Thursday Top News Executive Summary

Media Editors: D-DAY ANNIVERSARY: “President Trump paid stirring homage Thursday to the brave Allied fighters who ‘stood in the fires of hell’ to help turn the tide of World War II, speaking at the edge of Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, where thousands of men stormed the shore 75 years ago in a relentless onslaught that was both a suicide mission and a historic triumph of good over evil.” (Fox News)

THE GREATEST GENERATION: 97-year-old former paratrooper makes another jump 75 years after D-Day (CBS News)

BORDER CRISIS: “132,887 people were arrested between ports of entry in May, up from 99,304 migrants in April, according to data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection released Wednesday. Arrests of single adults rose by over 5,000 last month, while apprehensions of unaccompanied children rose by 2,600 and those of family units rose by 26,000.” (National Review)

BORDER SUBTERFUGE: “The American man killed at the border in a shootout with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers Monday night was attempting to smuggle in two Chinese nationals, officials said Wednesday.” (Fox News)

PULOSI RHETORIC: “Speaker Nancy Pulosi told senior Democrats that she’d like to see President Donald Trump ‘in prison’ as she clashed with House Judiciary Chairman scumbag liar-Jerry Nadler in a meeting on Tuesday night over whether to launch impeachment proceedings.” (Politico)

SHUTTERING FREE SPEECH: “YouTube announced Wednesday it would ban videos promoting or glorifying racism and discrimination as well as those denying well-documented violent events, like the Holocaust or the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.” (Agence France-Presse)

FETAL-TISSUE TESTS DISCONTINUED: “The Trump administration has ended the government’s contract with a bioscience company that provided human fetal tissue from elective abortions for testing purposes. … HHS was not satisfied with the results of a review it conducted to make sure that the procurements were in keeping with government regulations and with ethical and moral concerns.” (The Daily Signal)

scumbag/liar-CLINTON COLLUSION: “Judicial Watch revealed this week that new emails … show that the FBI moved swiftly to meet the demands of scumbag/liar-Clinton’s lawyer to provide him with its investigative documents on scumbag/liar-Clinton just two months prior to the 2016 election.” (CNS News)

GOD HAVE MERCY: “The Democrats have continued their mission to root God out of the public square in the name of secularism by removing ‘so help me God’ from the U.S. House of Representatives oath witnesses must take when testifying before several of the congressional committees, all of which are currently under Democratic control.” (The Daily Wire)

2A WIN: “Earlier this week, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court delivered a message that the United States Supreme Court desperately needs to hear: The lawful exercise of your Second Amendment rights does not make you a second-class citizen. … The state supreme court … could ‘find no justification for the notion that a police officer may infer criminal activity merely from an individual’s possession of a concealed firearm in public.’” (National Review)

POLICY: YouTube is wrong to censor Nazis and demonetize Steven Crowder (Washington Examiner)

POLICY: Why the Indo-Pacific is the Pentagon’s “priority theater” (The Daily Signal)

HUMOR: Controversial law permits gun ownership by people banned by Facebook (IMAO)

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“Cover-Up” Becomes The New Russian Collusion

by If there’s one backhanded compliment you could pay to the modern Democrat Party, it’s that they can pivot on a dime. The pathological Democrat liars – both the ones in office and the ones on cable news… have already forgotten that they spent the past two years claiming to have direct evidence of “Russian collusion.” Now that the Mueller Dossier has proven that there was no Russian collusion by Donald Trump, the Trump family, the Trump Organization, or indeed, by anyone in America, the Democrats have instantly pivoted to a new narrative: Trump is committing a “cover-up.” The collusion that President Trump committed with his bosom buddy Vlad Putin was so sophisticated that it was undetectable, and therefore Trump must be covering something up? House Speaker Nancy Pulosi kicked off this current phase by telling a room full of reporters, “We believe this president has engaged… in a COVER-UP!” Not a single reporter in the room jumped up and asked, “A cover-up of what?” Instead of practicing journalism, that simply became the new talking point. MSNBC and CNN endlessly repeated it: Nancy Pulosi accused Trump of a cover-up and boy, did that make him mad! He’s so mad he looks guilty! He must be covering something up! This childishly transparent tactic started before Donald Trump was even selected as the Republican nominee in 2016. Anyone remember the David Duke debacle? David Duke was a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan back in the 1980s. He’s about as politically relevant as discarded toenails. The only time David Duke is ever mentioned by the media is during Republican presidential primaries, when the media suddenly asks every Republican candidate if they will renounce David Duke. This is curious, since the only people David Duke ever endorses for office tend to be Democrats. He endorsed scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton in 2016. This year, he’s been singing the praises of one of the Democrats’ new freshman darlings, Rep. worthless-Ilhan Omar (D-MI). Duke thinks that the Somali Muslim congresswoman has a really hot take on the “filthy Jews.” It’s funny how the media never seems to ask scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton or worthless-Ilhan Omar to renounce David Duke…


Islamism and Immigration: A New Front for Troublemaking

by Oren Litwin

{ } ~ Recently, Islamist groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) have opened up a new field of activity. Going beyond lobbying against the Trump administration’s “Muslim ban” and caps on refugee admittance… CAIR and its allies have enthusiastically jumped into the larger fight for open immigration in general, becoming involved in many protests focused on the U.S.-Mexican border. For example, CAIR-San Diego held a “Prayer Beyond Borders” event “to pray for peace and justice in the borderlands,” and CAIR National was one of the sponsors for a series of Mother’s Day rallies “to call for an end to immigrant family separation and child detention.” On the more hard-Progressive end, Linda Sarsour’s organization MPower Change attacks President Donald Trump for “ripping families apart from each other” at the border, and castigates Amazon for providing surveillance technology to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). One might view this merely as part of the Islamists’ bargain with the Progressive movement, to support Progressive priorities even when they don’t necessarily relate to Islamist goals. However, that underestimates the strategic importance of the immigration debate to the Islamists. An emerging trope among Islamists and their allies has been associating the effort for expanded immigration in the U.S. with the “Right of Return” claimed by Palestinians. Just as Central American immigrants ought to be able to enter the U.S. legally, goes the thinking, so too Palestinians ought to be able to gain citizenship in Israel. This juxtaposition is clever at first blush; yet it seems unwise for the Islamists. The justification for embracing those crossing the U.S.-Mexican border is ostensibly that America is a nation of immigrants, and no one group has more of a right to be here than another. But if you apply the same logic to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it seems to torpedo one of the central claims of the Israel-bashers. If Salvadorans and Mexicans and Palestinians ought to be allowed to live where they wish, why should Jewish immigrants not have been welcomed into Ottoman-controlled Israel? And why should Jews today be expelled from Palestinian-controlled territory? The truth is, however, that Islamists are not making a cosmopolitan argument for U.S. immigration at all; and their real argument is perfectly in line with their rejectionism towards Israel. Their implicit argument, and that of much of the hard-Progressive left, is not that anyone should be able to live anywhere; it is that the United States lacks the standing to keep people out, because we are an illegitimate country built on European colonialism and white supremacy. White supremacy has been featuring more and more in Islamist discourse lately. Partly this is a rational response to the vivid episodes of white-supremacist terrorism against Muslims — both the rare incidences of mass shootings as in New Zealand, and the relatively more frequent but still rare cases of mosque arson. The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) has been criticizing government complacency on white-supremacist violence, saying that it goes beyond the random acts of “lone wolves,” and advocating for a more deliberate counterterror policy…


‘Cowardly’ GOP Senators committing ‘absolute suicide’ over tariffs …’I fear for the Republic’

by Vivek Saxena

{} ~ The GOP-led Senate’s growing opposition to President Donald Trump’s scheduled tariffs on Mexico is not sitting well with Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs… In a scathing monologue Tuesday evening, he blasted Senate Republicans for their cowardice and warned them that their actions could prove disastrous for the country. Listen via FBN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight“: “I’ve talked with a number of people today, all of them off the record, but I can tell you tonight, I fear for the republic,” he said. “The Republican Party is being led on, well, in the U.S. Senate, on Capitol Hill, by cowards. They don’t represent the Americans who sent them there to represent the national interests. Instead, they’re clearly led by multi-nationalists, big business and Wall Street and the lobbies that represent those multi-nationals and business interests.” As he spoke, images of Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were displayed on the screen. Earlier Tuesday, McConnell issued a statement to the press warning that “there’s not much support for tariffs” in the Senate and expressing his hope that “tariffs will be avoided.”…




Fresh Caravan Crosses American Border – But Now They’re From A New Continent

by Adam Casalino

{} ~ The flood is coming – but no one thought it would come from so far away. We have been saying this from the start… If we don’t stop caravans right away, they’ll keep coming, and they’ll get bigger and bigger. Thanks to Democrats, Trump’s efforts to protect the border have been partially obstructed. Now, things are getting much worse. A tidal of caravans might start—from all over the world. And they’re coming from a new continent, crossing an entire ocean to jump our border. The first caravan of African migrants arrived at the U.S. border on May 31, spotlighting the risk that millions of Asians and Africans will follow the Central Americans’ catch-and-release pathway into the U.S. labor market. According to Customs, a caravan of 116 from the continent Africa reached U.S. shores, thanks to the efforts of smugglers. Because of our broken catch-and-release policy, these people will be set free in America. Some of them will even be given housing and job permits. It’s insane to think that people can sneak into the country, violate our laws, and be rewarded. But thanks to Democrats, we have no choice but to pay for people who are jumping the border into America… We the people need to stand up and fight this lawlessness.


America Had the Chance to Kill Al-Baghdadi But Didn’t. Why?

by The wife of a senior associate of ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi gave Americans information that could have killed Baghdadi… but the military brass at the time declined to act on it, The Guardian reported. Later, U.S. officials reportedly said the information was correct. Nisrine Assad Ibrahim (a.k.a. Umm Sayyuf), 29, was married to Fathi Ben Awn Ben Jildi Murad al-Tunis (Abu Sayyaf), a close friend of al-Baghdadi’s who served as both as ISIS’ media chief and oil minister. Her own family was highly connected to al-Baghdadi as well. When al-Baghdadi would stay in Mosul, it was Umm Sayyuf’s aunt that found him shelter and ran a network of safe houses for him. Umm Sayyuf was captured in a Delta Force raid in May 2015 in the Omar oil field – a raid that killed her husband. She was sentenced to death for horrific crimes, including the enslavement and of American aid worker Kayla Mueller and facilitating her rape by al-Baghdadi as well as the enslavement of a number of Yazidi women and girls, all of whom were raped by senior ISIS leaders. Her captors at a prison in Erbil, Iraq where she is being held allowed The Guardian to interview her, the first media interview since her capture. For more than a half a year, Umm Sayyuf refused to cooperate with her captors, but by early 2016, she began revealing crucial intelligence information about the terror group. In particular, she revealed how al-Baghdadi operated and how he was able to travel around from location to location, information she was particularly privy to. Because her husband was ISIS’ media chief and a close confidante, al-Baghdadi was often in Umm Sayyuf’s home. In fact, Baghdadi’s trademark audio tapes were recorded in her home a number of times. “He used to do that in our sitting room in Taji a town in central Iraq,” she said. “My husband was the ISIS media chief then, and Baghdadi would visit often.”…


Tech Monopolies Under Scrutiny

Thomas Gallatin: A vengeful “reporter” doxxed a private citizen, and he apparently had help from Facebook. Over the weekend, The Daily Beast published a story wherein one of the leftist rag’s “journalists,” Kevin Poulsen, engaged in an effort to expose the individual responsible for sharing a viral video depicting Nancy Pulosi appearing to slur her words as if drunk. Poulsen contacted Facebook and requested the user’s personal information, and, according to his story, Facebook actually obliged. The Daily Beast then published the man’s personal details, including his criminal history — and the man claims the Beast outed the wrong guy. Poulsen defended his actions as merely exposing a promulgator of fake news, but in reality this was a hit job intended to destroy the life of a private citizen with whom he disagreed politically.

As National Review’s David French observes, “The real story here is darker. It’s the story of how powerful media will combine with big tech to expose a vulnerable man to public ridicule in an era of vicious intolerance.” Similarly, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh notes, “This is a stunning breach of privacy by a company that claims to value its user’s privacy above all else. … This transcends politics. Anyone who claims to value privacy ought to be up in arms. … If [Facebook] can do this to some random meme-maker in the Bronx, they can do it to you.”

This episode is just one reminder of why the Big Tech monopoly is so alarming. In fact, as this was playing out, the Justice Department announced that it would take the lead on any antitrust investigations into Google. There have been growing rumblings of a coming antitrust investigation, and this latest announcement apparently signals that it is immanent.

But Google isn’t the only tech company in the government’s crosshairs. The Federal Trade Commission recently secured the rights to investigate Facebook over whether the social-media giant has engaged in unlawful monopolistic practices, which expands the FTC’s current investigation into Facebook’s privacy-related issues. Also, on Monday, the House Judiciary Committee announced its own sweeping antitrust probe that would be “a top-to-bottom review of market power held by giant tech platforms.”

Given these tech giants’ unilateral rule changes and wildly inconsistent application — not to mention now outing private citizens — it’s putting it mildly to say a commitment to fair play has not been a featured priority. ~The Patriot Post  


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