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Media Editors: Business & Economy

JOB REVISIONS & DEBT: According to Market Watch, “Turns out hiring wasn’t nearly as strong in 2018 and early 2019 as the government initially reported — by about a half-million jobs. The economy had about 501,000 fewer jobs as of March 2019 than the Bureau of Labor Statistics initially calculated in its survey of business establishments. That’s the largest revision since the waning stages of the Great Recession in 2009. … The average 223,000 monthly increase in employment in 2018 — the strongest in three years — could be trimmed to 180,000 to 185,000, economists estimate.” Additionally, “The Congressional Budget Office has warned that President Trump’s tariffs on China will hurt U.S. GDP and said the comprehensive budget deal the president signed in August will drive up the federal deficit to higher levels than expected,” reports National Review. Nevertheless, the Associated Press says, “A day after considering cutting taxes to promote economic growth, President Donald Trump changed course and said he would abandon the idea because the nation already had ‘a strong economy.’”

GREEN NEW DAYDREAM: Speaking of deficit spending, Reuters reports: “Presidential hopeful commie-Bernie Sanders unveiled a climate change strategy on Thursday that would mobilize $16.3 trillion to help the U.S. generate 100% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2030 and achieve ‘full decarbonization’ by 2050.” Laughably, the scheme pledges “to create 20 million jobs in the process,” Reuters adds. commie-Sanders claims, “The climate crisis is … the single greatest challenge facing our country.” No — the single greatest challenge is swamp fever.

Government & Politics

DANGEROUS PRECEDENT: “A U.S. appeals court in Denver said Electoral College members can vote for the presidential candidate of their choice and aren’t bound by the popular vote in their states. The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that the Colorado secretary of state violated the Constitution in 2016 when he removed an elector and nullified his vote when the elector refused to cast his ballot for Democrat scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote. It was not immediately clear what effect the ruling might have on the Electoral College system.” (The Washington Times)

FLORES WORKAROUND: “The Trump administration is rolling out its own licensing standards for family residential centers, a move that will work around the Flores settlement and mitigate the illegal immigration crisis. The Department of Homeland Security introduced a new policy Wednesday regarding family residential centers (FRCs) that house immigrant family units. The rule change, the administration argues, will allow DHS to keep families together during their detention while also stemming the flow of illegal immigration along the U.S.-Mexico border.” (The Daily Caller)

CORRECTING A GROSS MISINTERPRETATION: “President Trump said Wednesday that he is ‘seriously’ considering issuing an executive order to end birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants. Speaking to reporters outside the White House, Trump argued that it is ‘frankly ridiculous’ that the U.S. affords citizenship to babies born to immigrants who entered the country illegally.” (National Review)

WHO? NBC News reports that “Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is dropping out of the 2020 Democratic presidential race.” Or, as Fox News’s Sean Hannity put it, “Did anybody even know he was in the race?”

Other Notables

STUDENT DEBT CANCELED: According to National Review, “President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order directing the Department of Education to cancel all federal student-loan debt for seriously disabled veterans.” Stated Trump, “Veterans … who have made such enormous sacrifices for our country should not be asked to pay anymore. The debt of these disabled veterans will be entirely erased. It will be gone. They can sleep well tonight.”

COUNTERING ANTIFA: Trump this week inveighed, “Antifa, in my opinion, is a terrorist organization.” As such, the president is “considering designating masked Antifa militants as a terrorist organization because of the group’s violent actions across the country,” The Daily Signal reports, adding: “A designation as a terrorist organization would mean that the federal government would provide federal and local law enforcement with additional resources as needed to deal with Antifa.”

Closing Arguments

POLICY: It is arithmetically impossible to fund the progressive agenda by taxing the rich (The Heritage Foundation)

POLICY: What the grievance brigade misunderstands about America (The Hill)

HUMOR: Concerning survey finds too many people believe Snopes is a legitimate fact-checking website (The Babylon Bee)

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So who decides when deadly force is ‘necessary’?

by Chad Groening

{ } ~ A conservative black activist is concerned that a controversial new bill imposing further restrictions on police use of force places law enforcement officers in greater danger… The measure signed by California Governor scumbag-Gavin Newsom will take effect on January 1, changing his state’s existing lethal force standards to require that deadly force may only be used when “absolutely necessary.” scumbag-Newsom’s office says it will encourage law enforcement “to train on and use de-escalation techniques like verbal persuasion and other crisis intervention methods.” Some have described Assembly Bill 392 as one of the toughest standards in the nation for when law enforcement officers can use deadly force. The sponsor of the legislation, Democratic Assembly member Shirley Weber, said the new law moves the state “closer to a culture of policing … that values and preserves human life.” Still, some supporters of the bill have complained that the restrictions doesn’t go far enough. Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson, founder and president of the Los Angeles-based Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, is not a fan of the new law. He’s curious who lawmakers think should determine when force is necessary. “This governor is putting the cops’ lives on the line by telling them they can’t use force. If they don’t use force, they have nothing left for them – they can’t do anything,” Peterson states. “My heart goes out to the cops. I wouldn’t be surprised and wouldn’t blame them at all if they all just resigned and let the governor handle the crime in the cities.” The ministry founder points out that Governor scumbag-Newsom and most legislators supporting the legislation don’t live in the crime-infested neighborhoods. “They’re living behind gated fences. They have bodyguards who are armed,” he describes. “So they don’t have to deal with all the mess that is happening in Los Angeles right now. That’s why they don’t care about the effect of what they’re doing, because they don’t have to deal with it.” AB 392 passed with bipartisan support after major police organizations won concessions.


Former NAACP Assistant Director Accuses Democrats Of ‘Pandering To Black Voters’ On Reparations


{ } ~ Former NAACP Assistant Director Michael Meyers said Wednesday that the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls who embraced reparations were “pandering to black voters.”… Meyers made the comments during a segment of “The Daily Briefing” with Dana Perino on Fox News, adding that the argument for reparations was not a practical policy. Citing a recent poll on reparations, Perino began by quoting one descendant of slaves who was opposed to the idea. “The idea for having reparations, all Americans polled at 29%. For black Americans it polls at 73%,” she said. “Michael, there’s a quote here from a descendant of slaves, Fred Lincoln. He said my ancestors were robbed of everything, their history, their identity, their culture. Giving me money is an insult to my ancestors suffering and all of my suffering. I don’t know if that’s your position. But maybe describe how you approach this.” “My position is that this reparations debate is old,” Meyers shot back. “It’s passe. It’s a scam. It’s a hustle. It was brought up in the 1960s by people who wanted reparations from the churches. And then again from political leaders, from government. It’s fake. I remember in 1990 there was a million youth march in Harlem. There weren’t a million people there. Reparations. They call for reparations. They had maybe 20, 25 people there.”Meyers went on to say that part of the problem was that there was no amount that was sufficient to compensate people who were enslaved. “Besides, they’re gone,” he added. “They’re dead. The people are in the graves. The present generation, what are they talking about? If you had a reparations pot, everybody would be lined up. I want my reparations. I want my check.” Perino cut in then, reminding Meyers that about a dozen of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates had come forward to support reparations in one form or fashion, but Meyers pushed back on that as well. “Those Democrats are not mainstream. They’re pandering to black voters,” he said. “scumbag-Cory Booker, you would not say he is mainstream?” Perino pressed.“No. He is pandering to black voters. He’s trying to get a percentage of people who are voting for loosev lips liar-Biden,” Meyers concluded.



commie-Ocasio-Cortez: Electoral College is ‘racist’

By Art Moore

{ } ~ U.S. Rep. commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is calling for the elimination of the Electoral College… describing it a racist “scam” that undermines the votes of minorities. “Due to severe racial disparities in certain states, the Electoral College effectively weighs white voters over voters of color, as opposed to a ‘one person, one vote’ system where all our votes are counted equally,” she claims in an Instagram story Monday that included her driving along a deserted highway and quipping, “many votes here, as you can see,” the Hill reported. She pushed rejects the argument that eliminating the Electoral College would give big states too much power. “Could you image if we had this kind democracy-altering ‘fairness’ provision for literally any other group?” she asks. “If we weighed, for example, black and indigenous voters more because of unfairness?” She argues that the votes of the many Republicans who live in Democratic-leaning states would count equally in a popular vote. “Facts are facts America,” commie-Ocasio-Cortez concludes. “The Electoral College has to go.”Several Democratic-leaning states have joined a National Popular Vote compact in which members would allocate their Electoral College vote to the candidate that gains the most votes nationally. The compact cannot be implemented until the coalition includes states that accumulate at least 270 electoral votes. Sixteen states have joined, but two states backed out, WND reported, and now voters in Colorado will be asked if they want to quit the compact. Among the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates who support abolishing the Electoral College are Sen. Elizabeth dinky-Warren, D-Mass., and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Proponents of eliminating the Electoral College – who include scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton – point out that scumbag/liar-Clinton lost the presidential election in 2016 despite winning nearly 3 million more votes than Donald Trump nationally. However, neither campaign based its strategy on the national popular vote. Further, the margin in California alone accounts for scumbag/liar-Clinton’s “victory” in the national popular vote… Sorry folks I don’t depend on Calif to select our next president. Commie-AOC is a bigger fool then anyone along with her followers.


Media Lies About Trump’s Comments About Jews Who Vote Dem

by Daniel Greenfield

{ } ~ Two House Dems decided to go on a trip organized by Miftah, an anti-Semitic hate group. Reps. worthless-Ilhan Omar and worthless-Rashida Tlaib’s since-canceled trip to Israel was sponsored by Miftah… an exceptionally anti-Semitic group that praises Palestinian terrorists and claims Jews used the blood of Christians in the Jewish Passover. The organization also publishes Neo-Nazis and calls for the destruction of Israel. And the mainstream media not only covered for Miftah and defended worthless-Omar and worthless-Tlaib, but raised a ruckus that the Jewish State had the temerity to deny the bigots entry. Then Rep. worthless-Omar and Rep. worthless-Tlaib retweeted a cartoon by a bigot who had submitted a cartoon to Iran’s Holocaust cartoon contest. Again, the media shrugged and looked away from their anti-Semitism, while celebrating them as heroes and victims. But now, finally the media discovered “anti-Semitism”. Trump Accuses Jewish Democrats of ‘Great Disloyalty’ – New York Times Trump: Jewish people who vote Democratic show ‘great disloyalty’ – NBC etc, you know the rest. Trying to spin that as anti-Semitism requires entirely eliminating the context. “I can’t even believe that we’re having this conversation. Five years ago, the concept of even talking about this, even 3 years ago, of cutting off aid to Israel because of 2 people that hate Israel and hate Jewish people. I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation. Where has the Democratic Party gone? Where have they gone where they’re defending these 2 people over the state of Israel? I think that any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.” Yes, ‘disloyalty’ is not a good word here. ‘Stupidity’ would be better. So would ‘self-destructive’. But the media’s pretense that Trump was accusing Jews of disloyalty to America is very obviously dishonest. It’s especially dishonest from the same media organizations that have no problem with Rep. worthless-Omar and Rep. worthless-Tlaib trafficking with straight up anti-Semites, trying to pluck a line out of context, and then building a case around it, while the context is that Trump was condemning Democrat anti-Semitism.


Media Calls banning Government Reps Unprecedented…They Lied…scumbag/liar-nObama Did It


{ } ~ All the talking heads who are defending the two terrorist sympathizers worthless-Ilhan Omar and worthless-Rashida Tlaib being banned by Israel as being unprecedented are in fact uneducated… Barack scumbag/liar-nObama and his administration blocked Israeli Knesset member Michael Ben Ari in 2012. scumbag/liar-nObama claimed that he was a member of a terrorist organization. The problem is that he couldn’t have been a member since the group had been banned from Israel for 18 years at the time. Ben Ari was a conservative. So, the word unprecedented is not proper in this context…


The Left’s Strategy to Undermine the Economy

Nate Jackson: Back in July, consumer confidence in the economy soared to the highest level of 2019. The Leftmedia, propaganda arm of the Democrat Party that it is, couldn’t abide such optimism, so over the last three weeks American consumers have been inundated with stories designed to undermine that confidence. Lo and behold, the latest consumer confidence numbers show it falling steeply to the lowest level since January.

Just because Patriot Post readers see the media’s bias and agenda clearly doesn’t mean our family, friends, and neighbors do. The mainstream media remains a very powerful influencer. The necessary caveat is that the Leftmedia has been touting economic doom and gloom for the last two years. One confidence survey plunge doesn’t a recession make.

But here’s the bottom line: Democrats want a recession (as do their supporters) and their path to make it happen is to undermine consumer confidence by undermining President Donald Trump while insisting a recession is coming. Mark Alexander wrote over a decade ago that while there are threats to the U.S. economy, it is floated first and foremost on consumer confidence. Alexander now says, “The Left’s impeachment threat has always been a political charade to undermine confidence in the continued success of Trump’s economic policies by undermining confidence that he would not win a second term to continue those policies. And notably, while consumer confidence is very high right now, it is all about perception, and perceptions are fragile in the sense that they are subject to erosion by threats and fear.”

One story Monday that threatens confidence was a National Association for Business Economics survey of 200 economists. Some 38% of those surveyed see a recession coming in 2020, while 34% say it will arrive in 2021. For those economists — and for consumers if media reports are accurate — tariffs and trade negotiations with China are the elephant in the room. We certainly concede that Trump’s tariff escalation is economically painful, though we’ve also said numerous times that he’s fighting a trade war he did not start.

We’d also add that the global economic picture reveals other reasons for concern. Germany, Great Britain, Mexico, and several other nations are either in recession or teetering on the edge of one. China’s powerful economy is slowing significantly due to the pain of American tariffs. Can the U.S. economy remain strong in the face of global weakness?

Another drag on the economy is our massive national debt, which Trump and Democrats just agreed to run up even higher. Can the U.S. economy remain strong when the federal debt equals $69,000 for each American — or $240,000 if you include unfunded liabilities?

That all notwithstanding, no economy or outlook is ever perfect. But many indicators in the U.S. economy are strong. Unemployment is historically low, wages are growing, Wall Street is trending up (with bumps along the way), and consumers are still confident. While Trump has insisted that “our economy is very strong,” he’s also calling for and preparing actions to stave off any weakness. CNN claims he’s testing a “materialistic message,” which is elitist-speak for how Americans should just learn to live with less. If the economy does turn south and a Democrat wins the White House in 2020, Americans may indeed be faced with living with less. ~The Patriot Post  


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