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by Political Editors: DOJ gives House Intel original document that prompted Russia investigation, but only after threats of contempt and impeachment over DOJ obstruction (The Hill)

FBI appears to confirm Peter Strzok, Lisa Page still have top-secret clearances (Washington Examiner)

Guess this will sell his book: Comey compares Trump to mob boss (Axios)

Scalise confronts Zuckerberg over bias against conservatives (The Daily Wire)

Ground broken on high-priority stretch of Trump’s border wall in New Mexico (Fox News)

Four areas where Democrats once backed Trump’s immigration agenda (The Daily Signal)

Federal government has cut 21,000 jobs under Trump (CNS News)

McConnell gets tougher on Dem obstruction of Trump’s nominees (The Washington Free Beacon)

Pentagon stops accepting Lockheed F-35 jets over repair cost dispute (Reuters)

President Trump signs anti-sex-trafficking legislation (The Resurgent)

NPR thinks the NRA conspired with Russia, even if it doesn’t have any evidence (The Federalist)

Humor: Zuckerberg wishes old people would stop commenting on Facebook (The Onion)

Policy: The types of opioids behind growing overdose fatalities (American Action Forum)

Policy: Five things that could derail the Trump economy (Fox News) ~The Patriot Post


Desantis – House Will Pursue Contempt Against DOJ If No Docs by Thursday


{ } ~ Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is out of patience with the game playing DOJ and FBI leadership… ready to pull the trigger on contempt charges for their leadership, presumably AG Scumbag Jeff Sessions, Rod Rodentstein and Christopher Wray, at a minimum. It’s too bad they can’t include traitors Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell in with them. Dobbs notes that Charles Grassley, who lacks any kind of fire in his belly to defend President Trump from the onslaught and is overly “objective” to the point of being little more than a showy obstruction, “has been in the Senate approaching four decades, and he has confidence in Mueller? Are you kidding me? What in the world is this man thinking?” Careful Lou, you may be crediting Grassley too much cognitive ability with that question. Choosing to move to the substance of their conversation rather than attack Grassley, DeSantis notes that the FBI had Cheryl Mills, one of Crooked liar-Hillary’s top partners in crime, sitting in on the ‘interview’ which is a far cry from a pre-dawn raid. In that instance liar-Clinton was guilty of espionage and racketeering yet the FBI went to this length in prospecting for evidence of a campaign law violation...



Tucker Carlson Shows Shades of Alex Jones on Syria Spectacle

by Andrew West

{ } ~ Let’s not beat around the bush: Strange things are certainly afoot in our modern geopolitical world… with unprecedented maneuvers occurring every day, whether we realize it or not. It’s a lot to digest, and in a matter of hours, one could have a thousand color-coded pins stuck into any number of maps, and number of Post-It notes in any number of Harvard or Yale yearbooks. The connections are as endless as the universe in both scope and gravity, and there is no doubt that something is very surely “up”. The real problem with heading into this conspiracy theory world is that information in this realm doesn’t flow like it does in our everyday lives. In regular life, you send data outward, ever expanding into the universe, like the story of that one time your uncle caught that one huge bass out at the lake house. It’s a reverse funnel. It sprays out into the ethos, and is harnessed whenever needed, but anyone who has happened to hear it…


Weaponized Fire Scout Needs More Space on Littoral Combat Ships

by Ben Werner

{ } ~ Weaponized MQ-8B Fire Scouts are ready for deployment… they just need the Littoral Combat Ship program to reconfigure its weapon storage to squeeze in the ammunition, program officials said. The logistics problem follows a successful demonstration of Fire Scout to operate with weapons aboard a Littoral Combat Ship, said Capt. Jeff Dodge, the Navy’s Fire Scout program manager, during a presentation at Navy League’s Sea Air Space 2018 exposition. The Fire Scout is set to field BAE System’s advanced precision kill weapon system (APKWS), modified 70mm Hydra rockets fitted with a guidance system. “The weapons testing went great from the airframe standpoint,” Dodge said. “One of the issues with the advanced weapons systems is because it’s based on an unguided rocket, it’s designed to be built up in an armory and the LCS armory doesn’t have the space that you can build up.”…


Legal patchwork does little to keep foreign interests out of American politics


{ } ~ I first started wondering when I spoke to several top intel officials in 2016 who served under President liar-nObama… as well as other Democrat and Republican presidents. At a time when the news was plastered with stories about Russia, these officials saw more serious national security threats. Ahead of Russia, they named North Korea which was rapidly developing missiles that it could arm with nukes and reach the U.S., Iran the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism, which would undoubtedly use some of the billions released under the liar-nObama administration to continue funding anti-Western militant groups and China for its confrontational actions in the China Sea, its history of interfering in U.S. elections and its growing economic aggression. True, they viewed Russia, too, as a serious concern. But somewhere around fourth or fifth. So why was Russia getting outsized play in the press relative to comparable or greater perceived threats?…


5 Questions Emerging From the FBI Raid on Trump Lawyer

by Fred Lucas

{ } ~ The FBI raid on the office and home of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen… raises constitutional concerns and issues about the future of key Justice Department officials, including the attorney general and the special counsel. 1. What was the FBI looking for? 2. What does this mean for Mueller? 3. What about attorney-client privilege? 4. What does this mean for Jeff Sessions’ future? 5. How long for this interim U.S. attorney?…


Nothing to Fear From Refugees?

by Lewis Morris: America is a beacon of freedom to the world, particularly for people from nations looking to escape political or religious persecution, war or economic upheaval. The U.S., as a rule, grants asylum to these refugees based on the seriousness of their claims and whether they could suffer harm if they are returned to their native land. And Americans take pride in being a place where the oppressed of other lands can seek asylum and establish a new life. But how many people, and from which lands, can we take in? And how can we tell if the system is being abused?

Since taking office, President Donald Trump has taken the issue of refugees very seriously. One of his first acts was to issue a ban on accepting people from seven nations that have a proven history of terrorist activity and anti-American sentiments. The Left went nuts, sending protesters to the streets and flooding the airwaves with screeds about how Trump was anti-Muslim. They conveniently left out certain details about the ban being temporary, how it was specifically targeted to countries from which terrorists are trying to infiltrate the U.S., and the fact that it is the purview of the president to engage in such actions in the interest of national security.

The Supreme Court sided with Trump on that basis, but as his orders routinely get updated to add or remove certain nations from the travel ban list, a new round of court challenges takes place. This keeps the issue in the news, but brings us no closer to settling the issue of what to do with the flood of refugees seeking asylum or how to handle those already in the United States.

A recent study by the leftist Urban Institute suggests that we have nothing to fear from the refugees already in the U.S. Through analysis of census and refugee survey data, the report claims that refugees largely integrate into all aspects of American life, learning English, buying homes, and starting their own businesses. According to the report, the longer refugees stay in America, the more American they become.

This all sounds great, but a deeper dive into the study reveals that it is based on an aggregate view of all refugees. It does not look at refugees from specific cultures or countries. Therefore, it does not help us understand how refugees from certain Islamic countries are faring in the U.S., or whether they are assimilating or contributing positively to the American ideal. Europe is experiencing major issues with Islamic refugees who blatantly refuse to assimilate. Even leftist European leaders are starting to admit there’s a migrant problem. It is only common sense that America be aware of this and act to prevent the same problem here.

In a sense, Urban’s study is rather worthless when it comes to addressing which refugees we should accept and which ones must either be kept under tight surveillance or turned away outright. It serves as good fodder for the anti-Trump Leftmedia to paint him as a bully while portraying the illegals as saints. Most probably are, but it’s the ones who aren’t that we should be worried about.

A different analysis on refugees indicates that not every person who comes to America seeking asylum is worthy of protected status. While the number of refugees seeking asylum in the U.S. has risen across all countries of origin in recent years, asylum claims have risen dramatically from Latin American countries.

Traditionally, a very low number of asylum seekers from Central American and Mexico are granted asylum in the U.S. However, migrants from these countries have been more willing to seek asylum status. The recent so-called caravan that was turned back after Trump deployed troops to meet them at the border was a perfect example of this. Over a thousand migrants made plain their intention to come to the U.S. illegally and claim asylum once they were caught. This would put them in a whole different bucket than traditional illegal immigrants. They could stay in this country indefinitely until their case is heard in the courts — courts that are already severely backlogged.

The sharp uptick in potential asylum cases from Latin America suggests that illegal immigrants have grown wise to how the U.S refugee system works. Their attempt to game the system clogs the courts and keeps legitimate cases from being heard. It also allows these fake refugees an opportunity to stay in the country illegally, abusing America’s good will for their own short-term gain. And the more that good will is abused, the less likely Americans are willing to help any refugees.

There is no short answer to relieving the courts of the backlog of refugee cases to be heard. And there may be no way to know for certain which groups of refugees will be a net gain for the country. But there is a surefire solution to stopping illegal immigrants from coming into the country and claiming false asylum. Build the wall and tighten border security. After that, all the other problems will become easier to solve. ~The Patriot Post


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