be devastating” … “it’s going to ruin careers” etc.  Mr diGenova has a great deal of confidence in AG Barr, Horowitz and Durham.  


Do Not Support China’s Huawei, Cripple It Instead

by Gordon G. Chang{ } ~ “A prominent Republican who advises President Donald Trump called America’s 5G strategy ‘the biggest strategic disaster in U.S. history,'”… wrote China-watcher David Goldman recently. Many people will regard that as an exaggeration, but America’s failure to have a 5G strategy will almost certainly prove to have historic consequences. “5G” is shorthand for the fifth generation of wireless communication. “In the very near future, dominating the wireless world will be tantamount to dominating the world,” wrote Newt Gingrich in Newsweek in February. That is not an exaggeration. Why not? With speeds 2,000 times faster than existing 4G networks, 5G will permit near-universal connectivity to homes, vehicles, machines, robots, and everything plugged into the Internet of Things (IoT). Moreover, with just about everything connected to everything else China will filch the world’s information. That is not a theoretical concern. For instance, nightly from 2012 to 2017, China surreptitiously downloaded data from the Chinese-built-and-donated headquarters of the African Union in Addis Ababa. Chinese parties have already been criminally taking American information, intellectual property and data for decades, worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year. This continuing crime is essential to China’s implementation of numerous industrial policies, especially the controversial “Made in China 2025” initiative, a decade-long program to achieve dominance in technology sectors, including 5G. Theft is by no means the full extent of the harm. China, with control of 5G, will be in a position to remotely manipulate the world’s devices. In peacetime, Beijing could have the ability to drive cars off cliffs, unlock front doors, and turn off pacemakers. In war, Beijing could paralyze critical infrastructure. “China’s game,” Goldman wrote in an e-mail, “is to control the broadband, and then the e-commerce, and then the e-finance, and then all the tech startups servicing the ‘ecosystem,’ and then the logistics.” As he told me this year, “The world will become a Chinese company store.”… 

Democrats Release Deposition Of Their Star Witness In Impeachment Inquiry

by CHUCK ROSS{ } ~ House Democrats on Wednesday released a transcript of a deposition from Bill Taylor, the U.S. diplomat who Democrats consider one of their top witnesses… in the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. In his Oct. 22 deposition, Taylor testified at length about his work with two other diplomats, EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, and former Ukraine special envoy Kurt Volker, as part of an overall effort to improve relations between the U.S. and Ukraine.  Democrats announced prior to the release that Taylor is one of three witnesses scheduled to testify next week in the first wave of public hearings in the impeachment inquiry. Taylor will testify next Wednesday, along with George Kent, the deputy assistant secretary for European and Eurasian affairs.  Democrats highlighted several excerpts from Taylor’s testimony that they believe supports their push to impeach Trump. One of those is an exchange that Taylor had with Rep. scumbag-Adam Schiff, in which the diplomat said that he developed a “clear understanding” that U.S. military aid to Ukraine was contingent on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky publicly committing to opening an investigation into potential Ukrainian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election, as well as into Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy firm linked to Hunter Biden.  Democrats have alleged that Trump abused his office by offering Zelensky with a quid pro quo involving the investigations. Several witnesses, including Taylor, have testified that they suspected that a quid pro quo was on the table. But so far, none have testified they heard directly from Trump that military aid was contingent on the investigations. Taylor made it clear in the deposition that his suspicions about a possible quid pro quo were based on information in an Aug. 28 news report in Politico, as well as a second-hand summary of a conversation that Sondland had on Sept. 1 with a top adviser to Zelensky…   

It’s Time For The United States To Wage War On Mexican Drug Cartels  

By John Daniel Davidson { } ~ The American family gunned down Monday in northern Mexico should be a wake-up call for U.S. policymakers that the spiraling cartel violence in Mexico is not going to remain south of the Rio Grande… and that the time has come to fight back against the cartels—unilaterally, if need be. The brazen daylight ambush, in which at least six children and three women from a Mormon community near the U.S.-Mexico border were killed, is the latest flashpoint in the growing instability of the Mexican state and the country’s descent into warlordism. Simply put, some areas of Mexico are under the de facto control of drug cartels. Last month, hundreds of gunmen with the Sinaloa cartel besieged the city of Culiacan after Mexican National Guard troops arrested one of the sons of the infamous drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera. In a stunning display of coordination and overwhelming force, cartel gunmen eventually forced the military to release El Chapo’s son and surrender, a decision Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador later defended. Monday’s attack, in the northern Mexican state of Sonora, targeted the LeBarón family, members of a Mormon community of dual Mexican and American citizens who have lived in the border region for decades. It was unclear why the caravan of three vehicles came under fire, but gruesome news reports detailed the intentional slaughter of defenseless women and children, some of whom were burned to death inside their vehicles. Family members told The New York Times that one child was gunned down while running away. President Trump on Tuesday called on President López Obrador to wage war on the cartels, “wipe them off the face of the earth,” and offered America’s assistance, saying it sometimes takes “an army to defeat an army.” López Obrador was quick to decline the offer. “It’s not in agreement with our convictions. The worst thing is war,” he said, echoing slogans he often repeats about cartel violence and ending the drug war like, “Hugs, not gunshots,” and “You can’t fight fire with fire.” Upon winning the presidency last year, López Obrador all but declared an end to the drug war, saying he would instead tackle the “root causes” of cartel violence, which he claims are poverty and lack of opportunity. His main security policy has been the creation of the National Guard, a 60,000-strong force largely comprised of military and naval police, as well as former officers from Mexico’s famously corrupt federal police. It was a contingent of National Guard troops that was defeated by Sinaloa gunmen in Culiacan, and to date the force has mostly been used to patrol the northern and southern borders in effort to crack down on illegal immigration from Central America… Mr. President its time to take action.  

Erdogan: Turkey Captures Slain ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi’s Wife

by David Kaiser{  } ~ The first question that comes to mind is “Which wife?” Al-Baghdadi was known to have four wives, plus several ex-wives, one of whom was arrested in Lebanon in 2014… and freed a year later in a prisoner swap with al-Qaida. The 2nd question is “What part did the ‘intelligence gold mine’ obtained from the capture of al-Baghdadi’s elder sister days earlier play in the wife capture?” “The ISIS leader blew himself up during an Oct. 26 raid by U.S. special forces on his heavily fortified safe house in the Syrian province of Idlib. Erdogan’s announcement comes just days after Turkish forces captured al-Baghdadi’s elder sister, identified as Rasmiya Awad, in the town of Azaz, in Aleppo province in northwestern Syria.…Awad was with her husband, daughter-in-law and five children when she was detained. A Turkish official said the 65-year-old sister is suspected of being affiliated with the extremist group and called her capture an intelligence “gold mine.” Authorities had posted a picture of the sister. It was not Immediately clear if Awad’s capture led to intelligence that allowed for the detention of the wife. One of al-Baghdadi’s wives is an Iraqi known by the name of Nour, the daughter of one of his aides, Abu Abdullah al-Zubaie. She was identified by name by al-Baghdadi’s brother-in-law in a recent interview with al-Arabiya TV. The brother-in-law, Mohamad Ali Sajit, who is in Iraqi custody, said al-Baghdadi had four wives when he last met him, sometime last summer.” ‘When he last met him.’ Apparently, interchangeable wife-ing is given some type of imprimatur under Islamic law. But given their fondness for child brides, I’m not surprised…   

.New York vs. Trump’s Taxes

Nate Jackson:  Donald Trump’s tax returns have long been a point of contention between him and those who are bent on taking him out. To be sure, he probably has some taxing questions he’d rather not publicly answer, which is why he reneged on his campaign promise to follow the traditional practice of presidential candidates by releasing them. But he also has every right to keep those returns concealed. Except that’s not what another court has ruled.

“The New York-based 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Monday that President Trump’s accounting firm must hand over eight years of corporate tax returns to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, upholding a subpoena for the documents submitted by the D.A. earlier this year,” reports National Review. Trump plans to petition the U.S. Supreme Court, but NBC News notes, “Past Supreme Court rulings have upheld subpoenas directed at presidents, and this time the local prosecutors are seeking documents from the Trump Organization and Trump’s accountants — not directly from the president himself.”We’ve warned about the danger Trump faces in New York, because what prosecutors are looking for is evidence that Trump violated campaign-finance law related to his (alleged) affairs and hush-money payoffs to Playboy model Karen McDougal and porn star Stormy Daniels. Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, was sentenced to three years in prison for violating campaign-finance law with payments made to Daniels. The government of New York has politically targeted Trump, but he provided the opening.Speaking of taxes and New York, the president announced last week that he’s leaving the Empire State to make his permanent residence in the Sunshine State instead. Florida has no income tax, compared to New York’s onerous high taxes. And, Trump noted, “Despite the fact that I pay millions of dollars in city, state and local taxes each year, I have been treated very badly by the political leaders of both the city and state. Few have been treated worse. I hated having to make this decision, but in the end it will be best for all concerned.”He’s not alone. New York loses more people each year than any other state, and its high taxes are the primary reason. According to a Bloomberg story in August, “New York leads all U.S. metro areas as the largest net loser with 277 people moving every day — more than double the exodus of 132 just one year ago.” Trump is right that few have been treated worse than he has, but that doesn’t mean New York treats anyone all that well. When a dollar goes so much further in Florida, why wouldn’t a New Yorker move?  ~The Patriot Post  


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